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List of the 7 Best Gay Bars and Clubs in Nashville TN

Y'all ready to boot-scoot way beyond the honky-tonks and Nashville Hot Chicken? Trust me, there's more to this twangy town than Carrie Underwood covers and bachelorette parties trying to reenact an episode of "Bridalplasty." I’m talkin' about Nashville gay bars, honey, where if you're looking to date people in Nashville, this is the spot! The music's as queer as a three-dollar bill, and the drag queens are serving you Reba McEntire realness and Dolly Parton fabulousness! 🌈

So whether you're looking to belt out Britney's greatest hits or munch on avocado toast during a sassy drag brunch (your basic gay rights, obviously), Nashville’s gotcha covered. Heck, you can even find sanctuary in one of the last lesbian bars in the U.S. of A., the Lipstick Lounge—now how's that for a country song plot twist?

Nashville gay bars may serenade you with its country roots, but don't let that fool ya. Whether you're down for a Tuesday Tailgate beer or more disco balls than a '70s dance-off, Music City is one glittering gay ol' Opry.

So tighten your lasso and loosen your bowties, we're diving into the LGBTQ+ hoedown that is Nashville nightlife!

List of Best Gay Bars & Clubs in Nashville TN

From the bustlin' boozy oasis of Church Street to the 'so-chill-I'm-almost-horizontal' vibes of East Nashville, this city rolls out the rainbow carpet for ya, no matter your zip code or how you identify on the fabulous spectrum of humanity.

Play Dance Bar Knows Every Step To Steal Your Heart.

Looking for gay bars in Nashville tn? Alright, divas and dancing queens, put on those bedazzled boots and get ready to strut like you're in a Beyoncé music video. Why? 'Cause we're heading to Play Dance Bar, one of the Nashville gay bars so fabulous they put it on Church Street. Divine intervention or a cheeky wink from the universe? You decide. 🌈👢

Nestled somewhere between Midtown and Downtown (kinda like a disco ball between a cowboy hat and a glitter beard), Play is just a hop, skip, and a twirl away from Music Row. You want drag queens? Honey, they've got 'em by the sequin-clad bucketful. Whether it's headline superstars or local legends in sky-high heels, the stage is lit every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday starting at 9 p.m.—because what's a weeknight without a little razzle-dazzle, right? 💃👠

But hey, if you're not into the spotlight and just wanna cut loose like Kevin Bacon in 'Footloose,' the dance floor is where you can shake what your mama gave ya—until you can shake no more. Need a breather? Saunter over to the back patio. It's like the United Nations of Fabulous out there; you'll meet folks from every corner of the glittering globe. 🍹🌍

Canvas Lounge Paints The Town In Every Shade Of Fun.

Let's talk about one of my favorite Nashville gay bars. Okay, drama llamas and party parrots, gather 'round because we're gonna chat about Canvas, the ultimate glow-up story in Nashville gay bars scene. Once upon a time, Canvas was this cozy little dive bar on Church Street, practically winking at you from down the road from Broadway—that liver workout, tourist-infested street where people drink like fish and sing like, well, drunk fish.

Back in the day, Canvas was the place where bartenders knew your name, your drink, and probably your last disastrous Tinder date. It was karaoke central, and boy, did it feel like home. 🎤🍺

Fast forward, and ta-da! Canvas has moved, and it's now bigger, better, and three times more fabulous. Situated in Nashville's increasingly bougie east side, it's like the Nashville gay bars got a facelift, tummy tuck, and an Instagram filter all at once. This, one of the new gay clubs in Nashville, features an expansive patio perfect for existential chats and, ahem, special encounters. Inside, there’s a dance floor surrounded by couches that have seen more drama than a soap opera. Love the '80s? They have an 80s night, where you can moonwalk your way to nostalgia. 🕺💃

And get this—the music's just the right volume for meeting new peeps without resorting to awkward interpretive dance. Plus, they serve food and drinks that'll make you say, "Oh, that’s why I love this place!"

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Suzy Wong’s House Of Yum Serves Sizzle With Every Bite.

Hold the mimosa, y'all, 'cause we're about to take a flavor trip you never saw comin'. Picture this: Biscuits smothered in gravy, drag queens belting ballads, and Sriracha—yeah, the hot sauce—giving your pulled pork that extra va-va-voom. Welcome to Suzy Wong's House of Yum, where the South meets the Far East in the most drag-tastic way possible!

Nestled—no, twerking—right next door to Play on Church Street, this is where you can cure your hangover while watching the same fabulous queens you tipped the night before. It’s brunch, but make it fierce—with performances at noon on Fridays and not one, but TWO shows on both Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 am and 1 pm. Hun, you better book a seat or prepare for some serious FOMO.

Okay, so it's not exclusively an LGBTQ+ spot, but let's be real, Suzy Wong’s is basically the drag queen who always shows up at the family reunion and makes everything more fabulous. Whether you’re here for the chicken katsu waffles or to applaud a diva while sipping a bloody Mary, one thing's for sure: this joint is Church Street's sequined cherry on top.

Pecker's Bar & Grill Grills More Than Just Your Heartstrings.

Alright, y'all, grab your GPS and sense of humor because we're trekking to Pecker's Bar & Grill—and yes, go ahead, giggle like you're 12, because their logo is, indeed, a ginormous rooster of Nashville gay bars scene. 🐓😂

Now, Pecker's isn't your run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter gay bar. Nah, it's a beautiful oddball, the unicorn of Nashville's LGBTQ+ scene. Want to do the electric slide one minute and belt out Mariah Carey the next? You can, 'cause this place is line-dancing-meets-karaoke-meets-drag-extravaganza central, and it happens two nights a week!

Don't come in expecting a crisp, metropolitan vibe or some honky-tonk hullabaloo, okay? Pecker's is more like that quirky cousin at family reunions who wears plaid with polka dots but somehow pulls it off. It's got the soul of a small-town gay bar, a place where everyone might not know your name, but they'll definitely know your drink by the end of the night.

And let's talk munchies—the reviews rave about the grub here, so make sure you get your hands on some nosh between your cha-cha slides and high Cs. Basically, Pecker's is that fabulous puzzle piece you never knew was missing from your gay-bar-hopping adventures.

Trax Lays Down The Beats That Set The Gold Standard.

Ah, Trax, the Cinderella of Nashville gay bars scene. While other bars are kicking you out and turning back into pumpkins at 2 a.m., Trax is just getting the party started. It's like the afterparty for the afterparty, y'all. Even the bartenders from other joints come here to, I dunno, bartend some more? Or maybe they're just fans of that epic last-call buzz. 🍻🕑

Let's be real, Trax ain't winning any beauty pageants, and that's perfectly fine! It's got that grunge-meets-dive-bar chic, like if Kurt Cobain and Freddie Mercury had a baby and it grew up to be a bar. Yes, it's the "gay dive bar of Nashville," where the beer flows freely and the atmosphere's so chill it's basically horizontal.

Looking for the best clubbing experience at gay clubs in Nashville? You'll find your tribe at the pool table or dartboard. Or if you wanna unleash your inner Whitney Houston, there's karaoke. Wait, there's more—Bingo! Soul nights! They've got so many activities, it's like summer camp for adults who love booze and glitter.

Oh, and for the chimney smokers among us, they've got a quaint patio out back where you can puff away. So if you’re looking for that last stomping ground to wrap up your night, don your grungiest flannel and head on over.

The Lipstick Lounge Leaves A Mark You Won't Want To Rub Off.

The Lipstick Lounge is one of the top gay bars in Nashville Tennessee

Hold on to your rainbow suspenders, folks, because East Nashville's Lipstick Lounge is as rare as a unicorn breakdancing on a pot of gold. You know how we're always lamenting the dying breed of lesbian bars? Well, strap in, because this place is one of just 21 left in the whole dang country, according to The Lesbian Bar Project. Yep, it’s like finding Waldo in a sea of straight bars, and Waldo's wearing flannel and combat boots!

But hold up—before you go thinking it’s a "ladies-only" kinda spot, this joint is "a bar for humans." I mean, they've got it all: Karaoke for the divas, trivia for the know-it-alls, and boozy brunch for, well, everyone. Want live music? They’ve got you covered. More into alfresco chilling? Head to their fab patio.

But let's get to the heart of the matter: This place is more than just a watering hole; it’s like that warm, fuzzy group hug you didn’t know you needed. It's a snapshot of what community really means—inclusive, welcoming, and covered in glitter. So the next time you're in the neighborhood and see those friendly doors ajar, strut in like you own the place. 'Cause, in a way, you kinda do.

Tribe? More Like The Ultimate Crew For A Night Out.

Oh, you thought Church Street was a one-hit-wonder with just Play? Think again, honey! Say hello to Tribe, the cooler, slightly more mysterious sibling next door. If Play is the life of the party, Tribe is the sexy, enigmatic individual sipping a martini in the corner. It's dark, it's vibey, and it kinda makes you wanna spill all your secrets—or at least belt out a Broadway hit.

Now, let's talk about versatility. Need to nurse that Sunday hangover with a mimosa or five? Tribe opens at the ungodly weekend hour of noon. I mean, brunch is a sacred institution, after all. More of a 9-to-5er looking for after-work libations? Say "hello" to their happy hour specials that'll make you forget all about that dreadful meeting with Karen from accounting.

But wait, there's more! Thursday is not just "the day before Friday" here—it’s a full-on fiesta with bingo, karaoke, and two-for-one drinks that'll have you questioning your life choices come Friday morning. If you’re still kicking on Sunday, be prepared for show-tune night. Because nothing says "inclusive queer space" like a room full of people passionately singing 'Defying Gravity.'

So yeah, whether you're a Broadway babe, a happy hour hero, or a Sunday Funday aficionado, Tribe's got something for every letter in the Nashville gay bars scene. And if you're scouting for the spark, don't forget to check out Nashville’s best dating apps – because who knows where the next rhythm of love will take you?

Fido’s Coffee Shop Brews More Buzz Than Your Morning Alarm.

Let's spill the tea—or in this case, the coffee! If you're around Hillsboro Village, specifically 21st Avenue, and you're not feelin' the bar scene but still want those inclusive vibes, you gotta check out Fido's Coffee Shop. Listen, the name may say Fido, but this place is more fabulous than many gay clubs in Nashville.

Now, don't get it twisted—Fido's isn't a bar, but it's like the unicorn of coffee shops: rare, magical, and it's got some serious game when it comes to brews and bites. It’s a local hotspot that basically doubles as Vanderbilt University's cooler, off-campus hangout. Seriously, you’ll find more college kids here than in an 8 a.m. lecture (which, let’s be real, they probably skipped to come to Fido’s).

Their coffee? Seasonal and organic, like the food at a vegan yoga retreat, but way tastier. And the food? Hold onto your pumpkin spice lattes, y’all, because they’ve snatched the title of "Best Burger in Town" more times than you've rewatched RuPaul's Drag Race.

Whether you're looking for a cozy corner to deep dive into a conversation, devour a burger that'll have you writing love sonnets, or simply drown in caffeine while pretending to study, Fido's is the spot. Highly recommend? More like, you'd be nuts not to go!

So there you have it, folks—a grand tour of gay bars and gay clubs in Nashville, one Nashville watering hole, drag haven, and caffeine sanctuary at a time. Whether you're in the mood to belt out ballads at karaoke, twerk the night away, or just sip an artisanal latte while judging people's life choices, Nashville gay bars got you covered. I mean, where else can you go from an award-winning burger joint to a leather bar to a twinkling gay dive, all while keeping your cowboy boots on?

Let's be real, from Church Street to East Nashville, this town is bursting with inclusivity and sass, and we're here for it! You can dance, drink, eat, and repeat—all while being your fabulous self. So whether you're a local or just passing through, the message is clear: Nashville's LGBTQ+ scene is more vibrant than a Dolly Parton wig and just as legendary. Y'all come back now, ya hear?

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