The 14 Prime Hangouts to Bump Into Single Cougars in Illinois

Where we are meeting cougars in Illinois like thisFor the man who likes cougars in Illinois for their sleek sophistication, experienced sensuality, mature wit, and spicy experience, we’ve compiled this list of venues to meet the older woman of your dreams. It can be difficult to find fine older women who will rock your world.

We’ve heard your cries and we respect that need. We’re here to help you fill that ache in your heart and that void in your bed. While it can be challenging to meet hot older women, we’re here to give you the leg up on finding a special someone in Illinois. Follow the suggestions on this list to find a fine older woman looking for a marvelous man, such as yourself.

Great Spots for Cougars in Illinois

Spots worth your time:

Tumble Inn Tavern is a great spot for cougars in Illinois

A dive bar with the suggestive name of the Tumble Inn Tavern in the lively city of Champaign is sure to draw in cougars in Illinois who are looking for a fun time. A casual, come-as-you-are type bar, this is the locus for lively conversation, strong libation, and loads of beer. This is the watering hole of choice when seeking the older woman who shares your interest in good times.

Cougar Life seems to have the highest concentration of cougars

One of the many beautiful things about dating an older woman is that she knows exactly what she’s interested and is not afraid to go after her pleasure. She’s not going to prowl places that are a waste of her valuable time. She’s smart, sophisticated, and she shops online. Meet her on her ground, which is a website that specializes in your common interests: younger men and older women romance.

We rate and review all the tops sites to meet a single cougar each year and compile a full review here.  As you can see, Couger Life has been the top site around for the past few years.Go for the #1 dating site for men interested in older women and women seeking younger men. This is the top site for people interested in this special, sexy relationship.

Cougar Life (which you can try for free here) is fantastic because both the cougar in question and the men who love them are totally upfront and honest in what they’re looking for in a special friend. Give their free trial a shot and see what type of older women are in your area.

The Art Institute of Chicago to find Beautiful Cougars in Illinois

Smart, sophisticated, educated older women flock to museums and this is one of the best in the city. The Art Institute of Chicago is a picture perfect place to meet a sexy cougar. You have a reason to roam and when meeting a woman who looks good to you, you have a topic of mutual interest on hand.

Let her see that you have the look and lines that she loves, that you’re well-hung and open for private viewings. The Art Institute of Chicago has amazing views of Millennium Park, so the two of you have somewhere to stroll to carry on a more private and personal conversation. Life is short, art is long, and love and laughter are elemental.

Big Grove Tavern

To find mature cougars, come on down to a great watering hole in Champaign. Farm-to-table eats, tasty drink specials, and upscale glamor are all the lures to entice cougars in Illinois. You’re witty, you’re handsome, and you’re cool. You look even more irresistible when the lovely lady views you through the bottom of her glass and you gallantly offer to buy the next round.

You slip into scintillating conversation. Conversation is like foreplay to mature women. You’ve honed up on current events, you’re a great listener. This is your space. Come get your groove on at Big Grove Tavern.

Go Green with the Peoria Park District to find Cougars in Their Natural Habitat

You’re looking for older women who take care of themselves and love the great outdoors because for you, being in the park is a day made in the shade. We’re talking about the birds and the bees.

When in Peoria, go native. Visit one of the parks in the celebrated historical Peoria Park District. Remember: the worst day at the park beats the best day at the office.

Hear the Clarion Call

You like bars, enjoy hotels, and really appreciate older women. Each of these interests is good, but what if you combined them all? Talk about a fantastic idea! In Joliet, find your juicy, older Juliet at the bar at the Clarion Hotel. A little conversation, a drink or two. The ingredients may align for a great time, a fond memory, or a lasting relationship.

Come, answer the call of the Clarion. The unspoken dress code is casual Friday comfortable to a bit more upscale if you want to dress to impress.

Social / Urban Bar & Restaurant

Social is a contemporary taproom that pulls in from all elements of the Social sphere. You’re sure to find sophisticated older women with excellent taste at this upscale bar in downtown Rockford. Social is stylish yet comfortable, so feel free to present yourself the same way.

The food here is farm-to-table and based upon seasonal ingredients, and the cocktails are crafted from artisanal ingredients and are the specialty of the house. This is the kind of place that Social foodies and lovers of libations dream of, upscale and casually elegant. It’s sure to pull older women of distinction with wonderful taste.

Last Chance Bar & Grill

When looking for a dive bar that brags “Coldest Beer in Town, Cheapest All Around” Last Chance Bar & Grill is your joint. The decor here is casual, and so is the dress code. Come-as-you-are is part of the charm of a dive bar. At closing, find that interesting older woman and whisper into her ear, “Last Chance, baby!” Come here to meet new friends and celebrate good times.

Find Fine Older Women at Beauty Bar

Find hot older women in the Windy City of Chicago looking for hip action at the Beauty Bar. The décor is retro-sixties meets dive bar. There are DJs and distinctive cocktails to get you both in the mood.

Older women love to drink and dance and get all over you in public. When there’s music and you’re dancing it’s totally respectable. How cool is that!

Whole Foods is Where it’s Happening

To find cougars in Illinois that enjoy the good things in life, like healthy, wholesome, and organic cuisine, head on over to Whole Foods in Chicago. Linger by the yogurt section, stroll through the wine aisle, sashay by the takeaway, offer to squeeze her melons and predict if they’re ripe.

Here’s to Whole Foods and the best in quality older women. Remember: older women do not live by bread and wine alone, they need meat, too.

The Unabridged Bookstore

Get between the covers with older women who possess intelligence and wit. You’ll find them at Unabridged Bookstore, an indie joint that pulls in the cougars who love to slip into bed with a book. Let them slip into bed with a real hardcover edition: you.

Bookstores are great because they give you a chance to linger and an opportunity to converse. You love older women for many reasons, among them their interests and proclivities to expand their horizons. Get horizontal with them at The Unabridged Bookstore in Chicago.

Go Down the Wormhole to Discover Cougars in Illinois

Everyone loves a great indie coffee shop. The Wormhole in Chicago is decorated in 80s style to pull in older women and the guys who appreciate them. It’s open daily from 7 A.M. to 11. P.M.

You’ll find everything you desire at the Wormhole, from hot buns to decadent java. Hot coffee is like an aphrodisiac to intellectual older women. Offer to get her refills and she’ll be on her way to bliss.

Three Dots and a Dash

Get your groove on and meet older women who appreciate a bit of style and dash in this tiki-themed bar. Some like it hot, indeed. Wear shoes and you’re good to go in this beloved Chicago institution. Drinks. Campy good times. Cougars. Oh yes!

Boomerangs Bar & Grill for Hot Cougars in Illinois

A good time is sure to come around at Boomerangs. Located in lovely Urbana, this joint advertises its offerings as “Food, Drink, Sports, & Rock.” This is a joint that knows how to bring the good times. The grill offers everything from wings to burgers. Meet your meat! Speaking of, cougars in Illinois who love a good time flock here.

Attire is casual, the ambiance is friendly, and it’s open late, which makes it the perfect watering hole to meet older women who adore staying up ‘till your bedtime.

Happy Cougar Hunting!

With the suggestions on this list, a bit of imagination and perseverance, and your own boyish charm, you will have a wonderful time connecting with cougars in Illinois.

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