Our Top 12 Bars and Spots To Meet Single Cougars In Mesa For 2021

A pretty older woman shopping at a grocery store

Our city wouldn’t be called “City Limitless” for no reason. Here, it’s easy to find adventure and easier to find cougars in Mesa to have a good time with! Just like the popular saying goes “The power of possibility is limitless.”

It doesn’t matter which neighborhood you rest your head on, Mesa has several venues with many friendly cougars you can meet. There’s Fort Mcdowell that’s full of outdoor activities or the town of Queen Creek known for its family farms. Who knows? You might just meet a charming cougar while horseback riding.

Not to mention, the city is full of cool hangout places and cougar bars where gorgeous mature women are known to flock. It’s even possible to bump into one or two of them in the nearest Whole Foods or the Riverview.

With so many options, you need to be smart about where you look. So where are the best places to find Mesa cougars? Read on to find out!

Best cougar bar in Mesa for guys

Got time for just one spot tonight? Make it this one.

Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails is a cougar bar that’s filled with out-of-towners

Lovely ladies at Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails


Southern comfort meets Southwest sizzle at the Blue Hound. This hotel bar in nearby Phoenix attracts patrons with sophisticated tastes. With stellar libations, a wide selection of top-shelf spirits and delectable food, you’ll encounter only classy cougars with a taste for the finer things. What we love about this bar is the fact that it’s located inside a hotel. With lots of cougars going on business trips or vacations in Mesa, you might just find someone here who’s looking for some temporary fun.

Where to meet cougars in Mesa online

Make your search for older women ten times easier by using one of these dating sites.

If you want to get laid try Adult FriendFinder to get the best results with cougars (try it free)

Homepage for Adult FriendFinderSometimes we like to just get right down to it with a Mesa cougar and that's when Adult FriendFinder is where we turn. This has become our favorite site for meeting women 35+ who want to skip the formalities.

This is the site you need to try if you are thinking about trying one. When it comes to success for average guys nothing else we have seen really comes close. There are no guarantees (any site that does that is a scam) but we have seen the best results from AFF and think you will as well.

It is well worth any guy's time to spend a few minutes setting up a free profile and checking out the options you have in your area. The women who are most motivated to actually meet up tend to use this site so you won’t run into many fake profiles or women just looking to collect compliments from guys.

We've tried a lot of different options and this has been the easiest way to meet cougars to take home fast!

There are not many good options to find cougars in Mesa that just want something short-term. Other apps either only attract younger women or no women at all.

That's what makes AFF so special, they actually get a lot of Mesa women to use it that wouldn't even think of using Tinder.

Take a little time to put together your free profile and see the kind of women you have available to you. You are in total control with this site so you don't have to wait for "matches" or anything like that.

Be bold, send out a few messages, and take it from there.

Try Adult FriendFinder For Free!
If you actually want to meet single cougars who are more interested in fun in the bedroom than a long-term relationship you need to check out Adult FriendFinder's free trial with this link. We've spent many months testing out 100+ different sites and apps to meet cougars and AFF has consistently been the easiest way for most men.


Cougar Life is a solid Mesa cougar dating site (click to try for free)

Homepage for Cougar Life

Older women have a lot less free time than their younger counterparts. Because of this, they're looking online more and more to meet men, especially younger men. You need to be online or you will be missing out on all of these opportunities to be with a hot cougar.

If you haven't tried out online dating yet to meet cougars you're missing out on a TON of opportunities!

There are a few reasons why we've found Cougar Life to be the best option for most guys and why it's at the top of our rankings for the best cougar dating apps and sites:

You won't find more cougars on any other site or app

There are other options out there that have more people using them but actually finding single cougars can be very time-consuming. Even if you find attractive women over 35 using them you never really know if they're interested in dating younger guys.

With Cougar Life, every woman using it is VERY open to dating both younger and older guys and they aren't afraid to show it! No other option out there has more REAL COUGARS that you can actually meet up with.

Younger guys won't do better anywhere else

Cougar Life is great for older guys who want to date cougars but younger guys will be especially pleased with it. There is still a big stigma with women about dating younger guys in a lot of places and Cougar Life does a great job of making women feel comfortable with their desires.

No other option comes anywhere close to being as effective for guys who want to date older women!

Instead of worrying that the women you're messaging MIGHT be interested in a younger guy you know she is. Don't be surprised if you actually get older women messaging you first for once either!

These women actually want to meet up and there's a great variety

It doesn't matter how many people are using an app or site if all the women are just there for attention. Most of the bigger free apps out there are filled with time-wasting women who just want to collect compliments.

In our experience, the women on Cougar Life are MUCH more engaged and actually want to meet guys in person. Why else would they use such a specific site? There is also a great mix of women who want short-term fun and those who want an actual relationship. You can pick and choose.

If you haven't tried out Cougar Life's free trial you absolutely should. It's a great experience for most guys and a combination of time spend in our favorite places on this list and Cougar Life is a recipe for success!

Top Mesa cougar bars you have to try

Our city has lots of bars where women go to meet new people. Here are the ones that older women prefer.

Where to find Mesa cougars downtown

Hop from one bar to the next with our list of the best downtown bars to check out.

You’ll meet lots of fun and down to earth women at The Grid: Games and Growlers

Arcades at The Grid: Games and Growlers


If you’re in the mood for a low-key night out, then you should check out The Grid. The Grid is a cool little pub where you can grab affordable drinks. What makes this place better than most pubs, however, is that you can play some awesome arcade games here. The pub features tabletop games and consoles.

There’s no way you can get bored of this place. We recommend coming here any day of the week, but obviously Fridays and Saturdays are the most packed. If you happen to grab a drink by the bar, then your next best move would be to introduce yourself to someone new. Luckily, you’ll instantly find that all of the single women here are incredibly friendly.

Older women go to The Harp Irish Pub for drinks after office hours

Simple exterior of The Harp Irish Pub


The Harp Irish Pub is best known for its friendly staff, great comfort food and an excellent range of beers. With its welcoming atmosphere, you’re sure to encounter some cougars who are open to some conversation.

The Harp Irish Pub holds live music nights every Friday. The bands play well-known tunes that draw in lots of more mature women. So get ready to get your dancing shoes on and you’ll have a great time!

The Reef is your live music space with sexy single older ladies

You can never go wrong with the bar that serves the “Best Wings in the Valley!” The Reef gives you a taste of New York bars right in our city. With weekly specials on the menu, every day guarantees a fun night of drinking at The Reef.

On weekends, things get pumped up at The Reef. DJs from all over Arizona come over to this bar to drop some of the sickest beats. And before you think that’s something only the younger crowd enjoys, you’d be wrong. At the bar, you’ll spot some sexy, well-dressed cougars eyeing the dance floor for someone just like you!

The best Mesa cougar bars in the suburbs

Feel like getting away from the hubbub of downtown? These suburban bars will give you both peace and the company of older women.

Women are always hanging out at Pour Wine & Taproom

Tacos, nachos and a beer from Pour Wine and Taproom


Pour Wine & Taproom is a fantastic place to visit after a long day of work. It’s a super relaxing brewery where you can enjoy a variety of beers. The place offers some of the best beers in our city with an interesting collection of taps. You really can’t go wrong with any of the beers here.

Along with fantastic beers, you’ll also notice that this is the perfect place to mingle with women. In fact, the entire interior of the brewery makes it easy to move around and flirt. The women who come here are looking to unwind and meet someone fun. So if you play your cards right you could wind up being the guy that they go home with.

24 Seven Hookah for some smoking hot Mesa cougars

The bright orange dining area of 24 Seven Hookah


The 24 Seven Hookah is available for you 24/7. This means you can catch Mesa cougars at any time on any day. You’ll also enjoy the vibe and the atmosphere of the place. 24 Seven Hookah is one of the most popular Mesa cougar bars in all of Arizona because it offers a wide selection of unique hookah flavors. From the tropical Coco Jumbo to the unique Ace of Spades, you’ll enjoy chilling with the ladies over some hookah. Price-wise, it’s pretty affordable too!

If you’re on the bit of a playful side, the 24 seven Hookah conducts occasional trivia games. Their video games are also available for you to play. It’s a fun way of meeting the cougars who love to take some steam off of their busy lives to play with younger men.

Va Bene Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar serves great food with a touch of class

Va Bene Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar on a sunny day


The Va Bene Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar remains one of the most famous cougar bars in Mesa. With excellent happy hours, live music on the weekend, and a classy but welcoming ambiance, what more can you ask for?

Enjoy a fine dining experience and then head to the bar for a few drinks. Lots of Mesa cougars hang out at the bar hoping to catch the eye of single guys nearby. If you can’t seem to find any hot cougars in Mesa, it’s because you haven’t been to Va Bene!

Cougars enjoy the vibe of Red White and Brew

Various dishes and wine from Red White and Brew


Red White and Brew is a great Mesa cougar bar because of its selection of drinks. Aside from a huge assortment of wine, they also have some unique beers. That’s because Red White and Brew has its own microbrewery where they whip up some unusual beers.

For the food, you can’t go wrong with their sirloin steak with a side of soup du jour and mash. For the drinks, well, take your pick! Order a glass of pinot grigio for the sexy lady you’ve been eyeing and she might just indulge you in some conversation.

Where to pick up Mesa cougars at night

Loud music, drinks and beautiful women on the dance floor? You'll find them here.

Women love to go dancing at Denim and Diamonds

Single women seeking men in Mesa on the dance floor of Denim and Diamonds


Do you have dance moves that you can’t wait to show off on the dance floor? Then you should definitely make your way over to Denim and Diamonds. You’ll quickly notice that lots of mature women in Mesa come here for a good time. What makes this place so popular is how roomy the nightclub is inside.

The nightclub is super popular for live music acts, particularly country music. They also often host country music dance events as well. So you can enjoy drinks and a great music atmosphere all in one place. Don’t be afraid to show off your moves and show the ladies what you’ve got.

Roosters Country is a laidback spot to kick it with some beers and enjoy fun times with karaoke

A crowd of people watching a live performance at Roosters Country


Are you in the mood for something more casual where you can still enjoy live music? Then you’ve got to check out Roosters Country. This is one of our favorite places to meet gorgeous single women in Mesa. Roosters has a super relaxed atmosphere and everyone who comes here for a drink is friendly and open.

Our favorite things about Roosters Country are the karaoke and pool tables. Both of these make for amazing ice breakers. So if you’re not sure how to introduce yourself to the cute woman at the bar, why not ask her to play a game of pool? Or you could join in on karaoke night. There’s really no way you could walk away from here without someone cute in your arms.

Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row gets you drinking, dining and flirting

Sexy cougars in Mesa dancing at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row


Mesa cougars love having brunch and Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row is one of their favorite places to dine in. Enjoy their famous whiskey burger and ask for the drink of the night. It will help you get the alcohol-infused confidence you need to say hi to the gorgeous Mesa cougars. Whiskey bars in general are some of our favorite places to looking for cougars interested in single guys.

After eating, you can enjoy the place’s kickass pingpong table, Pacman video game, Wildlife hunting game, and beer/water pong all for free. You’ll never run out of fun things to do with your cougar date! If you love country music and dancing, you should stay until their happy hour at 9 p.m. This will take your dining experience to a whole new level. You can expect to see cougars visit the place in groups, so it’s safe to say that there’s no shortage of fabulous older women in this area.

Where to meet older women in Mesa during the day

Not a fan of the nightlife scene in Mesa? These daytime hangouts are always full of older women.

Head to Red Mountain Park to flirt with Mesa cougars in the great outdoors

The beautiful view at Red Mountain Park


If you want to hunt for Cougars during the day, forget the bars and head out to Red Mountain Park. Lots of cougars in Mesa head out to parks to get a bit of fresh air. They also enjoy jogging or hiking in the beautiful trails.

Because lots of cougars want to stay fit, they like taking long walks in Red Mountain Park. You’re sure to run into some of them when you change up your usual jogging route. Walk up to one and ask if she’d like some company. The trail can get pretty long, so she might appreciate the offer.

Jarrod's Coffee, Tea & Gallery is a hidden gem that attracts the cutest women

The walls of Jarrod's Art Coffee and Tea Gallery adorned with lots of artwork


Jarrod's is a cozy little local coffee shop that attracts lots of eclectic locals that know about it. The place is super charming and there’s tons of seating available inside. You’ll immediately notice that this is a great place to grab a drink and sit at a table with a book or a laptop.  Lucky for you, lots of gorgeous women also do that as well.

However, what really makes Jarrod’s amazing is that this is more than just a coffee shop. It’s also an art gallery. You can catch some amazing local artwork and jewelry here. You can also watch live events as well. Drop by and meet a cutie who’s watching the event or looking at some art.

Other great options for meeting cougars in Mesa

Expand your search for older women even further by checking out these spots.

Step up your dance game with dance classes at Dance FX Studios

An attractive couple dancing at Dance FX Studios


You may not have thought about it before, but dance classes are a great way to meet older women in Mesa. Dance FX Studios is a great spot to improve your dance skills and meet lots of cool single ladies. This dance studio offers a variety of adult dance classes such as country, Latin, swing and tango.

Lots of women love taking dance classes here. So this is your perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to someone new and see if the sparks fly. You’ll be switching dance partners throughout class, so you won’t have to feel tied down to one person. Make the most of the opportunity and crack some jokes as you guys dance. You’ll be improving your dance moves for the club while still meeting lots of beautiful women. It’s a win-win situation all around!

eHarmony is a great Mesa cougar dating app if you want a serious relationship (try it free)

eHarmony homepage image

If you’re more interested in meeting women for something long-term, eHarmony is a great option. This is the one site where we’ve seen fantastic results time and time again. It’s currently one of the most well-known dating sites in the world and lots of Mesa cougars are signed up!

Unlike many other dating sites where there are a lot more men than women, eHarmony has one of the best ratios of women to men. That means you’ll have the best chance of meeting someone and will have less competition. There are 15 million matches made each day on the site. In fact, around 75% of marriages that begin online start with eHarmony. There’s really no other site out there that has such a huge success rate. However, you’ll have to be ready to put in the work to find someone special.

Unlike other dating sites, the signup process on eHarmony is far more involved. You’ll be asked a variety of questions to help narrow down your search for the right woman. This helps you to stand out as much as possible and guarantees that you’ll be matched with someone perfect for you. Every day you receive several matches of people who are both looking for the same thing as you and match the criteria you selected.

So give eHarmony a try if you’re ready to meet the woman if your dreams. You won’t believe how many available, gorgeous single older women in Mesa there are looking for something serious.

Pre-Dating Speed Dating is an easy way to find out if you have chemistry right off the bat

A single woman flirting during a Pre-Dating Speed Dating event


If you are single and living in Mesa, then you’ll want to take advantage of speed dating events. Although our suburban city can be a bit quieter at times, with the right speed dating event, that can quickly change. Pre-dating Speed Dating hosts events that allow you to meet tons of local single women in a short period of time.

The events typically take place at a local club, café or restaurant. You’ll find other singles in your age group for a variety of six-minute "Pre-Dates.” The best part is that it’s totally a low-pressure way to meet someone. Everyone shows up ready to partake in the dates and figure out who they actually click with. So don’t be nervous to go to a Pre-Dating speed dating event.

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