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The 7 Biggest Turn On For Girls in 2024 What Guys Can Do To Make It Happen

Does he have the biggest turn on for girls

What is the biggest turn-on for girls? It’s not just one thing—there’s a constellation of male traits out there that women love. And this article will introduce you to the seven most important ones.

Why is this important? Simple—because with every woman you meet in the dating game, she’ll only have one of two kinds of relationships with you. And that is platonic or romantic.

And unless you can make her feel romantic towards you, you’ll never get her. It’s that simple. And that’s why learning and building the traits in this article is so important.

The seven traits you’re about to learn are behavioral or physical. Cultivate these traits and make them your own, and you’ll see a tenfold increase in the amount of attention (and affection) you’ll get from women.

I won’t kid you: It’ll be a long, tough process. But it doesn’t have to be exhausting work. And if you follow the tips in this article, it won’t be.

Now, without further ado, here are the seven biggest turn-ons for girls.

The Biggest Turn On for Girls: Your Behavior

The first four traits are behavioral. You can—and should—develop each one of these, and a good chunk of your self-improvement efforts should focus on them. If you do, you’ll notice girls treating you differently—a little warmer and a whole lot more sexually.

Turn On #1: Confidence

This is one of the most important traits you can ever cultivate. You must have confidence in yourself, in what you do, and in what you want to achieve. And you must avoid any sort of desire for external validation and praise.

You’ll know you’re a confident man when:

  • You stop worrying about what other people think and just do your own thing
  • When you know there’s no problem in the world that can’t be solved
  • When you’re willing to achieve your goals with whatever it takes, even at the risk of failure, embarrassment, and ridicule

Women love confidence in men because it’s the exact opposite of weakness and neediness, which are two of the most unattractive male traits.

Keep in mind that confidence is also visible in online dating. A study showed that looking proud and confident in your photos tends to get a positive reaction from women. So make sure that even when taking photos, you maintain a good posture and open body language to show confidence.

If confidence has so far been a sticking point for you, then it’s time to work on building self-esteem. The better your opinion of yourself, the more confidence you can have.

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Turn On #2: Skill with women

Second, you’ll want to be skillful with women. That entails two crucial characteristics: (1) You need to not be a simp, and (2) you must know how to create sexual tension.

What is a simp? The Urban Dictionary defines it as “a male who is overly submissive to a female and gains nothing from it.” So, if you’ve been too generous with your time, money, and energy with women who take you for granted—then you’ve been a simp, and you need to stop this as soon as you can. 

Meanwhile, in case you haven’t heard of it, sexual tension is the hidden urge to get romantic or sexual with the person you’re interacting with. Building sexual tension is, quite simply, the only way to get out of the friendzone.

Fortunately, the more you build the seven traits in this guide, the more sexual tension you’ll generate with women by default—so get going!

Turn On #3: Social proof

Men with social proof

Scientists have long established that women prefer men that other women like. The scientific term for this phenomenon is “mate choice copying,” and it’s a mental shortcut women use to decide which men are worth it. The reasoning is simple: “If other women like you, then you must be a good lover.”

In layman’s terms, this is called “social proof.” And to build it, you need to be not only good with the ladies, but also make connections with the who’s-who of society.

For instance, if you frequent bars and clubs, you’d do well to rub elbows with the owners and bartenders. If you’re a business hotshot, you’ll want to have regulators and politicians on your side. You get the idea.

Turn On #4: Being the standard

The fourth of the biggest turn-ons for girls is to be the standard. In other words, you don’t want to stop at just being a “good man” or a “good lover” to women. Instead, you strive to be the man they compare all the other men in their lives to.

Why is this important? Scientists have found that women judge their potential lovers by comparing them to others. And when you’re in a group being appraised like that, you tend to be at a disadvantage.

So instead of being compared to others, aim to become the manliest guy they’ve ever met. Make a big impression, move fast, and give them as much of an emotional high as you can in as little time as possible.

If you do, then even if you don’t end up together, they’ll still remember you as the standard that all the other men in their lives must live up to. When that happens, they’ll likely end up choosing you in the end.

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Turn Ons for Girls: Physical Aspects

Now, let’s focus on the male physical aspects that turn women on. These are just as important as the four behavioral aspects covered earlier, but you’ll need to understand one thing: you have no control over some physical aspects. Some of them you were just born with and got to live with.

And you know what? That’s fine. Work on what you can, and you’ll maximize your “turn-on potential” regardless.

Turn On #5: Your face

A man taking good care of his face

There’s no denying it. Science has proven that people, both men and women, judge their potential lovers by their faces. The more facially attractive a person is, the better their genes, and the more likely they’ll pass on their strength and attractiveness to their offspring.

Every healthy woman is hard-wired by Mother Nature to want a strong, attractive partner who will give her strong, healthy children. This is a natural need—so much so that women need to make a conscious, concentrated effort to suppress it. And it’s been established, time and again, that married women are happier and healthier than their single counterparts.

All that said, while you can’t change the face you were born with, you can make it as attractive as possible. Take care of your hair and grooming, brush and floss daily, invest in some basic skincare–these are just some of the things you can do to make your face more attractive.

Turn On #6: Fitness

Another thing that turns women on is fitness—or, more specifically, that V-shaped torso. You’ll want to have a muscular upper body that tapers down to a narrower waist. If you need guidance getting your own V going, here’s a great guide to building your shoulders—or, as some people call them, your “man antlers.”

Meanwhile, if you’re overweight or generally unhealthy, you need to get some cardio going. Here’s a good guide to the exercises you can start with to start inching towards better health.

Take note, though. Getting fit requires a lifestyle change—one that you’ll want to stick to for the rest of your life. The sooner you get into the habit, the better, so start now.

Turn On #7: Fashion

Good fashion sense

Lastly, there’s your fashion sense. How well you dress and present yourself will dictate how well you’ll be received by women. It’s another indication of social proof—you know what’s trendy, and you have no problem being “in”.

Luckily for you, upgrading your fashion sense is the fastest way to increase your attractiveness. All it takes is a little time to research what women like in your location and local culture, plus a little money to buy the items you need. It’s an investment that will go a long, long way.

Want a quick guide on fashion? Here’s our guide on how to dress well.

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Turn Women On Now

As a quick recap, here are the seven biggest turn-ons for girls:

  1. Having confidence in yourself, your goals, and your ability to reach those goals
  2. Being confident and skilled with women
  3. Having plenty of social proof
  4. Being the standard—the man women compare all their other men to
  5. Being handsome
  6. Being fit, muscular, and healthy
  7. Having a good fashion sense

The good news is that most of these are areas of your life you can work on. I suggest you find the traits you can make the fastest, easiest upgrades on to get the maximum positive change to your attractiveness and start there.

For most men, that’s most likely their fashion sense. While getting muscular or gaining confidence takes time and practice, one can upgrade his fashion sense in a single afternoon.

So, where do you start? Pick an area where you can make a massive positive change today and get right on it. Good luck!

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