14 Great Locations and Bars To Find Single Cougars In Louisville for 2019

Attractive cougars in LouisvilleHave you decided to finally get out there and date cougars in Louisville?  If you have had enough of dealing with younger and immature women, why don’t you start dating an older lady?

You won’t be disappointed with the number of single, mature women in Louisville who are open to dating a younger dude like you.

There are some really great cougar bars and other spots, you just need to know where to find them!

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Where You Can Meet Single Cougars In Louisville

Here are the top 10 places you ought to check out if you are after cougars in Louisville, Kentucky:

Find Cougars in Louisville at Garage Bar

Garage Bar isn’t as trashy as its name suggests, especially if you are on the hunt for cougars in Louisville. Located at 700E Market street, it is a favorite hangout of mature women and men, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

The pizzas are good and the drinks are pretty affordable. But what you’ll love here is its outdoor lounge that has grass covered benches, ping pong tables, picnic tables, and even fire pits.

Although there are lots of young chicks hanging out in this bar, you will be able to spot one or two older women chilling out in the outdoor lounge.

Cougar Life really makes it easy for you to meet cougars in Louisville

If you have been paying attention you have probably noticed that fewer cougars are out at bars and clubs than in the past.

A big portion of these women have been skipping the Louisville nightlife completely and only looking for younger guys online.

You need to be where they can find you!

We are such big fans of incorporating online dating that we ranked and reviewed all the Louisville dating sites out there and Cougar Life is the highest rated site we found.

Here, you can chat, send messages, and even agree to meet up with a mature woman in the city.

You can try them for free with this promotional offer and see for yourself.

There isn’t an easier or faster way and you really don’t have anything to lose.

Browse Cougar Life now and get closer to your goal of having a cougar to date in Louisville.

Visit Drake’s Bar

Drake’s serves traditional American food. It is located at 3921 Summit Plaza Drive. It serves decent bar food like burgers and pizza, and the drinks selection is pretty ok as well.

But its main attraction to guys looking for a date is its outdoor patio. You will likely spot a cougar hanging out in that part of the establishment, so be ready with your pick-up lines once you’re here.

If you are looking for something short-term you need to try Adult FriendFinder

Cougar Life holds the crown for the best overall site for meeting cougars in the city. If you are not interested in an actual relationship and just want something short-term or one-time Adult FriendFinder is going to edge them out a bit (though they are still pretty good). They also have a free trial which makes it easy to try them out.

With over 50 million members and a long track record of delivering value to members (they have been around since 2006) there isn’t a better option out there. You might be thinking “what about Tinder” and that is a great question. The thing is that Tinder is only useful if you want to date women between 18 and 28. Once you start looking for cougars in their 30’s and 40’s Adult FriendFinder is way better.

Give their free trial a shot and check out your options around here. We have tested out all the proven hookup apps and they have been tops for a while.

Drink beer at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub

If you like beer, you should definitely drop by Molly Malone’s Irish Pub.  It has a good selection of beer to satisfy your cravings, although the prices are a bit higher than many restaurants in the area.

This pub is also a go-to destination for sports fans, while cougars in Louisville can be seen dancing on Friday nights. You’d want to be here on a weekend to increase your chances of dating a cougar.

Hang out at Sully’s Saloon

Located at 434 S 4th St, this bar is popular in the area for its good selection of whiskey. Food is reasonably priced as well.  Perhaps more importantly, the bar is always packed especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

This increases your chances of being able to spot and possibly have a conversation with a mature woman in this place.

Check out Sophisticated Women at Asiatique Restaurant

In case you prefer to chat with a mature lady over a sumptuous lunch or dinner, then you should check out Asiatique Restaurant. It is located at 1767 Bardstown Road in downtown Louisville.

Before you approach a mature lady, why don’t you have a sampling of what Asiatique Restaurant has to offer? It mixes Asian dishes with Western techniques creating a global fusion of bold flavors.   

Enjoy its ramen, dumplings, scallops, shrimp, pork shank, and noodles. After enjoying these flavors, cap the night with some cocktails then proceed to approach a 40-ish lady and start a conversation. Good luck!

Have Brunch at Harvest

Maybe you’re not the type of guy who likes staying out late. Or let’s just say that you have important things to do at night which would keep you from getting laid with a mature lady.

Those shouldn’t be a problem at all when you’re at Harvest. This establishment serves excellent breakfast and brunch.

Open as early as 11 in the morning, Harvest serves meals with organically grown ingredients. In fact, 80 percent of its ingredients are sourced from within a 100-mile radius.

Its welcoming atmosphere makes it a very good choice for breakfast and lunch, although it is also open for dinner.

The restaurant is also very conveniently located, around five minutes away from downtown Louisville.

And a lot of mature women flock here every day, especially those who are health-conscious. These patrons appreciate the organic ingredients used by Harvest chefs.

Chill Out at Fourth Street Live

This is considered the hip place in Louisville as far as parties are concerned. The premier dining and entertainment destination in the city, Fourth Street Live regularly attracts hundreds of patrons nightly with many of them single, mature women looking for a date.

It’s a small strip with numerous chain restaurants, and every night it becomes the melting pot of single men and women looking for hookups.

It’s also a safe place to go to in case you’re short on cash, as the drinks are pretty reasonably priced. Moreover, you can take your $7 beer wherever you go in the area.

Visit These Go-To Cougar Bars in Louisville

Sexy Cougar Bars in LouisvilleSome additional Louisville cougar bars to check out:

Asiatique is your hotspot with some Pacific Rim flare

Are you looking for cougar bars in Louisville to meet the perfect older female while enjoying a flavorful Pacific Rim-styled meal?

Drop by Asiatique, an elegant and fresh restaurant run by chef Peng Looi, located at 1767 Bardstown Road in downtown Louisville.

Mature females love this dining experience for its blend of Asian flavors with traditional Western techniques.

Sit together and enjoy Asiatique’s ramen, dumplings, scallops, shrimp, pork shank, and noodles.

Evan Williams Bourbon Experience gives you great whiskey and women

Located in downtown Louisville’s historic “Whiskey Row,” this bar is perfect for your cougar search.

Evan Williams Bourbon Experience features artisanal distillery and educational bourbon tastings.

For those doing a little spontaneous mingling, this bar also offers guided tours.

Evan Williams offers great drinks with an immersive experience that brings to life Kentucky’s history and its love life. 

Bristol Bar and Grille is your premier location for sophisticated women

With four different locations to visit, Bristol Bar and Grille is one of the supreme Louisville cougar bars for socializing with single women.

Whether you’re at the Highlands, Downtown, East or the Jefferson location, be prepared for great ambiance.

Bristol offers its young male and older female patrons a rotating selection of craft cocktails.

Share personal details over this bar’s true taste of Kentucky’s southern hospitality menu.

Be sure to spend some time at the bar where you can request a daily special from the seasoned bartenders.

Patrons can also request patio dining, reservations for Sunday buffet, or special drink discounts during happy hour.

Magnolia Bar is your spot for cool jukebox tunes and red-hot women

When you are looking to spend some time in cougar bars in Louisville, consider Magnolia Bar, considered the best jukebox joint in the area.

If you love good music and sexy single older women, this is the dive bar for you.

Come on in if you’re interested in meeting a fun elder female over happy hour drinks.

For young guys on a budget, Magnolia Bar is known for its affordable beers and liquor selection.

Old Seelbach Bar is a cougar bar in Louisville for the exceptionally classy

If you are searching for a lady who loves upscale environments, you will find her at Old Seelbach!

Located in the Hilton Hotel, this is what experiencing the heart and soul of Kentucky looks like.

Old Seelbach is an early 1900s bar that has been restored to its authentic essence.

With an expansive bourbon collection, older women love this bar for its impeccably smooth signature drinks.

You can also romance that older lady over unique cocktails made from scratch and warm desserts.

Be sure to ask for two forks and try out Old Seelbach’s warm pie with French Pot Ice Cream.

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