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How to Get Laid at a Wedding in 2024 (It Can Be Easy)

He's about to get laid at a wedding

If you want to learn how to get laid at a wedding because you’re going to one soon, then you’re in for a treat!

Honestly, weddings are one of the absolute best places to get laid, period. In fact, they’re much better than bars or clubs by a mile. And I’m going to tell you all the reasons why. As well as let you know the steps you need to follow so you get laid much more often than not.

Most of the women at weddings will be very emotional. And when you couple that with a few drops of free-flowing alcohol and the charm you’re going to pile on, they won’t be able to resist your advances.

Why You Should Be Meeting Women at Weddings

Weddings are one of the easiest venues to find a sexual partner. Both short-term and long-term.

First of all, it’s incredibly easy to start a conversation with anyone at a wedding. Because there’s so much in common and you can ask a ton of simple questions to break the ice. Such as, “How do you know the groom or the bride?” and “What do you think of the food or drinks?”

Anyone can ask these and similar simple questions and they’ll work just fine because people will expect everyone around them to be social. This, incidentally, also makes weddings a great place to learn how to deal with and cure approach anxiety.

That said, the biggest reason why it’s so easy to meet and sleep with women at a wedding is because of the emotional high everyone’s on.

There’s an undeniable romantic atmosphere

Let’s face it, weddings are very emotional occasions and make us feel good. Not just for the groom and bride, but for everyone involved.

Every woman who’s single and available (and even some who aren’t) is going to be thinking about life, love, sex, and fun. On top of that, there’s going to be great music, tasty food and lots of conversations. As well as plenty of fun, silly and even embarrassing moments and games. And more often than not, literally gallons upon gallons of alcohol.

Plus, all the women will see how amazing both the bride and groom look. So they’ll start thinking and imagining their own weddings and special occasions with someone by their side. And most women who are single will feel a strong urge to find themselves a partner. Even if it’s just for one night. And that’s where you’ll come in.

New course

You’ll be dressed for success

The fact that everyone will look their absolute best, including you, will really help you succeed at weddings.

Not often do you get to wear a fancy outfit and look like a million bucks, so capitalize on it. Just don’t forget to get a great haircut to match your looks. 

And here’s a pro tip: wear one little piece of clothing or accessory that really stands out and draws attention. Such as a bright or colorful bracelet or handkerchief, or another eye-catching item. If the dress code allows, wear something red as studies suggest that wearing this color can help boost your confidence.

You’ll be amazed at how many women will approach you because of this. As it’s the perfect excuse for them to chat you up. Don’t forget that women also feel anxiety when approaching, so make it really easy for them.

Finally, all the women around you will also look their best, so make sure to use one of the best openers that’s served to you on a silver platter. Namely, saying how amazing they look in that dress! And don’t forget to compliment their hairstyles as well because they’ll have put in a lot of effort into them.

Wedding hookup culture

Wedding hookup culture makes it easy to flirt with women

Besides the emotions, the free drinks and the fancy dresses, there’s one other thing worth knowing and using to your advantage. It’s called the wedding hookup culture.

You see, nowadays weddings usually aren’t the tight-knit affairs they once were, with only the closest friends and family there. These days, plenty of weddings will have a hundred or even several hundred guests in attendance. Which makes it incredibly easy to meet someone completely new that’s not part of your social circle.

And since there’s a biological reaction towards hookups and romance when everyone’s in the presence of two people getting married. It’s expected and even encouraged these days to get laid after the reception.

Now that you know the why, let’s get straight into the how!

How to Get Laid at a Wedding Virtually Every Time

Here’s the deal -- This method works not only at weddings, but also at all other huge gatherings. It’s just that weddings will supercharge your results because of the reasons above.

The method relies on the following crucial point: You need to focus on having fun while meeting and talking to everyone you see, especially the women you find attractive, without having any ulterior motive. At least in the beginning, when everyone’s getting to know each other.

Why? Because during such special occasions and events, the only true value you can bring other people is fun. Along with positive emotions and a friendly vibe.

Once you focus on fun and forget about getting laid for a moment, you will, quite paradoxically, end up getting laid nearly every single time.

Now, I can’t tell you exactly how to have fun because it’s all very subjective and depends on each and every person. So you’ll have to decide what having fun means to you and then go and let yourself loose.

For example, go dance, tell jokes and silly anecdotes, tease people, play light-hearted pranks on them, give out genuine compliments freely. Raise everyone up and do whatever you think is fun for you, personally. Let your personality shine.

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Trust me, everyone will definitely notice this behavior. And most importantly, all the women around you who see you will think very highly of you. Because you won’t be running around trying to flirt or seduce them right from the start. 

They’ll see that you’re just there to have fun. And they’ll trust you more than other guys who stand around with their drink in hand, scanning the room, looking for a “target” to hook up with.

So go mingle with everyone and do your thing. 

Step by step guide to get laid at weddings

Charming a woman at a wedding

Here are the exact steps of how to get laid at a wedding.

First, take a look around and notice all the women you find attractive and would like to sleep with.

Make sure you approach each one throughout the event, while you’re out there having fun and talking to other people. Make sure to talk to them matter-of-factly, without any ulterior motive or any thought of having sex with them. 

Most importantly, notice something specific about each girl at the wedding you want to woo. Something you find interesting, memorable and worthy of a genuine compliment. Such as a detail of her appearance, personality, attitude, etc. Also get her name and remember it. 

Keep your initial conversations lighthearted, fun and brief. Don’t hang around talking to them for over five minutes or so. Just get to know them a little bit and say you’ve had fun talking to them but you have to go meet everyone else or rejoin your friends. Then continue mingling.

Also, it’s important to break the touch barrier with every girl you’re interested in. However, make sure it’s very overt and only do light social touching at first as you don’t want to come on too strong just yet. Such as shaking hands when you meet or touching lightly on the shoulder when you emphasize some point. Because physicality is one of the main pillars of seduction and an integral part of flirting.

Doing all these things will establish to every woman in the venue that you’re not some “hunter out on the prowl.” That you’re a genuine, interesting, charming and fun guy who’s there to have a wonderful time. Again, this will cement the fact you’re trustworthy and differentiate you from everyone else.

The endgame of getting laid at weddings

Once you do all these things above and everyone’s seen what a social and fun guy you are, several hours will have passed. You’ll also have met and talked to all the girls at the wedding you’re interested in. 

Incidentally, doing all this will also make sure you don’t take much attention away from the bride and the groom because they’ll see you as simply having fun and meeting and talking to everyone. 

In any case, at this point, the wedding will be in its later stages and most people will be tipsy and even higher on emotions than before. Now’s the time to make your move and capitalize on all the goodwill you’ve built up.

This is the point where you’ll need to decide how to play it; either passively or aggressively.

The passive way relies on waiting until one of the girls you talked to approaches and initiates another conversation with you herself. Trust me, there will be many girls who will want to come and talk to you at this point. Because they’ll see you as the life of the party and will want to get a piece of the action. 

When this happens, it’s a massive sign of interest and close to a done deal because she’ll think you’re the greatest guy here.

If you choose the aggressive route, you’ll have to go and re-approach the women you picked out before. And they’ll welcome your approach with open arms because of your behavior. 

Personally, I’d be more aggressive. Because why would you learn how to get laid at a wedding only to sit around and rely on luck?

Whatever you choose, now’s the time to remember the girl’s name and that special detail you like about her and let her know. She’ll really appreciate it.

It’s time to go talk in private and take the girl home

Getting some privacy at a wedding reception

Now it’s time to get to know the girls (who approach you or who you approach) on a deeper level.

To get laid, you need comfort and trust, along with some sexual tension.

You’ve already got the trust part handled by showing everyone what a fun guy you are and that you’re not thirsty or desperate to get laid. All that’s left is to build rapport and create some sexual tension.

Take her somewhere where you can sit beside each other and talk privately, away from the loud music and all the commotion. Like a lounge, balcony, outside in the garden, etc.

Then commit to really get to know her and have a deep conversation. Ask her about herself and tell her about yourself to build some rapport. Don’t worry, at this point it’ll be easy as you’ll know she already likes you because you’ve been laying the groundwork the entire evening.

When she tells you something about herself that you genuinely like, compliment her on it, give her positive feedback, and say how great you think she is. 

At this point you should start flirting hard. Lay on the charm and make sure to create sexual tension by escalating your touches and seducing her by being physical. Like putting your arm around her shoulders, touching her arm or leg, getting very close to her face, etc. While whispering sweet nothing in her ear.

Eventually, she’ll really want to sleep with you and you’ll have to take her somewhere private.

Oh, and if things don’t work out with this particular girl, don’t worry! Excuse yourself and go do the exact same thing with another girl. That’s the beauty of this method, you’ll have so many choices you’re bound to get laid.

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If you’re at a hotel wedding

It’s easy to take her to your hotel room. Tell her you want to show her something cool. Any excuse will do because by this point she’ll think you’re amazing.

If you’re the best man

It’s a bit more complicated because people will expect you to stay with the guests for the entire wedding. But nothing prevents you from going somewhere more private for a quick break and hooking up, only to return later.

If your partner in the wedding party is hot

In this case, you’ll have your work cut out for you. Just do the same things above and she’ll grow to love you over the course of the evening. Don’t cling to her because you still have to be very social with everyone, to show her how fun and cool you are.

If you live close by

If you want to take someone home, tell her you live nearby and want to show her something really cool and invite her over for a bit. Use any excuse, grab a cab and take her home. At this point it’ll be as easy as that.

Now that you know the exact steps of how to get laid at weddings, you’re good to go!

Now go get ‘em!

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