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How To Cuddle With A Girl Like a Pro (Make Her Come Back For More)

Handsome man learning how to cuddle a girl as she smiles at him

I’m going to show you how to cuddle with a girl in a way that’s sensual and will leave her feeling satisfied with your company.

Not many guys know the importance of cuddling, especially after sex. But it’s something that lets the girl know you appreciate her more than just someone you use to have your needs met.

It also shows you care for her. It shows her that want to stay close to her and that you want to make her feel appreciated. Cuddling is one of the best ways to show physical affection for someone, and that’s why you should do it whenever you can.

This is why every guy should learn how to cuddle a girl, as it will make her (and sometimes even you) feel warm and fuzzy.

Now if you can’t find someone to cuddle, there’s an easy solution. We have an incredibly helpful and easy-to-understand video course on how to approach and talk to women. It’s not as easy as cuddling, but may be just as fun!

Why learning how to cuddle with a girl is a must

The biggest reason cuddling is important, at least for the majority of men, is that it’ll often lead to sex. In fact, you can become so good at cuddling your lover that it’ll virtually always lead to sex. If you're still looking for that cuddle buddy take a look at our favorite dating apps that actually work for guys.

The other reason it’s a must is that girls simply love to cuddle.

I’ve been around the block quite a bit, and I’ve asked women what they think of cuddling. The replies I got range from cuddling being something sweet to being an absolute, non-negotiable must.

The science behind it is that physical touch releases oxytocin (the “love hormone” that helps people bond). Oxytocin reduces the level of cortisol (the “stress hormone”) in people. More love hormones minus all the stress hormones equals a recipe for a good time.

The third and arguably most important reason why you should learn how to cuddle a girl is that it shows her that you care. It shows her that you want closeness and their warmth in your life.

Imagine what a woman would feel when a guy just jumps right into wanting sex without at least a bit of cuddling. Few things are more horrid for women than a guy who just gets up right after sex and leaves without cuddling at all. Near the top of the list would be a guy rolling over and immediately snoring. It’s an incredibly cold and callous thing to do. It can leave her feeling used, which is a big reason she’ll never want to see you again.

These are just some of the biggest benefits of cuddling. And hopefully, these are reasons enough for you to want to learn how to cuddle properly.

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How to cuddle a girl: the basics

To be honest, many guys overthink this whole cuddling thing and often end up screwing up by making things awkward.

The truth is, cuddling is really simple. You just embrace the girl you like in your arms and lay in a position that’s comfortable for both of you. As long as you’re both comfortable and enjoying each other’s closeness, you’re doing it right!

It's as simple as knowing where to touch a girl.

You can make cuddling even better by making sure you’re surrounded by pillows. For some, cuddling feels so much better when you’re wrapped up in a warm blanket. You can even add in a few extra touches like holding her hand or running your hands down her back.

New course

Cuddling before sex

Here’s how to cuddle with a girl before sex if you want to get more intimate later.

Embrace her and ensure that you’re both very comfortable. Make sure that you have at least one free arm to get the ball rolling.

My favorite position to cuddle before sex is to lay on my left side, with her right next to me. So that my right arm’s free to rub her every which way I want. This’ll be really important for later if you want to make sure your cuddles lead to something more intimate.

The first step is always the same: Relax, chill out, and just enjoy her warmth. Then, pull her in close to you, embrace her and just savor the moment.

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Eventually, start rubbing her gently on the various parts of her body with your free hand. Like her back, neck, shoulders, thighs or you can grab her ass. Apply some force down the line with your fingers, to transition the gentle rubbing into a light massage.

Take as much time as you want to cuddle, you’re not in any rush. Keep rubbing and massaging however long you want and see how well she responds.

Once you feel she wants more, start kissing her on and around her neck. Take your free hand, run it along her spine, from her lower back to her hair. Then grab the hair and pull down on it very lightly but firmly. Give her a deep and sensual kiss, and start making out.

This, along with kissing, will really take things up a notch and make her horny.

Eventually, start undressing her and things will naturally progress towards sex.

Cuddling after sex

Once you’ve satisfied your partner sexually and you’re both splayed on the bed, unwinding after a great lovemaking session, don’t suddenly break all physical contact with her.

Instead, pull her in closer to you and let her rest on your body. She can lean on your legs, lap, chest, side or arms. But one of the best and most comfortable positions is to lay on your back and let her lay by your side with her head on your chest while your arm is around her and you’re hugging her.

This lets you relax completely and feels amazing for the girl. It will make her feel like she’s in the arms of a teddy bear. And because it’s just such a dominant position for the man to be in, she’ll feel really feminine laying like that. You might even enjoy this too.

And the real beauty of it is this: You’ll have your arm free to do as you please and give her more post-coital pleasure.

You can slowly massage her head, neck, shoulders or back because it’ll be easy to reach those areas. Just imagine what it would feel like if she touches your shoulder.

And trust me, it’ll feel wonderful for her because after sex, her body will be really tingly and very sensitive to any and all touch. Especially if you've done everything right and she had an orgasm… or two.

So, run your hands down or up her spine to send shivers through her whole body. Run your fingers through her hair very gently, massage her forehead, scalp and even her ears. At times, tighten your grip and really pull her into you. She’s sure to love the feeling of closeness and the added attention you’re giving her.

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A sweet and wholesome cuddle session

Cuddling doesn’t always have to lead to sex. Sometimes, you can cuddle simply because you want to feel closer to each other.

Something many girls enjoy immensely during cuddling is being the little spoon. So be her big spoon, get behind her as you embrace her from the back. Put your arms over her and pull her closer you. If your mouth’s close to her ear and she's touching your arm, you can even whisper sweet nothings to add a romantic touch.

When cuddling, even if sex isn’t going to happen, I still like to play around with my fingers. By stroking them gently over her body and running them through her scalp and hair.

Doing these things is amazingly pleasurable for a lot of women who enjoy cuddling. In fact, when you get really good at cuddling, you might turn a non-cuddler into someone who craves cuddling!

Try many different positions and find your favorites

The “honeymoon hug” is pretty amazing, where you face each other and entangle your limbs with your head atop hers. She’ll feel safe and comfortable in this position and you can kiss anytime you want.

It’s called the honeymoon hug because when you wake up in the morning you’ll smell each other’s breath. But you won’t care because you’re still in the honeymoon phase. A little morning breath won’t ruin anything.

Another cuddling position you can enjoy on the couch is the lap pillow. This is where you rest your head on her lap or vice versa. It’s a great position to lay in for hours while watching a movie, reading a book or going through your phone. It lets you both do something else while still remaining close.

My favorite position is when I’m lying on my back and the girl’s on top of me with her head on my chest with her limbs draped all around me.

This leaves me with both of my hands free to do pretty much whatever I want like giving her a back rub or a neck massage. If she’s resting, it’s the perfect position to read a book, watch something or play on my phone.

As you can see, the best cuddling positions are those where you’re both completely comfortable. It’s where you have one or both of your hands available to play with your lover, caress her, stroke her or massage her.


Practice how to cuddle with a girl well and give her that warm fuzzy feeling. Allow your hands and fingers to explore, as she takes in all these pleasurable sensations. When you cuddle her just right, she’ll never want to leave your side!



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