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How to Be a Better Man in 2024: Becoming A Man Women Love

He wants to know how to be a better man at work and in dating

Do you want to learn how to be a better man, even if you think you’re already pretty good? Or are there areas of your life you’re not happy with and would like to change them fast? In either case, there’s always room for improvement—lots of it. And this article will show you how to become a better man—one determined step at a time.

In a weird society that seems to hate men, most of us guys live well below our potential—and as a result, we’re much less happy than we’d like to be. And that’s incredibly distressing. Think of how much happier we’d be—and how much we could accomplish—if we weren’t so tied down by society and our own inner demons!

Thankfully, there’s good news. We can change our situation quickly. How quickly? Read through all the tips in this article and write your ideas. You’ll be surprised at how certain insights can help you change your life—snap your fingers—that fast.

How to Be a Better Man In A Crazy World

The following are our top 8 tips on becoming a better man, in no particular order. We based them on the biggest traits missing in so many of us men today—the same traits that would benefit society as well as ourselves the most.

#1: Have a mission in life

Do you have an overarching mission in life? Or are you drifting aimlessly from one situation to the next?

If your life feels empty and meaningless right now, it may very well be a lack of direction. It’s like being a ship without a sail, drifting aimlessly, completely at the mercy of the unpredictable ocean around it.

Read this carefully. Do you want a happy ending for your own life? Then write it down as early as now. Plan your life like a builder plans with blueprints. Find your life mission, execute it, amend it if you have to, then execute again—all the way until life feels meaningful again.

#2: Take (more) responsibility

Do you feel you have enough responsibility in your life? Then see if you can add a smidgen more. Then, once you’ve adjusted to the additional responsibility, add another smidgen.

What should you take responsibility for? If there’s an area of your life that’s a mess—such as your health or your finances—start there.

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#3: Learn to be a leader

The happiest and most successful men out there have excellent leadership skills, whether they apply them to enormous groups, small groups, or even to themselves. How can you be a better leader?

For starters, I suggest you cultivate three skills:

  1. Problem solving
  2. Decision-making
  3. Conflict resolution

Be at least proficient in these three areas, and people will start looking up to you as a leader.

#4: Be vulnerable

Vulnerability is the ability to recognize and honor your emotions, whether they’re good or bad. Learn to feel your emotions without running away or drowning them with alcohol or entertainment.

Only when you can face and honor your emotions can you direct them to more positive pursuits.

#5: Embrace the pain of discipline

The saying goes: “Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret.”

Think of it this way: You’re going to get hurt anyway, so embrace the pain of discipline. It’s the only pain that leads to growth and fulfillment. And never, ever risk the pain of regret.

Where do you start? Try making your bed.

#6: Make money

In a world like ours, people won’t take you seriously unless you’re making real money. So make sure you tick off these all-important financial boxes:

  • Make enough money to cover your needs
  • Have at least five months of expenses stored away in an emergency fund
  • Have enough insurance to keep your loved ones fed and safe if you die suddenly
  • Invest in something—stocks, real estate, business, BitCoin, etc.

#7: Run and lift

These days, there’s no excuse not to be working out. We know so much about the human body that it’s impossible not to come up with a workout regimen that fits your unique situation.

Start working on your cardio (running, hiking) and strength (lifting and doing bodyweight exercises). Edge out some of the crap in your schedule with your new workout habit.

#8: Accept masculinity

Lastly, accept your manliness. I know that’s hard to do in a society that shames it. And yet your masculinity is precisely what this society desperately needs.

All the tips mentioned previously will help you understand and accept your masculinity. And yet there’s one sphere of human existence where masculinity is expressed, and appreciated, more than anywhere else—dating and relationships.

In the next section, we’ll discuss how to be a better man through the cultivation of a successful, rewarding, and fulfilling love life.

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How to Be a Man That Women Like

Few things will make you feel more manly than the attention and affections of women, whether they’re your friends or lovers. And yet sadly, most men find this area of their lives scary, confusing, or frustrating.

Don’t you fall into that trap. Here’s how to be a man that women like:

#1: Dress like a gentleman

First things first: Upgrade your fashion sense to something women will appreciate. Do you own at least one tailored suit? If not, here’s a list of other things a man should own at a certain age.

Like it or not, appearances do matter to women. First impressions last, as the saying goes. To get an idea of what women like to see on a man, pick up a Cosmopolitan and check the male models on the ads. See what they’re wearing, note what you like, and integrate the pieces into your own wardrobe.

#2: Be dangerous

Can you defend yourself and the woman you love? Do you have the skills, strength, and fitness to put up a tough fight if your lives depended on it? If not, then you got some work to do.

If you want to be a man that women like, start with the basic self-defense arts. Boxing, Muay Thai, and Judo should form a good foundation.

#3: Set boundaries

You must set the right boundaries in life and love. Here are some ideas to help you form new standards for yourself:

  • “I never let people take advantage of me.”
  • “I never get forced to fix other people’s problems.”
  • “I never get suckered into pointless arguments.”
  • “I never let people stake a claim on my time.”

#4: Be invulnerable

Earlier, we talked about the importance of being vulnerable, and that’s true. And yet there’s a big asterisk to it when it comes to dating.

When you’re in a committed relationship with a woman, you do not want to look overly weak. It may endear you to her for the short-term, but it’ll shatter her confidence for the long term.

Instead, do this: Bring your strongest, toughest, manliest form into your relationship. When you need to rant or cry, do it alone, with the fellas, or with your shrink—but never with her.

Spoiler alert: The weaker you appear to her, the more likely she’ll leave you for a stronger, more confident guy down the line.

#5: Start dating around

Speaking of relationships—get into them. Either have one girlfriend in an exclusive relationship or date three or four women in rotation. Dating builds your confidence and skill with women.

Isn’t dating more than one woman in rotation wrong? Not in principle. It’s wrong to be exclusive with more than one woman—but if you’re just dating and having a good time together, it’s fine.

What’s more, women will like you more when they see other women like you as well. It’s an upward spiral that gets better and better, building your skill and attractiveness until you decide to become a one-woman man.

#6: Make women your #2 priority

That said, even if you already are in an exclusive relationship with a woman, here’s an important tip: Make her your #2 priority.

What should be your #1 priority? Your mission in life, that’s what. And you should never, ever give in to a woman who demands you prioritize her over your mission. If she insists, show her the door and find a better woman to date.

I hope you’re writing all this down. It’s a lot, and you’ll undoubtedly derive many action points from each of them. Life is short, after all—better get started now.

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Setting Expectations on How to Be a Better Man

To wrap up, understand that becoming a better man won’t happen overnight. And there will be some days when your road to self-improvement becomes unbearable.

To deal with the days you ask, “What’s the point?”, here are a few parting tips:

Deal with the toxic shame

There will be idle periods when you think of the dumbass decisions you made in the past. You’ve done things you wish you never did, and you probably judge yourself harshly for them.

Here’s the thing: There’s shame and there’s toxic shame. And if your feelings are hurting you and the people around you, then it’s toxic shame—and you absolutely must challenge it before it takes root in your psyche.

How? Here’s an easy way:

Have role models

Role models are your emotional ports in the storm. When you feel lost or in mental turmoil, turn to them. What would they do in your situation?

Pick a few men who inspire you to be more like them. Read the following list and write down the names of men who pop into mind:

  • Life coaches
  • Business mentors
  • Religious leaders
  • Fitness coaches
  • Philanthropists

Spoiler alert: You’ll realize most of your role models started out as nobodies, but now have thousands and millions of followers around the world. If they can do it, so can you. Strive to become someone’s role model in the future, too.

And lastly:

Memento mori

Do you want to learn how to be a better man? Remember that you’re going to die one day. Life is short, and you’re running out of time.

What’s the legacy you want to leave? How will you etch your name in the history books? What would you like people to say about you at your funeral?

Hopefully, that gave you a lot to work with. Now go ahead. Become a better man for yourself, for your women, and for the world that needs you.


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