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9 Critical Things You Want Your Online Dating Photos to Show a Woman

A good reaction from a man's online dating photos

Easily the most important part of an online dating profile is the photos. As a younger guy trying to find and date an older woman while using a dating site, it’s critical to make sure you get the photo section right.

Outside of not coming off as creepy- there are nine major things you want your online dating profile photos to convey to older women.

What Women Are Looking for In Your Online Dating Photos

You’re Fun

One of the major reasons older women consider dating younger men is because they want to have fun – so it’s critical to ensure your online dating profile photos make you look like you’re fun.

If you’ve only got three photos posted of you doing the same thing in every photo – you’re not making yourself look dynamic or interesting at all. This is one of the surprising ways your photos can hurt your online dating profile. To ensure you’re making yourself look fun, make sure you have a variety of photos that follow your cover photo.

These can be from a recent trip you took to Europe, or you hanging out on the Lake at your parent’s house. They can be you playing with a dog in Central Park or they can be of you enjoying some drinks out with friends.

No matter where your photos are taken, make sure there are different settings in all of them. The more variety you have, the more you convey how fun you are.

It doesn't matter what site you are using, though after reviewing 100's of sites for our comprehensive review of the best sites to meet older women we can easily say which are the best, if you can show you are fun you are ahead of the game.

You’re Cute

The ideal older woman can (and probably has) date whoever she wants. On a dating site you want to make sure when she sees your cover photo she doesn’t have to work to see how cute you are. Don't be like those women who use fake online dating photos of cute women when they look nowhere near as cute!

You can ensure this by having someone else take a simple headshot that’s well lit, not over-edited, and cropped so you can clearly see your glowing smile. If she has to work to see your face, or if you have more than one person in your photo – she’s much more likely to not interact at all. Make it easy for her to see that you’re cute!

You’re Athletic

Older women date younger men because, quite frankly, younger men are sexier and more athletic than their older counterparts. Older women are looking for a younger man whose body looks young.

You can ensure she knows you’re the right guy for her by conveying in your dating profile photos that you’re an athletic guy. Do this by ensuring one (or more) of your photos is of you playing a pick-up game of basketball, or of you skiing, or it could be of you in your workout gear.

If you’ve got a washboard set of abs – subtly show them off with a photo of you at the beach. And if you don't have good photos of you engaging in sports, you can mention that it's your hobby in your online dating bio.

Try and show that you’re a nice guy in your online dating photos

Older women are not interested in spending time with men – young or old – who aren’t nice to them. They’ve been around the block a few times and know that it’s not worth their time to endure someone who suffers from hubris, so make sure you’re online dating profile photos convey that you’re friendly. It's a great way to get a woman's attention online.

You can do this by making sure the majority of your photos are of you smiling. A warm smile goes leaps and bounds when trying to convey you’re a nice guy. If you’re scowling or straight-faced poses in every photo, you’re going to look like you’re a hard egg to crack, or even worse- that you’re mean. Show off those pearly whites in your online dating photos!

You’re gainfully employed

So this is one of the online dating photos that older women love. Older women are independent and not interested in you taking care of them – however, they aren’t looking to date a child without a steady job. Make sure your photos don’t make her question where you’re at in your life.

You can convey that you’re gainfully employed by avoiding posting those frat party photos from college. There is no photo of you holding a solo cup or doing a keg stand that will turn an older woman on.

If you’ve got a photo of you in a suit – post it. Not only will it help convey you’ve got a good job, this photo will also show off how cute you are when you’re all cleaned up.

Show you’re adventurous with your online dating photos

Older women are interested in younger guys because they want to feel adventurous. You want to ensure your dating profile photos show older women you’re just the guy to spend time with if they’re looking for a little adventure.

You can do this by posting a photo of you at a mountain summit, or of you in a foreign land. If you don’t have either of these photos, go on a hike and take one.

You’re confident

Older women are not interested in dating younger men who need to be constantly built up or reassured. This is why it is so important to convey through your dating profile photos that you are confident in yourself, your place in life, in your own skin, and in the fact you want to date her.

You can convey confidence in your photos by looking directly at the camera for your first shot. You can also do this by ensuring all your photos are of you smiling, standing tall with your shoulders back. A confident posture goes so far in conveying confidence in images. Always be aware of your posture when a camera is around.

You’re independent

Just as older women aren’t interested in dating a younger guy who isn’t confident in himself, older women aren’t looking to date younger men who aren’t independent. You can easily convey you’re a little needier than you actually are by having people in every single one of your photos.

Convey independence by making sure that the majority of your photos only feature you in them. If it’s just you being smiley, having fun, being adventurous, conveying confidence – then you’re going to look independent, and older women will love it.

You’re worth her time

Ultimately, when an older woman is looking at a younger guy’s dating profile and considering dating him, she’s looking at his photos and asking herself, “Is this guy worth my time?” – You can convince her you’re worth her time by being uniquely you, being genuine to yourself, and only conveying things that are true.

Convince her you’re worth her time by conveying in your photos that you love yourself and your life, and that you’re looking for someone to share it with.

No matter what platform you use, these are the photos that almost always get a woman's attention. Naturally, there are some women who aren't going to be into you for specific reasons (hence, the racism in online dating). But all in all, if you have these photos, you're almost always sure to have matches.


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