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Our 11 Favourite Ways to Meet Hot Hobart Girls in 2024

Pretty girl on a picnic at the park

We know how difficult it is to meet interesting Hobart girls, especially if you’re new to the city. But this is why we want to help you out! Whether you’re looking for a long-term partner or just a fling, this article will help you find the best places to pick up girls in Hobart.

Our list includes bars, clubs and restaurants in the most popular suburbs of the city, like Battery Point and Glebe. We’ve also included a bunch of spots near the largest colleges in the area, like the University of Tasmania. And in case you’re not a huge fan of going out, we’ve added a few popular apps and sites as well.

Over 40% of the city’s inhabitants are single, so you’ll have many chances to find that special someone. By knowing the right places to go, you have already an advantage over the other guys who still lose time hanging out in the wrong bars and clubs.

Here Are the Best Places to Pick Up Girls in Hobart

In this section, you’ll find a list of our favourite places to find hot Hobart girls. These spots are ideal for a romantic encounter, whether with the help of wingmen or alone.

Find the right bars to approach single girls in Hobart

Hobart has many bars and pubs, but which ones are the best for meeting girls? We have a handful of fantastic suggestions for you!

Lark Distillery Whisky Bar is always full of hot single girls

A laidback evening at Lark Distillery Whisky Bar


This elegant whisky bar is one of the most popular nightlife spots in Hobart. It’s often pretty crowded. But there are always quiet spots all around where you can talk to the girl you like without interruptions.

While it’s true that whisky isn’t an incredibly popular drink among the younger crowd, this bar is different. They draw in lots of girls with their fun atmosphere, the live music acts and occasional garden party. So if you want fine whisky without the snootiness of the usual upscale bars, Lark strikes the perfect balance.

Society Salamanca is another trendy spot to mingle with girls

The elegant shelf at Society Salamanca


When Hobart girls want a fine cocktail, what do they do? They go to Society Salamanca! The cocktail menu includes both tiki classics like Mai Tai and old-fashioned drinks like, well, the Old Fashioned. Behind the bar, there’s a gorgeous wall covered with shelves displaying liquor bottles.

What we love about Society Salamanca is that it’s chill and classy but also lively. You’ll often find young professionals enjoying happy hour or even students celebrating after exams. Along with the classy atmosphere are classy ladies, and they’re usually pretty friendly!

Honorable mentions

Here are other trendy spots where you can have a nice drink and flirt with single girls in Hobart:

Girls use Adult FriendFinder when they want casual flings (try it here for free)

Around ten years ago, your best bet for finding flings would be going to a nightclub or bar. These days, however, you don’t even need to leave the house to get some action. All you need do is get comfy, whip out your phone and go to Adult FriendFinder.

Sometimes you just want a casual fling, nothing serious. This is where Adult FriendFinder helps ou connect with girls who want the same thing. No need to explicitly state that you just want to bang because EVERYONE on Adult FriendFinder is looking to dance the horizontal tango. If you happen to find someone special, then that’s just a bonus.

With a large number of users in Hobart, you can connect with so many girls who want the same thing you do. You can even include girls who live anywhere from Buckland to Cygnet if you don’t mind travelling. Even if you’re super picky with your partners, you can filter girls out based on their age, cup size and even kinks!

Adult FriendFinder is one of the best sites for quick flings, so don’t miss out on it!

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Here are the best clubs to meet sexy Hobart girls

Clubs are always full of hot girls all dressed up to party. So what better place to pick up girls than at some of the top clubs in the city? Get ready to dance all night at these spots!

Amor is a classy bar by day, and a vibrant club by night

Cute Hobart girls on a night out at Amor Bar and Music Room


Pass by Amor in the daytime and you’ll think it’s a nice bar where business meetings happen. But once you go in after dark, you’ll find a bustling nightclub with a rowdy, young crowd and some of the best DJs in the city.

But don’t be fooled by it sophisticated grandeur because Amor isn’t just for rich kids looking to burn their parents’ money. The cover charge is pretty fair and the drinks are reasonably priced. You can even get drink specials one weekdays before 11 p.m. Add to that the amazing sound system and a bevvy of hot girls looking to party and you’ve got one of Hobart’s most happening joints!

Observatory is our favourite bar for late-night dancing and drinks

Friends having drinks at The Observatory

The minute you enter observatory, you’ll be greeted by pink. Pink lights, a pink bar and pink decor. No wonder girls love it here! What looks like your typical industrial building outside is actually a bar brimming with hot girls and wild parties!

Open only on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, Observatory is where regulars go to let loose. They also open from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. so you can pre-game elsewhere and head here once you’re ready to dance. Or you can do what we do and get here early to score some seats that we can share once the hot girls come in!

Honorable mentions

If you need more options, don’t worry, there are several other clubs in Hobart where you can meet girls:

The café Dandy Lane is one of the best places to pick up girls in Hobart

A salmon dish from Dandy Lane Espresso


Going to bars and clubbing until your feet are sore won’t always get you the girls. So if you want to meet girls in the daytime, check out a nice, relaxed restaurant like Dandy Lane. This popular cafe has a large, airy seating area that contrasts nicely with last night’s claustrophobic bar experience.

You can grab lunch here or some amazing coffee while checking out the area. Lots of girls go to Dandy Lane to study or get some work done. So if you spot a cute girl who’s finishing up, you might want to approach with your most disarming smile and a line that will make her swoon.

Surprisingly, GTT Performance Centre is a great place to approach girls

A workout class at GTT Performance Centre


Have you ever thought you could approach girls at the gym? Well, GTT Performance Centre is one spot where we had the most success finding single girls in Hobart! Located in the CBD, in the NAB Business Banking Centre, this gym is one of the most popular in town. Among the regulars are girls who work in the Business Banking Centre. So catch them after office hours or early in the morning!

At Straight Up Coffee + Food, you’ll find many hot Hobart girls in line

Latte art from Straight Up Coffee and Food


Here’s another trendy café where you’ll find many hot girls from the CBD and other popular suburbs. Straigh Up serves up a fantastic gluten-free and vegetarian menu that’s delicious even if you’re not into that lifestyle. However, many girls are and that’s why they go here for lunch, dinner or some afternoon coffee.

What we found noteworthy about Straight Up (other than the good eats) is the vibe of the place. It’s equal parts artsy (with the artsy murals) and chill, so there are always lots of interesting people to meet here!

More Option to Meet Hot Hobart Girls

Here are other venues that we consider among the best places to pick up girls in Hobart. You'll get many dates if you keep going to them!

Daci and Daci Bakers is the place where girls go when they need a treat

Dessert and coffee from Daci and Daci Bakers


Everyone needs a treat from time to time, and in Hobart, the place where you can find the best sweets is Daci and Daci! With freshly-baked cakes and pastries, you can satisfy your craving for any sweet treat you want! But of course, if you want that sweet treat to go with the company of some cute girls, Daci and Daci has you covered. You’ll find them here in droves!

Tinder is one way to meet many girls fast

Who hasn’t heard of Tinder? Undeniably one of the most famous online dating apps in the world, you’d be missing out if you didn’t try it for yourself. But here’s the thing about Tinder: it usually favours users who have great profiles. We’re talking about amazing photos and a great Tinder bio. If you have neither of those, it’s time to get to work! The girls on Tinder are pretty impatient, and they swipe left fast. Better catch their attention if you want to get as many matches as you want!

Attend Dark Mofo and meet lots of artsy (and alternative) girls

The gothic decor at Dark Mofo Festival


In case you didn’t know, Dark Mofo is short for Museum of Old and New Art: Festival of Music and Art. But it’s not your typical art festival, though. It’s much more than that! Imagine this: the talent you’d find at MoMa combined with the music at Coachella with a dash of Burning Man. That’s what Dark Mofo is all about!

Taking place in mid-winter, people who love art gather to celebrate some truly dark and mesmerizing performances and art pieces. What better way to start a conversation with a girl than by being captivated by the same bizarre exhibits? So admire the art, dance to the music and, if you’re really brave, join the Naked Dash!

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