BeCougar Review for 2019 – The Best Place To Meet Cougars Online?

Continuing our review series to find the best place to meet cougars online we investigate BeCougar. As part of our ongoing process to provide the best cougar dating site reviews we have conducted an in-depth profile of BeCougar so that you don’t have to. As always, the very best cougar dating sites will be seen at the top of our Best Online Cougar Dating Sites Review.

As you will see in our review below BeCougar is almost certainly a site out to take your money and run. There are few legitimate cougar dating sites worth pursuing online (those that are can be found in our Best Online Cougar Dating Sites list) and BeCougar is certainly not the best place to meet cougars online.

Don’t take my word for it though, see the results below for your.

BeCougar Review – Is Legit or Fake?

Warning Sign #1 – Bait And Switch Review - Best Place To Meet Cougars Online - Home pageAs soon as I punched in BeCougar I was immediately sent to This is not a cougar dating site. This is a typical online dating site that caters to everyone.

This is ALWAYS a really bad sign.

Even though BeCougar doesn’t look particularly sketchy from the homepage they have already lured me in with the hopes of cougars only to send me to a generic site. This never ends well.

If you are looking for an actual relationship run away as fast as possible and head to Cougar Life

It doesn’t take much time on this site to realize this site is going to be a complete waste of time. This site is pretty obviously a low-quality attempt to get  you to pay for something that isn’t worth it.

If you really want to meet attractive cougars you need to try Cougar Life. After reviewing 100+ other sites we can confidently say that Cougar Life is the best place to meet single women over 30, especially if you are a younger guy. Guys in their 30’s, 40’s, and older can do well there too.

Give their free trial offer a try and you can check it out without any risk. Either way, avoid cheap sites like the one we just reviewed at all costs.

If you just want a quick fling with a cougar Adult FriendFinder is your best option

There are a lot of sites out there that claim to be able to put you in touch with a woman who is looking for some short-term fun. After reviewing hundreds of them in our annual review of the best hookup sites and apps we have only found two that work, Tinder and Adult FriendFinder. Tinder is great if you want to meet a teenager or someone in their early 20’s but terrible for actually meeting cougars.

Adult FriendFinder on the other hand, is the complete opposite. It is great for meeting single women over 30 looking for a fling but not-so-great for meeting very young women. If you are only interested in sex, you should check them out first. They have been around since 2006 and have over 90 million active members so there is a good chance it is popular in your area.

They also have a free trial offer which lets you check them out without any downside on your part. Give them a shot and see what we mean. There isn’t another site out there that is better at connecting you with cougars for short-term fun.

Warning Sign #2 – Lots Of Fake Profiles

When investigating online cougar dating sites the first thing you want to do is look at the profiles. Using Google Image Search on a few of the more attractive ladies I discover on BeCougar we find that most of them are completely fake. In my first search results I find:

  • A woman with 10 different Google+ accounts under different names, one of which is labeled as a scam artist
  • A woman also on a Ukrainian mail mail order bride site
  • Professional female golfer Emma Cabrera-Bello

These BeCougar profiles have all clearly been falsely created by skimming photos from the internet and writing up really bad fake profiles. There may be a few legitimate profiles on this site but all of the attractive women appear to be fake. Not exactly the best place to meet cougars online, unless you are a robot. Any site that includes even one fake profile is extremely suspect.

Warning Sign #3 – Fake Messages To Trick Me Into Subscribing Review - Best Place To Meet Cougars Online - Fake messages

Immediately after logging into BeCougar I am greeted with the status bar above. Apparently in the time it took me to load the page after registering the following had happened:

  • 5 women had seen my blank profile and messaged me
  • 2 women had browsed my blank profile that doesn’t even have a picture
  • 1 woman had sent me a chat request

All of this allegedly happened in the 2 seconds between registering at BeCougar and reading my profile.

I don’t now how anyone could believe this is real! Review - Best Place To Meet Cougars Online - fake message

I even received a message from professional golfer Emma Cabrera-Bello! I know I’m good a picking usernames but this is hard to believe.

At this point I felt that there was clearly no point in continuing the review of BeCougar as there is no way it is the best place to meet cougars online. Their site may be a bit more updated than some but they are very clearly a site that should be avoided at all costs.

If you are not too discouraged from this BeCougar adventure in illegitimate marketing practices take a look at our Best Cougar Dating Site Review to find the sites that you can actually find attractive cougars to date using.


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