Where We Had The Best Luck Finding Hookups in San Jose (Apps, Bars, and Sites)

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Are you tired of wasting time looking for hookups in San Jose with at apps and bars that leave you with the same lame encounters? In a city with a little over a million residents, it can be easy to waste time and money on hookup apps and bars that don’t connect you with fun-seeking partners. To keep you from throwing away your precious time and money, we’ve put together a list of San Jose hookup bars, apps and sites to meet others also looking for fun.

We’ve put together a proven list of the best hookup apps and bars that will give you the greatest odds of finding the perfect casual relationship. Our recommendations will work even if you’re living out in Buena Vista. We take into account what each hookup app and hookup bar offers and the atmospheres of many of the popular bars in the area. So if you want to get laid in San Jose, this is your ultimate guide.

Check out our recommendations and let us know how your search for San Jose hookups went in the comments.

The apps and bars to find the most San Jose hookups

We’re starting off our list with the best San Jose hookup sites. These hookup apps have a reputation for connecting fun-loving singles looking for casual flings. If you’re ready to find some San Jose hookups, you’ll want to give one of these apps a try.

Steins Beer Garden with a group of singles looking to get laid


Steins Beer Garden is one of the best beer gardens for a San Jose hookup

If you love great beer in an outdoor setting, you’ve got to check out Steins Beer Garden. The place is great, especially for brunch. If you’re interested in meeting women 35 and older, then this is the spot. The Sunday Brunch is always packed, and you can be sure to meet some cool women having a girl’s day. There’s a huge selection of beer on tap, so you won’t get bored quickly either. Make sure to take advantage of the outdoor seating to find singles also looking for a good time.

Hookup app Adult FriendFinderAdult FriendFinder has been the unbeatable option for San Jose hookups lately (try it free)

Adult FriendFinder is one of the largest hookup sites for individuals looking for no-strings-attached fun. AFF is great for those in search of straightforward casual sex in San Jose. The site is popular all across the country with over 90 million active users. This is perfect, especially since hookups are a numbers game. If you’re not particularly Brad-Pitt-levels model material, AFF will be your best bet for getting laid in San Jose.

If you have done any research you have probably already heard of Adult FriendFinder. They have been the go-to site for people who are just looking for sex for several years now and often our primary recommendation. If you are serious about finding some casual fun, especially if other sites haven’t worked great for you, your odds are better here. Checking out their free trial is a great option for you.

When you're tired of wasting time and actually want results AFF is the best option out there right now.

AFF is focused on hookups, making it one of the most popular way to get laid in San Jose. If you’re over 30 and don’t fit into the millennial Tinder crowd, you’ll want to give AFF a try. With so many options and a focus on hookups, AFF continues to make the top of our yearly hookup app review year after year.

Try Adult FriendFinder For Free!
Using this link to Adult Friend Finder's free trial offer you can check out exactly why so many guys have had such great success finding hookups using it. It really is the best option for most guys that we've found, especially when you're not super good looking.


If you’re more into coffee than beer, check out Academic Coffee

If you’re into daytime hookups, why not head to a coffee shop? Academic Coffee features a specialty coffee menu that you can use to impress your potential hookup partner. On top of that, lots of students from ITU and San Jose State hang out here to unwind or study for exams.

Finding real local hookups doesn't just happen in bars and clubs. A lot of the time making the right connection can happen in a more subdued public place like a coffee house.

The place has some snug seating to give you a place to almost-snuggle. There’s also an outdoor patio area where you can enjoy some fresh air together. This spot definitely ranks high on our list if you love to chat and sip on great coffee.

Cougar Life hookup app

Want to date a hot woman over 30? Cougar Life is the top pick for San Jose hookups (try it free)

Cougar Life is one of the best hookup sites if you’re into older women. The site caters to both older women and men of all ages looking to connect. It can be a challenge for younger men to meet women that are over the age of 35. Older women tend to have fulfilling careers, hobbies and social lives that keep them busy and out of the club. It is this exact trait that makes them so attractive to guys across the board. Yet, this also makes it difficult to find and approach these women.

Cougar Life also makes it easy for older women and younger men to meet while avoiding the social stigmas associated with their interest in one another. The site features over 7 million active users and is popular in most cities. So if you’re ready to get into bed with the hot cougar of your dreams, you’ll want to give Cougar Life a try. If you’re still a bit timid about approaching cougars, check out our dating course specifically designed to help you attract and date older women.

Cougar Life makes connecting with attractive older women easy. That’s why the site continues to make the top of our list of the best cougar dating websites year after year.

Try Cougar Life For Free


Our favorite San Jose hookup bars and sites

We've got a few more recommendations on the best San Jose hookup bars and sites where you might finally find a fling. Give them a shot and find that hookup you've been looking for!

The best bars to get laid in San Jose

The perfect hookups may not be online. Instead, your potential fling might be waiting for you to buy them a drink at one of these popular San Jose hookup bars. The great thing about looking for hookups at bars is that the music and booze give you instant icebreakers. All you need to do is approach someone you find attractive at these best bars to get laid in San Jose.

These bars have consistently given locals exciting hookups. Try them out and find your match!

Hookup app Tinder

Tinder is the perfect app if you’re young, good-looking and looking to get laid in San Jose

Tinder is the stereotypical hookup app for the millennial generation and it's lead to a lot of casual sex in San Jose. Everyone has downloaded Tinder at one point and played around with the left and right swipe feature. Although the app is highly popular, it’s not the best San Jose hookup app because many guys don’t have much luck using it. The fact is that the app tends to favor guys who are in the top 10-15% of looks.

The app hyper focuses on looks. Unless you’re male model material, you’ll find that getting a match is tough. If you happen to be incredibly attractive and between the ages of 18-28, Tinder is where you can get laid in San Jose. However, if that’s not the case then you may want to find another hookup site to use.

Try Tinder For Free


A lot of the options at Zanotto’s


Bond over groceries at Zanotto’s

You’d be surprised that grocery stores are one of the best places where you can get laid in San Jose. There’s a logical reason behind this too. A woman isn’t as guarded while at the grocery store. She’ll be far more likely to chat with you over kale and oranges if you approach her. That’s what makes Zanotto’s one of the best spots for hookups. The whole situation is lowkey and gives you the upper hand over guys at bars and clubs.

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