9 Spots For Henderson Hookups That Locals Can't Get Enough Of In 2020

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Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and because this city is a mere 22 minutes from Vegas, the rule extends. There are 309,155 people here and due to our proximity to Sin City, you should have the best of luck finding some Henderson hookups.

There are Henderson hookup bars, sites and apps that you’ve probably already heard of, but which is the best option? Honestly, whether you prefer bars or sites, knowing the most popular of each will help you get laid in Henderson. Whether you’re in Anthem or Valley View, we’ve got a list of the hottest Henderson hookup bars, sites, and apps for 2019.

Our team explored the city and sampled all the apps. We interviewed users of all ages at different universities, including Nevada State College and The Art Institute of Nevada. Once we collected our data, we nearly had to pry our team members from these places with a crowbar!

The following is where they found the best atmosphere and the most successful Henderson hookups. Take a look and let us know what you think. If you know a place and think it should be added to our list, tell us about it in the comments below.

Where Hot Henderson Hookups Happen (Apps & Hookup Bars)

We’ll start with the most useful Henderson hookup apps and hookup bars. Our crew gave each bar or location high marks on specific factors, which we’ve detailed below. Find out why we gave these Henderson hookups a rocking thumbs up!

Now finding women and making them want you is a skill, but it’s a skill a lot of guys don’t have. If you want to brush up on your pickup game, then check out our comprehensive course on how to approach and attract women. It’s a surefire way to lose the shame in your game!

Green Valley Ranch Resort, Spa and Casino is where you can score big and get laid in Henderson

Green Valley Ranch Resort, Spa and Casino is where you can score big and get laid in Henderson


Bill Clinton and Vince Neil (to name a few) have gotten their rocks off in these rooms. Now it’s your turn. Green Valley Ranch Resort, Spa and Casino, or GVR as regulars call it, is a home away from home in Vegas.

It’s conveniently located 20 minutes from the strip, which means you can leave the party and return to a more low-key atmosphere at the GVR. It’s classy, comparable to the Bellagio or the Venetian, but less strenuous on your wallet.

Our team liked the GVR because of its proximity to both downtown and McCarren Airport (10 minutes by shuttle), and because of its chill atmosphere. There’s still a bit of Vegas here -- the buffet, the casino, an Irish Pub and hotties hoping to commit a few sins. But it’s not buried in the traffic and crowds of the strip. Men and women linger at the Irish pub and end up staying here for the night rather than migrating into the busy city center.

If you’ve already got some Henderson hookups lined up, and you’re ready to impress without the stress of blowing an entire paycheck, you’ll find that at the GVR. Likewise, if you're looking to get laid in Henderson, this is where you should be.


Hookup app Adult FriendFinder

Adult FriendFinder is the best Henderson hookup sites for just about everyone (especially if you've struggled elsewhere) (try it free)

Adult FriendFinder is the Tinder for guys who didn't have a lot of luck on Tinder. It’s for guys who are mostly looking to get laid but don't have the underwear model looks that seem to be necesarry to have a lot of success on Tinder. If you’re in that group or looking to meet women 30 and older (or both) try Adult Friend Finder. There are more than 90 million users who log onto this hookup site daily with hopes of finding someone to hook up with. It's been our favorite for a while.

In all of our time experimenting with just about every app out there to find a woman for a quick fling Adult FriendFinder has stood out. They are the app we tend to recommend first and are the one that we have seen the best results with. You can’t have as many users as they have and be popular as long as they have been without helping men AND women find what they are looking for. Everyone should at least give their free trial a shot.

It’s a popular site not only in Henderson but around the world and for good reason. Adult Friend Finder has been hooking people up for short-term love since 2006. It’s one of the oldest and most established hookup sites still in use today.

Each year, Adult Friend Finder makes our list of best hookup apps. So if they’ve made it to our exclusive list, you know it’s the best Henderson hookup site that will really give you results!

Find a friend today on Adult Friend Finder!

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Using this link to Adult Friend Finder's free trial offer you can check out exactly why so many guys have had such great success finding hookups using it. It really is the best option for most guys that we've found, especially when you're not super good looking.


The M Resort has the best bars to get laid in Henderson

The M Resort has the best bars to get laid in Henderson


It sparkles in the desert sand and is the ultimate pre-game destination for those looking to sharpen their game before hitting the city.

Men and women like to stop here and stay a few nights. Sometimes they simply pause here to enjoy the desserts at Baby Cakes, get stuffed at the Studio B Buffet or enjoy a few cocktails poolside. There are two pools--the Daydream Pool Club and the M Pool. All those poolside bars make it hard to pinpoint which one is the best bar to get laid in Henderson. So we suggest trying each one!

We like The M Resort because, finally, guys get a break. It costs $20 to enter these magnificent pools, but men get in for $10 before 12 p.m. We also love the poolside where you can enjoy bikini-clad babes in a less crowded environment. There’s a poolside bar, a DJ spinning dope mixes, and a light menu if you get hungry. It’s out of the city and absolutely the best poolside Henderson hookup bar.



Cougar Life hookup app

Cougar Life makes getting laid in Henderson easy if you like older women

Older women feel stigmatized when they want to engage in some casual enjoyment, and they’ve migrated to hookup apps to avoid outside judgment. If you’re looking for an easy way to meet sexy, older women, try Cougar Life. With more than 7 million members on Cougar Life, you better believe that many of them are in Henderson and looking for a real man.

Women on Cougar life are typically 35 and older, and they’re looking for equally mature men (both younger and older). So if mom’s still washing your boxer-briefs, you’d be better off at a gentleman’s club.

Otherwise, Cougar Life is easily the most high-quality cougar app in the big cities, especially Henderson. Each year, Beyond Ages compiles a list of our favorite cougar dating sites and Cougar Life shakes its sexy hips to the top each year.

If you’re done with the girls, start dating the women. Cougar Life is where you can get laid in Henderson!

Try Cougar Life For Free


Smith’s Food and Drug is packed with groceries and singles

Smith’s Food and Drug is packed with groceries and singles looking for Henderson hookups


When anyone thinks of hookups, the last place that comes to mind is a supermarket. This isn’t just an ordinary supermarket, though. Smith’s is a classy diamond in the City of Sin. It’s a fresh food grocer where a healthy human can purchase vegan products and cosmetics. There’s a deli and cheese counter, and, believe it or not, it’s a top spot for hookups.

At Smith’s, our staff found local women and out of town ladies sniffing out the cheese counter or picking through the vegan cosmetics section. If you’re from Henderson and making a grocery run, you might as well stop at Smith’s--you’ll be happy you did. This place is especially good if you're specifically looking to find locals looking for sex, maybe to develop things into a more regular thing.

Who knows? You thought you’d find what you needed in the deli, but you found someone cute with shared interests at the cheese counter. Happy shopping!

The Firefly* is tops for tapas and also one of our favorite Henderson hookup bars

The Firefly* is tops for tapas and also one of our favorite Henderson hookup bars


The Firefly* glows brightly as one of the desert’s favorite restaurants and bars. It’s in downtown Vegas, located 30 minutes from Henderson, but believe us when we tell you it’s worth the price of parking.

They open at 3 pm and close at 1 am. You can begin and end your evening here. Their main dish is tapas, but they also have a full bar for cocktails, wine or beers on tap. They have two different Happy Hours on Monday through Thursday from 3 pm to 6 pm and again from 11 pm to 1 am.

Parking is easy if you arrive before 7:30 p.m., but after that, you might have a challenging time because it fills up fast. There’s also indoor and outdoor patio seating, so you can choose where you’ll be eyeing the crowd.

Oh, and despite being so close to Vegas, they have great prices. In fact, you could order several dishes and split them between four people for less than $100.

We chose The Firefly* because of the ambiance, the happy hours and the incredible tapas. If you don’t have luck during (what we call) the first hookup Happy Hour, you’ve got a chance during the second hookup Happy Hour. Even if you don’t get lucky, you can enjoy a flavorful and well-made meal by one of the top chefs in the city for a great price. Enjoy all that’s delicious that The Firefly* has to offer.

Public Works Coffee Bar is a different kind of place for Henderson hookups

Public Works Coffee Bar is a different kind of place for Henderson hookups


They serve coffee, tea and blended drinks. They get ingredients for their beverages, pastries and dishes from local vendors in Henderson.

One of these afternoons, head out to Henderson’s Public Works Coffee Bar, sit out front on Water Street and people watch or come for the Trivia. Ever hate how trivia runs? And how it’s always on a school night, so by the time you’ve dazzled someone with your wit, the night is over and everyone goes their separate ways?

That’s why we loved Trivia Brunch. When Trivia is over, you’ve still got the afternoon to get to know someone. You may just find your intellectual match at Public Works.

The Henderson Hookup Bars and Sites that Are Worth a Shot

Now that we’ve covered some of our favorites, here are a few more proven places to find Henderson hookups.

The Blue Martini is a first date place of choice for Tinder dates

The Blue Martini is a first date place of choice for singles looking for Henderson hookups


If you’re driving into Vegas from Henderson, take exit 11 to the Blue Martini. It’s about 20 minutes from the city, and it’s where upscale industry types come and mix with the locals. There’s an outdoor patio bar, chic tapas and for those of you who wear Bermuda shorts and T-shirts, there’s also a strict dress code. Be prepared to be turned away if you’re dressed like a beach bum.

The Blue Martini serves expensive but powerful drinks, and DJs spin dope mixes of Merengue, Cumbia, Salsa, Reggaeton and so much more.

We love this hookup bar because it exudes class. If you’re looking for live-action Tinder and you’ve got good genes, you’ll love the Blue Martini. If you’re looking to impress, there are two VIPs and three cabanas you can rent out. Happy hour is between 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., so get there early to take advantage of their famously strong and expensive drinks.

When Henderson hookup sites let you down, drop by World of Beer

When Henderson hookup sites let you down, drop by World of Beer


It’s a dimly lit den of young bros, single women and happy couples. It gets a little loud, but if that’s where you work your best magic, you’ll do well at World of Beer. They’ve got a hookup hour, also known as happy hour, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. There’s an incredible selection of beer, hence the name: World of Beer.

Our favorite part was their themed evenings. Five dollar burgers on some Mondays and Taco Tuesdays and Thursday--get ready for it--is Ladies Night! Show up on Thursday and go wild with all the local and out-of-town singles.

If you’re here before 7 p.m., watch your language--it's a kid-friendly establishment. There’s outside seating and plenty of places to sit to watch the game. Service isn’t quite up to par, but you shouldn’t be here for the food.


Hookup app Tinder

Tinder turns the heat up in Henderson

Maybe you’re on a business trip and you’re working the convention center for a week. Or perhaps you’re a local looking to get laid. Either way, Tinder is pretty much like a sailor’s dick: it’s heavily used and popular with the ladies.

It’s the heavily trafficked Henderson hookup app. It’s where out-of-towners or locals login with hopes of packing in or getting packed. Don’t get excited, though. Tinder users are generally between the ages of 18 to 28 -- you want to date someone who can legally drink, don’t you?

Here’s another hitch: if you’re not absolutely smokin’ hot, you probably won’t have the best chances on Tinder. That’s because most users are counting on their looks to get lucky.

Women get the most attention on Tinder, but men really don’t get too much play. And although it’s a hookup site, Tinder’s platform has shifted over the years as some users have found long-lasting relationships.

If you’re so-so looking, you’ll have better luck on Adult Friend Finder. If you’re having trouble on Tinder and you’re not ready to give up, we might be able to help. Good luck!

Try Tinder For Free


Enjoy a more relaxed vibe at Winchell’s Pub and Grill

Enjoy a more relaxed vibe at Winchell’s Pub and Grill and find Henderson hookups easily


If you’re looking for greasy bar food that’s fatty and delicious, sports on the TVs and an obnoxious but friendly All-American crowd, you’ll get it at Winchell’s Pub And Grill. Evidence of Vegas lingers nearby as you find yourself surrounded by electronic Blackjack Machines. Because it’s a local pub, this place is frequented by locals and has “regulars.”  Beware that it will be crowded on special days like St. Patty’s Day.

At Beyond Ages, we wanted to create a well-rounded list for all ages. If you’re not feeling the poolside bars, the dress codes or the resorts, you’ll love Winchell’s. It’s the kind of place where older singles can hook up over cheers, laughs and beer.

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