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8 Reasons Every Guy Should Date an Older Woman at Least Once

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So you’re a younger guy toying with the idea of dating an older woman. You’ve heard great things, but you may be a little nervous after reading and hearing all of the – albeit B.S. – negative headlines and comments online.

If you’re not ready to feel fulfilled, have fun, and have great sex, then go ahead and refrain from dating an older woman. If you’re ready to grow as a person while growing your skills in bed, then get out there and find the older woman of your dreams – you won’t be disappointed.

Here are the eight top reasons every guy should date an older woman at least once in their life.

Why Every Guy Should Date an Older Woman

Reason one: Older women are experienced

Older women have had fantastic relationships in the past and know what is ideal. Older women have had awful, unhealthy, and sometimes frightening relationships, and they know what signs to look out for, and what to avoid doing in order to steer clear of ever having to endure that type of relationship again.

When dating younger men, older women will know exactly how to navigate each stage of the relationship so they can experience happiness rather than anything alternative. As a younger guy, you will benefit from this if you allow yourself to just follow her lead. Her vast past experiences will dictate your new experiences, and chances are, they’re going to be great.

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Reason two: Every guy should date an older woman because older women don’t play games

Older women aren’t going to pretend to not like you so you chase after them harder. Older women will not play with your mind because they’re bored. And they won’t lead you along without any intention of actually giving you what you want. In fact, if an older woman likes you, she might even initiate the second date.

Put simply, older women don’t play games in relationships, and this is a huge breather for you guys who are currently dating exclusively younger women. You don’t have to try to interpret an older woman’s texts as if they’re in another language.

Older women will be direct, they go for what they want, they communicate what they don’t like clearly, and they make their intentions clear from the beginning. Dating an older woman is a no b.s. experience every younger guy should have at least once.

Reason three: Older women are independent

Older women are established in their lives, with their families, and in their careers. Older women have great circles of friends they rely on. They have confidence they’ve worked to build all by themselves over many years.

Unlike younger women, who will rely on you to help them grow in their personal and professional lives or even rely on you to buy a few meals for them every week, older woman are completely independent. So don't worry too much about paying for expensive meals when you go on your first date with an older woman.

As a younger guy dating an older woman, you will serve the purpose of romance and fun. This is what you’ve always wanted out of a relationship anyway, right?

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Reason four: They have great insight

While romantic relationships are not 100% about helping the other person find happiness, good romantic relationships CAN and DO help you grow. As a younger guy dating an older woman, you will have an opportunity to learn more than just how to please her. It's just part of the conversations you can have on your first date.

Once you do figure out what she likes and provide that to her, she will most likely take it on herself to help you feel satisfied as well. She will listen to you and figure you out as well. Chances are, she will have some fantastic insight that will help you grow.

Reason five: Every guy should date an older women because they want you

Younger women are so used to being seen as the prize. To older women, you – with your young body and high sex drive- are the prize. There are few things more satisfying than feeling ultimately desired.

Yes, you see her as the prize as well. But in relationships with younger women, you lose the balance that this kind of relationship provides.

You will be chasing after her. And she will be pursuing you back just as hard. This kind of chemistry is explosive in the best ways. It’s certainly something you should experience at least once in your life.

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Reason six: The relationship will boost your confidence

While dating an older woman, you can expect a lot of things. But best of all, older women know how to look so pulled together and confident in her own skin. She'll be proud of you on her arm and you'll get an instant ego boost.

So many younger guys report dating an older woman is one of the best things you can do for your confidence. With this being said, don’t expect to be able to land a date with an older woman if you don’t have any confidence, but do expect the confidence you do have to grow in ways you never thought possible.

Reason seven: Older women are great dates

Older women dating younger men are looking for adventure. They want to go with you to the new cocktail pop-up downtown. They want to go on hikes and bike rides. And older women want to talk about topics that really matter.

Older women are excited to get up early and explore the city with you. You don’t have to worry about her being nervous or picky. They don't expect you to make all the decisions for every outing. Older women make for great dates.

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Reason eight: Older women are on the same level as you sexually

One of the major reasons more older women are dating younger men every day is because younger guys are able to keep up with older women. Younger guys are much better than the older competition. Older women are at their sexual peak. They’re sick and tired of falling asleep (or lying awake) unsatisfied by their romantic partner. Though of course, this is probably one of the topics you shouldn't talk about on a first date.

On the reverse side of this win-win situation, when dating an older woman you won’t have to beg her to bring the fire to the bedroom like you might have to do with a younger woman. Your older woman knows what she wants and she’s going to make sure you know too.


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