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The Best Spots For San Francisco Hookups In 2023 (Our Favorites)

San Francisco women looking for guys to hookup with

Finding San Francisco hookups isn't the easiest thing in the world. While cities don’t come much hipper it often feels like guys outnumber girls by a wide margin. Fortunately, we can help!

You would think with nearly 900,000 free-loving people shoved into 49 square miles, it wouldn’t be hard to find a hook up in San Francisco. Sadly, that’s not always the case. Maybe the city has gotten a little more conservative with age, but sometimes it feels like no one’s looking for hookups. That can’t be right, can it?

Of course not. If you’ve been feeling like the City by the Bay isn’t as friendly as its reputation, the problem is you’re looking in the wrong place. Hookup bars are all over the place, whether you’re high-rolling in Pacific Heights or counting your change in Bayside. We’ll even go out on a limb and suggest people are getting freaky out in Sausalito.

If you’re skeptical, read our list below see if your luck changes. You don’t need to be enrolled at UCSF to get lucky, you just need this guide for where to get laid in San Francisco.

Our favorite spots to find San Francisco Hookups 

We like to start things off strong so here are a couple of our absolute favorite places to find hookups in San Francisco that are working over and over again:

Lots of hot San Francisco girls party at Monarch

Lots of hot San Francisco girls party at Monarch


Monarch has everything you’re looking for when it comes to finding San Francisco hook ups. For starters, the nightclub is on the smaller side, which gives it a friendly vibe. The size of the place makes it easier to find someone to dance with. Along with that, Monarch nightclub also attracts some of the cutest San Francisco girls.

The nightclub has a swanky vintage vibe that attracts a nice crowd. The downstairs area where the dance floor is located gets pretty packed as early as 11:30 p.m. We definitely recommend coming here earlier in the night and grabbing a drink by the bar before the crowd rushes in. Once the place is full, make your way to the dancefloor and show off your moves. You never know which cutie could be looking your way.

Hookups in San Francisco don’t come any easier than with AFF from what we've seen (try it free)

If you’ve aged out of Tinder or just haven't found a lot of success (like most guys), consider the hookup options that have consistently delivered the best results for guys in SF (even if you're not super handsome/rich). AFF has been around a while and has become the most successful option if you are looking for a casual relationship in San Francisco. It has over 50 million active users worldwide and ended up on the top of our annual list of the best hookup options three years in a row.

There are very few quality options when it comes to finding hookups online and AFF is in that rare group. Something that's useful to BOTH men and women. If you are thinking about trying out one it should be this one. It’s easy to use, has the best results we have seen and is free to try. How can you beat that?

Originally created specifically to provide a platform for adults to meet up for sexy encounters, AFF has never strayed from its core purpose. The site is easy to use, and the variety of users makes it one of the friendliest to all types of people. It helps that you don’t have to be in the top 10% of good-looking men to get lucky with it.

When you're tired of wasting time and actually want results AFF is the best option for most guys.

When you have a ton of people using it and a very specific purpose of hooking up you're going to see a lot of success. If you haven't tried out AFF's free trial below you're probably missing out on a lot of good opportunities.

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Using this link to AFF's free trial offer you can check out exactly why so many guys have had such great success finding hookups using it. It really is the best option for most guys that we've found, especially when you're not super good looking.

The best San Francisco pickup bars we've tried

Now let's get into the local hookup bars that have really paid off for us. Some of these will surprise you but all of them are great:

R Bar is a low-key dive bar that attracts cool chicks

A couple of singles a R Bar


You can always look forward to a fun time at R Bar. While dive bars tend to get a bad reputation, R Bar has managed to overcome all of that. The bar is laidback and cool and isn’t the typical type of dingy dive bar. With dozens of TVs all around, the place is always broadcasting the latest sports games and more.

This is the best place to pick up girls in San Francisco if you’re into the sporty type. The girls who come here are young and follow the major sports games. We always have a fun time grabbing a beer or a few shots with the girls we meet here. We definitely recommend R Bar if you’re into a less crazy bar scene.

Barbara Pinseria & Cocktail Club is the best bar to get laid in San Francisco

A group of singles at Barbara Pinseria & Cocktail Club looking to hookup


Sometimes, the best hookup bar is also a decent restaurant. Take for instance, Barbara Pinseria & Cocktail Club, an Italian restaurant that serves Pinsa (don’t call it pizza). This authentic take on the traditional Italian dish will beat the socks off of another night of Papa John’s on the couch. Better yet, this place draws in a great crowd and it's where you can get laid.

If you’ve connected with someone online and are looking for a place to meet up, Barbara’s is highly recommended. It’s classy without being expensive, so you won’t accidentally send the wrong message. Or, skip the food altogether and enjoy one of their excellent cocktails while scoping the scene for a possible rendezvous (yeah, we know that’s French, not Italian; so sue us).

Butter is the best place to pick up girls in San Francisco

Group of girls posing at Butter


Butter is one of our favorite bars to hit up on the weekends. The bar is super quirky and serves up items like Hawaiian Punch and Tang cocktails along with deep-fried Twinkies. Along with the Jello shots and beer bottles served in paper bags, this place has made a name for itself. The Instagram-worthy appearance of this place attracts a lot of San Francisco girls. Can't get laid in Stockton? Then you'll have better luck here!

The drinks are reasonably priced too, so you won’t walk away with a light wallet. The crowd here tends to be on the younger side, so if that’s what you’re interested in then you’re in luck. We’ve met lots of cool girls here who are always looking for a good time. The place is perfect for striking up a conversation with someone cute who’s caught your eye.

Honorable Mention Bars

Here are a few other bars that were pretty great and also worth a shot:

The hookup apps in SF dating coaches prefer

A huge number of hookups start online now. You don't have spend all day on the apps but spending 10-20 minutes a week sending messages can really pay off. These are the best hookup apps in the city right now:

SiteOur ExperienceOur RatingFree Trial Link
Best Hookup Site Right Now
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • Top option for local hookups by far
  • Best results for regular guys
  • Over 60 million active members
  • The design needs an update
Try AFF For Free
Great If You're Handsome
Tinder Highlights
Tinder Highlights
  • Great if you're pretty good looking
  • Very popular, especially if you're 18-22
  • Really focused on photos
  • Becoming more of a dating than hookup app
Try Tinder
2nd Best For Most Guys
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • 2nd best option to find hookups
  • Attracts an older crowd than most hookup apps
  • Pretty popular
  • Great free trial
Try Passion

The best clubs for finding hookups in San Francisco

When you're looking for clubs with good energy and lots of single women these are your best options:

Cat Club is where a lot of San Francisco hook ups start

Cat Club crowd and drinks


The city has too great of a music scene for us to not include at least one of its many clubs. Arguably, we’ve saved the best for last, because Cat Club is not only a fantastic dance club, it’s one of the truly great hookup bars. Do you like hip hop? How about 80s pop or 70s funk and disco? Maybe you prefer karaoke? Cat Club has you covered. Oakland girls even cross the bay on weekends to hang out here!

This bar in the SOMA district brings out every type of person you could hope to see, and they all have fun on the agenda. If you’re feeling lonely and in need of some companionship, you’ll find it here. And if your tastes are a little more specific, did we mention that they have bondage nights every Wednesday? You’ll fit right in here.

Noc Noc is its own thing, and that thing is great

Noc Noc during a costume party


Lower Haight is a neighborhood with no shortage of history, but it’s not a relic of the past. This SF hood is as cool as ever, and the proof is Noc Noc. Regulars call this bar “psychedelic” and that’s a pretty apt description. In addition to its far-out aesthetic, this bar has some of the best happy hour deals in the city. When Fresno hookups are hard to come by, the girls go here!

This is the kind of place where the old-timer regulars mingle happily with the young and hip. Everyone comes for a good time, which is exactly what a San Francisco hookup bar should offer. The one thing this bar doesn’t offer: crappy domestic beers. If you’re looking for PBR or Coors, hit up somewhere else, dirty hipster.

F8 Nightclub & Bar is a great place to go dancing on the weekends

F8 Nightclub crowd during a performance


F8 Nightclub & Bar is a great place to go to if you’ve got the moves. This multiroom lounge attracts some of the hottest single girls in San Francisco. The club plays a wide variety of music that includes house and hip-hop, along with Techno and Bass. No matter what your taste in music, you’ll find something to dance to here. Girls from Fremont also love this spot, so they come by on the weekends.

The place is pretty popular amongst college students too. We’ve met lots of cute single girls who go to SFSU and even Stanford while partying here. So grab a drink at the bar and then go looking for your next dance partner. Dancing is one of the easiest ways to break the ice with a cute girl who’s caught your eye. That’s why F8 Nightclub is one of our personal favorites for meeting single girls.

Honorable Mention Clubs

These are other great clubs for meeting girls, but they didn’t quite make the top of our list for one reason or another:

Best places to meet sexy SF girls during the day

If you want to get the best results you have to be meeting girls during the day. Here are some of the best ways to start finding hook ups during daylight hours.

Sightglass Coffee is a fun spot to meet interested single girls

Sightglass Coffee with people standing in line


Sightclass Coffee is a fantastic coffee shop in the mid-market area. This is where lots of San Francisco girls go for a cup of coffee or to study for an exam. You’ll often find the coffee shop full of students from SFSU. What makes this place so awesome is how much seating it has.

The coffee shop is bi-level and there’s so much space to sit and enjoy your coffee. Both the coffee and the food are fantastic. Grab a coffee and a pastry and find a seat next to a girl with a book or her laptop. Strike up a conversation by asking her what she’s studying or what she’s working on. You’ll find that girls are much more open to conversation when they’re away from the usual club or nightlife scene!

Fitness SF-SoMa is great if you’re interested in fit girls

A couple working out at Fitness SF-SoMa


Fitness SF-SoMa is one of the most popular gyms in the city. So if you’re interested in meeting a girl who takes of her body, then this is the place to do it. From our personal experience, the girls here are friendly and always willing to chat.

So strike up a conversation with the cute girl using the workout machine you need to use next. Ask her if she thinks it works well. You could also ask her what her typical workout routine is like. There are tons of great ways to break the ice at Fitness SF-SoMa.

Other great hookup spots to meet San Francisco girls

To end our list we wanted to add a few recommendations that are worth checking out if you've already tried everything above:

If you’re under 30 and particularly good-looking then try out Tinder

Woman on Tinder

A couple of years ago, Tinder used to be a great option for meeting girls. It was for one-night flings and that’s what everyone used it for. These days, its evolved into more of a general dating option. Still, if you happen to be a pretty good-looking guy you can still make the most of it. It's still, after all, one of the best hookup apps in San Jose.

If you’re male model material, you won’t have a hard time getting girls to swipe right on you. Tinder is one of those places where your looks matter the most. It’s all the girls really get to judge you off before choosing whether to reject you or not. So if you’re incredibly handsome, give Tinder a try. Otherwise, you’ll have better luck on AFF.

Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival is a fun event to meet lots of single girls interested in a good time

Big crowd of singles at Outside Lands looking to get laid


Music festivals are a great way to meet cute single girls looking for a fun time. The Outside Land Music and Arts Festival is an annual event held in the city at Golden Gate Park. It is one of the best music festivals as it features tons of musical acts, amazing food, drinks and more. We’ve met lots of cool girls at this festival. It's also easier to find girls here than hook up in Sacramento when there isn't an event.

The festival happens every year at the very beginning of August. Tickets sell out quickly, so we advise buying them ahead of time. You’ll be sure to have a fantastic time at the festival. Between the amazing music, food and cute girls everywhere you’ll feel like you’re not on earth anymore.

Map of our favorite places to find hookups and meet girls

Now that you've seen all of our favorite hookup spots in SF above it's time to make a plan. Using the map above you can see which locations are close together. If you really want to be successful it helps to try out several places and see which really click with you.

Frequently Asked Questions on San Francisco Hookups

Where to meet single girls in San Francisco?

The best places to meet single girls in San Francisco are local cafes, bars, and clubs. Here's a list of the best ones:

  • Monarch
  • R Bar
  • Barbara Pinseria & Cocktail Club
  • Butter
  • Cat Club

Another way would be to download dating apps like Tinder or Bumble if you want to date, or AFF and eHarmony if you're just looking for hookups.

Is San Francisco good for singles?

Yes! But it can get a bit expensive. San Francisco is a hub for tech professionals with pretty decent salaries, so the local service industry has adjusted their prices respectively. There are many young professionals you can meet, but do be careful with your wallet!

Is Tinder good in San Francisco?

Yes, it's the most popular dating app in the city. However, do note that it's pretty hard to find an actually good match on Tinder these days, and don't expect that every match you get will lead to a date or a hookup.

If you liked this check out these other great spots for hookups:

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