The 3 Best Safety Razors in 2020 (Make Your Face Feel Amazing)

The best safety razors

Men are generally less conscientious about how they maintain their face. Most men just wash and shave their face, and then they’re ready for a night out. However, while this routine may seem simple, using the right razor is crucial to looking good. Despite new razor designs in the market—from multi-cartridge to electric—lots of men still opt to use safety razors. In this review, we’ll help you pick out the best safety razor for your needs.

Why Should You Use a Safety Razor?

Three words describe the biggest benefit of a safety razor: closest shave ever. Intimidating and old school as they seem, safety razors give you a close shave that no other razor can give. The extra-sharp blade ensures that it only needs one pass against your skin to get rid of all the hair. In contrast, other razors require multiple passes before you get a clean shave.

Safety razors also work best for guys who hate buying razors over and over again. Once you have a handle, you only need to buy blade refills that cost next to nothing. Unlike disposable and cartridge razors, you’re minimizing waste. And that’s always a plus!

Lastly, safety razors are so easy to clean. Even if you use shaving creams and foams, you can just run your razor under running water and tap off the excess water. But if you’re extra conscious about bacteria in your razor, you can dunk it in a bit of alcohol, swish it around and leave it to dry. Easy peasy!

How the Best Razor Makes Your Dating Life Easier

As mentioned above, safety razors require only one pass of the razor and you’re good to go. This is perfect for men with sensitive or acne-prone skin. You’ll get more bumps and burns when you run a blade across your skin multiple times. With a safety razor, the blade just glides over your skin to provide a clean, smooth shave.

And why does this affect your dating life? Because it makes you look neater and more put together. When you have a ton of razor bumps and burns, the woman you like might think you have adult acne. While adult acne is caused by many things, it’s always easy to assume that it’s due to a lack of hygiene. You’re less likely to get dates when women think you have questionable hygiene habits.

On the plus side, if you always show up to your date with a smooth, clear face, she’s more likely to be attracted to you. Later on, she might even get tempted to run her hands over your face. And that’s a surefire sign that she’s into you!

Which Is the Best Safety Razor for Your Needs?

Despite modern razors hitting the market, safety razors still have a huge fanbase. Because of this, lots of brands now carry safety razors in their collection. Below, we’ll help you pick out the best safety razor for you. This is based on your budget, your needs and the type of shave you want.

Best Bang for the Buck: Vikings Blade the Crusader Adjustable Safety Razor | $46.97 | Buy on Amazon Now

The Vikings Blade the Crusader Adjustable Safety Razor is the Best Value Safety Razor

Aside from its striking appearance, the Vikings Blade Crusader justifies its luxurious look with its equally high-quality performance. Of all the razors from Vikings, this is by far the most beautiful one. Yet despite its opulent appearance, it’s our pick for the best bang for the buck safety razor. It’s actually more affordable than it looks.

This gentleman’s razor has two functions that cater to different skin types. It has an asymmetrical dual-head where one side has a scalloped comb and the other has a smooth bar. The scalloped comb side provides a more aggressive shave for normal skin. You can press the razor against your skin, and the scalloped ridge prevents you from nicking yourself. It’s a safe way to have a large blade gap without actually letting the blade get too close to your skin.

Vikings Blade the Crusader Adjustable Safety Razor is the best value safety razor

On the other hand, the side with the smooth bar is ideal for sensitive skin. It guides the blade while still ensuring that it gives you the closest shave possible. And if you happen to have very sensitive skin, this side is very easy to clean even if you use a shaving gel. You simply place it under running water, and it practically cleans itself.

Inside, our best value safety razor also has a rattling end tip, which helps to drain trapped water. This prevents the blade from getting dull. This also prevents you from having to change blades too often.

Lastly, the Vikings Blade Crusader weighs a hefty 109g, the heaviest of all the razors on this list. This weight helps to press the razor against your skin, preventing you from having to exert too much pressure.

Best of the Best: Merkur Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor | $72.20 | Buy It on Amazon Now

The Merkur Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor is the Top Rated Safety Razor

Made with high-quality Solingen steel and construction that’s sleek and elegant, the Merkur Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor is our pick for the best safety razor. Its minimalist design, however, hides a very important feature—an adjustable blade gap.

Why do you want to have a razor with an adjustable blade gap? Simple—versatility. The blade gap is basically the distance between the blade and the safety bar. The safety bar prevents the blade from digging too aggressively into your skin. So, the smaller the gap between the blade and safety bar, the milder your shave will be.

Merkur Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor Best Safety Razor is the top rated safety razor

The Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor has the best settings for this. It has 6 settings ranging from the least aggressive to the most aggressive. On days when you want a shave that eliminates all traces of hair or if you have coarse hair, use the most aggressive setting to really get the blade down to the root of each hair. However, if you have sensitive skin or you just want to get rid of some stubble quickly, the mildest setting works best. It's so good that this razor is also our pick for the best bang-for-the-buck men's razor.

Like the Vikings Blade Crusader, the Merkur Futur Adjustable Razor is also quite hefty (at 90g) and easy to clean. But while the Crusader only has two settings, the Merkur Futur has 6—a setting for every type of shave you want. We think this is enough to justify its price as the best safety razor on our list.

Best Value: WEISHI Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor | $16.98 | Buy It on Amazon Now

The Weishi Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor is the Best Budget Safety Razor

If you want the best value safety razor that will give you a decent shave without leaving a dent in your savings, the WEISHI Nostalgic Butterfly Safety Razor is your best bet. It’s a reliable razor made with durable, high-quality materials. It even has a dark finish that sets it apart from your typical silver razors.

At 74g, you can get a close enough shave without exerting too much effort. However, it’s quite light compared to the other razors on this list. However, if you’re a fan of lighter safety razors, this is perfect for you.

Weishi Nostalgic Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor is the best budget safety razor

One of the biggest drawbacks of the WEISHI Nostalgic Butterfly Safety Razor is that it doesn’t have an adjustable head. It has only one setting for a relatively aggressive shave. So if you like an aggressive shave and don’t care too much about the weight of your razor, this is the best safety razor for you. However, if you want a razor with more heft and versatility, steer clear.

On the bright side, this razor is easy to clean and light on the budget. So if you’re just getting started with the world of safety razors, you may want to give this one a try.

Final Thoughts

Picking out the best razor for you can go a long way in terms of making you look and feel better. Safety razors generally work well for those with sensitive skin, but they’re aggressive enough to give men with coarse hair a great shave.

So let’s summarize our picks for the best value, top-rated and best budget safety razors below:

Award Product Price Buy Now
Best Bang for the Buck


Vikings Blade the Crusader Adjustable Safety Razor $46.97 Buy Now
Best of the Best


 Merkur Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor $72.20 Buy Now
Best Value Weishi Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor $16.98 Buy Now

With the best safety razor in your bathroom counter, you can have the best shave of your life. Not only will this make you look neater, but it can also help your social life flourish!

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