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The Best Spots for Chicago Hookups in 2024 (Our Favorites)

Hey there, I'm your go-to guy for all things dating and hooking up in the Windy City. Having lived in Chicago for several years, I've explored the dating scene extensively, making the most of the city's vibrant atmosphere. So, when it comes to Chicago hookups, you can trust that I've got the inside scoop. Let's dive into my personal guide, based on my experiences and successes.

Between the Midwestern charm and the year-round events, festivals and parties, there are ample opportunities to meet other singles and find Chicago hookups. However, when you're looking for friends with benefits, sometimes the options can be as bleak as our winters. No matter how many dive bars you visit, at times, you can't scratch your itch. But first let’s talk about the top hookup apps and sites in Chicago:

SiteOur ExperienceOur RatingFree Trial Link
Best Hookup Site Right Now
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • Top option for local hookups by far
  • Best results for regular guys
  • Over 60 million active members
  • The design needs an update
Try AFF For Free
Great If You're Handsome
Tinder Highlights
Tinder Highlights
  • Great if you're pretty good looking
  • Very popular, especially if you're 18-22
  • Really focused on photos
  • Becoming more of a dating than hookup app
Try Tinder
2nd Best For Most Guys
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • 2nd best option to find hookups
  • Attracts an older crowd than most hookup apps
  • Pretty popular
  • Great free trial
Try Passion

It's strange that in a city of 2.7 million people, getting laid in Chicago would ever be a challenge. Plus, nearly 50 million domestic and overseas tourists visited the city in 2022, an amount 60% higher than in 2021 (Source: Choose Chicago). You’d think finding someone to hookup with would be easy, but here’s why you’re confused: You're using the wrong methods or you're looking in the wrong places. It doesn't matter if you're in Viagra Triangle, Englewood or Boystown, if your only technique for getting laid is hitting up the same pickup bar night after night, you might as well be out in South Bend. You need to be making the most of your time and money!

Perk up, we're here to help. With the assistance of hookup experts and local guides, we've curated a list of the best hookup spots in the city where we've seen the best results at. Read them both below and let us know how our suggestions worked for you in the comments as well as suggestions for other great spots to find a hookup.

Methodology: How We Recommend the Best Places in Chicago for Hookups

To bring our readers a comprehensive list of the best places for hookups in the Windy City, every BeyondAges writer follows strict and verifiable guidelines. Unlike other dating sites, our reviews are always up-to-date and sourced by Chicago natives –not rehashes of stuff you can find elsewhere. 

Our Focus Our Approach and Actions
Scouting Chicago's Nightlife We're immersing ourselves in Chicago's vibrant nightlife scene, from bustling clubs in the Loop to cozy jazz bars in Uptown. Our goal is to identify the best spots for hookups, assessing the atmosphere, crowd, and overall vibe of these nightspots.
Sampling the Restaurant Scene Diving into Chicago’s diverse dining scene, we're checking out everything from trendy eateries in River North to laid-back bistros in Wicker Park. Our mission is to see where singles mingle, assessing not just the food, but also the social scene and opportunities for casual encounters.
Reviewing Dating and Hookup Apps We're testing a variety of dating and hookup apps popular in Chicago, gauging their effectiveness in the local context. Our team is assessing user demographics, ease of use, and the success rate of these platforms among Chicago singles.
Daytime Hotspots Exploration Exploring Chicago’s daylife, including popular parks, coffee shops, and public spaces like the Lakefront Trail. We're on the lookout for relaxed environments where singles are open to casual conversations and meetings.
Attending Local Events and Meetups Keeping an eye on Chicago's event calendar, we're attending various local events and meetups. From art exhibitions in the Art Institute to music festivals in Grant Park, we're exploring where singles connect over shared interests.
Engaging with the Local Community Actively engaging with locals to get insider information on hidden gems and popular hangouts. This includes interviewing residents, participating in community forums, and joining social groups to understand the social dynamics of Chicago's diverse neighborhoods.

Author Credentials:

Hi, my name is Charles Lee. As a Dating Expert and writer for Beyond Ages, I’ve written tons of articles based on my dating experience in Chicago. While it was confusing at first - Chicago is HUGE metropolis - I eventually managed to find hookups consistently. Instead of getting caught in the friendzone with my social circle, I branched out and visited just about every location in this guide. Plus, I explored just how good these dating apps in Chicago actually are. The result? This article. Keep reading and good luck on finding the love you deserve in the Windy City!

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Our favorite spots to find Chicago hook ups

As fun as our city is, sometimes you don’t feel like dealing with the elements to hit up a ton of bars and hope you strike gold. That’s why so many people are turning to these tried and tested spots:

Slippery Slope has to be one of the best options to find hookups in Chicago

Two women at Slippery Slope

Slippery Slope holds a special place in my heart. On a Friday night, I remember stepping into this eclectic blend of a nightclub, cocktail lounge, and dive bar. The energy was palpable as R&B, hip-hop, and indie jams filled the air. It's where I met someone who sparked an unforgettable connection. Slippery Slope is one of my top picks for Chicago hookups. Whether you're into dancing or just sipping a cocktail, you're in for a good time. The crowd is diverse, ranging from twenty-somethings to more seasoned folks, and you'll never know who you'll meet. So, if you want a fun and lively atmosphere for your Chicago hookups, this is the spot.

User Testimonial for Slippery Slope

Isaac Motive - Google Maps

One of the coolest bars in the city. Slippery Slope is known for its red lights, very cool Manhattan style bar upstairs and a nice divey bar with a dance floor downstairs. This is a place where the music is always great, and the vibes are super chill and far from obnoxious. A place where people of all type can go to have a fun time.

A LOT of hookups in Chicago happen because of AFF (try it free)

When it comes to online dating and hooking up, I swear by AFF. With over 50 million active users, it's been my secret weapon for three years running. I've had incredible success with this platform, and it's hands down the best option, especially for guys. I've seen my messages get the best responses here, and I'm confident you will too. What sets AFF apart is that everyone knows what they're here for – Chicago hookups. No need to beat around the bush. If you haven't tried their free trial, you might be missing out on countless opportunities. Trust me; I've explored my options, and this one's a game-changer.

With over 50 million active users, the best alternative to Tinder that I've tried is AFF. Honestly, it’s not even a competition, because for most of us, AFF is way more fun and the easiest way to find some action I've seen. It’s taken the top spot on our annual list of the best hookup methods online for three years straight, and I doubt that’s going to change anytime soon. To give you a more detailed look at how AFF works and how it performs for regular guys, you can also have a look at our Adult FriendFinder review.

For most people out there (especially guys) it's going to give you the best results and is the first option you should try when looking for hookups. You really don’t have anything to lose by checking it out and could give yourself a lot of new options. We have seen the best response from the first messages from women using it and are pretty confident you will too.

There isn't an option out there making it easier for a guy, especially those who aren't super good looking

A big part of its appeal is that everyone who signs up knows what they’re in for. AFF is made for helping singles (and couples) get laid in Chicago. There is no other reason to sign up if you aren’t looking for some bedroom fun.

If you haven't checked out their free trial below yet there's a good chance you're leaving options on the table. It's hard enough for a guy without taking advantage of all your options!

What people think of AFF

u/notunek - Reddit

I've only been on AFF for 3 weeks now, but have had a lot of activity. Of course it is easier for females than males to get lots of messages and offers. You have to be thick-skinned because many of the males are very explicit in what they want. It bothered me at first and was a turn-off. I don't mind frank talk about sex, but it's rude in my mind not to introduce yourself, give some details and get to "know" each other a little before you ask if she likes DBA...

There are many men that are looking for a relationship and also those looking for NSA. I got a bunch of men in town for a couple of days on business.

Brian A. - SiteJabber

I was highly successful on the site. Wasn't too hard meeting women at all. You just got to know what you're doing. First, you must be willing to write a decent profile which is grammatically correct. Guys lose the dirty pics and have a face pic. Trust me I've talked to enough women to know that's not a great opener. Save that for later.

What's your intent? Believe it or not, there are several women on AFF looking for a relationship. You can meet a decent woman on AFF. Within the first day, I had two opportunities in my area to have casual sex. After careful thought, I decided that's not what I was looking for and politely backed out. After that, I just mainly cruised profiles and had some wonderful conversations with all types of women across the country. When you reply to a profile just be respectful and don't start out with vulgar sex talk. Gezzz have some class and the ladies will respect that.

Finally, I met a wonderful woman which we share the same interests. We're hitting it off quite well. Recently I've deleted my profile because we've committed to each other. So here's my review on AFF. It's a great site for casual sex or finding a relationship. You must have thick skin and know how dating sites work though. Cheers.

Try AFF For Free!
Using this link to AFF's free trial offer you can check out exactly why so many guys have had such great success finding hookups using it. It really is the best option for most guys that we've found, especially when you're not super good-looking.


How easy is it to get laid in Chicago?

The percentage of singles in Chicago by gender

Chicago, with nearly a million singles, offers a plethora of hookup opportunities. Trust me; I've been there. Whether you're a local or a tourist, there's an abundance of chances to have a fling with someone special. It might not be effortless, but with the right approach and the right spots, you can make it happen.

You need to be thankful for your luck every day you spend as a single in Chicago (even during the winter). There are a TON of singles in this city and more and more they are favoring casual relationships of hookups instead of the traditional boyfriend/girlfriend arrangement. When there are nearly a million singles in the city that means there are a LOT of options out there.

We also get a lot of tourists, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and other visitors looking for a good time. They can often be VERY willing to have a fling with a local.

Now, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's easy to get laid in Chicago but there are a lot more opportunities here than you will find in most other places, and most singles will be able to get lucky with a little effort and spending time with the right apps/spots.

Picking Women at Bachelorette Parties: A Quick Guide

Navigating the social dynamics at a bachelorette party can be challenging. According to an article by Glamour written by lifestyle expert Ryan Dodge, there are some rules of strategy and etiquette you need to follow to find a hookup with women out for a night on the town. 

According to Dodge, "bachelorette parties are... a time for a bride to bond with her besties." The focus is on the bride to be and festivities, which means that you should be a compliment to the party.

With this in mind, approaching women at these parties requires some tact. If you consider interacting with women at a bachelorette party, remember these points:

  • Respect Boundaries: As one expert in the article advises, "make sure your advances are wanted."
  • Observe Group Dynamics: Understanding the mood and openness of the group is crucial.
  • Friendly Approach: Engage in non-threatening, friendly conversations initially.
  • Focus on Fun: Your approach should be about "adding to their fun, not derailing it," says Dodge.

How to get laid in Chicago

Over my time in Chicago, I've learned a thing or two about getting lucky. Here's my short checklist for those seeking Chicago hookups:
Grooming Matters: I'm no model, but I've found that a decent haircut, good clothes, a shower, and fresh breath can work wonders. Presentation is key.

Try Hookup Apps: The digital age has transformed the dating scene. Spend a bit of time each week on apps like AFF – it can pay off big time. A huge number of hookups start online now. You don't have spend all day on the apps but spending 10-20 minutes a week sending messages can really pay off. These are the best hookup apps in Chicago right now:

SiteOur ExperienceOur RatingFree Trial Link
Best Hookup Site Right Now
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • Top option for local hookups by far
  • Best results for regular guys
  • Over 60 million active members
  • The design needs an update
Try AFF For Free
Great If You're Handsome
Tinder Highlights
Tinder Highlights
  • Great if you're pretty good looking
  • Very popular, especially if you're 18-22
  • Really focused on photos
  • Becoming more of a dating than hookup app
Try Tinder
2nd Best For Most Guys
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • 2nd best option to find hookups
  • Attracts an older crowd than most hookup apps
  • Pretty popular
  • Great free trial
Try Passion

Get Out and About: Hookup apps are fantastic, but don't forget the power of meeting people in person. I've compiled a list of my favorite hookup bars and clubs below.

Variety is Key: Different nights attract different crowds. Don't limit yourself; try out various places in one night and meet as many attractive singles as possible. Trust me; it's worth it.

The best Chicago pickup bars we've tried

I love a good drink, and I know many others do too. That's why I've got the scoop on the best places to pick up girls in Chicago.

Three Dots and a Dash is one of the chillest tiki cocktail lounges

Three Dots and a Dash in Chicago is a total gem for guys looking to meet single women in a cool, laid-back setting. Tucked away beneath the busy streets of River North, this hidden tiki bar is like stumbling into a tropical paradise – perfect for striking up a conversation with someone new.

Imagine walking down an alley, finding this secret spot, and then diving into a world that feels straight out of the Caribbean. It's a great place to chill, sip on creative cocktails like the Afterthot or Almost Famous, and just soak in the vibe. The place has this fun, exotic energy that makes it super easy to chat with people, especially if you're looking to meet single women. The food, like their Chicken Eggrolls and that killer Burger, is pretty awesome too. Just a heads up, though – not everything on the menu is a hit. That Spicy Garlic Shrimp might not be everyone's cup of tea.

What's really cool about Three Dots and a Dash is how it sets the stage for relaxed, easy-going conversations. It's all about the vibe here – the kind of place where you can strike up a chat without it feeling forced. And the staff? They add to the chill atmosphere, making everyone feel welcome.

User Testimonial for Three Dots and a Dash

chad markowitz - Google Maps

Came here for a work event. The vibe was awesome. Coming in had a very fun, unique, and creative experience and set the mood very well. The drinks were amazing and had beautiful tiki drink ware they were served in. Each drink had a unique name, cup, and list of ingredients. They were also delicious.

The food was all appetizers for this event but the staff was always walking around with things to try so there was never a shortage. Highly recommend.

Kaiser Tiger livens up the city's social scene year-round

The busy outdoor area of Kaiser Tiger


Chicago winters can be brutal, but Kaiser Tiger keeps the city's social scene alive year-round. I've had my share of memorable nights here, and it's not just about the beer garden – it's the infinite possibilities it offers. For a lot of people, wintertime in our city means hibernation. Come mid-January, they’re happy to avoid the cold nights and weekends by getting through their Netflix queue on the couch. But, just because the wind is bitter, that doesn’t mean they don’t still get bit by the lonely bug. They’re not the only ones. That’s why, in the coldest months, Union Park’s Kaiser Tiger still packs in crowds. And that sometimes includes girls who have yet to find St. Paul hookups back home.

You might not immediately think of an outdoor beer garden as a wintertime draw for pretty girls. However, Kaiser Tiger is not just a beer garden. Sure, they have the requisite tasty selection of beers on tap and in bottles. And, yeah, they serve a selection of German-inspired comfort food. But every outing to this quintessentially Chicago beer garden is like walking into a house party with infinite possibilities.

Like many bars, Kaiser Tiger offers space to play bocce ball in the sunny months. They even bring out musicians to play some nights of the week. What really sets this spot apart, though, is the ice sheet curling lanes in the cold months. That isn’t something you’ll find anywhere else. And that’s the kind of novelty that brings in people – specifically attractive ladies – every month of the year.

User Testimonial for Kaiser Tiger

Arex S - Google Maps

I love the location of this pub and their beer garden in the back is large and mostly shaded making it an awesome spot for an all day beer stop. Plenty of tables in the back and front outdoor areas and inside is a large bar with a lot of room.

Staff is super friendly and very attentive.

The drinks, including beer is prices above average. The food was disappointing which is why the rating is low. The pork schnitzel on my sandwich was overcooked and very dry. All of the sandwiches, burgers come a la carte. Fires and other sides are available for additional cost.

Sakura Karaoke Bar can make finding Chicago hook ups simple

The pretty ladies at the Sakura Karaoke Lounge


If your idea of a karaoke bar is a spot where a bunch of Iowa girls on a bachelorette weekend (terribly) sing Britney Spears, you need to check out Sakura Karaoke. There are a surprising number of local hookups that start off in places like this. Located in Chinatown, this bar is part dance club, part sports bar, and completely a good time. Plus, if karaoke is truly your jam, you can rent a private room, but it’s just as fun to hang out with the crowd and get close up with a lot of other singles. I'm no John Mayer, but trust me when I say that even if you’re not a singer, just that little display of skill (or confidence, in my case) can be enough to get you laid. Sakura has different themed karaoke nights and more than 100,000 songs in their library.

User Testimonial for Sakura Karaoke Bar

Nina Houston - Google Maps

The food left me with much to be desired along with the watered down drinks. Atmosphere and service were spot on. I do wish there was a wider selection of American music 🎶 very close to the Chinatown parking lot and they do validate

Getting laid at The Owl is pretty easy

The Owl at night

If cocktail lounges seem a little stuffy for your tastes, try The Owl instead. This bar, which stays open until 4 in the morning every day, is a perfect, low-key place to meet some new friends and get a number or two. Located in Logan Square, lots of people make this their last stop of the night before they decide who they’re going home with. It’s definitely one of the best hookup spots in city if you're just looking for Chicago hookups. And if you can't find hookups in Minneapolis, you might as well go here.

In addition to being a fun spot for a drink, The Owl has events throughout the week including DJ sets and concerts which makes striking up a conversation with a woman easy. These musical nights bring out big crowds, which is perfect for finding yourself a dance partner, whether vertical or horizontal. Even if you come on the rare quiet night at The Owl, their jukebox always has a great selection of tunes.

User Testimonial for The Owl

Aaron Graham - Google Maps

Chill, decent drinks, and open late. I'd go again if I'm i the area for some nice lowlight atmosphere.

Lincoln Hall is a different kind of music venue

Lincoln Hall in Chicago is a stellar spot for those on the lookout for live music and maybe even meeting some single women in a chill setting. Known for its top-notch sound quality and great sightlines, this venue makes for a perfect night out with friends or a casual date. Whether you're grooving on the main floor or enjoying the view from the balcony, the vibe here is always inviting and inclusive.

Everyone who’s been to Lincoln Hall loves the intimate setting, which makes for a great place to connect with people. Whether you're sipping drinks at the bar, enjoying a show, or simply soaking in the atmosphere, there's always an opportunity to strike up a conversation with someone new.

User Testimonial for Lincoln Hall

Megan Etlinger - Google Maps

The sound is great! The space is awesome and comfortable.  The staff is kind and welcoming.  It's a great place to go and see a great show. It's intimate and yet spacious. There's an upstairs with a balcony and bar that's also cool. Was really impressed by the sound quality and mix.” 

Roundtable of Experts Weigh In on the Do’s and Don’ts of Bar Pickup

We’ve got a selection of experts to give you an idea of bar etiquette when you’re on the prowl for Chicago hotties. Here’s a quick list before you hit the town:


  • AJ Harbinger/The Art of Charm:"Stand in a highly trafficked area of the bar... look like you’re in the center of it all." (Source: The Art of Charm)
  • Dan Bacon: “Personally speaking, I enjoy approaching groups of women because when girls in the group notice that their friends are attracted to me, it makes them feel jealous and left out.” (Source: The Modern Man)
  • Sarah Jacobsson Purewal: “While hitting on someone in broad daylight in an atypical location is risky, and perhaps the most likely scenario for rejection, trying anyway is great practice—and a solid way to inure yourself against negative outcomes.” (Source: Men’s Health)


  • David Wygant: "Avoid using pickup lines and focus on genuine conversation." (Source: DavidWygant.com)
  • Eli Zegen: According to Zegen, you should always avoid being rude in bar settings. "Don’t just walk up to her, tap her on the shoulder and say “hi.” (Source: Elizegan)

Kezia Noble:  “Don’t make her feel like a slut… although the girl might be very interested in going to bed with you, you have to remember that it is at this EXACT point, she will probably start putting up her barriers.” (Source: KeziaNoble.com)

The best clubs for finding hookups in Chicago

The modern club scene is all about hot girls showing off their assets in tight dresses and short skirts. For a guy like me with simple tastes, this is more than enough to get me all dressed up to go clubbing. If you’re looking for single girls, you better believe they’re dancing at the clubs.

Smartbar has kept the nightlife lively for decades

Hot girls on a night out at Smart Bar


Few types of nightspots are more susceptible to trends than dance clubs. Think about how dance styles and music have changed so dramatically, even just in the last few years. A dance club that was wall-to-wall packed last summer could be a ghost town by Christmas. It takes something special to create and maintain a club where people come year after year, generation after generation. That is exactly what Smartbar has done, against all odds. If you can't get laid in Detroit, you can cross the lake and get lucky here!

Set in the shadow of Wrigley Field, Smartbar has been enticing asses onto the dance floor since the early 80s. It’s done so by evolving with the times and hiring some of the best DJs around to host their weekends. Their roster of DJs knows how to keep a night moving with a mix of modern hits and pure classics. They also bring in outside artists for lively events and concerts.

As a result, Smartbar is one of the best places to pick up girls. From Thursday to Sunday, the ladies come out in droves to dance and have a great time. Most of the people there weren’t even born when Smartbar first opened their doors. It doesn’t matter. A good time is a good time, and that’s something this landmark has always offered.

User Testimonial for Smartbar

Danicajhey - Google Maps

I hadn’t been to Smartbar in twenty years. I arrived at 11:30pm on a Saturday, and the place was empty. By 12:30am, it was filling up. When I left at 1am, there was an entry line wrapped around the door! The message? Go earlier if you don’t want to stand in line! Sweet bartender. Still cool as ever!

Got lucky at the Smartbar? Drop a comment and let us know how you did it!

Bordel is the city's sexiest, most seductive lounge

The crowd at Bordel where you might find hookups in Chicago


We live in a time when sexuality is fluid and the line between eroticism and entertainment is being constantly blurred. The old-fashioned clubs with buxom cocktail waitresses and stone-faced bartenders just don’t have the seductive power they once had. If you want to get a girl’s engine revving, you need to explore a more sensual night out. That’s the kind of night out that I've experienced at Bordel time and time again.

This bordello-themed bar on the edge of Wicker Park always has sex on the mind. And we don’t just mean the absolutely stunning line-up of cabaret dancers. On some nights, you’ll see a band or singer performing. Others, you’ll experience the sensual entertainment of the aforementioned dancers. But the sexiness of Bordel isn’t just in the tantalizing and titillating performances.

Every aspect of the bar is designed to create an atmosphere that exudes sexual energy. This dimly lit club hums with red and gold hues, while the bartenders expertly craft intoxicating works of art. In Bordel, Chicago has a club that merges old-world eroticism with modern, uninhibited sexual freedom. The result is one of the sexiest spots in town and a surefire way to seduce hot girls.

User Testimonial for Bordel

Beth-Ann Young - Google Maps

Fabulous evening out. Come before the show to start your imbibe. Mingle, snack, dance, and enjoy the performance. Thursday is burlesque and the performers certainly grabbed the crowds attention. Live DJ between show times. Every performer and staff made sure to find me during the evening to personally wish me a happy birthday. The space is sensual and attractively decorated. Drinks were consistently delicious, so I tried as many different ones as I could.

Got some other recommendations for clubbing in Chicago? Leave a comment below!

How to Avoid Getting Kicked Out of a Club

Want to stay in the club? Read the article "17 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Kicked Out or Refused Entry to a Club" by Jessica Boland, published on Beat. Boland has some great tips to avoidthe embarrassment of getting kicked out of a club:

  • “Taking off your shoes in the entry line or inside the club is a no-go.”
  • “Dancing on furniture, especially in venues with ample seating, is discouraged.”
  • “Being honest about your alcohol consumption with bouncers is more appreciated than claiming you've had only a few drinks.”
  • “Closing your eyes in crowded spaces, like smokers' areas or restroom lines, can lead to trouble.”
  • “Avoid trying to pour your own drink or climbing on DJ booth cages, as these actions can get you kicked out.”
  • “Don't attempt to order from a different bartender after being cut off.”
  • “Passing out in the restroom is a clear sign it's time to leave.”
  • “Trying to smuggle in your own drinks is frowned upon.”
  • “Avoid causing a scene, like inciting a crowd chant, when the entry line is moving slowly.”
  • “Vomiting in the club is a risky move.”
  • “Being overly intoxicated is a surefire way to get kicked out.”

Where to find a one night stand in Chicago

If you're not looking for any kind of relationship and want something SUPER casual we can help with that too. Finding a one night stand in Chicago is a lot easier than most places, especially if you live near downtown.

These are our favorite places that make finding one night of fun a lot easier:

  • PRYSM - 1543 N Kingsbury St, Chicago, IL 60642
  • LITE - 215 W Ontario St, Chicago, IL 60654
  • Le Nocturne - 4810 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640
  • Bluelight - 3251 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

Best places to meet sexy Chicago girls during the day

Who says finding hookups in our city is easier at night? These daytime hotspots will prove them wrong!

Coffee Lab is a haven for Northwestern’s cutest girls

Donuts from Coffee Lab


We can’t be the only ones who have a thing for nerdy girls. The smart cuties up at Northwestern make it worth taking the train up to Evanston. While college girls go to plenty of bars, if you really want to find their go-to hangouts, think coffee not cocktails. If you matched with someone on the best hookups apps in Fort Wayne, why not invite her here?

Coffee Lab is one of the most consistently busy local spots in Evanston. It’s a hip, globally conscious coffee house that appeals perfectly to the coed crowd. They also happen to brew a decent cup of joe. If you’re a Northwestern student or just someone that’s regularly in Evanston, Coffee Lab should be a regular haunt. Who knows how many hookups in Chicago you'll find.

User Testimonial for Coffee Lab Evanston - The Study Spot

Goose Bookers - Google Maps

Very long wait, woman didn’t seem concerned. Finally got to me and was pretty short tempered, considering her role. Seemed like she was irritated that she had a customer who wanted to order. I got a small drip coffee and a muffin. The muffin was delicious, but the coffee was so piping hot, I thought I was going to burn myself through the cup… they were out of sleeves, which they did not tell me before serving me the obscenely hot coffee. Because it is so hot, I have yet to try it, but given my experience so far, and the fact that I went in there to buy beans, and they do not sell them… I don’t have high hopes for it to be good quality. My muffin cost significantly more than the coffee, which is a little unusual, I thought… although I guess I can say one positive is that the drip coffee is a good price point. However, is still out on if it’s drinkable or not.

Dark Matter Coffee is the best place to pick up girls that isn’t a bar

Inside the summery interior of Dark Matter Coffee


We already recommended a great coffee shop for picking up college girls. But coffee shops aren’t just for nerds. These days, cool coffee shops give bars a run for their money in terms of serving the hottest girls. There are some great coffee bars in town, but Dark Matter Coffee bests them all.

Styled like a southwestern bar, this Belmont Avenue coffee shop has become the place to be while the sun is out. It’s grown into one of the city’s most reliable options for day dates, both because it’s convenient and hip. If you can’t wait until nightfall to pick up a girl, Dark Matter Coffee is your best bar alternative.

User Testimonial for Dark Matter Coffee

Annabelle Veatch - Google Maps

Cortado was excellent. Definitely one of the best that I have had. Barrel aged mocha was excellent. Unique flavor and subtle warmth. It reminded me of the warmth you experience after a whiskey 🥃 👽 The Mothership was such a cool experience. ☕️ Great coffee. Great atmosphere. Great service. Located outside of Downtown Chicago, it was a little drive out of the city 🏙️ but absolutely 💯 worth it. If visiting Chicago and you know coffee, I would make a point to stop by!

Unicorn 🦄 blood 🩸 espresso blend beans are definitely recommended to take home! They roast their own beans so… 🤩 of course it’s taking some souvenirs home!

BeyondAges Exclusive: How To Effortlessly Start A Conversation In Coffee Shops

Author: Johann Davis, Dating Coach

Tip #1: “To make her comfortable, you should keep the conversation neutral. You should also use it to showcase yourself. Offer up tidbits of information about yourself with lines like, “What do you think of this place? I come here a lot because it’s right around the corner from my office.”

This will open up avenues for questions about your job that she’ll want answered. It will keep her talking. You can use this as an opportunity to show that you are a good conversationalist.”

Other great hookup spots to get laid in Chicago

If you haven't found any hookups in Chicago at the spots above, then these other options will help you out.

Pitchfork Music Festival has all the hot indie girls

A girl being hoisted up by the audience at Pitchfork Music Festival

It may be sacrilegious to suggest there is a better music festival in town than Lollapalooza, but so be it. In terms of musical acts, your festival preferences are surely going to vary. But, if you’re talking about the hottest girls in Chicago, Pitchfork Music Festival is music to our ears. Girls from all the way in Indianapolis go here for a weekend of fun and music. I've even met (and maybe gotten a little frisky) with girls all the way from SoCal!

Year after year, all those indie music acts and hipster performers attract this city’s sexiest crowds. Frankly, I don’t even look at who’s playing, I just go to wherever the hot Chicago girls are standing. Ignore the travel guides. Come summertime, there is no better view in town than the crowds at Pitchfork Music Festival.

User Testimonial for Pitchfork Music Festival

AndrewIsMyName - Reddit

Unfortunately the talking during sets is a normal thing at this festival, which is surprising because not only is it a music festival, but it's one where you'd assume the attendees would be most into the music due to, well, Pitchfork putting on the festival and the acts playing being high quality and worth the attention.

If people wanna talk with their friends, there are tons of places in the park to do that away from stages. There are also a million places in the city to do that which are not a fricken music festival. You pay a couple hundred bucks to hear a bunch of great music for three days and then have to also hear people's conversations as well lol. It's especially aggravating if it's a quieter act like Florist or something, at least if it's a louder act like Soul Glo the music can somewhat drown out the conversations (not that talking during a louder set is okay either, to be clear).

Who’s your favorite Pitchfork artist for getting ready to hit the town? Leave a playlist in the comments below.

Tinder is where hot guys and gals get laid in Chicago

We’d be mightily surprised if there was anyone in Chicago who hasn’t used Tinder yet. Your grandmother has probably swiped through a few times. In terms of online platforms, there are few that have been downloaded more – and then deleted later out of frustration.

It’s quite simple: Tinder is how sexy Chicago girls and dudes arrange to meet each other. For the rest of us, it’s like looking through an impressive catalog of things we’ll never be able to afford. If you happen to be one of those Hemsworth-looking guys, you are going to love Tinder. If not, maybe work on creating a great Tinder bio and keep swiping. With so many girls on Tinder, you’re sure to match with a handful!

User Testimonial for Tinder

Sarah - Trust Pilot

A positive story

My recent review is 5*. Up until a few months ago I probably would’ve given it 1*. I have been on and off the app for around 6 years! I’ve met some decent men and also some not so decent men. You do have to get savvy and when you’ve been on it for a long time, it becomes easier to sort the wheat from the chaff. Basically I’ve found that all dating apps are not fun places to be (that’s my opinion of course). The last place I expected to find myself was on dating apps and it can also add to self confidence and rejection anxieties if you’ve come to them from upsetting break-ups. 

Arbella is a great pickup bar to start with

Arbella drinks


We have a great cocktail scene right now, so we’ve got to start our list at Arbella. Just off the Grand/State red line stop, this beautiful cocktail bar and restaurant treats their customers right. That's why so many come back time after time. That includes many gorgeous women looking for casual sex, so if you’re interested in seducing older women, this is a must-make stop.

Men and women of all ages loves this bar, though, because Arbella serves fantastic drinks and delicious food, all in a sensuous atmosphere. This is a great place to impress someone you’ve met online, or to meet someone completely new. However your night started, if you come here, we’re pretty sure we know how it’s going to end since this is one of the better places to meet older women looking for hookups.

User Testimonial for Arbella

Andy Feliciotti - Google Maps

Visited Arbella and was blown away by their cocktail selection, especially their unique take on old fashioneds from around the world. The vibe was perfect with a DJ playing during our visit, and thankfully, it wasn't overly crowded. The only regret? Not discovering this place sooner to sample more of their food menu. They have a late-night food menu that definitely hit the spot. Can't wait to go back!

Safety & Precautions: Safety Tips for Visiting Chicago

  • Stay Aware: It's crucial to remain alert and aware of your surroundings, especially in busy tourist areas. Being mindful can help you avoid potential risks and stay safe during your visit.
  • Public Transportation: Chicago offers a reliable public transportation system, including buses and trains. Utilizing these services is generally safe, but it's essential to keep an eye on your belongings and be cautious during late-night journeys.
  • Neighborhood Research: Before exploring Chicago, take the time to research the neighborhoods you plan to visit. Some areas may have higher crime rates than others, so knowing the local context can help you make informed decisions about where to go.
  • Secure Valuables: Petty theft can occur in any major city, so be sure to keep your belongings secure. Use crossbody bags or hidden pouches to deter pickpockets and safeguard your valuables.
  • Emergency Contacts: Inform a trusted friend or family member of your itinerary and contact details. This precaution ensures that someone knows your whereabouts and can assist in case of an emergency.
  • Local Advice: Locals often have valuable insights into safe areas and useful tips for visitors. Don't hesitate to ask for recommendations or advice from Chicagoans to enhance your safety.
  • Weather Preparedness: Chicago experiences diverse weather conditions throughout the year. Be prepared with appropriate clothing and accessories, especially during the chilly winters or hot summers.
  • Avoid Isolated Areas: When exploring the city at night, it's advisable to stick to well-lit and populated areas. Avoid isolated streets or parks to minimize potential risks.
  • Nightlife Safety: Chicago has a vibrant nightlife scene. To stay safe, be cautious about your drinks, keep them within sight, and consider using rideshare services for transportation after dark.

Online Dating App Safety Cheat Sheet:

Safety Measure Description
Profile Verification Verify profiles to ensure authenticity.
Public Meeting Meet in public places for initial encounters.
Share Details Share date details with a friend or family member.
Video Chat Use video calls to confirm identity before meeting.
Trust Your Instincts Trust your gut feeling if something feels off.
Privacy Settings Adjust privacy settings to control information shared.
Report Suspicious Activity Report any suspicious behavior or harassment.
Drive Separately Avoid sharing transportation on first dates.
Limit Alcohol Moderate alcohol consumption for clear judgment.

Frequently Asked Questions on Chicago Hookups

Where to meet single girls in Chicago?

The best places to meet single girls in Chicago are local bars and clubs. Here's a small list of the top destinations:

  • Slippery Slope
  • The Sixth
  • Kaiser Tiger
  • Sakura Karaoke Bar
  • The Owl

Alternatively, you can always try using dating apps like AFF and eHarmony to find single girls in the city if you don't like going out too much.

Is Chicago a good city for singles?

Chicago is one of the best cities to go on a date in the United States. The variety of places, as well as people, is spot on for any single man or woman.

What Are the Best Spots for Finding Hookups in Chicago?

Popular spots for hookups in Chicago include Slippery Slope, Kaiser Tiger, Sakura Karaoke Bar, The Owl, Lincoln Hall, Smartbar, Bordel, Arbella, and Pitchfork Music Festival.

How Effective Are Hookup Apps Like AFF in Chicago?

AFF is highly effective for finding hookups in Chicago. It has a large user base and is designed specifically for casual encounters, making it a preferred choice for many singles in the city.

Can Nightclubs and Bars Be Good Places to Find Hookups?

Yes, nightclubs and bars like Slippery Slope, The Sixth, and Kaiser Tiger are great for meeting people interested in casual hookups, thanks to their lively atmospheres and social settings.

Is Chicago a Good City for Singles Looking for Casual Relationships?

Chicago, with its diverse population and vibrant nightlife, is considered one of the best cities for singles looking for casual relationships and hookups.

Slippery Slope combines a nightclub, cocktail lounge, and dive bar atmosphere, making it a versatile spot to meet a diverse crowd interested in casual encounters.

Are There Any Daytime Spots for Meeting Potential Hookups in Chicago?

Yes, places like Coffee Lab and Dark Matter Coffee are popular daytime spots to meet singles. These coffee shops offer a relaxed environment for socializing and meeting new people.

How Does the Pitchfork Music Festival Rank for Meeting Singles?

Pitchfork Music Festival is known for attracting a young and energetic crowd, making it an excellent venue for meeting singles and potential hookups, especially during the summer.

What Kind of Crowd Does Kaiser Tiger Attract?

Kaiser Tiger is popular year-round and attracts a diverse crowd, making it a unique spot for socializing and meeting people interested in casual hookups.

Can Karaoke Bars Like Sakura Be Good for Hookups?

Yes, karaoke bars like Sakura can be great for hookups as they offer a fun and relaxed environment to meet new people and potentially form connections.

Are There Specific Strategies for Successful Hookups in Chicago?

Successful strategies for hookups in Chicago include being well-groomed, using hookup apps effectively, exploring different nightlife spots, and being open to meeting a variety of people.


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Contributing Authors:

Tom Senkus

For more than two decades, Tom has dated extensively and studied behavioral psychology as a way of understanding the complexities of human nature until he became an expert. After traveling as a touring musician and living in more than 15 countries, Tom has cross-referenced his experience in seduction, dating, and interpersonal dynamics with the ever-changing landscape of 21st-century dating. His work as a writer has appeared in 500+ publications (digital and print). Tom is also the author of several books (available on Amazon). In his free time, you can find Tom recording music and cooking the best Cincinnati-style chili you’ve ever had.

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He has taught thousands of guys how to master their inner game by getting rid of their anxiety, shyness, nervousness, self-doubt, feat, and various mental blocks and limiting beliefs that hold most men back from being awesome with women! Andrius is also a successful author (Amazon) who has published multiple books on dating and relationships that have been highly received.

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