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The Best Men's Razors That Beginners Should Be Using First

best razor for beginners

With the right type of razor, even beginners can shave with confidence and without hurting themselves. This is why you need the absolute best men's razor for beginners when you're entering the dating game. If you're going to land a date, you need to have a good razor. Keeping your face looking its best is pretty high priority if you want to attract someone and a bad (or lack of!) shave can really turn people off. You don't want your date wondering what's hidden in your facial hair or focusing on your rash.

Don't worry, though. We've found the best men's razor for beginners to help you out with that. After tons of reviewing and testing, we can confidently say these razors make the cut. What factors do we use to make this decision? Price, quality of the shave and ease of shave.

We all know the nicks and bumps that come from using a bad razor, so it makes sense that you'd be looking to find a good one. Any edge you can get in the dating game, right? So with that in mind, let's see what the research says.

How a good razor for beginners wins the dating game

When you are beginning to shave, it's understood that it's also the time in your life you become interested in dating. This is a scary and unpredictable space to navigate, even for those with more experience. Naturally, for a newbie, the anxiety can be debilitating. The good thing is that there are a few things you can help — like how your facial hair changes your appearance. With the right kind of razor, you can change the way you look, experiment with styles and keep a neat look.

This is an awkward time for most — boys are not used to facial hair and do not quite know what to do with it, especially if they have coarse hair. But with a good razor, this trouble can be checked right off the list so you can focus on other things and stop stressing about how your beard looks or if you have shaving cuts on your face.

Let's start by reviewing the factors you should consider before buying a men’s razor for beginners.


Before you set out to buy anything, the budget is one of the first things you should think of. Safety razors are generally not very pricey, but some may be more expensive than others. It all depends on the brand you invest in and the special features you opt for.

Each budget is unique. It's up to you to figure out how much you are willing to pay for a certain product. But rest assured, there is something in every price range available in the market.

Quality of the Shave

How smooth is the shave? What are the features that make the razor desirable? Is your skin protected?

Different types of razors and hair clippers have different features to offer. For example, some have five ultra-glide blades with a hydrating gel on the cartridge that lubricates the skin as you shave. There are also razor heads that pivot and flex so the razor can move smoothly along the contours of your face. In other words, all the features combined should give you a high-quality shave.

Difficulty Level

Since you are looking for a razor for beginners, the razor should be easy to use. The razor, by virtue of its construction, should give you a smooth, clean and safe shave.

Some razors also have a blade chamber that does not shut until the blade has been put in place properly. This is an important safety measure for beginners and ensures that you learn how to insert the blade correctly.

The Best Men’s Razor for Beginners

The following are some of the best men’s razors for beginners available in the market. The products have been picked out in accordance with the buying guide described above. They have been divided into three categories - ‘best bang for the buck’ for the product which offers the best at an average price, ‘best of the best’ for the product which offers the best, regardless of price and ‘best value’ for the product that is the cheapest of the lot but still offers great value.

Best Bang for the Buck: VIKINGS Chieftain Safety Razor

best bang for your buck for beginners

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The Vikings Chieftain safety razor takes you back to the world of wet shaving the way your grandparents’ generation knew it. It is modeled on the classic safety razors that have stood the test of time for decades, except the Vikings Chieftain safety razor has carried out some improvements. It uses only high-end materials from Europe and has heavy construction and great quality control. The razor has an exclusive anti-misalignment system which ensures that the blade has been inserted correctly into the razor or the head will not close. This means that you have complete safety while using this razor, which is especially useful if you are new to shaving and are not used to loading the blades and ensuring the blade is sitting right.

best single edge razor for beginners

The razor head has a cut minimizing system which allows you to perform even a quick, five-second blade change. The heavy-duty chrome lends the razor some weight that several other of its counterparts in the market cannot boast of. This overall weight gives the razor more stability, making it easier for a beginner to use it. You can make short strokes and cover a lot of area at once, allowing you to shave almost effortlessly.

Along with the set, you will also get a complimentary set of Swedish platinum super blades and a convenient carry case.

This Vikings razor is truly one of the best experiences you can get when you are just starting out shaving. If you are looking to enter the dating pool, you cannot make the first step with shaving cuts and bruises on your face. Even if you are an amateur when it comes to shaving, there is no need for you to look like one, now, is there?

Best of the Best: Merkur Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

best men's razor for beginners

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This adjustable double-edge safety razor from Merkur is one of the best ways to be initiated into the world of shaving. If you are a beginner, this is the best support you can get from a safety razor. The razor has a unique snap-on design on the cap which allows you to load the blade in an easy and safe way. The adjustable head also allows you to have control over the blade gap so you can be the judge of how close you want the shave to be. Having this kind of control means you get to decide the type of shave you want. It is not a one-size-fits-all formula that you have to adjust to. The adjustable head prevents any irritation to the skin. Besides, when you are shaving particularly tricky areas, like the neck or near the jawline, you can adjust the setting to give you a more comfortable shave.

mukur beginner razor

While the razor is more expensive than others in the market, it ends up saving you money in the long run because it lasts you a long time. Manufactured in Solingen, Germany, Merkur uses some of the best European technology to give you a long-lasting product. There is a good chance that your first-ever razor will last you for a long time and you will keep coming back for more.

In many ways, the Merkur Futur adjustable double-edge razor is similar to the Vikings Chieftain safety razor mentioned above. But the Merkur razor is built far more durably. The Merkur razor is also adjustable to a degree no other safety razor is in the market — this makes it a great option for beginners. If you shave twice a day, you can shave in the morning at a more aggressive setting and then shave in the evening again with a milder setting — all with the same razor! These different settings allow you to use the same razor on your face, head and body, as well! So if you are just starting out, this is a great purchase to begin with.

Best Value: Weishi Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor  good value men's razor for beginners

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The Weishi Nostalgic Long Handle razor harks back to the classic butterfly open mechanism which makes it extremely easy for you to load your blades. The long-handle razor offers excellent grip and allows you to get a clean, comfortable shave. You can open and close the blade chamber easily by simply turning the knob at the bottom of the handle. When the blade chamber closes properly, you know that the blade has been loaded correctly. This is an important safety check step for beginners.

The razor does not require too much work to give you a fine-quality shave. The weight of the razor will do most of the work for you, as long as you hold the razor at the right angle. You also get five stainless steel blades along with the handle, so the razor should last you more than a month.

best double edge razor for beginners

While there are several great things this razor has to offer, especially given the price bracket it is in, there are a few shortcomings as well. For starters, it is not as adjustable and does not give as close a shave as the other two razors mentioned above. The more adjustable a razor is, the more it can be in tune with the kind of shave you need (or can manage to do, in the case of beginners) — the Weishi long-handle razor does not meet all those criteria. Having said that, however, it does cost considerably lesser than the other two razors described above, so if your budget seems completely inflexible, this a satisfactory enough purchase.

The Best Disposable Razors for Beginners

As a beginner looking for a disposable razor, we’re guessing you don’t want to invest a lot of money on shaving equipment just yet. But if you pick out the cheapest razor out there, you might be sorry. Low-quality razors can give you nicks and cuts if you’re not careful. Add to that ingrown hair and razor bumps. You need to pick out a razor that will give you a decent shave without giving you problems.

Here’s our guide to picking out the best disposable razor for beginners. Not only will they keep your skin smooth, but they might also improve your dating life!

As a beginner, you should consider several factors before investing in a disposable razor. One of the biggest factors beginners consider the most is the price because they're on a tight budget. Below, we’ve listed down three of the best disposable razors for beginners at different price points. Pick out the one that suits both your budget and your needs.

Best Bang for the Buck: Schick Xtreme 3 Sensitive Disposable Razor

The Schick Xtreme 3 Sensitive Disposable Razor is the best value disposable razor for beginners

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Our pick for the “Best Bang for the Buck” category is the Schick Xtreme 3 Sensitive Disposable Razor simply because it gets the job done. Firstly, for those of you who have used Schick razors in the past, you already know they’re high-quality. That means you probably won’t be throwing this razor out in the first week.

This particular disposable razor is great for beginners because it’s gentle on sensitive skin. With the help of its three blades, you can get a close shave each time. The lubrication strip is infused with vitamin E and aloe vera to give you additional comfort with each shave. This is very important for beginners because your skin needs that extra moisture after shaving.

The Schick Xtreme 3 Sensitive Disposable Razor is the Best Value Disposable Razors for Beginners

Lastly, the handle of the Xtreme 3 is ergonomically designed to give you maximum comfort as you shave. It has a soft rubber grip that gives you some extra stability whenever you shave. And best of all, it has a pivoting head that helps you shave spots that are tough to reach.

One drawback to this product, however, is that it’s not designed to get rid of stubble. It can handle longer hairs quite well, but it won’t give you the most even shave if you use it on shorter hairs. Considering its price, it’s one of the best disposable razors for beginners out there.

Best of the Best: Gillette Mach3 Men’s Disposable Razor, Sensitive

Gilette Mach3 Top Rated

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Gillette is the market leader all across the world because of their superior products. With the Gillette Mach3 Sensitive disposable razor, the company has a strong contender for the best disposable razor for beginners.

The Gillette Mach3 Men’s Disposable Razor for Sensitive Skin isn’t a simply designed razor. It uses three progressively aligned blades to cut all the hair on your face with great ease. Unlike other razors that will only cut facial hair after a few strokes, this razor requires just one pass to give you a clean shave.

The Gillette Mach3 Men’s Disposable Razor, Sensitive is the Top Rated Disposable Razors for Beginners

Gillette’s patented Lubrastrip may be enough to give this razor the award for the best disposable razor for beginners. It’s infused with mineral oil and lubricating polymers to soothe the skin and give you a smooth, razor-burn-free shave.

Gillette’s special DLC (diamond-like carbon coating) also coat each blade. This helps to maintain the longevity of the blades and give you superior performance for longer. Finally, its open architecture system allows you to easily clean your razor after each use.

The only drawback to this disposable razor is that it’s expensive, especially for beginners. But when you think about it, you’re paying for a great-quality razor that will give you the extra-smooth shave you can’t get with other razors.

Best Value: BIC Twin Select Men's Disposable Razor

The BIC Twin Select Men's Disposable Razor is the best budget disposable razor for beginners

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The last product on this list is for guys who don’t want to spend too much money on a disposable razor, especially if you’re just a beginner. BIC has virtually no worthwhile competition when it comes to the cheapest and best disposable razor for beginners. No other brand can compete with their prices!

The BIC Twin Select Men’s Disposable Razor is extremely affordable, but it does a pretty decent job at grooming your facial hair. It has two progressively aligned blades to catch and cut your facial hair. It’s just about the most basic disposable razor for beginners or for guys who just want a cheap razor.

The BIC Twin Select Men's Disposable Razor is the Best Budget Disposable Razors for Beginners

However, there are some drawbacks associated with this product. Firstly, it doesn’t have a lubricating strip. If you have sensitive skin, then you’ll need to shell out some cash to spend on a good shaving gel. In addition to this, this razor won't give you a close shave, unlike the other two options on this list.

The Best Straight Razor for Beginners

The following are some of the best straight razors for beginners:

Best Bang for the Buck: Facón Professional Vintage Straight Edge Barber Razor

budget straight razor for beginners

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The Facón Professional Vintage Straight Edge Barber Razor is an incredible stainless steel razor with a black powder coating, making it perfectly safe and effective for a beginner. The black powder coating ensures that the razor lasts you a long time.

The razor offers a professional-grade build and can be used for personal use as well as at a fancy salon. The razor has a swing lock blade insert technology with a wooden handle, which gives it a sleek look. The wooden handle also offers an incredible grip so it does not slip from your hand when you are shaving — and, as a beginner, there may be a few instances of such accidents.

the best straight razor for men

The razor is also carefully handcrafted to give you the smoothest shaving experience. It's lightweight but heavy enough to give you a steady stroke. It also works with most double- or single-edge blades. You get 100 Genuine Lord single blades with the razor so you have a steady supply of blades that will last you more than a few weeks. It also comes with a plastic pouch that is ideal for you to travel with. The razor can be securely in the pouch and there is no threat of it opening accidentally in your luggage and causing an avoidable accident.

The Facón Professional Vintage Straight Edge razor offers a quality straight-edge razor at a decent price. You lack a bit of finesse in the build of the razor, but it definitely gets the job done really well!

Best of the Best: Parker SRX Heavy Duty Professional Straight Edge Barber Razor

best of the best straight razor for beginners

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The Parker SRX Heavy Duty Professional Straight Edge Barber Razor is the best straight razor for beginners. It weighs 2.3 ounces and provides you with the perfect weight to get a steady and clean shave. The end of the blade compartment has a rounded exposure that ensures minimal cuts and nicks.

The blade holder has a clip and lock technology which ensures that the blade stays within its chamber when it’s not in use. The razor is also a professional-grade razor which would be equally suitable at a barber shop or high-end salon. The company’s biggest USP is that it has been in the market for more than 40 years.

one of the best safety razors for beginners

The razor works with all barber shop single-edged blades or half double-edge blades. But don't worry — the razor comes with five Shark Super Stainless Half Blades to get you started. This is a great razor for a beginner as it takes care of all the safety measures and precautions. You will get a clean, smooth shave.

It’s similar to the Facón Professional Vintage razor in terms of offering a clean and safe shave. But there are several other safety features in the Parker SRX that make it a better buy for a beginner. The rounded exposure of the blade prevents cuts and nicks, for example. The clip and lock technology allow the blade to remain firmly in the chamber, as well. For these reasons, the razor has been picked as the ‘best of the best’.

Best Value: Equinox Professional Straight Edge Razor

best value straight razor for beginners

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The Equinox Professional Straight Edge Razor follows a classic style and mechanism that offers a fine shave. It's made with high-quality stainless steel that will last you a long time and will not tarnish or rust.

The blade guard is easy to open and it’s easy to switch out the blades, even mid-shave. Its ergonomic design allows you to hold the blade at the right angle. This is a great advantage for beginners as it will train you to shave correctly. It also comes with 100 single-edge Derby blades and each blade gives you up to three shaves so you are sure to get at least 300 shaves before you need to buy new blades.

One of the best safety razors for beginners

While there are several good qualities the razor has to offer, it still doesn't meet the standards of the first two razors described above. For starters, the Parker SRX razor has a rounded exposure that ensures there are minimal cuts. It also secures the blade in the blade chamber when it’s not in use. The Facón Professional Vintage razor offers a finer finish than the Equinox, as well. So while the Equinox Professional razor has several good qualities to offer, there is better out there.

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