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Second Date Ideas - Where To Take An Older Women

She knows some great second date ideas

Coming up with great second date ideas is where the fun really starts. If you followed our suggestions on first date locations from our previous guide found HERE you are in a great situation. After a short drink or coffee date you should have a better feel for cougar dating and what the woman you are dating is interested in.

With the initial qualification process out of the way you can spend a little more time and effort on planning a second date. Older women dating younger men are going to have higher expectations than your typical sorority girl. When coming up with great second date ideas you need to mix it up. You have just had a nice intimate conversation with a lovely cougar and now it's time to have some fun.

You want your second date ideas to be more active and more engaging than the coffee/drinks date you just completed. While you may still have a lot to talk about second date ideas that are in an environment that has a lot to talk about or keeps you both engaged is ideal. You want this date to be fun, active, and different from what she would get dating a man her own age.

Here are four tried-and-true second dates that I have used very successfully when dating older women. Don't wait too long between first and second dates or you might not get a second chance!

Second Date Ideas She Will Love

So your first date went well enough and now you're planning a second one. Here are a few ideas for what you can do for your first date. These are some activities that you and your date are sure to love. And since you're in control of where your date will be, you know what you can expect on your date.

Dancing or dance lessons

Women love to dance. This is especially true for single, older women who are adventurous enough to date younger men. As men get older they seem less willing to risk embarrassing themselves on the dance floor. What they don't realize is that nobody cares what other people look like, they are too busy worrying about themselves or their own dance partners.

I have never had an older woman decline an invitation to go dancing or take a dance class. In fact almost every woman has complimented me on the choice. It takes a certain amount of boldness take a woman you hardly know dancing and women love that. I should note that I am a terrible dancer! The only lessons I have ever taken were on dates and I spent most of that time concentrating on the older woman I was with!

If you approach it with a sense of humor and focus on making sure the older woman you are dating is having as much fun as you this date is a can't miss. Salsa and Bachata are the types of dance I would recommend as they are fairly easy to pick up and have a good beat. Swing is also a good choice. If you are new to dancing try a class with your date and see how it goes!

Archery range or gun range

It is amazing how much women enjoy shooting things. Shooting guns might not be the best choice for some women (you should get a sense for that on your first date), but archery is just as much fun and should always be considered with your other second date ideas. What woman could turn down the chance to reenact Hunger Games and play the role of Katniss Everdeen herself?

This is a fun activity that can really get your adrenaline pumping without having to do much work. Check around for local gun ranges or archery fields. Many of them will have lessons and the ability to rent guns or bows if you don't have your own. This always becomes a competition between the two of you over who will be the best shot. Don't forget to make a wager on who will be the best (I recommend betting massages) and make sure you win!

Just remember what you shouldn't talk about on a date with an older woman: violence and politics.

Group classes (pottery, glass blowing, cooking, etc.)

Group classes were you are doing something are always great second date ideas. Older women have had time to develop hobbies and interests and really seem to love learning new skills. These group classes are also great ways to keep the date social and fun since there are other groups there that you can talk to and have fun with.

Cooking classes seem to be especially good as second dates. In these classes you are working as a team to create a great dinner. There is a lot of opportunity for you two to joke around as well as have a more sophisticated discussion about food (if you are into that). The readily available wine during these classes doesn't hurt either!

Art shows or Art Walks

This may not be as popular in rural areas, but guys who are cougar dating in more urban areas should consider this. Art shows and especially Art Walks are great second dates. For those unfamiliar, an art walk is basically several art shows that are organized at the same time in a particular area. The idea being that people will come and walk around to several different galleries all while drinking profusely from the bars setup at each gallery. It'll give you lots of things to talk about on your date.

The best part about these is that the art doesn't even have to be good. In fact, it is usually more fun if the art is bad! With a decent-sized art show you can spend an hour or two drinking wine, looking at interesting (or terrible) art, and observing all the "artists" and patrons that come to these events. Seeing an older woman's sense of humor is one of the reasons you should date an older woman. This is a great combination or cheap entertainment, plentiful booze, and a fun atmosphere with a touch of class.

These are four second date ideas that have been proven over and over to be effective. There are tons of other great second date ideas out there so don't confine yourself to this list. If you can find something that is fun, playful, and a little different than what the cougar you are dating is used too you will be on the right track. Just make sure you shy away from anything that might be considered too juvenile (keggers and house parties).

If you are still searching for older women to date check out our Best Online Cougar Dating Sites Review to find the best places to do so. There are a lot of scam sites out there that you want to avoid that can be hard to spot. You will also find Cougar Life reviews, Match.com reviews, and eHarmony reviews for those most interested in dating older women.

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