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How To Talk Dirty To A Girl And Turn Her On Constantly (With Examples)

Guy who knows how to talk dirty to a woman

If you want to spice up your sex life it’s a great idea to learn how to talk dirty to a girl in the bedroom.

Some women like this and some women don’t, which is perfectly fine. But if you’re dating someone who likes dirty talk during sex, you can take her pleasure up to the next level.

Below, I’ll show you how to talk dirty to your lover if you’re new to it. I’ll also mention some of the things you must avoid to make the whole experience more pleasurable for both of you.

Knowing how to talk dirty is useful even if you’re not really into this but still want to enhance your sex life with your lover.

Tonality is crucial when learning how to talk dirty to a girl

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Before we go into the specifics of talking dirty to girls during sex, you must understand the most critical part of the whole thing: the tone of your voice. This is as important now as it was when you started a conversation with her.

That’s because it won’t matter what you say if you say it in the completely wrong way. In fact, turning women on with dirty talk is more about how you say things instead of the actual content of your words.

You can make pretty much anything sound sexy if you use the right inflection and put the right emphasis on certain words at certain intimate moments.

So what tonality works best?

Well, a deep, low pitch and a husky voice is known to drive women wild in bed. It shows you’re dominant and sure of yourself.

Conversely, a high-pitched tone of voice, especially if you speak quickly, will break sexual tension no matter the topic you're talking about with an older woman. You’ll sound like a nervous teenager who’s not convinced about what he’s saying.

For the best effect, practice speaking slowly and in a commanding manner. Put strategic pauses between words. This... will build... suspense… and drive her… wild... with... anticipation. You get the idea.

Also, even though you should speak in a commanding manner, you still need to make your voice gentle and not rough. Remember, it’s not a screaming match or a metal band audition. You’re supposed to enhance the mood, not scare her away.

Something that makes a voice seem gentler than usual is when you talk in a resonant manner. It’s when your voice almost vibrates while you talk, and you make a low rumble with your throat.

This bedroom voice will drive her mad with desire.

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Here’s how to talk dirty to a woman to drive her wild

First thing’s first, we talk dirty to women in bed in order to stimulate them mentally and not just physically. Knowing the purpose of what you're talking about is important when learning how to talk to older women.

Women are very aroused by their imaginations. During sex, if you engage a woman’s mind to stimulate her mentally, she’ll never forget her sexual encounters with you. She’ll want you more and more, so that she can experience the shivers that go down her spine as you talk dirty to her. You'll be getting multiple "hit me up" messages from her.

Knowing this vital piece of information, here’s what you need to do.

Before sex, talk about the things you’d like to do to her. This will make her horny and wet from anticipation.

During sex, focus and talk about the things you like in the moment. It brings her into the moment to increase her arousal.

A before-sex example would be saying something like “Damn, I want to rip off your dress, bend you over my knee, and spank your ass hard. I’ll tear away those panties and bang you right then and there until I hear you moan my name...”

Want a simpler line? Try “I’m so hard right now. Look at what you’re doing to me,” while guiding her hand to your erection.

A during-sex example could be “I love the way you move your ass when my cock’s so deep inside of you. I want to feel you clenching around my cock when you cum.“

The point here is to show your utter appreciation for how sexy she is and how hard she makes you.

Don’t start too soon or take things too far

An important point to understand about dirty talk is comfort and restraint. This is important if you want to attract women.

How far can you take things when learning how to talk dirty to a girl? And how soon is too soon?

Don’t start talking dirty to her before she’s actually sexually attracted to you. There has to be attraction and sexual tension between you for this to work.

That’s why you should only do this at the very end of a successful date. Or better yet, do it when she implies that she wants to have sex with you.

Regarding how far is too far, then it all depends on the girl. Women’s limits are different, so you have to test the waters. Start slow and then ramp it up steadily until you think she’s starting to get uncomfortable.

If at some point you cross the line and she becomes upset, you’ve hit her boundary. At that moment, say something like “Aww, I’m just playing, didn’t mean to offend you. I’ll be more gentle from now on,” and take it down a notch.

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Think of dirty talk as a raunchiness ladder

When you first talk dirty to a girl, you start off at the bottom rung with tame innuendos and nothing too blatant. And then you add a little more naughtiness. You then gradually become more explicit and vulgar.

For a tame example, you can start off by saying something like “Wow, you smell wonderful tonight…” when you’re close to her. Or “Do you like it when I nibble on your ear?”

You can then describe what you like about her body. Say something like “Your ass looks amazing in those jeans,” or “You have the sexiest lips I’ve ever seen.”

Eventually, when the sexual tension becomes more palpable, you can mention her effect on you. Say something like “I just imagined you in a bikini and thought of all the things I’d do to you if I saw you like that. It’s making me really hard.”

If she’s into it, tell her all the things you’d like to do to her. Be as detailed and as explicit as possible. If she’s fine with it, become as raunchy and dirty as you want. Describe what you’re thinking like, “I’d lay you on your back, take off your panties with my teeth, run my tongue all over you until you beg me to bang your brains out.”

When you’re in the middle of having sex, you talk dirty to a girl by taking things even further.

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Keep things fresh and interesting

As with anything, if you keep doing the same thing, it’ll become boring after a while.

That’s why it’s important to always push her boundaries just a little bit. Keep adding more by making things dirtier, more exciting and never boring. Never use the same lines over and over until they lose their meaning.

Eventually, when you figure out how to talk dirty to her and get a feel for it, you won’t need to start things slowly anymore. Sex can begin with you simply saying something like, “Get on your knees, now.” Or with her saying, “I want you to bang me so hard our neighbors will hear me screaming.”

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Describing the details is key

The difference between boring dirty talk and something that’ll make women wetter than a raging tropical rainstorm are all the little details.

That’s why you should be as descriptive as possible and refrain from being too vague. This will make vividly imagine what you’re talking about.

So, instead of saying “You’re so sexy, I like your body!” Tell her exactly why you find her sexy and just what you find so amazing about her body.

As an example, you can say something like “I love it how your breath becomes more and more shallow the harder I pound your delicious little ass. Your perfect mouth and those big, lush lips feel so amazing when you put them on my throbbing dick. I just love the way you look into my eyes when you suck on it, just like that.”

The more descriptive you can be during these moments, the better women will respond.

Also, you don’t actually have to use profanity if you don’t want to. As long as you’re being explicit and describing the the things you want in enough detail, you can use any words you like.

That’s because it’s not you using more taboo words that will make her moan with pleasure. It’s the image you build in her head. And you can build that image with even the tamest words, as long as she knows what you’re talking about.

And remember, maintain that low tone and slow tempo to really cement that sexual mental image into her mind.

How to talk dirty on the phone

If you’re still not sure if you want to talk dirty with your lover in person, you can learn how to talk dirty on the phone first. It's a great way to practice if you're too shy to do it face to face.

Talking dirty on the phone also helps to set the sexual mood, particularly if you’re set to meet up with someone you’re already in a sexual relationship with.

So is this this kind of talk on the phone very different from when you’re face to face?

To be completely honest, not really. You do it in the exact same way described above.

The only exception is that you won’t be able to touch and see each other. So you’ll have to rely on your tone and the content of your words much more than usual. If anything, you can lower your voice just a little more, as if what you’re saying is so raunchy you don’t want anyone to hear you saying it. This will engage her imagination and ignite her horniness, so she becomes aroused over the phone.

When you know how to talk dirty to a girl, it’s like you’re already engaged in foreplay before you even touch her. So make use of this naughty skill and get her so aroused she’ll want to skip dessert and hop straight into bed with you!


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