The Proven Places to Meet Austin Cougars (Expert Picks)

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Finding single cougars in Austin can be as easy as you make it. With an exciting online dating scene and fantastic venues for singers and bands, it’s a fertile ground! There are simply many places to explore if you’re interested in meeting some of the finest older ladies in town.

If you find yourself in our place, then you can never go wrong with Downtown or West Lake. These are well-known cougar neighborhoods. Or maybe you can drop by at Practice Yoga to meet some flexible Austin cougars. There are also lots of shopping malls and organic stores for some daytime fun.

Do a quick stroll through Whole Foods, and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Or if you want more fun, we also have various restaurants and bars where older ladies go. Here they let their hair down and have a great night out. You can be just the cub they’ve been looking for!

So where are the best spots and cougar bars in Austin? If you’re interested in meeting more mature older ladies, check out our top picks! No other place in Texas compares.

The best spots to meet cougars in Austin

To begin with, we wanted to start things off right. This has been our favorite cougar bar lately:

Icenhauer’s is one of the spots to meet Austin cougars for happy hours

Icenhauer's women watching the crowds


This chic Austin cougar bar is a perfect meeting place for older ladies because of its vibrant atmosphere. Cougars gather here in groups to sip on cocktails and unwind after a long day at the office. The long dark bar is perfect for catching the eye of an older lady on the lookout. Plus, with the ample seating here, you can sit anywhere to get to know your lady better.

With wallet-friendly happy hour prices ($2.25 for a beer), you can’t help but have a great night here. On Wednesday nights, they offer discounts on their wines, so you can bet that’s the best time to meet these women.

Adult FriendFinder has been our most reliable option to find a cougar for a fling (try it free)

Homepage for Adult Friend Finder

Our city has a huge variety of women. Some are your typical Southern Belles, but others are wild cougars who are on the prowl. You obviously want to meet the latter if you want to get laid fast. Of all the options we’ve tried for getting into bed with hot older women, Adult FriendFinder takes the cake.

Sure, you might meet women onn other platforms, but there are a couple of caveats to that. For starters, a lot of the competition made for one-night stands cater to the younger crowd. Second, if you use a more general option that attracts a slightly older crowd, then you’ll run into a lot of women who want a relationship.

On Adult FriendFinder, we’ve found the best of both worlds. For starters, a huge percentage of AFF users are in their 30s to 40s. So that means huge odds of meeting cougars. Most importantly, everyone on here is out looking for a fling. Relationships are just a bonus, but heading to the bedroom is the sole purpose of this place.

There just isn't a faster or easier way to meet cougars who want to fool around anywhere else!

So if you’re tired of another luckless weekend at your usual club, try Adult FriendFinder's free trial below. We haven't found a more reliable way for guys to find a woman to take home quick.

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If you actually want to meet single cougars who are more interested in fun in the bedroom than a long-term relationship you need to check out Adult FriendFinder's free trial with this link. We've spent many months testing out 100+ different options to meet cougars and AFF has consistently been the easiest way for most men.


Our favorite cougar bars in Austin

These are a few of the most fun cougar bars in town. If you're in the mood for a good time and to meet some older ladies this is where you should try:

Continental Club might be the best cougar bar in Austin

Continental Club is full of single women in Austin looking for a good time


We have to start with what makes this such a special city: music. From the annual SXSW festival to the nightly shows, this city has a rhythm all its own. Nowhere is that more apparent than at the Continental Club, a local music club with international fame. This club has been the hub of music and social scenes since 1995.

Because the Continental Club is central to this city’s music scene, it’s perfect for meeting older women. Everyone in town comes out to this club from time to time. Whatever your preferred musical stylings–rock, country, blues, soul–there’s something (and someone) for you. Don’t sleep on the Continental Club.

Cedar Street Courtyard is a jazz club Austin cougars love

The attractive bartenders at Cedar Street Courtyard


This classy venue first opened its doors over 15 years ago. So, if you’re hoping to meet chic and sophisticated Austin cougars, this is the perfect venue to do so. Smooth jazz tunes flow gently from the stage, creating a sensual atmosphere. Groups of well-dressed, attractive older ladies add to the sexy ambiance of this place. So if I were you, I’d don a suit, grab a cocktail and get out here!

Mature women get their groove on at Grove Wine Bar and Kitchen

Single cougars in Austin drinking wine at Grove Wine Downtown


At Grove, they’ve got your groove. If you’re into older women, then you should definitely come here. This is the place to be for those big cats you like. They go here to meet young cubs like you, and they’re always ready to pounce!

The atmosphere here is very laid back and chill. The service is always great. Plus, this place serves some of the best pizza in town! If you don’t know what to order from their list, then have a chat with the staff. Aside from the pizza, we also recommend trying their crab cakes. They’re delicious.

The bartenders here are also very knowledgeable about their drinks. Their wines are locally-sourced and come from smaller vineyards. They probably have brands you’ve never heard of before. So just pick one and ask them about it. This will allow you to learn something new while having a few drinks on your mission.

San Jose Hotel Lounge is the Austin cougar bar where you’ll meet women just passing through

Cocktails from San Jose Hotel Lounge


The Lounge is located inside San Jose Hotel. This bar will give you a relaxed feel as you enjoy their great drinks and nibbles. The Lounge has a great atmosphere with its great vibe and lovely people. It’s a great place to meet older women who are in town for the week as well as locals. Women go here to gussy up for the evening.

When you spot a potential date, ask her if she’s up for a walk or if you can buy her a drink. This way, you can get to know each other under the beautiful night sky or over cocktails. It’s an easy way to meet and get to know a lovely older lady.

South Austin Beer Garden adds some sunlight to your search for love

South Austin Beer Garden adds some sunlight to your search for Austin single women


It would be silly to end a list without at least one more bar. Truthfully, though, South Austin Beer Garden is far better than just a bar; it’s a well-lit escape from your life. As the name suggests, this beer garden gets you down south and out of the city center. It also gets you out of those dark and dank pubs and into the sunlight.

With over 60 beers on tap and a downright massive deck, there’s no better place to drink beers in town. It’s also one of the city’s most friendly, well-lubricated social settings. With fire pits and spaces for outdoor games, it’s like a backyard party with hundreds of friends. You’re sure to meet plenty of singles here.

Enjoy handmade drinks at Cover 3

Sexy blonde women having drinks at Cover 3


Whether you go here for a weekday dinner or weekend brunch, you’ll surely enjoy a delicious meal at Cover 3. Learning how to get a cougar with ease isn't always "easy", but this spots helps. It has a warm and friendly ambiance that adds to the remarkable dining experience you’ll have. They offer a full bar with an impressive selection of drinks from draft beers to wines available by the glass. Try their burgers and handmade vodkas. They’re a must!

This is the best sports bar in the north par tof town, so you’ll never feel bored with the good food and terrific atmosphere. Happy hours are packed with women on the prowl. So try to go here during those times. If there’s a seat at the bar, take it. This is where the older ladies sit to find their targets. The closer you are to them, the better. Strike up a conversation and take an Austin cougar home!

Where to meet Austin Cougars during the day

If you're more of a daytime guy there are some good options for you as well. These are the spots that get a lot of women throughout the day and are easy to strike up a conversation at:

The Steeping Room is popular with single cougars during the day

The Steeping Room before sundown


If you’re not really a coffee fan but more of a tea person, then this place is for you. The Steeping Room is a favorite tea place among Austin cougars. This spot offers a wide variety of tea selections in various forms of preparation. Plus, they offer vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options, which are perfect for the older ladies maintaining their sexy bodies. Even if you eat meat, then you might want to try those out as everything here is delicious!

The staff is also delightful and knowledgeable about the different teas and meals that they have. Try their Empress Cup (with a splash of milk), and you’ll surely be impressed.

The Steeping Room can be your go-to place to meet cougars in Austin. The location is easily accessible, and there’s an ample amount of seating inside. The food is also reasonably priced, and they do feature a “happy hour” with discounts on certain items. Go here and have tea time with an elegant older lady!

eHarmony is the best options for real relationships (try it now)

Homepage for eharmony.comWith a city the size of ours with it's growing traffic problem driving from bar to bar to meet people is less and less appealing. If you're a busy guy (or busy cougar) you need to be smart about how you use your time. These days that means spending some of your time looking online. A lot of women are actually ONLY looking online these days.

If you want to get the best results from your dating life you need to try eHarmony's proven trial (just like their 30 million other active members). In our experience, this place has the most cougars in Austin using it and they are VERY receptive to messages and dates. This is a place for people motivated to actually meet up, not just collect messages and boost your ego.

We have yet to find another option where meeting cougars is easier than eHarmony!

Because their signup process for the trial is a little longer than most only women who are really looking to meet men finish it. Then, the women only get a handful of matches each day so they're not blasted with 100 messages from 100 guys. The combination of these two means you are connecting with women you will actually connect with, who actually read and respond to your messages, and are very willing to meet up offline.

If you're a relationship guy you'd probably be interested to hear that 75% of all marriages that began online started with eHarmony. Their system just works, even for guys who aren't good with women. Check out their proven trial and see. You can only improve your results with women if you change things up!

Try eHarmony Free


Central Market has a lot of Austin cougars shopping there

Central Market has more than just groceries, it has lots of Austin single women


What’s the one thing all men and women have in common? They all have to eat sometime. When thinking about places to meet mature women in town, people picture bars and clubs. All the while, they’re ignoring the most obvious place: the grocery store. Everybody has to go there eventually, especially if they’re single.

When we’re at Central Market, we can’t help noticing the aisles are full of beautiful women. We’re not advocating anyone bother someone just trying to do their errands. That doesn’t mean you can’t be social and start up a conversation. The Central Market makes it especially easy with their in-house café and regular events. It’s honestly so obvious, it should be everyone’s first option.

Where to pick up cougars in Austin at night

These are the spots that REALLy get going once the sun goes down. For the night owls among us you will love them:

Plush gets cougars in Austin in the mood to dance

Plush gets single women in Austin in the mood to dance


We know how you feel. When someone mentions going to a dance club, the last thing we picture is meeting someone. These clubs are crowded, loud, and sweaty. It’s hard enough to order a drink, let alone have a conversation. Let us set your mind at ease: Plush is a dance club where you can actually make a connection.

Single older women come out to the 100-capacity Plush to dance to hip-hop, house, funk and everything else. They also come because they want to have an intimate experience. This is a small bar with a big social scene. Bring your dance moves, of course, but also bring your personality. There is ample opportunity to charm the ladies at Plush.

Cougar Life is an easy way for younger guys to meet cougars in Austin (try it free)

Homepage for Cougar LifeWhen it comes to meeting a lot of cougars in Austin quickly, especially those interested in dating younger guys, there isn't a better option than Cougar Life (which just so happens to have a free trial). Older women are often just too busy to spend a lot of time in bars and clubs so many of them have been looking online to meet guys. In fact, a lot of them are ONLY looking online these days.

If you're not spending at least a little time on Cougar Life you're going to miss out on a lot of opportunities!

There are a lot of options out there (and we've tried just about all of them in our cougar dating site review) but none of them really deliver as well as Cougar Life does. There are a few reasons why we think it works so well:

Local cougars are using Cougar Life daily

There are more popular platforms out there but they just don't have the cougars. Cougar Life has over 7 million active members and EVERY SINGLE WOMAN on this platform is a cougar. There is no reason for a non-cougar to even consider signing up!

Instead of scrolling through hundreds of profiles hoping to find an attractive single cougar, especially one interested in dating both younger and older guys, they are all right here. It saves so much time and frustration!

These cougars actually want to meet up

If you've spent any time on other options you know that a lot of the women that use them are really just looking for attention. They don't want to really meet a guy in person but they're happy to collect compliments and stroke their ego.

When you use a more specific option like Cougar Life you avoid a LOT of those time-wasting women. You only use an option like this if you're serious about meeting guys and not just leading people one.

It makes a huge difference in the response rate from your messages and the number of dates you can actually setup.

A really good mix Austin cougars who want short and long-term

Cougar Life does a great job of attracting women interested in both short-term fun and a real relationship. The other top options out there can be great but tend to attract a very specific type of woman.

If you haven't tried it out yet give Cougar Life's free trial a shot. You have nothing to lose and you can't expect to get new results without changing up your approach. Guys who really want to find a cougar aren't going to be able to do better elsewhere (in our experience).

Try Cougar Life For Free

Pete’s Duelling Piano Bar is something a little different

Singles at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar


Pete’s is the Duelling Piano Bar where everyone is guaranteed to have a great time. It’s simply the place to be with its flowing drinks and entertaining atmosphere. Everyone sings and claps along to the awesome piano tunes. This is an excellent venue if you’re hoping to meet fun and carefree older women in Austin.

Energy and conversation fuel this cool and lively bar. Plus, the friendly atmosphere means it’s also easier to socialize with fun-loving older ladies in this place.

drink.well is a treat for Austin cougars

drink.well is a treat for Austin single women


If you’re looking for single older, stop wasting your time at dive bars. Put a little effort into your search: clean yourself up, put on a nice shirt, and head to Drink.well. As the city has developed its cocktail bar scene, a lot of pretenders have popped up. If you’re looking for the real thing, it’s in the North Loop.

A classy, sophisticated cocktail bar is a surefire bet for meeting a beautiful woman. The atmosphere is ideal for intimate conversations; you don’t have to scream over noisy frat bros. Trust us. With accolades from Bon Appetit and Conde Nast Traveler, you can rest assured Drink.well will treat you, um, well.

Other great places to meet older women in Austin

Last but not least we have a few other solid options that didn't make it onto our lists above:

Balance Dance Studio will put the rhythm back in your step

Balance Dance Studio will help you meet single women in Austin with rhythm


Do you know what older women love to do? Dance. It’s a way to exercise without the musclebound CrossFit bros breathing down their neck. It’s also just plain fun. But every dancer needs a partner from time to time, and that’s when you come in. Or more specifically, that’s when you head to Balance Dance Studio.

Balance offers dance classes for all ages and all levels, in a range of different styles. Even if you’ve never tried to dance before, you can find a class that will fit you. Here’s the thing about dance classes: they tend to be mostly women. Talk about improving your odds. Get over your fear of looking silly and put on those dancing shoes.

Auditorium Shores is perfect for meeting cougars

A large crowd of people at Auditorium Shores

Wikimedia Commons

If you have pets and you’re looking for a woman who’s also an animal lover, then Auditorium Shores is for you. This dog park is perfect for those who want to get out in the day and start early. Parks are great places to meet older ladies who like the outdoors and some quality time with their pets. Austin cougars come here to walk their beloved dogs or simply for a pleasant stroll. They’re also more than happy to stop and chat with cubs like you.

If you have an adorable pooch of your own, all the better! Bring your furry companion with you as a “cougar magnet” and wait for older ladies to get charmed by your pet! Weekend mornings are the best times to head here. Be friendly and confident, and you are sure to do well.

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