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BeCougar Review for 2024 - The Best Place To Meet Cougars Online?

Screenshots from our review of BeCougar

Continuing our series to find the best place to meet cougars online we review BeCougar. As part of our ongoing process to provide the best cougar dating site reviews we have conducted an in-depth profile and testing of BeCougar so that you don’t have to. As always, the very best cougar dating sites will be seen at the top of our Best Online Cougar Dating Sites Review.

Our review of Becougar is more thorough than any other you are going to find. We have had a lot of success meeting cougars on various dating sites and apps so we take this very seriously.

If you’re considering signing up for BeCougar you absolutely need to see what we found using it. A little bit about our process:

How we reviewed BeCougar.com
We spend several weeks using both the free and paid version of BeCougar.com to really understand what we’re dealing with. Yes, the means we actually risked our credit card and paid for a membership!

During that time we’re constantly messaging a wide variety of women, starting conversations, and setting up dates (if possible). We’ve had great success using other sites and apps so we know what we’re doing.

After a couple of months of effort, we put all of our results together and compare what we saw to the best sites out there for meeting cougars. This is what we found.

Let’s jump into what we found starting with a comparison between the best site out there for meeting women over 35 for hookups and short-term fun, AFF!

BeCougar Review – Is BeCougar.com Legit or Fake?

This is how BeCougar stacks up against a legit, high-quality dating site:

BeCougar logo Adult FriendFinder Logo

Our team rates each site objectively based on many hours of independent research, the features each site offers, and how it compares with other sites. The ratings are the opinion of our editors and their extensive experience.

2 9.5
Quality of Women

Our opinion of how attractive the typical woman is that uses this site and how easy they are to connect with compared to other sites.

2 9

How many people are using this site to actually meet people compared to other sites.

3 10

How easy is this site to use and how quickly can an average person begin meeting people compared to other sites.

9 9
Privacy & Safety

Does this site take proper precautions to safeguard its members, their identity, and their data.

1 9

Our opinion of how easily an average person will be able to achieve their dating goals with this site compared to other sites.

1 10

Will the time and money spent using this site pay off for an average person based on the opinions and experience of our editors.

1 10
Our Recommendation

As you can see from the comparison above, it wasn’t a great couple of months using BeCougar.com. AFF is a high bar but it wasn’t even close.

There were a few major problems with Be Cougar that you absolutely need to know about now:

Lots Of Fake Profiles

BeNaughty Profile screenshotWhen investigating online cougar dating sites the first thing you want to do is look at the profiles. Using Google Image Search on a few of the more attractive ladies I discover on BeCougar we find that most of them are completely fake. In my first search results I find:

  • A woman with 10 different Google+ accounts under different names, one of which is labeled as a scam artist
  • A woman also on a Ukrainian mail-order bride site
  • Professional female golfer Emma Cabrera-Bello

These BeCougar profiles have all clearly been falsely created by skimming photos from the internet and writing up really bad fake profiles. There may be a few legitimate profiles on this site but all of the attractive women appear to be fake. Not exactly the best place to meet cougars online, unless you are a robot. Any site that includes even one fake profile is extremely suspect.

Fake Messages To Trick Me Into Subscribing

BeCougared.com Review - Best Place To Meet Cougars Online - Fake messages

Immediately after logging into BeCougar I am greeted with the status bar above. Apparently, in the time it took me to load the page after registering the following had happened:

  • 5 women had seen my blank profile and messaged me
  • 2 women had browsed my blank profile that doesn’t even have a picture
  • 1 woman had sent me a chat request

All of this allegedly happened in the 2 seconds between registering at BeCougar and reading my profile.

If you’re at all serious about meeting cougars you need to either check out AFF for short-term fun or Cougar Life if you want more of a relationship. Don’t hesitate!

Positives and negatives of BeCougar

Spoiler alert: there’s not much to say about BeCougar because I couldn’t actually use it. It instantly redirected to BeNaughty, and you might also want to know how that worked out by checking out out BeNaughty review.

  • The site used to look good despite being created in 2003
  • BeCougar is basically just the name for BeNaughty now
  • You can't use the site really

What happened to BeCougar.com

If you look closely in the bottom right corner of the screenshot below you’ll see “Copyright 2003-2014, Cupid plc”:

BeCougar screenshot full

Naturally, I decided to click the Cupid plc link and see what that site looked like in 2014 as well. Having recently noticed BeNaughty and a bunch of other sites I’ve reviewed are owned by Together Networks, this looked familiar.

The style and imagery of this old Cupid plc site was reminiscent of the current Together Networks website.

Cupid plc:

BeCougar Cupid PLC Screenshot

Together Networks:

BeCougar Together Networks screenshot

Now granted, this is hardly a unique design but it was enough to get the alarm bells ringing. Especially since dating sites weren’t that much of a thing in 2014. Tinder had only launched two years prior and society was yet to really embrace it. 1,131,199 messages daily back then? I doubt it.

Cougar Life or AFF will be so much better for you

AFF HomepageDepending on what you are looking for, Cougar Life and AFF are most likely going to be far better options (if you don’t want to waste your time). While these sites are very different they both have a ton of cougars using them.

If you are just looking for casual fun, AFF is where you want to be. They have over 60 million members, the most cougars of any hookup app we have seen (even Tinder), and guys who are not super attractive tend to have the best results using it.

We have tried out just about every app and site out there that promises to help you find someone who is looking for some fun in the bedroom. In our experience, this is the only app that is worth trying for 90% of guys. We have seen the best success actually meeting up with women using it and wasted the least amount of time. Almost all of the women using it don’t just want attention and a quick ego boost, they are looking for a guy to take them home (in our experience).

For a relationship that could actually become longer-term Cougar Life is the better option. Again, they have a lot of users (7 million +) and all the women on this site are interested in dating both younger and older guys. They are very well known and do a solid job of connecting men with cougars.

You can use any of the links above to check them out for free and see just how much better they are than BeCougar.

Warning Sign #1 – Bait And Switch

BeCougared.com Review - Best Place To Meet Cougars Online - Home pageAs soon as I punched in BeCougar I was immediately sent to BeNaughty.com. This is not a cougar dating site. This is a typical online dating site that caters to everyone.

This is ALWAYS a really bad sign.

Even though BeCougar doesn’t look particularly sketchy from the homepage they have already lured me in with the hopes of cougars only to send me to a generic site. This never ends well.

Identical tactics to TogetherNetworks

With the first red flag already raised, I did some research on Cupid plc as well. Immediately I find a bunch of scam warnings for this company and so I keep reading.

As it turns out, they’re exactly the same tactics used by the modern Together Networks which owns, as stated on their website, “238 dating brands and digital communities”.

According to Datingscams.co.uk, this was a UK online dating company formerly known as Easydate plc. They also partnered with White Label Dating around this time which made for more complexity.

According to DatingScams, they couldn’t be trusted in any way, shape or form.

Ripping off end users

The part that’s identical to TogetherNetworks’ sites is what they do once they have your credit card info.

Just a skim through the comments on the above link alone gives you these:

  • Instantly spammed with messages and chat requests from fake profiles before your profile is even set up
  • Continuing to charge subscription costs beyond the agreed period
  • Signing users up for more than just one website without your knowledge or permission
  • Continuing to charge you for all of these sites even after contacting support

Here’s just one account of the tactics they became known for:

“…Anything to do with Cupid.plc is nothing but a scam. I signed up for the trial membership, ($6.97), for 3 days, I canceled it 2 days into the trial but guess what, they went ahead and charged me for a month, ($39.99), and when I complained they refunded the $6.97.

I said I wanted the month chargeback, they could keep the $6.97. They said they would, then turned around and said “you checked your email after the trial” so you knew the system was active, so you get charged.”

All of these tactics match the reports you’ll find for TogetherNetworks sites too. Including BeNaughty which I was redirected to when starting this BeCougar review.

Keep your credit card safe.

Ripping off white label websites

From what I can gather, they would give you the tools to start your own dating site. They’d keep the data gathered by your site and pay you an agreed amount based on this.

Looking at their terms and conditions below though, they could terminate your website and refuse to pay you. They also reserved the right to charge you whatever termination fee they felt like and there’s nothing you could do about it.

15.1 This agreement is effective upon approval of application to the Cupid White Label Dating Network. This agreement may be terminated by either party with 2 months written notice.

15.2 Cupid reserves the right to terminate this agreement, when:

You have breached our terms and conditions

You have been convicted of a criminal offense

Your dating site has attracted less than 100 registrations (free sign ups) during its first 6 months, from the moment the site went live.

15.3 If Cupid terminates your agreement, Cupid may decide not to grant any pending payments and may also apply a termination charge at Cupid’s own discretion. Failure to cover this termination charge can result in legal action.

Basically, whether you’re a website owner or the end-user, the company is going to take advantage of you.

For those not familiar with white labeling, it’s essentially reselling another company’s product under your own brand. They set you up with all the tools and tech behind the scenes. To the customer though, you’re a standalone company. This isn’t inherently a bad thing but it does lead to complexities.

So are these companies the same?

Honestly, it’s impossible to know for sure. Their WHOIS info is obscured (the info that tells us who owns a website) and they’re not about to admit to it.

The style is the same, the tactics match and they have a history of rebrands but this is hardly irrefutable evidence.

The fact that BeCougar.com now redirects to BeNaughty is perhaps the biggest hint that points to yes. At the end of the day, whether the answer is yes or no here, my advice remains the same: do not use this website.

But what about BeNaughty, can I meet cougars through that?

As you’ll see in my BeNaughty review, the answer is a strong no. As I’ve mentioned above, they’ve proven time and time again they can’t be trusted with your credit card.

On top of that, the “users” on their site are all fake. You’ll be spammed with messages from the moment you create a profile in the hopes of convincing you to pay.

BeNaughty homepage screenshot

If you’re still on the fence about trying BeNaughty, I’d suggest reading my complete review first. There’s a reason I put the hours into these reviews — to keep you and your credit card safe!

FAQ about BeCougar

Finally, we’ll quickly cover the most asked questions we found when preparing for this BeCougar review.

If you think I’ve missed anything here we’d love to hear from you.

What is BeCougar.com?

BeCougar was once a fake dating website. In 2014 it was redirected to the also-fake BeNaughty.com.

6 years ago I would have advised you to stay away from BeCougar and my advice is the same for BeNaughty.

How do you log into BeCougar?

Since the website no longer exists, you can’t actually log into it.

What you can do is create an account on the site it redirects you to, BeNaughty. All you’ll need is an email address and to create a password. From there you can click the Login link and enter these details.

What are BeCougar alternatives?

To avoid all this hassle, take a look at our recent review of the best dating apps and websites.

Online dating is fantastic so long as you can avoid horrible websites like this one.

How do you use BeCougar for free?

BeCougar no longer exists. Instead, you can create an account on the site it now redirects you to — BeNaughty. The default account you’re given here is a free membership. This account doesn’t let you interact with any members as messaging is a premium feature.

How do you cancel your BeCougar membership?

BeCougar no longer exists and instead redirects you to BeNaughty. Unfortunately though, you likely would have had the same problems with both sites had you signed up.

According to a high volume of reviews online, this company will not cancel your subscription. You’ll have to cancel your credit card to stop the payments.

If you’ve signed up for a BeNaughty membership, official instructions to cancel it are below. Even after following these I’d suggest contacting your bank asap.

  1. Click your profile photo in the top right corner
  2. Select “My Settings”
  3. Click “Billing History” (¾ of the way down on the right) then “Deactivate Subscription”
  4. Follow the steps in this wizard to cancel further payments

How do you delete your BeCougar account?

Your BeCougar account will have been deleted when the site was taken down.

If you’re looking for instructions on removing your BeNaughty account though, just follow these steps. Note that you’ll have to cancel your paid subscription before you can do this.

  1. Click your profile photo in the top right corner
  2. Select “My Settings”
  3. Click “Remove Account” (¾ of the way down on the right)
  4. Follow the steps in this wizard to delete your profile

Given the nature of the site I’d suggest keeping a close eye on your bank statement in the coming weeks too.

How much does BeCougar cost?

Back then, this is how much a monthly subscription cost:

1 month – £29.99;

3 months – £16.99 a month;

6 months – £11.99 a month;

12 months – £7.99 a month.

Was BeCougar legit?

Definitely not. They were part of the Cupid plc group which had a bad reputation for ripping off both site owners and end users.

The same can be said for Together Networks who own the site BeCougar now redirects you to.

How do you send messages on BeCougar?

Since BeCougar no longer exists, you can’t access it anymore. The site redirects you to BeNaughty which does offer messaging for those on a paid subscription.

How do you search on BeCougar?

You can no longer access BeCougar to search for older women. If you’d like to search on the site you’re redirected to though, BeNaughty, that’s very simple.

There’s a search bar right at the top of the home page. Here, you can control the gender, age range and location of women you want to see.

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