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16 Cheap Romantic Getaways to Spice Up Your Love Life

An attractive couple on their weekend getaway

Are you tired of the daily routine and feel like you're just going through the motions? Do you feel like you need to do something to give it a romantic jumpstart and bring the spark back to your relationship? You can easily turn your relationship into a cycle of same-olds same-olds if you don’t pay attention. Boredom is a relationship’s worst enemy. Doing the same things over and over without taking a break can slowly kill your relationship.

A couple of changes can spice up your relationship. And, since many of our readers are mature men who like to travel, we decided to make a full guide about the best romantic getaways for couples.

In the article, I will share a list of cheap romantic getaways you and your partner can enjoy together. I divided them into three sections: The first will include a list of cheap romantic getaways that last between half a day and a day. I will then give you five cheap weekend getaways for couples who want to have fun without breaking the bank. Then in the final section, I will list down five cheap vacations for couples who want to fly away for a week or so to renew their relationship. So, let’s get started:

Cheap Romantic Getaways for Couples on a Budget

Romantic getaways shouldn’t be expensive. In fact, you don’t need plane tickets to have fun with your partner. Every town and city, no matter how small, has its own attractions and romantic getaways. With a quick search, you can find many local activities to try with your girl without spending a dime. For example, you can start with any of these:

Go to a concert or a music festival

You don’t get to see a live performance of your favorite band every day so this can be a great way to build some memories with your partner. Between the catchy melodies and the excited dance moves you’ll get to escape the daily routine together, and lighten your mood. I recently took my wife to a Backstreet Boys concert (our childhood band) and we both had a blast. We kind of felt a bit old dancing to “Get Down” but it brought us back to the good old times.

Have a romantic dinner at a cookery school

For a new experience, you can take your partner out for a day at a nearby cooking school and bond over your shared passion for food. You don’t need to be an aspiring chef to take a cooking class. People can go there just to refine their kitchen skills, learn proper technics and tantalize their taste buds with new flavors. Plus, women love a man who cooks so this can be a good way to impress your girl with your culinary skills.

Go hiking

A couple on a romantic hike

Disconnect from technology and escape the noise for the wide and wild nature. Find an undistracted hiking trail and conquer it together. There’s something incredibly romantic about breaking a physical challenge with your partner, especially if both of you are in good form. Plus, you can use those few hours to laugh and talk about everything without being distracted.

Also, don’t forget to give each other a proper trailer name. These are fun names that hikers call themselves or give each other while hiking and they often describe a certain quality about the hiker like late start, lazy hippie, or moon lover. Give your girl a fun name and use it later to tease her with it.

Pedal together

Go on a biking trip with your partner and let the tension of your everyday life melt away. Many of us lead a sedentary life, especially after the pandemic. I was born with a bike in my hand, and because I spend a lot of time staring at a screen, I bike every day to move my body and break free from routines.

Get up early and bike with her before the sun rises. Don’t use your phones or play any music. Ride in silence and enjoy the world around you. Those moments when the world has nobody but both of you are priceless.

Visit a fancy spa

Can’t find anything to do with your partner? Why not indulge yourselves in the ultimate relaxing experience? Your body needs a rest after a long week at work so it’s a good idea to visit a local spa and enjoy a good massage together. Your perfect romantic getaway can include nothing but a personal hot tub, a sauna room, two comfy massage tables, and a couple of experts easing the tension off both your bodies. You can check the internet for spa deals for couples. Many spas offer couples packages that include room accommodations as well as: couples massage, hydrotherapy, and sauna for a reasonable fee.

Go to the zoo

Do you know what's better than going to the zoo alone? Going with your family or significant other. It’s hard not to get excited about animals and their lives.

Grab your partner’s hand and head to the zoo for a wild trip. Experience the wonders of the animal kingdom together, feed the giraffes with your hands, and watch the lazy lions bathe in the sun and the monkeys swing from branch to branch with excitement.

Cheap Weekend Getaways for Couples

Not everyone has the luxury to take a week off and fly to Bali. When you only have a few days to enjoy with your partner, you have to be smart about it.

Rather than spend the weekend bouncing between Netflix and Grubhub, here are five cheap weekend getaways for couples that you can enjoy without spending much:

Go skiing

If you and your bae share some love for skiing, then nothing beats a romantic ski trip together. A cozy cabin, a roaring fire, and two pairs of boots, and you’re all set for a fun weekend adventure.

Some resorts offer on-demand photoshoots, so make sure to save the memory with a photo of both of you skiing down a slope or sitting on a ski lift with snowflakes around you. Also, don’t forget to translate the post-skiing rush into a night of hot cocoa and some steamy bedroom fun.

Drive together to a nearby town

Driving around town for fun

Some people live and die in the same city which is sad because they’re probably a few miles away from a cool new experience. If the city has been consuming you for a while, why not find peace in a nearby town for a day or two with your partner?

Most towns are cheap so you won’t spend much on accommodation. Plus, you get to spend quality time together far from the noise of the city. Google a nearby town with a proper view, or ask your friends for some recommendations. Once you choose where to go, pack your car with the essential snacks and a romantic playlist and drive together. If you’re taking the weekend off, spend a day visiting the local attractions then use the second day to fine-dine your partner before heading back to the city.

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Go camping

Who doesn't want to enjoy nature for a few days? Many couples don't take camping seriously because they think it's too difficult or expensive. However, it’s a great way to enjoy each other and spend some quiet time away from the noise of everyday life – and maybe help you fulfill one of your deepest fantasies where no one else is around. Look up your city map or ask some friends. With some planning, you can find a few remote spots where there aren't many other people around.

Pamper yourselves at a five-star resort

Spending a week in a five-star resort can be a lot for your wallet, but not a day use. It’s a great way to relax with your partner and enjoy her company while giving yourself permission not to be productive. You can spend the day at the pool and enjoy all the resort’s facilities without caring about who should do the dishes. Search the internet for hotel deals near you. You can find a lot of cheap, last-minute resort deals on the likes of Booking and Hotel Scan. Look for a resort with great reviews, book a room for the day, and treat it like a mini-vacation.

Go to a nearby beach

A romantic getaway at a nearby beach

Are there any secluded beaches near you? You don’t need more than a blanket and a good sunscreen and you’re all set for a nice trip. Beaches are romantic, and offer a lot of silly cheap things for couples to do. You can share a boat trip, build sand castles together, go fishing or dig for some seashells, or just go there early and catch the sunrise then take a walk along the shore or lay down your bodies for a nice tan.

Cheap Vacations for Couples (International)

So, you took your PTO and you’re ready to splash some cash on a week overseas,

Where should you go?

What should be your budget?

And, how can you have fun without spending much?

We did our research, and these are the five best cheap romantic getaways that we found:

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Tired of the fast-paced life of the city?

Run to Playa del Carmen for the ultimate romantic trip. The city is very famous among tourists despite the fierce competition with other coastal Mexican spots like Cancun and Tulum.

Things to do in Playa del Carmen:

  • View the sunset with your partner: Or watch the daily dance shows at Parque Los Fundadores
  • Stroll and shop down the lively, 3-mile-long Quinta Avenida (I.e., Fifth Avenue): And listen to live Latin music while enjoying a plate of Ceviche de Sierra in some of the best seafood restaurants in Mexico
  • Visit the ruins of Chichen Itza: These Mayan ruins go back to 600 AD and include a giant four-stairway pyramid and a T-shaped wall of 500 sacrificed human skulls
  • Snorkel together at the cenote Chaak Tun: Ever swam in a cave before? Mexico has many amazing cenotes and caves but this one, by far, is the best. This cenote, where the Mayans used to make sacrifices to the gods – is located just outside the city and is connected to other smaller caves. It’s almost 50 meters under the ground and has a large opening where sunlight comes in to reflect on the crystal-clear waters that makes it ideal for snorkeling or swimming.

Average budget: Between $2,600 and $4,000 depending on how fancy you want to go.

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Valencia, Spain

Bird's eye view of Valencia, Spain

Overshadowed by the likes of Barcelona, Madrid, and Ibiza, this pretty southeastern city is an often-overlooked destination. Even though it doesn’t have the same fast-paced life as other big Spanish cities, Valencia offers a lot of awe-inspiring experiences at a reasonable price. The city has it all, especially for history lovers who will enjoy walking around its centuries-old buildings that go back to the middle-ages.

In addition, Valencia’s warm Mediterranean weather and its numerous beautiful beaches also make it an ideal destination for those who want to escape the cold Western winter. You will easily find peace on one of its many scattered beaches.

Malvarrosa and El Cabanyal are Valencia’s most famous beaches, but you can still escape the crowd for one of the lesser-known beaches like Playa de Pucol. You two can enjoy a fancy stay in one of many five and four-star hotels for half the prices in Barcelona and Madrid or less.

Finally, Valencia is just a quick trip from both Barcelona and Madrid. So, even if you want to explore more of Spain you can still take one of those daily one-hour flights to Madrid and Barcelona for as cheap as $25.

Things to do in Valencia:

  • Visit the city gates and the Serranos Towers – Europe’s largest Gothic gates – and watch the city from above from
  • Stroll down the El Carmen district and enjoy a romantic dinner at one of its many restaurants stuffed between tens of historic, centuries-old buildings
  • Get a tan with your love buddy at El Cabanyal beach

Average budget: Between $2,500 and $3,500

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Porto, Portugal

Everyone seems to only talk about Lisbon and how good it is, but very few pay attention to this gem on the Atlantic. Porto is one of the oldest cities in Portugal and Europe with a history that dates back to Roman times. Its unique position on the banks of River Douro made it the capital of the Northern region and Portugal’s main port.

The cobblestoned streets of Porto are pretty walkable and have no shortage of character. The tiny passageways and the spectacular Portuguese houses scattered across the city give such a local cozy vibe that you won’t find in many other places outside Porto.

Things to do in Porto:

  • Wander down Rua das Flores for a nice mid-day walk. The road that goes back to the 16th century is often packed with locals shopping and dining in its numerous restaurants and clothing stores. Make sure to try one of those delicious Pastel de nata. These mini custard tarts are small, but just one or two will fill you up for hours.
  • For just 3 Euros, you can climb the Clérigos Tower and enjoy a full view of the city from above. You can also check one of the many miradouros (which means viewpoint) located across the cities for the same experiences. Porto has many miradouros scattered across the city, but the two most famous ones are Miradouro da Vitoria and Miradouro das Fontainhas.
  • Visit Igreja do Carmo and Igreja de Santa Clara. These churches go back to the 14th century and are just a couple of minutes away from the historic Porto Cathedral in the downtown area.
  • Visit Vila nova de Gaia. A small municipality on the right bank of the Douro River with great culture, beautiful sandy beaches, and an amazing restaurant scene. It has some of the best beaches in Northern Portugal including Praia de Canide Sul.
  • Take a cable car for just $7 a passenger and watch from above the colorful houses lined on the side of the Douro River.
  • Visit São Bento metro station. It was declared a UNESCO world heritage site due to its historic artwork that goes back to 1916 and has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site.
  • For book nerds and Harry Potter fans, don’t forget to hit the Lello Bookstore in Cedofeita. This place is a geek’s fairytale. It’s the third most beautiful bookstore in the world and some even claim that J.K. Rowling wrote her first Harry Potter book in the store. You’ll instantly feel a Diagon-alley-like vibe in the place that will remind you of Ollivander’s wand shop.
  • Take a walk over Dom Louis 1 suspension bridge that connects Vila nova de Gaia with Porto. The panoramic view up there is amazing.


Enjoying coffee with the view of the Giza pyramid complex

Everything is cheap these days in Egypt. The Egyptian pound has lost 300% of its value in the past couple of years so it’s probably the right time to enjoy the country’s warm weather, sunny beaches, delicious food, and 7,000 years worth of historic scenery for almost nothing.

Things to do in Egypt

  • Book one of those Airbnbs with a couple’s jacuzzi and a romantic view over the Pyramids of Giza. The view at night is amazing, and it’s just a 5-minute walk from the Great Pyramids.
  • Avoid Cairo’s heavy traffic and dine on one of those fancy boats on the river Nile. These fancy babies cost between $20 and $35 a person.
  • Spend a day in Alexandria and enjoy the Egyptian coffee and rice pudding while strolling over their famous corniche and catching a night view of the Mediterranean.
  • Enjoy the coral beaches and swim with the sharks in Hurghada and Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve in Sharm El Sheikh
  • Float over one of those salt pools in Siaw Oasis (and don’t forget to take pictures)

Average budget: Between $1,500 and $2,000

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Budapest, Hungary

In 1873 two Hungarian cities, Buda and Pest, on the banks of the river Danube merged together to form the country’s capital and largest of cities. I lived a year in Budapest so I’m a bit biased, but I find it one of the most beautiful cities in Europe for both its historic architecture and hospitable locals. Plus, it’s cheap compared to the likes of Barcelona, Paris and London.

Here you’ll notice the mix between the Hungarian ancient ruins and the modern city vibes. The city is also known for its excellent nightlife and festivals including the Sziget festival, which takes place every August on an island just outside the city.

Things to do in Budapest

  • Enjoy a candlelit dinner with your partner on one of those Danube boat tours
  • Visit Széchenyi Thermal Bath. There’s a reason Budapest is dubbed “the city of spas” by fellow Europeans.

The city sits on tens of natural hot springs that attract thousands of visitors every year from all over Europe, especially in winter, and the best among these baths by far is Széchenyi’s.

Here you can choose between 18 indoor and outdoor warm pools available day and night. Yet, the best part is the priceless roof view over the Danube River, especially at sunset.

  • Take a tour down Buda Castle and listen to the tales of Vlad the Impaler aka. Dracula
  • For history lovers, visit the Hungarian Parliament on the Danube and learn about the country’s history.

This 18,000 square-meters building that goes back to 1902 is the city’s main symbol and the third largest Parliament building in the world and has some of the best Gothic interior designs in the continent

Average budget: Between $1,500 and $3,000

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