The 8 Absolute Best Wichita Dating Sites For Everyone In 2019

Wichita dating sites

Wichita has gone from being the ‘Cowtown’ to being the ‘Air Capital of the World’. Now, it is also becoming a hub of local art, food, and entertainment. The Wichita Art Museum is the largest in Kansas, the city’s restaurants are up there with the best, and famous musicians like Jack White are talking about the city in their songs (remember ‘Seven Nation Army?’). Wichita is becoming a hip destination for all kinds of people.

This is all good news for you single folks. Wichita has so many great first date opportunities that you have no excuses for not asking someone out. All you need to do is go online and find your match.

8 Wonderful Dating Sites in Wichita

Online dating is easier and more fun than ever before. There are dating sites for every kind of relationship you could imagine. In fact, there are so many sites that it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we have made this list of the best free dating sites in Wichita, so that no matter what kind of connection you want, you can start your search in the right place.

Wichita dating sites for young professionals? Go to Elite Singles

With its established aircraft manufacturing industry and its up-and-coming technology companies, Wichita is a great place to be a young professional right now. All of the opportunities in the city’s economy have attracted a ton of fresh talent. A lot of these new arrivals are also single.

If you’re looking to date an industrial engineer or a business lawyer in Wichita then you can find your next connection on They are the best of the dating sites in Wichita for professionals because they have a ton of career-minded, organized, and educated young people to connect with. As we mention in our full review of the site, 82 percent of women on Elite Singles have at least a bachelor’s degree!

There are tons of ambitious young professionals looking for their next date in Wichita, so stop sitting around wondering what could be, and message one on Elite Singles!

Cougar Life is the place to meet older women in Wichita

Some people worry that Kansas is becoming overrun with cougars. But we aren’t talking about those kinds of cougars here. The cougars we are talking about here are definitely all over Kansas, but that’s not a bad thing.

We are talking about older, beautiful women who are looking for a young man that keep up with them. In Wichita, there is really only one place to find them, and it’s called Cougar Life.

Cougar Life has been in the cougar dating business for a while now, and in that time they have developed a perfect dating platform. They have tons of members, great matchmaking tools, and, most importantly, you can join for free!

We have reviewed dozens of cougar dating sites, and Cougar Life has been rated the best of the cougar dating sites for years in a row. So, if you want an older woman in your life, go sign up today.

If you are just looking for a quick hookup Adult FriendFinder’s free trial is the best option

If you don’t really want a relationship at the moment but are still looking to have a good time you should check out Adult FriendFinder (which has a free trial). There are other sites out there that are geared more toward hookups but this site is going to be the best bet for most people.

We put together a review of the proven hookup apps every year and they have been among the best for a while. With over 50 million members they are without a doubt the biggest. When it comes to finding a quick fling you want to have as many options as possible to make it as easy as it can be.

If you are looking for a long-term relationship this isn’t the site for you. If short-term is what you want give Adult FriendFinder a shot. They have been around since 2006 and are by far the most established and used site for this.

Christian Cafe is the best place to meet Christians in Wichita

Wichita is more religious than the national average. The majority of those religious people are Christians. That means more fish in the sea for those who want a relationship with Christian values.

Of all the Wichita dating sites, Christian Cafe is the best one to meet all of those single Wichita Christians. They have helped over 25,000 couples get married. They have a ton of powerful tools to help you connect, and they even have forums where members can discuss the ins and outs of Christian dating.

You can even sign up for their site right now with a free, 10-day trial!

The best of the Wichita dating sites for bigger people is BBWCupid

Wichita is a pretty down to earth city. People don’t make assumptions, they give each other the benefit of the doubt. BBWCupid is kind of like that too. It’s a judgment free zone.

BBWCupid is the place where bigger people, and those who love bigger people, come to connect with each other. In their years of operation, BBWCupid has created an easy-to-use and easy-to-connect site with tons of members. Of all the Wichita dating sites, it’s the best for big, beautiful love.

Did we mention that it’s free to sign up?

The over 50 crowd needs to sign up for eHarmony

Whether you’re just getting over a divorce or you never settled down in the first place, dating in your 50s, 60s, and 70s can be a bit daunting. For a lot of people, the last time they were single was before online dating even existed.

eHarmony has been around longer than almost any other dating site, and they know that online dating is new for a lot of people. This is why they have made their service simple, fun, and, most importantly, effective. Of all the Wichita dating sites, eHarmony does the best for their older members. They even have a blog with advice articles for the over 50 crowd.

So, no matter how old you’re, eHarmony is here to help you find the next love of your life. is the best of the gay dating sites in Wichita

Wichita may be the most LGBTQ friendly of Kansas cities. There is The Center, which is a safe hub for the LGBTQ community, and there are plenty of bars and clubs that cater to the community. There are also plenty of single, gay and lesbian folks who are looking for their next relationship. The best place to find them is on

Match has been in the online dating business longer than most, and recently they have brought their experience and resources to creating a great gay and lesbian dating service. Match has a whole part of their site that is just dedicated gay dating. On their site they even have advice articles about how to have a healthy and happy gay relationship.

But the best thing about is that they have tons of beautiful, available gay and lesbian members!

Wichita sugar daddies are on Arrangement Finders

Wichita is home to those famous and controversial billionaires, the Koch Brothers. But the Koch’s aren’t the only well off people in the city.

Wichita has plenty of millionaires and six-figure income entrepreneurs, too. A lot of these guys have it all. Well, everything but companionship. If you think you can fill that void for one of these wealthy guys, you should check out

It’s not easy to find sugar daddies in real life. It’s not like you can ask a random guy on the street what his net worth is. But on Arrangement Finders, everyone is there for the same reason.

Stop waiting around for your slice of the good life, and go out there and get it. Sign up for Arrangement Finders today.

Wichita dating sites for attached people? Ashley Madison is the place

According to reports, cheating is on the rise. Maybe this is because it’s more socially acceptable to have multiple partners these days. Or, maybe it’s thanks to the ease of finding other partners using the internet. Whatever the reason is, we aren’t here to judge you. Neither is Ashley Madison.

Ashley Madison just wants to do one thing: help you find the kind of discreet relationship that you want. They are the best of the Wichita dating sites for ‘attached’ people because they have been refining their dating platform for years. Now, they have a ton of members, and a ton of great tools that can help you find the perfect match.

There’s no need to remain unsatisfied and bored with your life. Go to Ashley Madison now to see what could be waiting for you out there.

Locally owned and operated dating services in Wichita

In our modern world, we can communicate and work with each other over vast distances. Companies in other parts of the world can offer us services and products online. We are more connected than ever before and it’s great.

But some people really like to keep their business local. For those folks, there is at least one local dating service in Wichita.

It’s called the Date Maven. The Date Maven is run by Suzanna Mathews, a matchmaking and relationship guru. As this profile piece in the Wichita Eagle explains, Suzanna only takes on four clients at a time so that she can be sure that really focuses on getting each person their perfect, local connection.

So, if you want a brilliant local matchmaker, message the Date Maven today

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