Ou Favorite Spots to Find a Fort Worth Hookup - Hookup Bars, Apps, and Sites That Deliver

People meeting each other at a bar in Fort Worth Texas who want to get laid

If you are looking to find a hookup in Fort Worth by way of the city’s bars, apps and sites, you have come to the right place. We are going to share with you our favorite places to go, the best sites to use and which apps actually work for hooking up in this great city.

It’s time you stopped wasting energy on sausage-fest bars, overhyped sites and unpopular apps that continue to come up short. In such a big city, it can be easy to get lost in the hustle. So we have narrowed down the top ways for you to find hookups. From Wedgwood to Sycamore and even the small town of Granbury, these hookup bars, sites and apps are your best shot to get lucky.

Fort Worth has almost 840,000 people living in it. But that doesn’t make meeting women to hook up with any easier. What does make finding single women easier are specific places to check out and internet sources to use. We have done extensive research on our choices below, and we truly believe they will work for you. Forget the past because 2019 is going to be your busiest year for hooking up.

The Hottest Spots And Apps To Find Fort Worth Hookups

Bars aren’t the only place to find attractive single women. These Fort Worth hookup spots are perfect for scoping out ladies who are looking for a good time. To increase your chances of scoring the woman you want, we recommend using the apps below before you head out on the scene.

American Gardens packed patio


American Gardens is a popular spot for single women

American Gardens is our favorite beer garden in Fort Worth for meeting local women. Located on West 7th street, this popular hookup spot has over 10,000 square feet of roaming space. All of this open territory makes American Gardens a perfect place to cruise for attractive singles.

Fun fact: the bigger the beer garden the more space for women.

This roomy beer garden is more than just a hotspot to go for great beer. American Gardens serves delicious all-American themed food, it has a full-service bar, and the crowd is always full of single women.

Fort Worth has plenty of fun places to go to. But if you are looking for the best hookup spot in the area, American Gardens should be your destination.

Hookup app Adult FriendFinder

The best app for Fort Worth hookups is Adult FriendFinder (try it free)

When considering the best hookup app for everyone in Fort Worth, Adult FriendFinder is our favorite choice. Being the most established app since 2006, AFF is extremely popular across the country and globally. No matter the time of day, this app will never let you down when you’re looking for casual sex in Fort Worth.

If you have done any research you have probably already heard of Adult FriendFinder. They have been the go-to site for people who are just looking for sex for several years now and often our primary recommendation. If you are serious about finding some casual fun, especially if other sites haven’t worked great for you, your odds are better here. Checking out their free trial is a great option for you.

AFF has over 90 million active users, all of which are looking for some instant fun. If you are not interested in meeting women who want more than sex, this hookup app will be your best wingman. More specifically, AFF works best for men and women who do not fall into the supermodel category. The average Joe and Jane can definitely find sex partners here!

Unlike some more superficial apps, AFF brings real people together to meet. Younger men and women can definitely get use out of this app, but it is also very useful for those over the age of 30.

If you are wondering which local Fort Worth singles are using the app right now, try Adult FriendFinder for free with this trial!

Try Adult FriendFinder For Free!
Using this link to Adult Friend Finder's free trial offer you can check out exactly why so many guys have had such great success finding hookups using it. It really is the best option for most guys that we've found, especially when you're not super good looking.


Quite afternoon at World Blend


Enjoy some delicious coffee and meet local singles at World Blend

Coffee shops are a great place to meet single women, day or night. And when it comes to our favorite coffee shops in Fort Worth, World Blend is number one. World Blend is a cozy little place where you can order a flavorful cup of coffee while meeting local women of North Fort Worth.

When you're looking for a free and casual hookup spots popular coffee shops, especially those open late, are always worth checking out. These places often have a lot of single women who are amped up on caffeine and not looking to go to bed early.

This coffee shop makes our list not only because of its variety of delectable menu options but because of its popularity within the community. World Blend is so well-loved that it was recognized by Ion TV as the “best in Texas” for coffee.

We love that World Blend has so much to offer, from coffee to pastries to a lunch menu. This place impresses Fort Worth locals every day. So check into Adult FriendFinder and see if any single women are available to meet you here.

Cougar Life hookup app

If you’re into cougars, you will love Cougar Life (try it free)

If you’re into cougars as much as we are then you have to join Cougar Life. This hookup app is highly focused on helping younger men meet older women. Many older men use Cougar Life to meet attractive older women as well. The highest quality of its kind, Cougar Life is bound to help you meet the most attractive cougars.

Cougar Life will help you meet attractive older women, but it won’t necessarily help you with your strategy. If you want to date a cougar but you’re not sure how to seal the deal, check out our guide for dating older women with confidence.

As far as ranking the best cougar dating sites go, Cougar Life continues to beat them all. Bypass the stigma of dating an older woman on Cougar Life. We trust that you will have success with this hookup app no matter where you live in Fort Worth.

Try the Cougar Life free trial today, and see how many cougars you'll find!

Try Cougar Life For Free


The Best Bars And Sites For Finding a Hookup in Fort Worth

Bars are a staple in the world of hooking up. Between hanging out with friends and throwing back drinks, bars have a way of bringing people together. Hookup sites have the same tendency to bring people together, only at a much faster pace.

The bars we share with you were not picked lightly. Extensive research goes into each and every choice. We are confident you will find some hookups with our favorite bars and sites below. Just remember our tips for asking her to come over without looking like a creep.

Fort Worth’s best hookup bars and clubs

Never feel bored or lonely at a bar again. We choose these places above because they are fun, busy, and loaded with women. Save these hookup spots in your Google Apps because you’ll want to go to them more than once.

Texas Republic is your one-stop-shop for groceries and Fort Worth hookups


Texas Republic is your one-stop-shop for groceries and women

Meeting attractive single women at your local grocery store is more common than you think. If you live in Fort Worth, we insist you keep an eye out for the single ladies next time you head to Texas Republic. You will be pleasantly shocked at the number of single ladies walking up and down the aisles.

A lot of women go to their local grocery stores for more than just milk. In fact, a number of women go to the grocery store expecting to run into men they might find attractive. Take advantage of this expectation, and see who you can meet at Texas Republic.

Hookup app Tinder

If you are super-duper good looking, Tinder gets you tons of hookups

Tinder has a reputation for being a great hookup app for the younger crowd looking for casual sex in Fort Worth. This is especially true if you are a good looking guy. There are lots of people in Fort Worth who are using this app right now -- just beware those who are using it to get an ego-boost.

Despite Tinder’s reputation for being a source of vanity, this app is evolving into more of a general dating app. This leads us to believe that people are in fact legitimately using it to meet. If you happen to go to TCU or Southwest Baptist College, we definitely recommend using Tinder. College-aged singles love using Tinder to hook up, meet or date.

Try Tinder For Free

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