Marcus N
Dating Coach

Marcus is an internationally known dating coach who has helped thousands of men find the dating results they want. He has been featured and quoted widely in print and on TV. He is especially knowledgeable about helping men from diverse backgrounds find great relationships.

His clients are top performers in their industries as well as regular guys that just haven’t figured out how to be successful in their dating lives.

He helps them:

  • Develop an authentic personality that is attractive to women
  • Develop social skills so that they can go out to meet women without relying on friends to hopefully introduce them to someone or date their colleagues.

This is done by treating dating, relationships, and social skills as a skill set that can be learned just like any other skill set.

He loves using scalable, targeted strategies such as leveraging online dating applications the right way and learning how to talk to women they are attracted to and develop their personalities into one that is authentic and aligned with their values.

He’s an efficiency freak and aims to model out not only what works, but is also sustainable in the long run. He is also very serious about taking an ethical and honest approach to dating and relationships.

In his guides, he often references human psychology: the study of human behavior always tries to back up his guides using research and real-world experience.

Ultimately, he believes success with dating and relationships is to be treated like a sustainable habit. It doesn’t occur through a three-day self-help seminar. It has to be worked on like a habit.

This is where he also doesn’t really buy the usual rah rah self-help stuff. In the self-help industry, it’s not uncommon to see most customers feel good momentarily and find themselves returning to their old selves after two weeks.

Unlike all other self-help gurus and self-proclaimed ‘inner game’ gurus tell you, psychological research shows that there’s no way to rewire your anxieties than to go replace them with higher-order habits. There is no way but to take direct action.

The common depiction of dating mastery is portrayed as going for crazy hand spins in clubs. Whilst this is great for YouTube, it paints an unrealistic picture of how good dating interactions truly work. These strategies also barely work in many parts of the world.

He also believes that you cannot completely objectify dating interactions. You can break it down to a science, but after a while, it’s an art.

This is why two different people saying the exact lines can result in two completely different reactions. One good example I like to use is: think about the last time someone bragged to you and you can kind of get that feeling that he’s bragging… as opposed to genuinely sharing his experiences.

It’s not about what and how you say it, it’s about why you say it.

He doesn’t have anything against using lines and techniques as training wheels. He used to rely on them as well. They can be used as a crutch initially. However, he believes you’ll need to learn how to use your own stories and your own personality to connect with women in the long run. On the other hand, if you’re going to treat every other girl like an object, then, needless to say, you’re not going to get far.

His belief is to approach our dating and relationships life from a standpoint of boldness, ethics, effectiveness, and vulnerability.

Failure and rejection are also inevitable. Failure and rejection are concepts easily said but hard to grasp and even harder to practice. If anyone out there claims that he doesn’t get rejected or that you can avoid rejection, it’s really just clever marketing. Everybody gets rejected and fail… rich, famous, smart or not. If you can learn from each failure and try again you’re going to get results.

Marcus N

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