2020’s 10 Best Places For Dublin Hookups (Bar, Apps, Sites)

Hot singles in a bar ready for Dublin hookups

With nearly 550,000 residents (and growing), Dublin is one of the liveliest cities in all of Europe. Our town welcomes millions of tourists a year, drawn by our famous hospitality. Usually, the tourists come for the pubs and scenery but we locals know there’s so much more. Why visit if you aren’t after Dublin hookups?

Dublin is a thoroughly modern city with an active nightlife that spreads from Blackrock to Finglas. Arranging to hook up with someone new is just a matter of finding the right bar. Of course, in a city full of pubs, that’s easier said than done. More and more people are also trying Dublin hookup apps and sites. They can generally be less of a hassle but they can also be just as fruitless.

We know how frustrating it is to invest time and money and wind up with nothing to show for it. That’s why, with local help, we researched and created this list of the best Dublin hookup sites, apps and bars. You aren’t stuck out in Rathdaniel, so why live like you are? Start getting laid on the regular.

Keep reading for our recommendations and be sure to give them a try. Comment below to let us know how our suggestions worked out for you.

Amazing Dublin Hookup Apps And Bars

Whether you’re a student at Dublin City University or you’re a working stiff, getting laid shouldn’t be hard. These are the Dublin hookup bars, sites and apps that get results.

The Liquor Rooms is an exhilarating Dublin hookup bar

One thing Dublin has no shortage of is cocktail lounges with character. In a basement on Wellington Quay, The Liquor Rooms adds to that fine tradition with circus-themed décor and moody lighting. Step in here and you’ll feel like you’ve crossed through a funhouse mirror. Rest assured, though, the cocktails are no illusion.

The Liquor Rooms is a serious cocktail lounge (with the awards to prove it). It’s also just a great place to while away the hours late into the night. They promise “loose parties” and “late-night rendezvous” which sounds like something our readers would enjoy. If you’ve made a connection on an app, suggest this as a meeting spot. You’ll be glad you did.

Adult FriendFinder makes finding Dublin hookups much easier for most guys (try it free)

Homepage for Adult FriendFinderWhen Adult FriendFinder first appeared online hookups were still a new idea. Since that time, numerous competitors have come and gone but few have challenged AFF’s superiority. The site is well into its second decade of being the most established hookup site in Dublin and the one we've had the best success using. That’s not changing soon.

What makes AFF so fantastic is how it makes it so easy to meet like-minded people for sexual encounters. You know when you match with someone that they’re down to clown. Of all the Dublin hookup sites, AFF embraces its horniest the most.

In our yearly list of the best hookup apps and sites, AFF consistently reigns supreme. Its 90+ million global users could all explain why. Whether you use its app or its website, it has a well-designed user interface for phones or computers. The search function makes it easy to find someone nearby. You can even search by kinks or cup size. Whatever your preference, AFF will make sure you find it.

From what we've seen, most guys will get their best results using AFF, especially if they're tired of wasting time and money.

If you’ve found Tinder or other apps to be disappointing, take heart. AFF is especially welcoming to those who feel left out of the fun by other apps and sites. There are people of all ages on this site, with a huge contingent of users in their 30s. Even if you don’t have model-like looks, you’ll find connections. Everyone deserves to get their rocks off now and again. Get in the game.

Whoever you are, whatever you look like, Adult FriendFinder will make Dublin hookups a regular occurrence. Find out why users across the world would choose this site over any other option.

Try Adult FriendFinder For Free!
Using this link to Adult Friend Finder's free trial offer you can check out exactly why so many guys have had such great success finding hookups using it. It really is the best option for most guys that we've found, especially when you're not super good looking.


Vintage Cocktail Club is worth the search

A classic speakeasy combines everything we seek in Dublin hookup bars: dim lighting, cosy seating and strong, delicious drinks. Hidden within the Temple Bar neighbourhood, Vintage Cocktail Club is a strict 23-and-up experience. Based on Prohibition-era bars from that dark period in America’s history, VCC brings old-fashioned sophistication to Dublin.

Ring the doorbell and be led into a candle-lit lounge that feels like a trip through time. The cocktails are made with care while the décor will make you forget you’re in the heart of Ireland. It’s a great locale for drinks with friends or even if you’re flying solo. However, the best way to enjoy VCC is in the company of a beautiful woman.

Cougar Life makes finding hookups in Dublin with women 35+ simple (try it free)

No matter your age, there is always something enthralling about a woman over 35. Her experience and self-confidence are incomparably sexy. That’s why so many men of all ages are downloading Cougar Life. To meet the most beautiful older women, get the app that is most popular with them.

Though Cougar Life was designed to make it easy for young men to meet older women, it’s so much more. With over seven million users, all ages of men have become obsessed with this app. Anyone who enjoys women in their mid-30s and up should have it. As the highest quality app of its kind, it’s built a devoted following.

For women of a certain age, Cougar Life is a lifesaver. They don’t have to waste their valuable time at the bar waiting for a man to make a move. Nor do they have to risk rejection or societal stigma by approaching a man. Some people still think it’s wrong for an older woman to seek satisfying sex. On Cougar Life, that’s never an issue.

In our annual listing of the top cougar apps and sites, Cougar Life consistently beats the competition. You can download it today and find someone wanting to hook up tonight. You’ll also be alerted when someone looks at your profile. There’s no reason to be intimidated by women with experience. Take our course on dating women over 30 and make a connection now.

With Cougar Life in your pocket, you’ll be having the best Dublin hookups imaginable. Whether you’re in your 20s or in your 60s (or anywhere in between), this will be your new favorite app.

Try Cougar Life For Free


Clement and Pekoe will help you clear your head

Don’t crucify us but sometimes we need a change of pace from the pub scene. As an alternative to the pint, a cup of coffee can be quite refreshing. You surely know that. Did you also know, though, that as an alternative to Dublin hookup bars, coffee houses can be an amazing experience? We’re here to say it’s so.

Our favourite coffee house in Dublin is Clement and Pekoe, down on South William Street. It has a refined and welcoming charm that a corporate shop can’t hope to match. It also serves far superior coffee. Very importantly, there is plenty of space for spreading out and having a chat. Bring a date or meet a new friend and watch how the day turns into night.

The Mint Bar keeps Dublin hookups in its vaults

Beneath the 5-Star Westin hotel in College Green, The Mint Bar is Dublin’s most high-class drinking experience. Situated inside the vaults of a former bank, this lounge is spacious but still intimate. The bartenders are some of the best trained in the city, with an encyclopedic knowledge of cocktails. You won’t be able to stump them.

Of course, there are plenty of great cocktail lounges in the city. What really sets The Mint Bar apart is its atmosphere. With live music every weekend, including jazz, swing, soul and more, it makes for a seductive night out. Whether you bring a date or just come for a chance encounter, The Mint Bar is money in the bank.

Even More Dublin Hookup Bars And Sites

The search for Dublin hookups is a never-ending endeavor. Here are a few more great suggestions for how to make your sexual fantasies come true.

Drop Dead Twice dublin hookup bar

Drop Dead Twice wants you to bring the fun

Down on Francis Street, you’ll find a cocktail bar with a twist. No, the bartenders at Drop Dead Twice aren’t dressed up as knights, nor do they speak in riddles. The gimmick here is that you bring the liquor and they make the drinks. Yep, it’s a BYO cocktail lounge. They will make you pretty much anything you want so long as you supply the spirits.

While that might seem like an unnecessary step, in practice, it works exceptionally well. Where else in this city are you going to get four exquisite cocktails for €25? Pick up your date (or one-night stand; we’re not judging) and choose your poison together. Then let these expert mixologists set the mood with unique potions that will get the night rocking.  

The hottest Dublin locals are matching on Tinder

From Trinity College to UCD, Dublin coeds know Tinder is a phenomenon. When it first released back in 2012, you couldn’t find a Millennial who wasn’t using the app. It quickly became the most talked-about method for arranging Dublin hookups. Over time, though, the shine started to wear off. Lots of older users found Tinder to be more frustrating than fun.

The painful truth is that Tinder is an app for the young. You will age out of it very quickly, because its ideal demographic is people 18-28. That’s why the Gen Z college students are still so enamored with it. They have a few more years when it will remain one of the most reliable Dublin hookup apps. If that’s you, have fun!

Of course, that’s assuming you’re also very good looking. For men on Tinder, if you aren’t in the top 10-15% in terms of looks, you won’t have much luck. Your profile photos are everything, so if you don’t take a pretty picture, be prepared to be ignored. It’s a harsh reality but you might as well hear it us from us.

Tinder is far easier for women. It still helps to be in the top half of looks but almost all female users get regular matches. The messages come at a furious clip for them. In fact, the sexiest women on Tinder rarely respond because they get so many messages. The ego boost is sufficient enough reason to be on the app.

As the app’s popularity has plateaued, the makers have tried to expand their market. They are now looking to make Tinder more focused on general dating and relationships. Godspeed to them, but for the most attractive men and women, Tinder will always be an amazing hookup app.

Try Tinder For Free


Toners lightens up the typical pub with a beer garden

When you’re wanting to drink with a lively crowd, your best bet is a beer garden. Getting out into a sunny, friendly atmosphere changes everything and can start a raucous, happy day out. For the purposes of hooking up, this atmosphere is ideal.

Luckily, one of Dublin’s best and oldest pubs also has a great beer garden, so you can enjoy it no matter the weather. Toners on Baggot Street has everything you love about pub drinking but with the option of enjoying the sun. It draws a great crowd, including plenty of sexy women. Come through and turn an afternoon of day drinking into an evening of bed play.

Listons can easily be your favourite meat market

Once you’ve given all the other options on our list a try, there are still ways to keep things fresh. Bars are the usual spots for meeting sexy singles but they hardly hold the monopoly on Dublin hookups. If you have the right moves and smooth enough opening lines, you can initiate a sexy encounter anywhere. Try Listons on Camden, for instance.

Yes, you actually can pick someone up at the grocery store. If you’re not creepy or pushy, it can be done easily. The aisles are full of single women who could be up for adding something (or someone) to their to-do list. Find a natural way to start a conversation and a connection could happen in seconds. From there, the day could go anywhere.

The Chelsea Drugstore is a small place where big things happen

Some places are cramped and some are charmingly cosy. Depending on your point of view, the Chelsea Drugstore could be considered either. We just think of this centrally located bar as a delightful place to drink with friends or a date. No, there isn’t a ton of space here but that’s okay. You were wanting to get close anyway, right?

With its rustic brick walls and exposed lighting, the Chelsea Drugstore feels like the den of an eccentric millionaire. Thankfully, their moderately priced cocktails won’t require you to actually be one. Come for the bizarrely named drinks – “For Bjorn”, “Discoballs” – but stay for the Dublin hookups. They might not be on the menu but they’re all but guaranteed.

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