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How to Know if Your Girlfriend Thinks You're Small

Wondering if his girlfriend thinks he's small

Are you worried you have a small penis and that your girlfriend might leave you because of it? You're about to learn how to know if your girlfriend thinks you're small. And spoiler alert—there's more good news than bad.

That said, it's understandable—even normal—to feel insecure about your penis size. If you've been exposed to the porn industry, you'll notice all the male actors they hire are hung like horses. And it makes every average Joe wonder: "I think I am good in bed, but I'm nowhere near that size. Does my girlfriend think I'm small?"

Thankfully, it's more often not the case. In this article, we'll discuss how to determine what your woman really thinks about your tool. And, in the worst case, if she isn't satisfied in bed with you, you'll learn about the many things you can do to make things better.

How to Know if Your Girlfriend Thinks You're Small

Before anything else, we've already touched on the topic of small penis anxiety before. In our article, How Small is Too Small for a Woman? we examined what women really think about their partners' packages. And what we found was one pleasant surprise after another.

The average penis size is smaller than you might think

First, here's some good news: your penis size is probably around the average. Most men assume the average penis length is 6 inches and therefore come to the hasty conclusion they have small penis syndrome. And what untold unnecessary suffering this has caused.

Here's the truth: The average penis length is about 5 to 5.5 inches. And so, being average, there's a good chance this category includes you. There's no need to feel bad about not fielding a six-incher—only very few of us do.

Why do most men underestimate the size of their penises? Again, it's because of all the tentpoles we see in porn. It's important to know that pornography is show business—and like any show business, it exaggerates whatever makes money. What you see doesn't imitate life, so don't let it hold your thoughts hostage.

Most women think size doesn't matter

Most women think size doesn't matter

Now, what about the ladies? What do they think about penis length? Luckily, according to this survey, 77% of women think penis length is unimportant or totally unimportant when it comes to sexual satisfaction. And that means your girlfriend, too, probably wouldn't mind if you're a bit undersized down there.

That's good news for most of us, but what about the minority? After all, 23% of women think penis length does matter. What if there's the off chance your girlfriend belongs to that group?

We'll address that in the second half of this article, where we outline our best tips on living a normal, happy, sexually-active life even if your girlfriend thinks you're petite.

For now, it seems true what they say: it's not the size that counts, but how you use it. And that's an encouraging thought for most of us.

So, what does matter to ladies when it comes to penis size? Here's the revelation they have blessed us with:

Girth matters more

Apparently, most women believe penis girth, or width, is more important than length. This study interviewed 50 female undergrads who were all sexually active, and they were asked to answer a series of questions related to penis size in partners.

One of the questions made them choose among the following opinions:

  • #1: Penis length is more important than width.
  • #2: Penis width is more important than length.
  • #3: Penis length and width are equally important.
  • #4: I don't know.

Surprisingly, none of the 50 chose Opinion #3 or #4. Only five believed length was more important than width. Meanwhile, 45—a whopping 90% of the women—claimed penis width was more important than length.

Granted, it's a small sample set, but it's hard to ignore the overwhelming majority opinion among the ladies. So, if you feel you have a short but girthy tool, there's reason to feel good about it—and so does your girlfriend.

Now, what if you have a rather thin penis? Luckily, there are some things you can do to maximize your ability to please your woman regardless. This article explores some of your recourses, including improved bedroom technique and surgical augmentation.

If you have a micropenis or buried penis

Meanwhile, some men are unfortunately born with micropenis. It's a genetic defect diagnosed in babies that results in a much smaller penis than average. No one knows for sure what causes it, although some studies suggest exposure to chemicals and pesticides may increase the being born with it.

If you're unlucky enough to be born with a micropenis, we're fortunate to now know some ways to deal with it. For instance:

  • Testosterone treatments can stimulate penis growth in some individuals. This is best done before puberty when the treatment has a more pronounced effect.
  • Surgeons can put implants or inject fat into the penis, making it look larger. As with most types of surgery, this carries the risk of complications.
  • Therapy might help, especially if your condition gives you anxiety or insecurity. You'll be glad to know that while vaginal intercourse is pleasant, it's not necessary in making your girlfriend orgasm.

Another similar condition is the "buried penis," an average penis buried under folds of skin or fat in the belly or thigh. It can be genetic, but it can also be a side effect of obesity. If the latter sounds like you, losing weight will help expose your penis and make it look much larger.

Ultimately, it's good to remember that porn gives us the wrong ideas about penis sizes and what women prefer. Likewise, avoid making the mistake of thinking manliness is measured in penis lengths. There are more profound ways to be a man than by comparing dicks, and there are lots you can do to overcome your flaws in the bedroom.

Now, regardless of all that, sometimes you may get a sense you're not satisfying your woman enough. How do you know for sure, and what can you do about it? That's up next.

Signs She Thinks You're Bad in Bed

He's bad in bed but not because he's small

Luckily for us, there are many telltale signs our girlfriends think we're bad in bed. Check out the following, learn why they're dead giveaways of her dissatisfaction, and see what you can (and should) do about them.

She's losing interest in sex

This is the first obvious sign she thinks you're bad in bed—she's losing interest in sex. There are many reasons for it, and many aren't your fault. For instance, she might simply be tired or stressed out from all the work she's currently doing, and it's robbed her of her sex drive.

That said, you may be the reason she's losing interest in sex:

  • For whatever reason, she's scared or anxious about having sex with you.
  • Sex might hurt for her.
  • While sex might be nice, she feels no emotional connection with you, making it a joyless affair for her.

As a man, it's important to remember that for women, sex is just as emotional as it is physical. And to truly satisfy your girlfriend, you must go the extra mile and make sex emotionally pleasing for her, as well.

How do you do that? We suggest you take note of the two other telltale signs she thinks you're bad in the bedroom and then fix the issues accordingly:

You don't do foreplay

When having sex with your girlfriend, do you tend to jump straight to the action? If you do, that's a dad idea. While we can get into the mood in a snap, the ladies need more time to get warmed up than we do. And that's why foreplay is so important.

Sex is much more satisfying for the ladies when there's lots of foreplay involved. Here are some of the best ways to get her wet down there:

  • Learn to talk dirty. It's a lost art that men in relationships need to re-learn and fast.
  • Go one base at a time. The first base is kissing, the second base is fondling with clothes on, and the third base is when the clothes come off.
  • Get her so horny that she begs for the real thing before you go for the home run.

When she gets so hot and bothered that she begs you to get inside her, it's hard not to satisfy her at that point, regardless of what she might think of your tool.

You don't cuddle

A couple cuddling in bed

Another way to satisfy your girlfriend emotionally during sex is to cuddle her, both before and after sex. It's yet another "lost art" among men today, and here are some of the perks of learning it:

  • It shows your girlfriend how much you care.
  • It makes her feel appreciated and cherished, which is something women may want more than sex itself.
  • It's a mark of manhood to know how to cuddle your woman.

Cuddling releases oxytocin—the bonding hormone—which increases feelings of love and connection. And it will make your girlfriend start looking forward to sex with you from now on.

So, how exactly should you cuddle? If you're not the cuddly type and want to be, read this article next: How to cuddle with a girl like a pro. You'll need it.

No Problem You Can't Fix

You've just learned how to know if your girlfriend thinks you're small, as well as how to tell what she really thinks:

  • The average penis size is smaller than you might think, and you might likewise be thoroughly average;
  • 77% of women think penis length doesn't really matter in terms of sexual pleasure;
  • A whopping 95% of women prefer girth over length; and
  • If you suffer from a genetic condition, there are ways to still lead a satisfying sex life with your girlfriend.

Remember, the end result of your romps in the bedroom is much more important than the size of your penis. And while there are many ways to tell if your girlfriend thinks you're bad in bed, keep in mind there's a lot you can do to change her mind the next time around.

Again—it's not the size that counts but how you use it. Hopefully, this article has made you realize that you're mostly worrying about nothing and that there's a lot about your sex life that's under your control. Good luck!

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