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Here Are Top 10 Most Attractive Hobbies for Guys in 2024!

Indulging in one of the most attractive hobbies for guys

Hobbies aren’t just some activities that we do for leisure; they can be windows into a man’s life and offer insights into his personality, interests, and values. For a woman, understanding a man's hobbies can give her a glimpse into the type of person he really is and the degree of compatibility she may have with him.

While it's important to note that women have variable personal preferences, some manly hobbies tend to have a universal appeal. If you can master a few or hopefully, all, of these hobbies then you’ll become the most irresistible version of yourself to women.

And, that’s for sure.

In this article, we will delve into the most attractive hobbies for guys to have between the age of 17 to 70.

Ranking the Top 10 Most Attractive Hobbies for Guys

Regardless of how busy your life is, we all need some solo time to chill and do the things we love. If you’re thinking about picking up a new hobby that can also help you pick up women without much effort, then you may consider one of the 10 attractive hobbies for guys below:

Playing music

There’s also another side of it that tickles a woman’s need for security and resources. Music pays well, and you know how much girls crave being with celebrities. But even if you’re a tier-c guitarist, women will still admire your mastery because everyone knows that mastering any musical instrument takes time and dedication. A man who can dedicate days and months to a single craft is a disciplined man who can also be a good provider.

Also, music has a halo effect about it that can work in your favor. People assume that musicians get lots of girls, so you can tell her you sing in a band and she may automatically think you’ve been with lots of women. It works even better if you’re the leader of your own band.


Because performing in front of others requires a certain level of confidence and stage presence. A lot of women find this type of self-assuredness and charisma sexy because few men actually possess the ability to command a group of people and win them over.


I’m yet to meet a woman who doesn’t have a bucket list of places she wants to visit. The idea of traveling the world and seeing new places is a dream that many women have but can’t fulfill for different reasons. So, it makes sense that they find male travelers attractive because a) those men are adventurous and b) they can be travel buddies together.

Being a traveler ticks so many boxes:

Resourcefulness: If a man has money to travel regularly, then he can probably provide for the woman’s needs (and her offspring’s too).

Adventurousness: Solo travelers have many qualities that women find attractive including confidence and independence. Women see those men as courageous and self-reliable because traveling forces them to do uncomfortable things including navigating unfamiliar environments, mingling with different people, adapting to new places, and making decisions that could easily scare the average guy.

Likeability: Nothing improved my skill with women better than those eight years I spent around the world. I used to have a stack of stories that I would share on dates depending on the woman’s mood. And, I barely recall a date where the woman wasn’t amused with what I was saying. Women are often drawn to men who can spark their curiosity and tickle their emotions with good humor and adventurous stories. By traveling regularly, you will have a ton of captivating stories and unique experiences to share with women regularly which can keep the spark going between you for as long as you want it to be.

Open-mindedness: Traveling a lot exposes you to different cultures and traditions which can broaden your perspective and make you look smart and emotionally understanding. These are two qualities that women, especially the smart ones, appreciate.

Sexiness: Women are aroused by being with a man that other women want but can’t have. By representing yourself as an avid traveler, a woman will automatically think you’ve been introduced to a ton of other women from different cultures who are probably hotter than her which – if proven true through your actions – will make her instantly want to be with you.

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Golf has a reputation for being a sophisticated or even aristocratic sport which can be very appealing to the female nature. Even though some women can be indifferent to the sport, many are attracted to the image and style associated with golf, as it can convey a sense of class, and richness.

If you ask anyone to name the #1 sport for rich people, golf will rank on the very top right with sailing, yachting, and tennis. Have you ever wondered why golf equipment and clothes are more expensive than normal clothes despite having less demand than other sports?

Because the purchasing pockets are heavy. Golf is often associated with money and power. Back in the early golfing days, only rich people had enough land to practice the game, and even though there are more clubs now than it was before, golf still maintains the same aristocratic stereotype it had many years ago. And, don’t forget, women love being with a man with wealth and good connections.

Working out

I just finished a thread on Reddit of a man whose wife cheated on him with a gym instructor because she always fantasized about sleeping with a ”Chad”.

And, guess what?

Every woman wants a muscular male figure who can fulfill their wildest fantasies in and out of bed.

This goes back to how their brains were wired many years ago.

Throughout human history, physical strength has been important for survival and protection. In a tribal world where problems were solved by weapons and tools, men who workout were a great catch. A guy with well-developed muscles could easily provide protection to his family and had a better chance at climbing the social ladder than the normal skinny dude.

In addition, strong = healthy kids.

Since every woman is a mother by nature, it’s crucial that her offspring survive the environmental challenges and threats, and who else can provide great genes than a strong man?

Attraction isn’t just guesswork. There’s science behind it, and, studies show that cheating women tend to sleep with their new lovers while ovulating to ensure their kids get the “best” genes possible.

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Cooking is not only a useful skill but an attractive one too

If you think cooking is “feminine” think again.

Having good culinary skills and knowing how to tease a woman’s taste buds with delicious food is often associated with seductive Casanovas. Men who can create delicious meals can provide a woman with a pleasurable sensory experience that very few men can offer.

A man who knows his way around a kitchen is often seen as reliable, creative, and independent, especially if he handles a knife like a pro. If presented well, your cooking skills may also show a woman how self-reliant you are. Those skills scream “I don’t need a woman, or McDonald’s to enjoy a meal”. This shows women that you aren’t needy and can make you look sexier than the average dude.

Cooking is also another way to build extra intimacy with a woman. Imagine spending hours together in the kitchen trying to build something from scratch, then enjoying it together over candles or tv. This type of romantic vibe lingers in a woman’s brain and will create a couples-like bond between you and her and will make her want you even more.

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Taking care of a dog

There’s a lot that your pet can say about your personality, but dogs precisely indicate more than other house animals.

Including your sex appeal.

This may sound overhyped, but women actually like dog owners. A 2015 study by the University of Nevada found that women are twice as likely to feel attracted to a single man if he owned a dog. This, according to the study, can go back to several reasons:

  • Responsibility: Taking care of a dog requires responsibility and commitment. Evolutionarily, women may be drawn to men who demonstrate these traits, as they indicate that the man would potentially be a reliable and supportive father.
  • Social proof: Safety is an unrealized quality that women look for in a man. According to the study, it’s safer to be around a dog owner as it subtly indicates that he can offer emotional support and form intimate relationships with those he cares for.
  • Activity: Women may find men with dogs appealing because it suggests an active and healthy lifestyle. Owning a dog often requires physical activity, such as walking, playing, and going outdoors multiple times per day which is good for your health and, possibly, your future kids.
  • Leadership: Commanding animals and commanding people are slightly related. If you can do the first, then you probably have enough leadership skills to make other men respect you.

Volunteer Work

Well, this may not sound sexy, but it is.

Despite craving for the macho man, women still appreciate kindness in a man. At the end of the day, if he’s willing to volunteer his spare time to help others then he’ll probably dedicate his time to their future family.

Volunteering is attractive because it signals your leadership skills, compassion, and empathy toward others. A man who cares about making a positive impact on his community is a selfless hero who gives away his time and energy without expecting anything in return. He’s a man of values and, more importantly, he’s confident about speaking up about what bothers him about society while actively seeking solutions to those problems.


"The man who reads lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one." - George R.R. Martin

Women want men who are better than them physically, financially, and intellectually. Women crave intellectual stimulation as much as they crave physical intimacy, and a man who reads is a man who can literally talk about anything and still sound interesting.

He has a broader knowledge base and a diverse perspective that accepts a wide range of ideas and topics that very few men can comprehend. Not to mention, a man who betters himself through books is a man who can go places and provide a better future for his woman and family.

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Martial arts

Women love men who can kick some real ass. Put equality aside for a moment and it’s all clear:

Women know they’re the physically weaker gender and in order to survive they need a man who can scare predators, throw the perfect punch and defend her when needed.

My first high school girlfriend hooked up with me just because I did four years of Aikido. I wasn’t as fun, or knowledgeable about women as I am today, but I could kick serious ass with my arm behind my back.

And women LOVE it when their man is fearsome. I’ve never met or seen a kickboxer or an MMA fighter with an ugly girlfriend.


Because dangerous to women is like juicy curves to men. In one study, a group of single ladies were brain-scanned while watching photos of several men only to find that masculine figures activated the five brain areas responsible for curiosity and lust in women. So, it makes sense that women love dangerous men who spar and kick butts. The confidence AND the shape, that these guys have is rare and appealing. Imagine going anywhere and knowing that you can hurt whoever messes with you, your girl, or your family. How attractive you will feel?

This kind of pure masculine energy attracts female energy like nothing else. And it starts with a single decision. All you need is to find the most convenient self-defense sport for you and stick to it for a year.

My advice is to start with boxing for 3-6 months until you learn the basics then switch to something more well-rounded like Ju Jitsu or Krav Maga. The discipline you will build plus the friends you will make will add to your life for years to come. Plus, you’ll start to attract women like you never did before.


If dancing wasn’t so seductive, they wouldn’t have made six Step-Up movies so far.

There’s this experiment where strangers made eye contact for a few minutes to make them like each other.

Dancing has the same effect on men and women, if not more. Touching creates an intimate bond that many people underestimate. There’s a popular quote in dancing studios that says, “Those who dance together stay together.” That’s due to the bonding and intimacy that dancing creates between two people, especially if they dance together for a long time.

Women are attracted to a man who dances because he ticks several boxes:

  1. He’s adventurous and fun: Everyone who’s been with women knows that they bore easily. That’s why a man who is willing to let loose and have a good time on the dance floor is a catch because women see him as spontaneous, exciting, and attractive.
  2. He has probably danced with many women before which means that other “beautiful” women liked him
  3. He’s disciplined and has a good physique
  4. He puts himself out there without fearing being judged
  5. He can lead her around the dance floor (and outside it as well)

As I said earlier, attractiveness is subjective. One woman’s cup of tea is another woman’s turn-off. But, life taught us that people are more similar than different, and most of them like and hate the same things including the hobbies for men that I listed in this post. By picking one of them, you can increase your attractiveness to a certain degree and get the type of woman you always dreamed of.

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