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8 Ways to Spot a Woman's Online Dating Fake Photos

Someone who uses fake online dating profiles

Finding an older woman to date on an online dating site is challenging enough WITHOUT fake profiles. Unfortunately, bots and catfish will inevitably always be on online dating sites.

If you’re a younger guy trying to attract and date an older woman, there are few things more frustrating than thinking you’ve found the woman you’ve been looking for only to get a message with a link that directs you to a pay-for-view porn site.

To avoid this devastating and abrupt circumstance, here are eight ways to identify a fake dating site profile just by looking at the photos.

Spotting a Woman's Fake Online Dating Profile Photos

Sign #1: Too good to be true

Since the dawn of the internet, perusers have been warned: if it’s too good to be true, then it isn’t true. This rule applies in the online dating world as well.

As a younger guy, you’re obviously looking for an older woman that’s sexy, but don’t be fooled by dating profile photos that make an older woman look way younger than they should look (if she’s 40 she’s not going to look 18) like she’s been on the spread of a swimsuit issue, or if she’s been in multiple scantily-clad glamour photoshoots.

This kind of fake photo is typically really really easy to spot, all you need to do is keep a realistic eye when browsing through older women’s dating profiles. But it's also one way to get others' attention in online dating.

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Sign #2: Celebrity photos

This is obvious, but I have to say it: there are not lookalikes of Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, Demi Moore, or Kim Kardashian waiting to be dated on any dating site.

If you think a photo looks like a celebrity, then google that celebrity and compare. Dating profiles with photos of celebrities are either bots or catfish and you shouldn’t ever engage.

Sign #3: Do her fake online dating profile photos show up everywhere on the internet

If you’ve found the perfect older woman on a dating site, do a quick google image search of their profile photos. All you have to do is save the profile photos, to your desktop and then drag them to the image search page then wait for the results to populate.

If her photo is showing up on more than one Facebook page (with the same name as the dating profile) then you’re probably okay, but if the image is showing up on multiple Facebook pages, Instagrams, twitters and more, then chances are you’re dealing with a catfish.

Sign #4: Only one photo

So the one photo dating profile is a catfish 60% of the time all the time. After all, you want your photos to show who you are. If she’s your type, and the photo doesn’t look completely too good to be true, then go ahead and take a chance, but do so with a grain of salt.

You can cross-check this type of potential fake with the dating profile headline too. If there isn’t a headline, and she only has one photo, that’s a serious red flag.

If she’s got an online dating bio that is in clear English, then you might be in luck, but be prepared for the “I want to have sex tonight” fake bot message that may be coming your way.

Sign #5: Different person in each photo

Take time to really look at each photo a potential date has posted on their dating profile. If you notice that every single photo is a different girl then you’re definitely looking at a fake profile.

If you’re going through and only one photo has a completely different person than the rest, then you’re probably still dealing with a fake profile. Older women interested in dating younger guys like yourself aren’t going to play games like this, so don’t even bother.  

Sign #6: Where’s her face?

This type of fake is a classic. Every single photo is a really sexy woman from her neck down. She may be lying in bed, or standing for a mirror selfie. As a guy, you know that these aren't exactly the photos you want on your dating profile.

She might be walking away so you can only see her flowing locks. Even without seeing her face, the selection of photos make her seem like a goddess- but guess what?

If a woman isn’t showing her face in a single photo on her dating profile, you’re almost certainly dealing with a fake. There’s a small possibility that she has a facial deformity or injury she’s embarrassed to broadcast about herself, but, even then, are you interested in dating an older woman who doesn’t have the confidence to own her differences?

Sign #7: Clearly photoshopped

There are a number of ways you can tell if a woman has used Photoshop to trick guys on dating sites to talk to them. First, look at their curves. Are the objects behind the woman stretched? If so, chances are she has digitally enhanced the size of something. These photos will only turn off potential matches.

Second, zoom in on her face. If you see clear pixel splotches, she’s definitely used an airbrush effect on her skin. Often, women who do this are still attractive in person, but do you really want to pursue someone who is trying to deceit you before she even meets you?  

Sign #8: So. Much. Filter.

The profiles that do this are probably real – you won’t be dealing with a catfish or a bot with this, but what you will be dealing with is someone incredibly superficial, self-conscious, and probably pretty basic. But then again, filters are a common way for women to fend off racism in online dating.

Either way, a photo looks like it’s been layered 3+ times with different filters, you can’t trust what you’re looking at. One filter puts a lens over a photo, and any more than that actually disfigure and disguise what the actual person looks like.

This kind of technique actually forces your brain to create the image of the person – and often, your brain is going to create what you want to see.

If you hit it off with this person in the messages and choose to go on a date, just be prepared that the woman you thought you were talking to may not be sitting across the table from you in the restaurant.


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