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The Best Spots for Sacramento Hookups in 2024 (Our Favorites)

Did you know that Sacramento gives you the best of both worlds? It’s a big city with a bustling, vibrant social scene. But at the same time, it’s a city that knows how to chill. With that kind of environment, you can just imagine how fun it is to go out there and look for Sacramento hookups.

While Sacramento has plenty of hookup bars and clubs, we always recommend you start by going online. Hookup apps and sites in Sacramento are some of the best ways to meet new people. Most people are on their phones anyway as they commute to work or hang out. So why not try 3 of the best ones we’ve ever used? Here’s a quick summary of the top 3 Sacramento hookup apps today:

SiteOur ExperienceOur RatingFree Trial Link
Best Hookup Site Right Now
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • Top option for local hookups by far
  • Best results for regular guys
  • Over 60 million active members
  • The design needs an update
Try AFF For Free
Great If You're Handsome
Tinder Highlights
Tinder Highlights
  • Great if you're pretty good looking
  • Very popular, especially if you're 18-22
  • Really focused on photos
  • Becoming more of a dating than hookup app
Try Tinder
2nd Best For Most Guys
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • 2nd best option to find hookups
  • Attracts an older crowd than most hookup apps
  • Pretty popular
  • Great free trial
Try Passion

People say dating in California is difficult, but it’s wrong to tar the whole state with the same brush. Sacramento is one example of an underrated city within this state, both for dating and general day-to-day life.

“As the capital of the Golden State, it is literally at the center of things with a booming economy, plenty of recreational activities, and wonderful food,” says local real estate agent Rico Rivera. “All this combined with a famously laid-back atmosphere makes for one of the best places to live in California with a high quality of life.”  

“If you picture all California girls as blonde, blue-eyed, completely shallow females who compensate what they lack in intelligence with attitude, then you've got it completely wrong,” says local dating writer Christine Schoenwald. “There are all different kinds of California girls, not just the cliché kind, and if you don't know any, you're missing out.”

As a dating and relationships expert with plenty of experience meeting women in Sacramento, I can’t help but agree, provided you know the right places to go. That’s why I was keen to put together this list of the best spots for Sacramento hook-ups. 

Methodology for Finding the Ideal Spots to Hook Up in Sacramento

The thing with finding hookups is that it's not something you can be good at in a matter of days, especially if you're new to the city. Good thing our team of experts at Beyond Ages frequently collaborate to keep our list of recommendations as updated as possible. Here's how we found the best places to find Sacramento hookups:

  • We start off by doing research online about which spots get the most buzz when it comes to finding hookups. We then create a list of places that seem popular enough to put on our list.
  • We enlist the help of our ground crew--locals who know the city well and know how to find hookups. They go to each location to see if it really is easy to meet women and talk to them. They then use their charm to find hookups at each spot.
  • Every spot is vetted by a number of our experts, all looking for the most conducive places to find hookups.
  • At the same time, our experts also use a variety of hookup apps and sites to see what the online dating scene is like in every city.
  • After rigorous testing, we create our ultimate list of hookup hotspots in the city. Every few months, we update our recommendations to remove closed venues and replace them with new ones that we think you'll love.

Our favorite spots to find Sacramento hookups

Our list starts off with the very best ways to find hook ups in Sacramento. Try these first if you want to get laid fast!

SacYard Community Tap House has the best beer garden in the city

The cozy outdoor area of SacYard Community Tap House


This tap house offers not only a huge selection of craft beers but also a beautiful beer garden with a relaxed atmosphere. In there, it’s very easy to socialize and meet girls.

The beer garden is 3,800 square feet, so it can host many people in the summer. You can even play outdoor games like cornhole, the ultimate icebreaker. We’ve met a lot of girls who were up for a game or two over some beers. But if outdoor games aren’t your thing, you can also check out the food trucks parked nearby.

What Other People Are Saying About SacYard Community Tap House

Allan Roff - Google Maps

“I like coming here to watch live music and get a good beer. But if you're not into beer they do have other things to drink. and food trucks do come there.”

AFF is where most guys will have the best success finding Sacramento hookups (try it free)

If you live in Sacramento and want to up your dating game, join a dating site or app,” says datingadvice.com writer Amber Brooks. “Resistance is futile.” 

And she’s spot on. So many women are only looking for hookups online these days that you just can't ignore it. Tinder is a bust for most guys (unless you're particularly handsome) but AFF has actually been giving guys in San Antonia pretty good results lately. With over 60 million members the numbers work in your favor.

When you're tired of wasting time and actually want results AFF is the first thing you should try.

Unlike most options, AFF is targeted only at hookups and the majority of the users on there are looking for no-strings-attached fun. The best part is that it greatly favors men who don’t fall in the top 15% of looks.

The women who use it are also a lot more willing to meet up in our experience. On Tinder a lot just want compliments or attention. Here, they want something in person. It's a very different experience! To give you a more detailed look at how AFF works and how it performs for regular guys, you can also have a look at our Adult FriendFinder review. Check out their free trial below and start getting good results!

What people think of AFF

1 1 - Google Play

this is gonna sound crazy but this site changed my life and motivated me to finally reach my weight loss goal. i created an account in early 2021. long story but some that i met here, and also some that i met THRU the people that were on here, were life changing. although it didnt work out the way i wanted, it inspired me to put my account to the side, lose 50 lbs, and then in other places (not aff), i found what was meant for me. so i thank you aff- you were the rocket i needed for lift off.

Alison B. - Sitejabber

“Been on there off and on 10 or so Years. Been to SEVERAL meets and parties! I've made tons of fun friends and have more fun clubbing and swinging with them then any other peer genre! Too many nasty old, fat, desperate mean with high expectations. True sex addicts and swingers love this site and it works well for them.”

Try AFF For Free!
Using this link to AFF's free trial offer you can check out exactly why so many guys have had such great success finding hookups using it. It really is the best option for most guys that we've found, especially when you're not super good looking.

The best clubs for finding hookups in Sacramento

Feel like dancing tonight? Then look no further than these clubs because they're the ones that are always full of hot girls looking for some fun!

The Park Ultra Lounge attracts many hot single girls

Sexy girls looking for hookups in Sacramento partying at Park Ultra Lounge


The Park Ultra Lounge is definitely one of the best places to find Sacramento hookups. Located in downtown, it hosts great DJs and has a spacious dance floor for you and your friends to have fun. Lines are always long, but the wait is always worth it. Once we made it inside, we found more hot girls in the dance floor than we could count! It's so good that we've even met Fremont girls who travel all the way here!

The atmosphere is very sophisticated and the drinks are excellent. But be aware of the dress code. The bouncers won’t let you enter the club with athletic shoes, gym clothes, ball caps and baggy garments. There is a cover charge on Fridays and Saturdays, and you can also get bottle service.

What Other People Are Saying About The Park Ultra House

Zig Zag - Google Maps

“If you want a club bar you'll NEVER forget, Then this place is ABSOLUTELY a MUST!!! If you haven't been yet, then this is your next goal in life, my advice is follow them in Instagram to keep constantly updated.”

District 30 is another great upscale club to meet single girls

The fun crowd at District 30


The fancy colored lights, good music and tasty drinks attract many girls into this elegant dance club. Just like The Park, District 30 is another one of the best places downtown to have fun and socialize with single girls. It's definitely reminiscent of some of the best spots to find San Francisco hookups.

The sound system is excellent, definitely one of the best we’ve experienced in the city. The music is mostly R&B, so it puts people in the mood to dance. However, sometimes they also host DJs who play EDM, if that’s your thing.

Whatever the music of your choice, the girls here are always pretty hot. Don’t miss the chance to approach a couple of them. While we don’t think this is the spot for chatting, you can make your intentions clear with your dance moves!

What Other People Are Saying About District 30

Tasha Powell - Google Maps

“I honestly enjoyed myself. Me and my nieces didn't want to end the night. We all had a blast. Only been 2 times and had a better crowd the second but I enjoyed myself both times.”

The Shady Lady Saloon is a modern speakeasy with a great happy hour

The dance floor of Shady Lady Saloon


If you love the idea of traveling back in time, then The Shady Lady will become your go-to bar when you're on the lookout for sex partners near your neighborhood. The speakeasy is one of the best places in the city to get a craft cocktail along with amazing food. The atmosphere is upbeat and engaging as many locals come here for the amazing happy hour.

There is also live music on Thursdays and on the weekend. As a more sophisticated bar, The Shady Lady Saloon attracts an older crowd which is great if that’s what you’re looking for. Overall, the bar features dim, intimate lighting, live jazz and blues music, and great drinks while maintaining a fun and easygoing vibe. Having fun here is as easy as getting laid in Oakland!

The Shady Lady Saloon would be your best bet in engaging older women and more mature individuals. Many women love the mysterious feel of a speakeasy and this is certainly one of the best hookup bars in the city.

What Other People Are Saying About The Shady Lady Saloon

DanielleAnn Jacob - Google Maps

“The bartenders are nice and the decor at this place is gorgeous! Came for a holiday bar crawl and every drink I had here was delicious :)”

Honorable mentions

Here are a few other good clubs to meet girls, but we feel that they aren’t as great as the ones above:

The hookup apps in Sacramento dating coaches prefer

A huge number of hookups start online now. You don't have spend all day on the apps but spending 10-20 minutes a week sending messages can really pay off. These are the best hookup apps in the city right now:

SiteOur ExperienceOur RatingFree Trial Link
Best Hookup Site Right Now
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • Top option for local hookups by far
  • Best results for regular guys
  • Over 60 million active members
  • The design needs an update
Try AFF For Free
Great If You're Handsome
Tinder Highlights
Tinder Highlights
  • Great if you're pretty good looking
  • Very popular, especially if you're 18-22
  • Really focused on photos
  • Becoming more of a dating than hookup app
Try Tinder
2nd Best For Most Guys
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • 2nd best option to find hookups
  • Attracts an older crowd than most hookup apps
  • Pretty popular
  • Great free trial
Try Passion

How to stay safe on hookup apps in Sacramento

California was found to be the most dangerous state to fall victim to online romance scams in 2022. Some 2,198 victims lost around $158 million in 2022, according to FBI data. Americans lost $3.3 billion in total in the same year.  

No wonder Pew Research found that only 48% of dating app users believe that online dating is at least a “somewhat safe” way to meet a partner

If you choose to look for a romantic partner online, make sure to follow these tips to protect yourself. 

  • Keep your personal data safe. There’s no reason to share information such as your full name, address or any financial details with online strangers. If someone from a dating app pushes you for this information, they could be planning an identity fraud. 
  • Look out for catfishing. As many as 71% of dating app users say that catfishing is a “very common” experience, according to a Pew Research poll. Romance scammers tend to use fake pictures, so make sure to complete reverse image searches on their photos if you become suspicious. Arranging a video call is the best way to see what someone truly looks like, and many mainstream dating apps allow this within their platform these days.
  • Beware of love-bombing. Romance scammers tend to bombard their victims with loving sentiments in an attempt to make a strong relationship quickly.  “It’s a trick as old as cupid himself,” explains Ashley Moody, Attorney General of Florida. “Seducing targets with flattery and attention to get to their wallets through their hearts.”
  • Watch out for classic scammer excuses. Romance scammers tend to have plausible excuses for why they can’t meet their victims for a real-world date. Many say they’re out of the country working or serving for the Armed Forces. After building an online bond, they’ll begin to create worrying reasons why they need to borrow money. The most common excuses are that they’re sick, hurt or in jail, according to Keystone Research.  
  • Don’t give money to online strangers. Follow this simple rule in all circumstances and you’ll never fall victim to a romance scam. “If a stranger online asks for money or personal information, it is most likely a scam,” says California Attorney General Rob Bonta. “I urge you to report any and all romance scams you may encounter and contact your local authorities if you suspect being a victim of one.”

The best Sacramento pickup bars we've tried

What’s better than having a nice drink with friends at a casual, relaxed bar? This type of environment is great for socializing and maybe meeting someone new. Here are the bars in the city where we had the most success meeting girls:

Clubhouse 56 is the best bar to get laid in Sacramento

Clubhouse 56 before the regulars arrive


If you’ve been wanting to hit up a happening local bar then you’ll love the atmosphere at Clubhouse 56. The bar draws in friendly crowds and features an even friendlier bar staff. The food is fantastic and you can enjoy it with drinks while the Kings play.

This is the best bar to get laid in Sacramento if you like things lowkey. If you feel like your social skills have been lacking, there’s no better way to strike up a conversation than while rooting for your favorite team. The place gets loud but not rowdy, which means you’ll be able to chat up someone who has caught your eye.

What Other People Are Saying About Clubhouse 56

ktzpawz - Google Maps

“This is a fun clean place to watch the Sacramento Kings or sports on TV. Multiple flat screens throughout the entire restaurant. They also have an outdoor patio covered and enclosed. Two other areas for watching sports or just hanging out.”

The Cabin is a trendy cocktail bar where you can meet many sexy girls

The intimate bar area of The Cabin


Among the best places to find hook ups in Sacramento, there is The Cabin, a rustic cocktail bar with a romantic vibe. This spot has many unique house cocktails, a great selection of beers and, most importantly, pretty girls. The drink prices are affordable, and there are also happy hour specials from Monday to Friday, as well as some snack options. Met someone on one of the best hookup apps in Fresno? Why not have your first date here?

Keep in mind that this spot only accommodates about 60 people. So any encounter here feels super intimate and exclusive. If you’re looking for a cozy bar where you can chat with girls you just met, The Cabin should be your top pick.

What Other People Are Saying About The Cabin

DedTed Genkai - Google Maps

“A bit pricey on some of the drinks, but this place makes up for it with the well mannered and welcoming bartenders, great sterio system, and cozy aesthetic. There are tons of places to sit but sometimes the place can get really packed.”

Bottle & Barlow is a full-service barbershop and bar

The gorgeous bartender at Bottle & Barlow


At Bottle & Barlow, you’ll be surrounded by hip drinks and even cooler barbers. What makes this place so unique is that you can get a haircut with a beer and then hop on over to the bar area after getting freshened up. That’s a pretty great way to look good for the night before getting ready to interact with some attractive singles. It's even popular among women looking for hookups in Stockton!

Happy hour here is also incredibly cheap and always brings around big enough crowds for easy mingling. Along with beers, you can also order amazing craft cocktails. The only downside to this concept is that there’s no bar food. No worries, though, because on Friday nights the bar has a live DJ so you can enjoy great music and drinks in a hip environment.

What Other People Are Saying About Bottle & Barlow

Anarose Flores - Google Maps

“I love the atmosphere! Love the drinks! Awesome staff :)”

Ten Ten Room will immediately transport you to the 1950s

The elegant bar area of Ten Ten Room


Ten Ten Room is a small hole-in-the-wall spot located in the downtown area. The bar features a unique mid-century design and they even serve up 1950s cocktails and food. If you’re looking for a fancier night out with a sophisticated crowd that can appreciate a good cocktail, then Ten Ten Room will become your new favorite bar.

This is the place where everyone goes to meet their friends. Most of the time you’ll find groups gathered over food and drinks. The classy and old timey vibe of the bar also tends to attract an older crowd, ideal for those of you hoping to interact with older women. Overall, this is a great spot for classic American food and old school cocktails where you can meet others looking to have fun for the night.

What Other People Are Saying About Ten Ten Room

Jacob Pasner - Google Maps

“Great drinks, tasty noodles, fun folks, and all of it laid back enough to be enjoyable any time of the day. Thanks Ten Ten Room! I’ll be back soon!!”

Honorable mentions

Here are other bars where you could have success approaching single girls:

Best places to meet sexy Sacramento girls during the day

Feel like getting frisky in the daytime? Here are some spots you should check out to find hook ups in Sacramento.

Tupelo Coffee House is one of the best places to pick up girls

Students reviewing in Tupelo Coffee House


Tupelo Coffee House is the closest coffee shop to the California State University campus, so it’s one of the best places to meet girls who are still in college.

There are lots of available power outlets and Wi-Fi. So you can bring your laptop and study or do some work while you wait to start a conversation with the girl you like. Plus, there’s a huge selection of lattes, drinks and pastries.

A nice perk is that most customers are regulars. So if you can’t approach a girl during your first visit, you have many chances to see her again at the same coffee shop.

What Other People Are Saying About Tupelo Coffee House

Dovah Buun - Google Maps

“A quiet spot in East Sacramento that's perfect for working, coffee meet ups, or grabbing good coffee on the go. The cappuccinos here are my favorite, but the Wisteria Latte is something extra special for a treat.”

Two beautiful girls working out at Capital Athletic Club


Have you ever tried picking up girls at the gym? Well, you definitely should! If you approach girls without interrupting them mid-workout, The Capital Athletic Club can turn into one of the best places to find Sacramento hookups.

This popular downtown gym offers many fitness classes where you can so many new people. Look for classes where you’ll probably find more girls than guys, like Pilates. This way, you won’t have to face much competition. Alternatively, you can approach girls in the weight room or at the swimming pool. There is also a café for gym members where you can buy a protein smoothie or a glass of wine for the girl you just met.

What Other People Are Saying About The Capital Athletic Club

Anne Shuck - Google Maps

“Best decision I've made in a long time.  As a swimmer, an outside pool is the closest thing to nirvana there is.  The entire facility is spotless.”

A cup of mini donuts from Donuts and Coffey


Donuts & Coffey is a trendy coffee shop in East Sacramento where many girls go for breakfast or a quick work lunch. Like Tupelo, this is a great place for getting some work done and studying because it has Wi-Fi and several power outlets. You’ll find many girls working with their laptops while they enjoy their drinks and sweet treats. Even San Jose girls say it's one of the best hangout spots in the city!

But since this spot has a laidback vibe, you won’t have trouble approaching them. Before you set your mind to picking up girls, we suggest trying their amazing selection of donuts and teas!

What Other People Are Saying About Donuts & Coffey

Leina Combs - Google Maps

“They have a great selection of fresh donuts and a variety of tasty coffee beverages.”

Other great hookup spots to get laid in Sacramento

Need some more recommendations for where to find Sacramento hookups? Here are some that we also like.

The Zebra Club is a neighborhood sports bar with amazing food

The regulars at Zebra Club


Not everyone is looking for an intimate setting while going out and we understand that. In comparison to The Shady Lady Saloon, The Zebra Club is a more laid back setting. As a dive bar, The Zebra Club is for people that don’t care much about the design of a bar. Here you’ll get quality drinks and food while being surrounded by TVs broadcasting sports.

Many locals head over to The Zebra Club for a quick drink and a bite to eat. In fact, many decide to end their night at The Zebra Club thanks to the food. This would be a great bar to head to at the end of your night in order to find other singles that are ready to end their evening. It's where you can find hookups in Sacramento right before you call it a night. There’s also a back porch area that you may want to utilize if the inside of the bar gets too noisy for a chat.

What Other People Are Saying About The Zebra Club

Michael Pierce - Google Maps

“This was where I had my Thanksgiving dinner.  The food was good. The music was a bit loud for my 61 y.o. ears but I had a good time. Thank you.”

Tinder works pretty well for good-looking guys

Tinder - Match. Chat. Date.

How could we not mention Tinder, one of the most popular dating platforms out there? It definitely has a huge user pool, but you’ll also face lots of competition.

Plus, we all know that on Tinder, girls tend to judge guys mostly based on their looks. This is a natural consequence of the swiping process since girls won't see much more than your profile photo before deciding to swipe left or right.

That said, if you are particularly handsome, you’ll likely get many messages from girls on Tinder. Alternatively, you have to be very good at seducing girls over text — provided that they swiped right on you, so you can reach their inboxes. If a girl swipes left on you, unfortunately, you can’t message her, so you’ll definitely need an attractive, striking profile photo.

If you’re an average Joe, Tinder can still work. But we’d still recommend eHarmony for committed relationships and AFF for casual relationships.

What people say about Tinder

Concetta C. - SiteJabber

“I find nice people who are interesting to talk to. I enjoy making new friends here. Thanks to the developers.”

George Gaudet - Google Play

“With a complete profile and a Premium Account, expect to get more matches. The Super Like Feature is by far the easiest way to stand out more. Good platform all around. Needs a Live feature though. 5 Stars.”

The California Brewers Festival is a great spot to have fun with single girls

Young folks trying out different beers at California Brewers Festival


Held at the Discovery Park, typically in September, the California Brewers Festival attracts many beer lovers from all neighborhoods and suburban areas. It hosts around a hundred breweries, which serve a huge variety of delicious craft beers. Plus, no beer festival would be complete without food trucks serving bar food and snacks!

Of course, they also host DJs who spin tracks that are perfect for dancing in the park. So if you’ve got some moves (or a few beers in you), the park-turned-dancefloor might be where you’ll meet a host of hot single girls!

What Other People Are Saying About The California Brewers Festival

Paul C - Yelp

“What can I say? 50+ of the best brewers in NorCal. You can drink one excellent brew after another for a whole day and never have the same beer twice. Beer heaven. Go there - drink beer - be happy. God loves you.”

Frequently Asked Questions on Hookups in Sacramento

Is Sacramento good for singles?

Sacramento fared poorly in Apartment’s List ratings of the best U.S cities for singles, ranking 72nd out of 86 cities studied. This study was based on various factors that affect single people including the cost of dating, the percentage of single people and general satisfaction ratings.

But if you actually go out in the real world to meet women in Sacramento, you’ll realise that this city is a fun place to be single and it’s only improving. 

"Go out and about. Think about your whole life," advises Bella DePaulo, a psychology project scientist at the University of California. "Not just becoming un-single by finding someone to date."

What is the best hook up site in Sacramento?

The best hookup site in Sacramento is AdultFriendFinder (AFF). The most popular dating app in California is Coffee Meets Bagel, according to resarch by datingnews.com, but it's much harder to land a date on it compared to AFF. With this app you will at least know that whoever you match with is out for a hookup.

Where do singles meet in Sacramento?

Singles most often meet in bars in the city. If you're looking for popular singles bars, here's a small list:

  • SacYard Community Tap House
  • The Park Ultra Lounge
  • District 30
  • The Shady Lady Saloon
  • Clubhouse 56

Is it expensive to date in Sacramento?

Sacramento is an expensive place to date, according to research by The Black Tux blog. It published a study revealing the cost of an average date in 50 U.S cities, and Sacramento ranked as the 9th most expensive. The good news is: it was found to be cheaper than Los Angeles and San Jose and San Francisco.

This article may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you.


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Contributing Authors:

Joe Elvin

Joe Elvin is an internationally known confidence and dating coach with nearly a decade of experience. He is the successful author of several dating and confidence books that have helped thousands of men find success. While traveling the world Joe consistently finds new and valuable ways to meet and attract women. Joe has a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Journalism from Bournemouth University and he has been featured in many large publications including AskMen, TSB Magazine and The Good Men Project.

As one of the most prolific writers on Beyond Ages, Joe has reviewed over a hundred dating apps. He is the site’s foremost authority when it comes to selecting what dating app works for whom. From an app’s mechanics to its algorithm to telltale signs that a dating app is a scam, Joe’s is able to expertly discern between dating apps that provide value and those that don’t.

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He has taught thousands of guys how to master their inner game by getting rid of their anxiety, shyness, nervousness, self-doubt, feat, and various mental blocks and limiting beliefs that hold most men back from being awesome with women! Andrius is also a successful author (Amazon) who has published multiple books on dating and relationships that have been highly received.


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