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7 Tips For An Online Dating Profile Photo Older Women Will Love

The type of woman you need good online dating photos for

So you’re a guy trying to attract an older woman to date by using an online dating profile. Congratulations, this is a great way to meet the older woman of your dreams.

A good dating profile is like the pick-up line that never existed (i.e. the one that actually works..), but a bad one may leave you disappointed and right where you started. The key to ensuring your dating profile is top-notch with older women is making sure your profile picture leaves them swooning.

Here are 8 tips for ensuring your dating profile photo will make older women swoon.

Making a Rockstar Online Dating Profile Photo

So the first point of taking a great online dating profile photo is to make sure it's one that attracts women. Sadly, with so many fake online dating photos out there, you also need to add more than just one photo to make sure you don't look like a catfish. So how do you select (or take) the best dating profile photo?

Have a photo

You would think this goes without saying, but unfortunately, it does not. Even an amazing online dating profile description isn't going to cut it. Make sure you actually have a profile photo on your dating profile. All women- no matter their age- will not (we repeat.. WILL NOT) even consider for a second interacting with a faceless man online trying to get into their pants.

Even if your intentions are good, dating site profiles without profile photos make you look like a mass-murderer sniffing out your next victim. So don’t be lazy, and just do this.


It’s a cold hard fact that every guy on the face of the planet looks his best when he’s smiling. After trying out 100's of different dating site every year putting together our rankings of the best dating sites to meet older women we can say this for a fact.

When you’re taking your profile photo make sure you put on your best million-dollar smile, older women will see your pearly whites and immediately think you are happy, fun, confident, and sexy.

Men who scowl trying to look tough in their profile photos actually tend to look less intelligent, less confident, and overall less attractive to older women on dating sites.

Older women open to dating younger men they meet online are looking for some fun, and you can bet they will see themselves having fun with a guy who’s smiling way before they consider one sporting a mean grimace.

Have someone else take the photo

Guys, your selfie game isn’t that strong. Even the best selfies make young men look vain to older women. In fact, it's one of the ways your photo can hurt your online dating profile. You may be smiling, your hair in perfect form, and be wearing your best blazer, but that selfie angle isn’t flattering you the way a photo someone else takes of you will.

Not sure who to ask? Get on Instagram and girlfriend friend who has over 1k followers. She’ll know exactly how to frame your handsome face and shoulders in a photo that would make any woman‘s heart flutter.

Too embarrassed to tell her it’s for a photo for an onlin dating site profile? Try telling her your company website is getting revamped to include photos and bios of everyone who works there- she won’t think twice, and you’ll have a dating site profile photo older women will love.

Natural lighting

Everything looks better in sunshine. Natural lighting will make your skin look clearer, your smile brighter, and your eyes glimmer. Indoor lighting may be too yellow and make you look like an oompa loompa.

Florescent lighting could wash the color right out of your face and make the colors in your clothes look faded. Not enough lighting will make you look so creepy you can kiss your chances at attracting and dating any older women on the dating site goodbye.

When you’re getting your photo taken make sure you’re either outside, or surrounded by giant windows letting light flood in and surround you.

Dress up

Older women open to dating younger men are not interested in the type of younger man who shows up to a date wearing shorts and a tee shirt. Older women aren’t looking for a younger man who loves his favorite NFL team so much that he owns a jersey and a matching hat.

Older women looking for younger men to date on dating sites are looking for a man who will be great to look at, go out with, and flaunt. When you’re getting your dating site profile photo taken, dress in the outfit you would wear on a first date with an older woman. Be polished, be classy.

Older women interested in dating younger men are not interested because younger men don’t know how to present themselves. Be confident in your youngness, but present yourself as if you’ve been doing this as long as they have.

Make sure the photo is just you

We hope we don’t have to tell you that photo of you and your college ex-girlfriend is an unacceptable choice for your dating profile photo. But more often than not, young men choose photos that have more than just them in the photo.

Group photos of any kind will not help younger men attract older women on dating sites. When an older woman is looking at a younger man’s dating profile for the first time and see that there are 3 people in his dating profile photo, she has to stop and try to determine which person she’s potentially going to date.

It’s an immediate turn off to an older woman if you have a girl in your photo. If one of your guy friends happens to be hotter than you, your dating profile is just setting older women up for disappointment. But more simply- if there’s more than one person in a dating profile photo, older women will probably just give up and move on when she can’t determine which one you are. Avoid all of this by making sure your dating profile photo is just of you.

Have more than one photo

If the dating site you’re using allows you to have more than one photo of yourself, make sure you take advantage of that. Older women on dating sites may want to cross-reference the amazing profile photo you have with some of your more candid shots.

The additional photos don’t necessarily have to follow all of the same rules we’ve laid out for your profile photo, but make good judgment if you’re going to bypass a guideline. Just make sure your additional photos make you look the confident, happy, fun, sexy young man you are.

You'd think that online dating photos would be the easiest to pull off, but that's not always the case. Lots of women scrutinize photos to ensure that there's some chemistry between her and her potential matches. Add to that the fact that there's some racism in online dating and you've got older women who can be extra picky.

The good news is that these women also consider guys who are good at talking to women online. So if you feel like you've done the best you can do when it comes to dating profile photos, you can also supplement that by being a good online conversationalist.


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