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How To Know When A Girl Cums (And Why You Might Be Missing It)

Wondering how to know when a girl cums? Congratulations, you’re not one of those jerks who ask ladies, “did you come?” even before they had a chance to get undressed!

Knowing when she is going to climax has many advantages. First, you’ll be able to learn quickly which sexual techniques get her off. Secondly, it will boost your sexual ego. Maybe she’s too shy to tell you that she came. But thanks to our guide, you’ll know for sure if she did!

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How to Know When a Girl Cums: Not Easy But Definitely Possible

As our readers know well, every woman is different. The telltale signs you spotted when your ex was going to orgasm may not be present at all during sex with your current girlfriend.

For this reason, the best way to learn when she’s going to climax is getting to know her body better. The more you have sex with her, the better you’ll be able to forecast her orgasms. Just in case you needed another reason to have more sex!

That said, there are some common signs that her orgasm is about to come (no pun intended):

All her muscles contract

It’s known that when women climax, their pelvic muscles contract. In the ‘80s, scholars had some ladies insert probes into their vaginas to demonstrate it. In fact, keeping vaginal muscles strong by doing Kegel exercises helps ladies to perform these contractions better and, therefore, to achieve better orgasms.

But muscles in the pelvic region aren’t the only ones that contract involuntarily when she orgasms. If you pay attention to her body during sex, you’ll notice that she tends to keep all her muscles tense as she approaches climax. She may also arch her back, like models do when they want to appear sexy in lingerie ads.

When you notice this, just keep doing whatever you’re doing. If she keeps holding her body tense, she’s going to orgasm very soon. If she stops contracting her muscles and relaxes her body instead, she’s probably having trouble getting off. Try another technique until you figure out what drives her crazy. This way, it will be easy to learn how to know when a girl cums!

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She starts moaning louder and louder

This is one of the easiest signs to spot. If her moaning intensifies, she’s likely having a great time with you in bed. Good job, bro!

However, always remember that not all women moan during sex. When they do, the resulting sound may be very different from what you hear in porn. If the lady in your bed is quiet or does not moan at all, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s not enjoying herself!

Also, I don’t want to be a buzzkill, but be aware that, according to a survey from Zava Med, 68% of women fake orgasms. Yep, you read that right. If you hear her moaning but don’t notice any of the other signs in this guide, chances are she’s just trying to make your lovemaking session end quickly.

To know when a girl cums, pay attention to her heartbeat and breath rate

A faster heartbeat and heavy breathing are some of the telltale signs that she wants sex. If her heart seems to race during sex, you’re very probably doing a good job! As the Mirror reports, recently a woman used her Fitbit to record her heart rate during sex. The results were astonishing as she managed to stay in the “fat burn zone” the whole time, but her heart rate spiked at the exact moment of orgasm.

That said, there’s no need to have your girlfriend wear a Fitbit to find out when she’s going to cum. There’s a quick and easy way to monitor your lover’s heart rate during sex: Put your hand on her left breast.

If your hands are busy caressing other parts of her body, lean closer to her chest, so you’ll be able to hear her heartbeat. Also, pay attention to her breathing rhythm. The faster she breathes, the closer she is to the point of no return.

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She grabs the sheets or her legs start shaking

When some women orgasm, they feel like they’re unable to control their limbs. For example, they may feel the urge to grasp the first thing that comes their way—the pillow, the bedsheets or their boyfriend.

Other times, their legs might shake uncontrollably. This is one of the easiest signs to spot when you’re just starting to figure out how to know when a girl cums.

The cause for her leg shaking is probably the increased heart rate she experiences just before orgasm. This tremor is similar to the ones we have when we’re afraid. When something scares us, our heart rate increases, just like when we’re enjoying sexual pleasure.

The urge to grasp bedsheets or a pillow is likely caused by the tension in a woman’s muscles when she’s about to climax.

She has the “sex flush”

As a woman approaches climax, the skin on her breasts, face, arms or chest may turn a shade of red. As Dr. Lauren Streicher, professor at Northwestern University, told BuzzFeed, this phenomenon is caused by the fact that blood flow increases during sex. “That increased blood flow causes your blood vessels to dilate,” says Streicher, “which leads to flushing.”

Women who experience blushing when embarrassed or during exercise are more prone to sex flush. Also, this telltale sign is easier to spot in ladies who have fair skin.

Also, pay attention to the color of her labia, which may become slightly darker as she approaches orgasm. Once again, this subtle change is caused by the extra blood coming to her genitals.

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Discover all about female ejaculation to learn how to know when a girl cums

Yes, women can ejaculate too. In real life, female ejaculation may look very different than in the “squirting” porn genre. Not all women eject copious amounts of fluid every time they orgasm. Some just get a little wetter than usual, while others don’t experience female ejaculation at all.

The scientists have been debating for decades about whether female ejaculate is urine or not. A recent study, published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, suggests that “real”  female ejaculation and squirting involve two different fluids.

“The real female ejaculation is the release of a very scanty, thick and whitish fluid from the female prostate,” say the authors, “while the squirting is the expulsion of a diluted fluid from the urinary bladder.” The study also revealed that a woman’s ejaculate contains some of the same components found in semen, like a prostate-specific antigen.

One thing is sure: Female ejaculation truly helps you to learn how to know when a girl cums!

She tells you

I don't mean that women will straight up tell you "I'm about to cum!" although that may happen once in a while. If all women just told you, then there wouldn't be any point in learning how to know when a girl cums.

Instead, what I mean is that women will often say something like "Wow this feels great!" or "Yeah! Just like that!" during sex.

Make sure not to miss these comments because when you hear them, it means that what you're doing feels very pleasurable to her. Under no circumstances should you stop or try to do something else. Instead, do the exact same action, in the exact same position and with the exact same rhythm. This is also key if you want to have better sex in general--listening to feedback!

More often than not, this will result in a very intense and powerful orgasm. Mostly, she's trying to guide you towards her orgasm because she knows her body best.

As you can see, there are many subtle and even not-so-subtle ways that women show you when they're cumming or getting close to it. When learning how to know when a girl cums, the most important thing is to pay attention to your partner.

She will give you all the clues you want and need because sex is all about giving and receiving. If you make sure that she gets off during sex and is completely sexually satisfied, you'll be forever in her good graces.

You can also use this to your advantage if you want a really intimate and loving relationship. Armed with the knowledge of how to spot when she's about to cum, you can time your orgasms with hers. Coming to climax at the same time builds enormous connection and intimacy.

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