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Best Razors for First-Time Shavers: A Comprehensive Guide

Is this the best razor for first time shavers

Beginning to shave is an exciting milestone in a young person’s life. The self-care aisle in your local supermarket or drugstore is brimming with razors, shaving creams, and all sorts of grooming accessories, leaving you wondering where you should even begin.

There are certainly a wide variety of razors available in the market, and while many of them are similar, some are better suited to different people. You don’t want to pick out just any old razor.

Regarding the best razor for first-time shavers, there are a few contenders. Let's look at the aspects that make a model a great selection for first-time shavers, as well as which model could be the best razor for teens.

What to Consider When Buying Your First Razor

There are a few things to consider when deciding which razor is right for you, especially when first starting out. Should you get a fixed or interchangeable blade? What size razor should you get? What on earth is a french point razor?

Shaving really is an art in a sense. There are tools and razors of all kinds that will enable you to achieve the look you’re after, but these fancy models won’t make the best razor for first-time shavers. You’d most likely end up with a few nasty cuts, what you need is something easy and forgiving that you can learn with.

Learning how to shave is a crucial step in understanding how to become a handsome man.

Let’s look at some tips that can help beginner shavers choose a great model so that they can begin practicing one of the most crucial aspects of self-care.

You’ll see there’s quite a fair amount to unpack, but don’t worry, we’ll make it easy for you!

Go easy on the maintenance


Unless you want to spend more time plucking out hairs from your razor than actually shaving, you’d be wise to pick out something that doesn't require too much fuss and hassle to keep the blade fresh and tidy.

Some blades are referred to as “fixed blades” due to them being unremovable and requiring you to sharpen them somewhat regularly. To do that you’d need to buy a razor sharpener, or take it to a barber, but that involves extra steps and is unnecessary for now. With that in mind, we’ll be sticking with razors that offer replaceable blades.

You’ll need to change these regularly, as they become dull rather quickly and may even start to rust. You should never use a rusty razor, as you could risk cutting yourself and allowing the bacteria on the blade to contaminate you. Some bacteria such as Pseudofolliculitis barbae are clearly associated with shaving. Dry your razor to keep it from rusting, never allow it to lay wet.

Beginners are very likely to neglect their razors and allow their first few to rust. That, along with convenience, is why we highly recommend opting for a replaceable razor, at least to begin with.

What size razor should I get?

You may find information online about the size of razors, with figures such as “6/8” or “4/8” being spouted. You may also come across articles discussing whether a straight-point or french point razor is right for you.

You’ve wandered into the land of straight razors, which are totally different from the modern kind of safety razors you have in mind, which we’re discussing here. Don’t give any of that too much thought, as it’s in the realm of advanced shaving.

As for the size of your safety razor, anything that looks like it would comfortably fit in your hand is perfectly fine. If it feels natural, that’s the most important aspect, as you’ll be using your razor in places that require caution such as your throat. If you’re particularly adventurous and want to impress the ladies you’re bringing home from parties while dating, you may even try a little manscaping. Women respect and appreciate a man who takes care down there.

Just be confident in handling your razor before you go to town around your “prized possessions.''

Is the price right?

Shaving Razors can cost between just a few dollars for disposable plastic razors, to hundreds of dollars for premium electric razors. Unless you’re a genetic outlier, odds are you’ll only have a little stubble and scruff when you begin your journey into shaving.

An expensive electric razor would be like purchasing a Ferrari to begin your career as an Uber Driver. There’s nothing wrong with making a start, but you just don’t need such expensive equipment to do the job.

We recommend staying between $10 to $30 dollars, ideally somewhere in the middle. That’s going to allow you to pick out something made to last, with high-quality materials, that won’t break the bank. It’ll also be much easier to transport, and far less concerning if you lose it.

Gillette is a major player in the shaving industry, and for good reason. They are known for offering top-of-the-line razors, and you really can’t go wrong when selecting a model from them. You’ll easily find something from them in the aforementioned price range.

If you’re looking for something quick and easy before you meet up with friends or even your eHarmony hookup, you’ll find Gillette to be a lifesaver.

How many blades are too many?

How many blades is too many

Your razor could have as many as five blades if you decide that’s how many you need.

For beginners, however, we recommend a razor with two blades. That is what the average person uses, and it’ll allow you a comfortable experience free of irritation.

If your hair is coarse you may need to advance to a three-bladed razor or reduce to one blade if you find that your skin is sensitive to shaving with a dual-bladed razor.

Overall, the best razor for teens, and beginners in general, is going to be a razor with two blades. These models are easily accessible, you’ll have no issues finding one, and they’re essentially standard. If you’re becoming active in the dating scene as a young man, it’s important to be well-shaven. Women don’t like being scratched up by prickly, ungroomed facial hair. If you find yourself being rejected by a woman and don’t know why it could be due to messy and attractive facial hair.

Don’t forget that more blades also means more cleaning. The highest frequency of facial dermatitis was found among men using razor blades and/ or an electric shaver, due to improper cleaning habits, and cross contaminations. Keep your blades clean!

Does the brand matter?

There are great razors from many brands, you can even get your razors from a subscription service like Dollar Shave Club. Before joining any shaving subscriptions you should at least get some practice.

Big-name brands are your safest bet as a beginner. After all, they’re popular for a reason. You’ll easily be able to find replaceable razors for brands that are accessible everywhere, as opposed to a smaller niche company, so overall the hassle aspect is also greatly reduced.

Did you know BIC, the brand you likely buy your pens from, is also a massive player in the shaving industry? However, they focus on disposable razors, where you throw away the entire thing and not just the sharp part. However, as you can imagine, this really is atrocious for the environment. I would really recommend avoiding these, as in the USA alone, 2 billion are discarded each year.

An eco-conscious man has never been more attractive to women than in our time, showing her you genuinely care will make her respect you.

With that in mind, there are actually biodegradable razors on the market, but if you’re after something premium, and hassle-free, Gillette really is the best way to go. They even offer a recycling program!

The Best Razor for First-Time Shavers

There are a few options that spring to mind when discussing the best razor for first-time shavers. These can be separated by looking at features, such as price, value, and quality. Young men, and women, who have recently entered the world of shaving are likely also wondering about the best razor for teens.

In reality, there isn’t much difference between the best razor for teens and the best razor for first-time shavers. You’re likely in both groups!

Women’s razors tend to be made for shaving the body, such as the legs and underarms, while Men’s razors are made for the face. No matter what gender you are, it really isn’t that big of a deal to buy either kind of razor. If it matches your needs, go for it.

With all that said, let’s look at specific models of facial razors, and discuss why they’d be a great fit for you!

The budget saver: Dollar Shave Club bundle

Dollar Shave Club bundle

At just $12 Dollars for a premium razor, 4 razor cartridges, and a razor cover, you can’t find this degree of value anywhere else. This 4 blade razor will easily tackle thick facial hair and leave you with a smooth, soft finish.

The razors at Dollar Shave Club are really well made, plus they’re super convenient due to their subscription service. You won’t need to join it to try them out however, you can make a once-off order on amazon to give them a trial run.

The value razor: Amazon Basics 5-blade razor

Amazon Basics 5-blade razor

At just 18 Dollars, Amazon’s Razor is probably an unexpected inclusion. However, they’ve included 16 razor cartridges with their razor, which is a fantastic deal. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive and seeing as we’re talking about Amazon, you’ll never struggle to get razors to replace your dull blades.

Their 5-blade razor is sure to be extra thorough and be able to shave even the mightiest of facial hairs. At the price they’re offering, you really can’t go wrong with this as a beginner and even a long-term razor.

The high-quality razor: Gillette SkinGuard

Gillette SkinGuard

We’ve been singing our praises about Gillette throughout the article, so it likely comes as no surprise to see them mentioned here. Gillette is a brand that makes razors last, and that sentiment shines clearly through every razor they release.

The SkinGuard in particular is incredible, it has 2 blades and also caters well to those with sensitive skin.

At just $20, you’ll be shaving in style, like an absolute expert. You’ll be well-shaven, well-groomed, and well-taken care of.

There you have it, the best razor for first-time shavers. Now you can confidently make razor purchasing decisions like a man. Get out there and work your rizz on some wonderful women. They’re sure to love your fresh, clean shave, and so will you.

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