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Bad Men’s Haircuts: 7 Men's Hairstyles That Drive Women Away

A guy hoping he doesn't get one of the common bad men's haircuts

Welcome to our list of 7 bad men’s haircuts that drive women away. In this article, I’ll be covering 7 popular hairstyles for men that women really don’t find attractive.

Your haircut is an important part of your appearance. It’s one of the first things a woman will see, and it tells her a lot about who you are. So it’s crucial that you’re not sporting a haircut that tells her all the wrong things.

Some of these haircuts are common to see, but usually very tough to pull off unless you have a certain look. Others are good looks which guys tend to really mess up, especially older men.

7 Bad Men’s Haircuts You Need To Avoid

I don’t want to be overly negative about these haircuts, but I do want to be honest about when they’re a horrible idea. If you sport one of these haircuts and it makes you feel good and confident, don’t let this article stop you! You can do whatever you want with your hair.

However, if you want to know which hairstyles women typically don’t like, keep reading.

#1 The Man Bun

A bearded man with a man bun

The Man Bun is created by tying long hair into a top-knot. Traditionally an artsy or even feminine hairstyle, men started sporting it towards the middle of the last decade.

You have seen it on the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio, Chris Hemsworth and Orlando Bloom among other long-haired Hollywood heartthrobs.

The Man Bun has been called “the most divisive haircut since the mullet”. So while some women may love it, you’re going to repel a lot of chicks who may have otherwise liked you.

The Man Bun looks great if you have really thick hair and a square jaw. It looks not so good on guys with small or long faces, as it tends to draw more attention to the forehead.

One final word of warning about the Man Bun: Studies have suggested that tying it too tight can put too much traction on the hair follicles, killing them and causing permanent hair loss. It’s a process called traction alopecia.

So, even if your Man Bun looks great now, it could lead to your locks looking less attractive later on in life.

#2 The Combover

Colin Farrell with a combover hairstyle

Ok, guys we get it. You don’t want anyone to see you’re going bald up top. But you’re not fooling anyone with this cover-up - and it doesn’t look good either. The combover only serves to communicate that you’re insecure about your hair loss. Nine out of ten guys would look better shaving it all off. At least then, you’re owning your look.

Ask any female friend you have about your combover and she will almost always be honest about how bad it looks. A lot of us will tell you to shave it off unprompted. We have strong opinions about this, guys!

If you’ve got a strong jaw, you’ll be able to pull off a shaved head just fine. Those with rounder faces might be a bit more nervous about it, but it nearly always looks better than a combover.

New course

The side-parting had a mini-revival in recent years, mostly due to the popularity of Mad Men and Don Draper, but this is not ever recommended for men with thinning hair.

If you ever sport a haircut or fashion item which looks like a cover-up for one of your insecurities, it’s not going to be attractive for the opposite sex.

#3 The Mr. Burns

Mr. Burns

Guys, if you’re going thin on top and don’t shave the whole thing off, you’re in real danger of looking like Homer Simpson’s evil boss Mr. Burns. Mr. Burns is 104 years old. Needless to say, this haircut isn’t a good look for any guy under half his age.

I suppose you can pull it off if you’re planning to wear a baseball cap every hour of the day, but beyond that, it’s time to get the clippers out.

Honestly, the “Mr. Burns” haircut isn’t so bad if you’re a boomer who is happily married to a woman who accepts him for who he is. That’s actually a magical thing. That guy might not care to shave his head every day to avoid the “Mr. Burns” look.

But if you’re a younger man who is actively looking to attract beautiful women of any age, this isn’t the look that’s going to do it. Shave the whole thing off and own the bald look instead.

#4 The Peacock

A man with red spiky hair

Are you a famous rockstar or do you at least have the hedonistic personality of one? Then, maybe you’ll get away with this outrageous hairstyle. But whether you’re sporting a trendy dye job or the bleached hair and frosted tips of the 90s, it’s still a risk.

If you’ve got colorful and eye-catching tattoos already, you might be able to pull this look off.

But, even then, you’re going to polarize a lot of the women you want to date, especially if you’re interested in attracting older women.

Brightly dyed hair signals that you’re wild and outrageous. Sure, you’ll give her a rollercoaster of a first date, but can you be trusted to show up on time or get her home safely? Older women want to have a good time, of course, but they also tend to want a man they can depend on. Her first impression will be that the dude with bright blue, pink or green hair isn’t it.

There’s every chance that a haircut like this can make you appear unsuitable for some jobs as well! Technically, interviewers aren’t allowed to discriminate based on appearance, but they’re only human and the peacock hairstyle is hardly giving off the vibes of a professional trustworthy employee. If you’re currently looking for a job, your best bet is to keep your appearance looking as generic as possible, at least until you’ve been offered the role.

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One last thing on this: when you sport the outrageous haircut without the outrageous personality to back it up, it creates this weird disconnect that really creeps us out. It’s like you’re trying to be something you’re not, which is really unattractive. Women want you to own your body and own your personality. When you do that, we begin to feel confident in who you are as well.

Of course, confidence around women doesn’t always come naturally. Sometimes you need a little help in that department. So why not try out our online dating course where we teach you the basics of meeting, approaching and talking to women?

#5 The King of Bad Men's Haircuts: The Bowler

Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber

You know that childhood haircut you had where your mom put a bowl over your head and cut your hair? Well, it’s coming back in style.

And by in style, I mean in fashion magazines and for boybands. It’s not a bad look per se, but, like the other looks on this list, it’s not a look that suits everyone.

Most guys who can sport these looks either have the boyish charms of K-pop idols or the chiseled features of Timothy Chalamet. If you have neither, you run the risk of looking like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber!

Older guys should avoid this haircut at all costs. This isn’t a look that suits the mature attractive personality that older men should be trying to portray.

And for the love of all that’s good and holy, don’t actually put a bowl on your head and shave around the sides! Women love a man who take pride in their appearance and this is the antithesis of that!

At least with the other bad men’s haircuts in this list, the dudes are trying to look special. This haircut is the ultimate tell that a man doesn’t give a damn about his appearance.

#6 The Alice Band

David Beckham in a headband

There was a time when any man would be teased mercilessly for rocking an accessory as feminine as an Alice Band in his hair.

Then, at some point around the mid-2000s, some of the world’s most esteemed soccer players started using them to hold their hair back during matches. David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Sergio Ramos were among them. These players were worshipped by millions and seen as symbols of masculinity, no matter what they did.

With that said, unless you’re also one of the world’s most successful athletes with unquestionable masculinity, it’s going to be risk rocking this accessory. Even if you are, the Alice Band is barely even seen on a soccer field these days. It’s a short-term trend that has been and gone.

Now, you’re more likely to look extremely feminine, which is hardly a look that’ll have the women queuing at your bedroom door.

#7 The Walking Hair Product Shelf

A couple in pompadours

So this last one isn’t necessarily a hairstyle. It’s more of a byproduct of styling one’s hair. A bit of gel, mousse, or pomade is fine as long as it fulfills its purpose. But please don’t dump a load of products on your hair. It’s probably not good for your hair or scalp.

Not only that, but you could run the risk of making your hair so stiff with gel or hairspray that it looks like a sculpture. Or on the flip side, your hair might look super greasy and unwashed if you load on the pomade.

So guys, please use hair products if you must. But remember: less is more.

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Sexy Haircuts For Men: A Quick Guide

It is difficult to recommend sexy hairstyles for men because the most important thing is to choose a haircut that suits your appearance. This means you need to consider your hairline, the thickness of your hair, the size of your head and the shape of your face.

A solid move is to find a male model with a similar face shape to you, and bring a photo of him to your barber. A great barber will be able to replicate his haircut, and you can guarantee that it’ll be on point in the present day.

Better yet, find a great barber who you really trust, and ask him to give you whatever modern haircut he thinks will suit you. There are plenty of talented barbers out there who will thrive under these instructions. They’ll be familiar with the best haircuts for bad hairlines and ways of dealing with whatever other flaw your hair has. Perhaps you’ll have to pay a bit more, but you’ll get a quality and fashionable haircut.

If you don’t have enough up top to pull off one of these trendier haircuts, don’t even try. Your best bet here is to keep it short. A shaved head - whether that’s keeping your hair slightly short or cutting it all off - will always look masculine and it’s difficult to mess up. Don’t be afraid of this tried-and-tested haircut. There are plenty of women who find bald men attractive.

Yes, there are some face shapes that suit it better, but it will never look awful on any man. It’s low maintenance too, meaning you have more time to focus on the important things in your life.

Whatever you do, please avoid the bad men’s haircuts listed in this article. Whatever hairstyle you choose to go with, it can’t be any worse than the unprofessional hairstyles for men that you see above.


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