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The Best Spots To Meet Girls and Find Hookups in Jacksonville in 2023 (Our Favorites)

find hookups in Jacksonville

Have you been searching for the best hookup options that will help you have some no-strings-attached fun? Then we’ve got the answers you’ve been looking for. We took the time to scope out the hottest spots to find Jacksonville hookups. In a city of 900,000, it can be easy to get stuck meeting the same people and heading to the same bars over and over again.

As we put together our list proven sites for hookups we made sure to take into account places that everyone can enjoy. So even if you’re living out in the cool waterside town of Riverside, in the urban core of Allendale, or all the way out in Starke, you can still have a fun night out. Our list will help you decide which hookup platforms and bars cater to your likes based on the atmosphere and types of people you can expect to meet.

Check out our recommendations and get laid in Jacksonville today!

Our favorite spots to find Jacksonville hookups 

To start off, we’ll cover a handful of tried and tested spots that have a proven reputation of connecting singles looking for casual sex.

Hoptinger Bier Garden & Sausage House is a Bavarian-inspired pub with great food & drinks

Hoptinger Bier Garden & Sausage House trio of women smiling


If you love good beer and amazing Bavarian-inspired food, then you’ll want to check out Hoptinger. Hoptinger features a wide variety of beers on tap as well as a full liquor bar, so you can be sure to enjoy yourself here. Locals love heading out here, especially up to the laid back rooftop area.

This spot also features some awesome vegan options as well. So be sure to bring your vegan hookup date here if you want to score big points. With great music, food and drinks you’ll be sure to meet some fun singles hanging out at this beer garden.

AFF is a great option if you want to get laid in Jacksonville

We've tried a lot of different options to get laid in town but AFF has consistently been one of the best. Not everyone likes online dating but we've seen a lot of guys get great results here.

If you haven’t checked out AFF it is definitely worth the 5-10 minutes it takes to get up and running. We have tried out a LOT of different options and this is the one that we have seen give guys the best results time and time again (even guys who aren't super handsome). When you have tens of millions of users who are all looking for some fun in the bedroom you are going to get a lot of happy people.

Since getting laid is a numbers game, the odds will be in your favor on AFF. The site focuses on bringing people together for a casual fun. No need to worry about anyone hanging around for too long after the deed is done. It's also one of the best hookup app in St. Petersburg if you spend any time there as well.

If you haven't checked out their free trial (see the link below) you're probably missing out on a lot of fun. Mixing up some time on AFF with the other spots on our list is going to maximize your potential.

Try AFF For Free!
Using this link to AFF's free trial offer you can check out exactly why so many guys have had such great success finding hookups using it. It really is the best option for most guys that we've found, especially when you're not super good-looking.

The top Jacksonville pickup bars to meet sexy girls

Now that we’ve listed out how to find your Jacksonville hook ups online, here’s our list of some other bars to check out. Try out one (or all of these spots) and let us know which ones you loved. You're going to find a lot of options from single Miami girls to plenty of locals.

The Rogue is a rock ‘n’ roll speakeasy with lots of whiskey options

The Rogue main bar


The Rogue is a well-known watering hole in the area. It is one of our favorite hookup bars because of how many people love heading out here. The bar is designed with the prohibition area in mind. That means that the vibes are low-key with dim lighting, perfect for cozying up with that attractive woman that’s caught your eye. Be sure to head out here on Tuesdays for Happy Hour where tacos cost only 25 cents when you buy a drink.

If you're getting through all of these spots and still not having any luck you can always head inland and look for hookups in Orlando.

Hot Jacksonville girls love grabbing a drink at The Shim Sham Room

Hot girls looking for hookups in Jacksonville at The Shim Sham Room


The Shim Sham Room is a cozy little joint where everyone is kicking back and relaxing. You’ll immediately feel at ease when you step into this bar. That’s one of the main reasons so many girls love to grab drinks here. The bar has a warm, classic feel and the drinks are heavy-handed with booze. This isn't like the options to get laid in Hialeah, this is a great spot.

Located in the center of Jax Beach, you’ll find that the crowd is pretty cool. You’ll meet lots of college-aged girls who are looking to have a good time. Unlike other bars in the area, you can also dance to some tunes at The Shim Sham Room. Grab a drink and find yourself an eager dancing partner. Ask her if she’d like a drink afterward and you could wind up walking away arm in arm with the cutest girl at the bar.

Get ready to meet some eclectic people at Island Girl Cigar Bar

Drink and smoking options at Island Girl Cigar Bar


Island Girl Cigar Bar offers up a unique cigar lounge experience. In fact, people travel from all over to spend a night here. The bar encourages everyone to enjoy a cigar with their drink. The variety of cigars is extensive, and you can bet that if you’re a cigar connoisseur that you’ll meet other fellow connoisseurs.

The bar tends to attract an older crowd. If you’re on the lookout for a hot cougar then this is the spot to be. You’ll be shocked at how easy it is to strike up a conversation in this laid back cigar bar. Live music, endless cigar options and a well-stocked bar all make this spot one of the best Jacksonville hook up bars.

Really Good Beer Stop is the best place for beer by the beach

Enjoying a beer from Really Good Beer Stop


You can be sure that most hookups happen by the beach. That’s why Really Good Beer Stop is a great place to grab a drink. The place is often swarming with people who are taking a break from the sun. You can indulge in 20 different beers on tap or some of the bottled options. Visitors often come and go in this spot, so it's where you can get laid in Jacksonville. Give this bar a shot and you might be surprised!

Honorable Mention Bars

Here are a few other bars that were pretty great and also worth a shot:

The hookup apps in Jacksonville dating coaches prefer

A huge number of hookups start online now. You don't have spend all day on the apps but spending 10-20 minutes a week sending messages can really pay off. These are the best hookup apps in the city right now:

SiteOur ExperienceOur RatingFree Trial Link
Best Hookup Site Right Now
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • Top option for local hookups by far
  • Best results for regular guys
  • Over 60 million active members
  • The design needs an update
Try AFF For Free
Great If You're Handsome
Tinder Highlights
Tinder Highlights
  • Great if you're pretty good looking
  • Very popular, especially if you're 18-22
  • Really focused on photos
  • Becoming more of a dating than hookup app
Try Tinder
2nd Best For Most Guys
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • 2nd best option to find hookups
  • Attracts an older crowd than most hookup apps
  • Pretty popular
  • Great free trial
Try Passion

Our favorite clubs for hookups in Jacksonville

What better place to search for hookups in Jacksonville than in one of its many clubs?

Myth Nightclub is the best bar to score Jacksonville hook ups

Myth Nightclub crowd posing


There’s nothing more fun than going out dancing at a spot known for hosting international DJs. This is one spot in downtown that you need to check out. Myth Nightclub is the ultimate spot to dance with attractive singles that are looking for no-strings-attached fun.

Make sure to head out on Thursdays and request Mae Mae as your bartender for some out of this world drinks. If you prefer dancing over small talk then Myth Nightclub is the best bar to get laid.

Lots of single girls in Jacksonville party at The Ritz

Girls partying at The Ritz 


The Ritz is a place we love to go to when we want to listen to great music but aren’t always in the mood to dance. Dancing is optional at The Ritz, which is great if you need a few drinks to let loose. The lounge is super low-key and plays some pretty phenomenal music. You really can’t go wrong by heading to this spot.

This is the best place to find Jacksonville hook ups if you’re ready to bond over music. The girls that come here are looking for light-hearted fun. So if you’re in the mood to dance a little, crack a few jokes and enjoy a fantastic atmosphere, then this is the place to do that. It really doesn’t get much better than The Ritz for a fantastic night out. We’ve walked away lucky every night that we’ve gone out here for a drink.

Honorable Mention Clubs

These are other great clubs for meeting girls but, they didn’t quite make the top of our list for one reason or another:

Proven places to meet sexy girls during the day

Searching for hookups in Jacksonville isn't just a nighttime pursuit. You can do that in the daytime too if you know where to look!

Meet your next hookup at Native Sun Natural Food Market

A cute girl at Native Sun Natural Food Market


Did you know that health food stores are some of the best spots to meet someone? It might sound strange at first, but it’s not. Supermarkets are actually a prime spot for hookups.

Introducing yourself to a cutie while looking at the same avocado as you is a lighthearted way to meet. No one has their guard up and you’re more likely to score a name and a number than at a loud bar or club. Just bring your charm and prepare to meet tons of local single women at Native Sun.

Jacksonville Jazz Festival is a fun event that attracts lots of cute girls looking for hookups in Jacksonville

Jacksonville Jazz Festival at its height


Music festivals are a fantastic way to meet cute single girls looking for a good time. The Jazz Festival is no exception to that rule. The festival takes place in downtown and features a wide variety of fantastic live entertainment. However, that’s not all.

The event also hosts local food, drinks and shopping. Girls in the area can’t get enough of this fun event. It’s the perfect mix of live music and socializing. We’ve definitely made the most of this event before in the past. So if you’re ready to branch out and meet cuties who want a casual fling, then grab a ticket to the jazz festival.

The Gym Jax is great if you’re looking for fit, attractive girls

A pretty girl at Gym Jax


Have you ever considered meeting your next fling at the gym? From our personal experience, the girls who workout at The Gym Jax are super fun and flirty. With so many girls around, you won’t have to worry about shooting your shot and getting rejected. There will always be another girl at the gym to introduce yourself to.

Since everyone is pumped off of endorphins, you’ll quickly notice how the girls are eager to chat. So bring your best conversation skills and subtly make your move. All you have to do is ask her how often she works out or which machines she likes to use for a certain workout. We’ve seen guys get lucky quite often at The Gym Jax.

The easiest place to get laid in Jacksonville

Out of all the options available one has been the best:

Myth Nightclub is a great place to check out on the weekends

The huge crowd at Myth Nightclub


If you’re ready for a night you won’t forget, then you have to check out Myth Nightclub. This place is often the epicenter of weekend nightlife. We’ve met some of the most fun and vibrant girls while partying here.

The nightclub often hosts international DJs and serves up some amazing craft cocktails. It’s enough to attract the attention of some of the hottest girls our city has to offer. Myth Nightclub has a diverse crowd as well, which we always really enjoy. You’ll definitely walk away with some hookups in Jacksonville if you bust the right moves at this club.

Other great hookup spots to meet Jacksonville girls

Need some more places to find casual flings in our city? Here are some that always work.

Bond with Creole food lovers at Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille

Sign outside of Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille


Tired of going out for drinks without good food options? Check out Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille! Harry’s serves up some delicious Creole dishes with their drinks. With a green courtyard, you can bet that there will be dozens of good-looking people enjoying dinner and drinks outside. Not a bad start when you want to grab a bite to eat while still finding some great hookup options around you.

The atmosphere is fun and friendly, making it a great spot to take your hookup date. They’ll be instantly impressed with your amazing taste both in drinks and food. There’s also a balcony overlooking the bay. Your hookup date will be swooning after you take them here.

If you’re under 30 and really handsome then give Tinder a try

Back in the day, Tinder used to be a great option for scoring one night stands. Over the years, however, it has evolved into more of a dating platform. Still, if you happen to be a pretty good-looking guy you can still make the most of Tinder.

If you’re a reasonably attractive guy, girls will likely swipe right on you. In fact, your looks matter the most here out of anything since it’s all the girls get to judge you on. So if you fit the criteria, then you should give Tinder a try. Otherwise, you’ll have better luck on AFF.

The Brick Coffee House is the perfect hookup spot if you value conversation

When you think of hookups we bet you never expected a coffee shop to make it onto our list. However, what better way to chat up a cutie than over a delicious espresso? This coffee shop is a hidden gem in the downtown area and features indoor or outdoor seating.

The Brick Coffee House is also popular during lunchtime, so be sure to step out here during your work break. You’ll find that tons of attractive career women drop by here for a bite to eat before heading back into the office. Because of its friendly environment, The Brick Coffee House helps you charm any ladies you meet. How to be more successful meeting girls in town

Map of the top places to find hookups in Jacksonville and meet girls

Now that we've covered so many recommendations above we wanted to make things a little easier on you when you try them out. We've put together a map of all the spots we think you should try to make planning out your route a lot simpler. This will allow you to hit several different spots in a night without driving all over town!

How to be more successful meeting girls in the Jacksonville

Most guys still have a lot of room for improvement when it comes to meeting and attracting girls. Check out a few of the articles below that work really well with our recommendations above:

There it is, our full guide to the city. If you go through all of these and don't find any luck there's always Tampa if you want to try your luck with Gulf Coast girls!

Frequently Asked Questions on Hookups in Jacksonville

Where can I find hookups in Jacksonville FL?

The best places to find hookups in Jacksonville are:

  • Hoptinger Bier Garden & Sausage House
  • The Rogue
  • The Shim Sham House
  • Island Girl Cigar Bar
  • Really Good Beer Stop

Alternatively, you can try using AFF hookup app, if you're not too keen on going out every weekend.

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