2019 Cougared Review - Is Cougared.com A Terrible Site?


Homepage of cougared.comIn our Cougared review we will determine if Cougared.com is a legit website worth your time or a total fake. It is this exact question that we have asked over and over in Best Online Cougar Dating Site Review.

There are tons of fake sites out there full of fake profiles that need to be avoided. Fortunately for you we have become experts at spotting fake dating sites and we will use our expertise as we examine Cougared.com.

In this Cougared review we will take a look at Cougared.com to see if we can answer the "will you find cougars" question. There are many other criteria that we investigate in our review but this is the most important.

If there are many older women on Cougared.com a lot can be forgiven. Creating a strong member base is the most difficult part of building a successful and useful dating site to find cougars. Has Cougared.com accomplished this?

Here is our review of Cougared.com so that you won't have to go through the same experience.

Cougared Review - Is Cougared.com Legit?

Warning Sign #1 - Bad Photoshop

Did we find any real cougars in our Cougared review?


This screenshot of the Cougared homepage is a surprisingly good metaphor for this site. In the background, you have a smiling young man eager to find older women to date. In the foreground, you have an obviously photoshopped in woman paying no attention to our young cub.

This is exactly how Cougared.com appears to be.

The obvious Photoshop and early 90's site design points strongly to Cougared.com being a site that hasn't been updated in years. Modern sites that have an active member base will regularly update their site, especially their home page.

Also, Cougared claims to have 1,000's of members around the world is extremely underwhelming. With sites like CougarLife.com boasting member counts in the MILLIONS this is a really bad sign.

Although, when Cougared.com was created like 10 years ago 1,000's of members may have been impressive!

Cougar Life or Adult FriendFinder have what you really want

You don't have to do a full review of Cougared like we did to know what you are getting into. Your first impression is probably pretty accurate (assuming you have eyes). The truth is you are going to be much better off with either Cougar Life or Adult FriendFinder depending on what you want.

If you want a relationship

Cougar Life is the best option out there for meeting a cougar if you want to have something longer-term. They have over 7,000,000 active users and the highest quality cougars we have found.

They are also totally focused on helping both younger and older guys meet cougars. That means that just about every woman on the site is interested in both younger and older guys. Check out their free trial to see what we mean.

If you just want something physical

For relationships focused on sex, Adult FriendFinder is by far the best option to meet cougars on. Tinder is the only other hookup app of similar quality and there are almost zero women over 35 on Tinder.

Since Adult FriendFinder has been around since 2006 they have WAY more women 35+ using the app and all of them are interested in a physical relationship, there is no other reason to be on AFF.

If you are new to AFF try out their free trial and you can see the type of women in your area that use it.

Warning Sign #2 - Zero new members today

Could we find cougars in a global search? Nope!I'm writing our Cougared review on a Sunday afternoon. Sundays are one of the most popular days for online dating sites. With this in mind I would expect to see hundreds of new profiles created today on Cougared.com.


Sadly we found zero new members today for Cougared. ZERO. Including all countries. Including both men and women.

You are not going to find older women on a site that is not signing up any members.

Maybe Cougared.com is a closed site that doesn't advertise new members you ask? If that were the case why would Cougared let you search for them?

Like any other social sites, online dating sites are 100% dependent on constantly getting new members to sign up. As soon as the new member pool dries up they turn into another MySpace.

Warning Sign #3 - Bait and switch

When you go to a site to find cougars and are sent elsewhere it's a VERY bad sign.Ignoring the previous warning signs I signed up for an account. The signup process was simple and I submitted my registration. I received the typical "we will send you an email confirmation" notification but under that was a real gem:

"But while you are waiting to be approved (go to these other competing sites)"

That's right. Even before Cougared.com gets you into their site they are trying to send you somewhere else. Do you really think you will be able to find cougars on a site that has no desire you to actually use it?

Sadly Cougared.com appears to have fallen into a purely marketing role. They lure interested young men in with the promise to help them find older women. Then they try as hard as they can to send them to another site.

No legitimate site will do this!

Warnings Sign #4 - Web traffic to the site has plummeted!

To get an even better understanding of who is using the Cougared site and how many actual users they have we did some digging into their website traffic numbers. What we found was pretty telling.

Peaking in January of 2014 with around 35,000 users per month finding Cougared.com through Google they have been in a nose dive since then. Over the past several month there have only been a few thousand users finding the site using Google.

This is a tremendous change. No legitimate website can continue to exist and create a good product with such a minuscule number of new users coming in.

If you look at any major dating website you will see hundreds of thousands if not millions of people finding the site on a monthly basis. Dating websites need to have a constant stream of new users coming in or else the site will quickly empty out.

In our Cougared review we found a site that long ago peaked and had fairly quickly been turning into a virtual ghost town.

With any kind of social website like this it because a fatal cycle as soon as the number of older women and men interested in dating them begin to decline. As populations decline the site becomes less attractive to new users which in turn causes an even faster decline.

Warning Sign #5 - No Facebook updates in years

If you want to find out if a site is well run and interested in engaging with it's users you should check out their Facebook page. In this case we find a Facebook page that has not been updated in years.

If you find a company that hasn't even tried to update their page in over three years you have a problem. This is suspiciously timed with the sharp decline in the number of users finding the site using Google.

It seems that right around the time that the Cougared team stopped updated their site and their Facebook page the company really started to tank.

Can You Find Cougars on Cougared.com?


Cougared may have had some traction years ago but is now just limping along to send people elsewhere. If you have read this far you are undoubtedly serious about dating cougars. Do yourself a favor and investigate our  Best Online Cougar Dating Site Review. Every site in the top list are 100% legitimate and will give you your best chance of finding cougars.

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