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5 Great Spots To Find Hookups in California Near Every City

Finding hookups in California can be a tricky proposition depending on where you live. Even if you’re in one of the many large cities it can be tough to decide where your best options are going to be. That’s where we come in to help!

We’ve spent a lot of time and money to find the absolute best places to get laid in California. If you look at our recommendations below there is a very good chance that some of them are pretty close to where you live. Try out a few of them if you want to have the best chances of getting lucky!

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We’ve written some very in-depth guides to several cities in California already, check these out first if you happen to be near them. Otherwise, read on to find our recommendations closer to you:

If you don't see your city here keep reading below!

Our favorite place to find hookups in California

Before we jump into our city-specific recommendations we want to talk about the BEST options we’ve found. California is a big state but you need to check these two out if you get a chance:

Yoga classes that aren’t too easy are amazing

This isn’t a specific recommendation, like those we get into below, but it’s an important one. Out of the hundreds of places we’ve tried to find hookups in California we’ve had the best luck with yoga classes that emphasize getting a good workout instead of just stretching. More relaxed yoga classes can be good as well but not quite as good.

There are a few reasons why these are such great places to find hookups. The first is these classes tend to attract a LOT of fit single women both younger and older. It’s actually pretty impressive. These aren't’ easy classes so it tends to filter out women who don’t take care of their appearances.

They are also surprisingly easy to strike up a conversation in. Before and after class there tends to be a lot of mingling and relaxing as you get ready or wind down. It can be a good way to start talking to your neighbor as you roll up your mat or get a drink of water.

Yoga also tends to attract a lot of more open minded women. There is a much higher percentage here of girls that are open to more non-traditional arrangements than you will find in other spots. 

When you’re looking for places to try keep an eye out for classes with “power”, “turbo”, “fit”, or “intense” in the titles. These tend to be the ones with the fittest women in them.

AFF continues to be the best California hookup app (try it free here)

AFF landing page

There just isn’t an easier way to meet women looking for hookups than AFF (which also has a great free trial). With a state as large as California you need to be on at least one hookup app if you want to get good results regardless of where you live (they work in the city as well as the country). We’ve tried and tested over 100 different options in our review of the best hookup apps and AFF has consistently been #1 for most guys.

What makes AFF so good is they are 100% focused on more casual relationships. Tinder used to be great for a lot of guys but now it’s pretty much just another relationship app. AFF still only attracts women that are looking for something without any attachments. With over 60 million active members there is a good chance it will work for you too. Check out their free trial and see for yourself.

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Now let’s get into the specific city recommendations around California. If you don’t see your city below scroll back up and check the list of larger cities we do in-depth guides with.

Where to find a hookup in Fontana

Fontana California skyline

Finding a hookup in Fontana is tricky since most of the best options are nearby but not exactly in Fontana. San Bernardino and Riverside are often much better options. However, if you’re not in the mood to drive out there we’ve got a few places worth checking out below.

When you are dead set on a Fontana hookup try these spots:  

Where to find a hookup in Modesto

Modesto California welcome sign

Being a little more isolated than other major California cities has its advantages. It means that most of the best places to find hookups in Modesto are pretty close to each other. Unlike a lot of other cities, you don’t have to spend all night driving from one place to another to find out which is really busy.

Try these spots and thank us later:

  • Crocodiles - There are a few decent clubs in town but Crocodiles has been the best for hookups
  • Sukha Studios - The best yoga spot in town if you’re looking for women
  • Queen Bean - The coffee shop that tends to have the most attractive women hanging out
  • Speakeasy Lounge - For a more relaxing time
  • Sprouts - Slightly more upscale grocery store that tends to be easy to start a conversation in

Where to find a hookup in San Bernardino

San Bernardino CA theatre

Being pressed up against the mountains on the northside limits some of the options in San Bernardino but not by too much. We’ve found several places that we really like that guys can have a lot of success at. There are even more if you want to head further south or west outside of town.

These are the best places to find hookups in San Bernardino worth trying first:

  • Downtown Bar - Great on the weekends especially
  • Starbucks - There are a few in town that are really popular and always have single girls hanging out
  • Stater Bros - You might be surprised to find a grocery store but believe us these are some of the best places to find single women
  • Brandin’ Iron - Not exactly in SB but pretty close
  • The State - Go a bit later in the evening

Where to find a hookup in Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita California landscape

Finding Santa Clarita hookups can be interesting. There are several great places to try but it’s in a bit of an awkward spot geographically. Every place worth trying is either going to be very close to the center of town or quite a drive away into LA (which isn’t fun even for a hookup).

With that in mind we’re going to give you our five favorite options that you should try first before taking the trek down the 5. These are our favorites but not in any particular order:

Where to find hookups in Oxnard

Oxnard CA shoreline

When you’re looking for a hookup in Oxnard you have a lot of options. Between the beach and downtown, there are several really good options for guys to try. You want to keep an open mind as you try these because they tend to attract a wide variety of women.

These have been our favorites ways to meet other singles for a hookup:

  • Q Club - The best club option in town
  • GiGi’s - A nice lounge
  • Keynote - If you’re looking for something more laidback 
  • Whole Foods - Really popular
  • Hot Yoga 1000 - Not exactly in Oxnard but a great option

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