2021 Love Voodoo Review: Is This Where the Magic Will Happen?

Love Voodoo landing page

With so many dating websites flooding the landscape, it’s getting harder and harder to find the ones that are worthwhile. But on the bright side, it’s getting easier to find sites that fulfill a specific niche. There have never been more online options for people who are into a particular kink or lifestyle, or even for those who think they might be a little curious. This is what our Love Voodoo review is all about: helping you find what you’re looking for.

Now you may be wondering, “how can I sort out the legit hookup sites from the ones that just aren’t worth it?” And the answer is, we do it for you. For the past month, I’ve been diving into Love Voodoo in depth and trying out everything it has to offer, all so you don’t have to. So, was it an unexpected diamond in the rough, or just another letdown?

How we reviewed Love Voodoo
I always begin my reviews by setting up a completely blank profile. This is designed to weed out spam messages sent upon account creation. The idea is that the more messages are sent to an empty profile, the more likely a website is to be a scam.

After waiting a few days, I fill out my profile with some photos and information. I then proceed to use the account as if it were my own. I message women, test out whatever free features are available and try to set up as many dates as I can.

After a couple of weeks of that — or sooner, if I’m not able to do much with a free account — I sign up for a paid subscription. My aim is to try out the website as fully as I can, so I can write a comprehensive review — what’s good about the site, what’s bad and whether any of it is worth your time and money.

Love Voodoo Review: Promising Start, Disappointing Finish

Let’s start with a high-level overview of Love Voodoo. AFF is my preferred site for comparison since it’s pretty much the gold standard of hookup sites.

Site logoAdult FriendFinder Logo

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Love Voodoo is another hookup site targeting a specific lifestyle. Here, it’s swinging and all things related to it — threesomes, wife swapping, “hotwifing,” etc. Like many similar sites, it’s possible to register as a single man looking for a single woman, but based on my experience, that isn’t likely to get you very far.

Site description

Love Voodoo welcomes everyone

I’ll start out with the positives — Love Voodoo feels welcoming and inclusive. If you’re new to the scene and curious or looking to jump straight in, there are features to help you navigate your way. There are plenty of articles on the website to help you get started, from a basic lifestyle FAQ to detailed guides on swingers’ clubs, group sex and how to get your wife to sleep with another man.

Informative articles on the siteIf you’re just looking for a place to hang out and learn about the lifestyle, or to chat online with like-minded people, Love Voodoo probably isn’t a bad place to start. 

It has some good non-dating features

Love Voodoo had some of the best free features of any of the websites I’ve used recently. In addition to reading official articles, as a free user you can read erotic stories posted by other members, read and post blog entries, create or join groups to find people into your specific kinks and schedule events on the group calendar.

Different groups you can join for different preferencesLove Voodoo also definitely isn’t safe for work — whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is up to you. While there’s no separate photo gallery, a lot of users have very explicit photos on their profiles and these aren’t restricted to paid members. Even the main landing page often displays explicit closeups, so be aware that this definitely isn’t a site where you can secretly log on at work to check your messages.

Love Voodoo isn’t a dating site

Since LoveVoodoo is a website mostly targeted at couples, I branched out and messaged some couples this time, in addition to over 50 single women. With a huge number and variety of outgoing messages, you’d think I’d be swimming in potential dates, right?

Sent messages with no repliesWell, you’d be wrong. After all that activity, I didn’t get a single message. I got one wink and one friend request, both based on my initially blank profile, but other than a couple of messages from site administrators, I didn’t interact with a single human being in my entire month on the site. I tried messaging, winking, creating a friends list and posting a singles ad, but all my efforts were met with resounding silence.

To be fair, this could be because single men aren’t really the site’s target audience. While there seemed to be a decent number of single women open to meeting single men, the majority of users were definitely couples looking for other couples or single women. Of course, it could just be one of those sites with a lot of members online but not a lot of offline action. But from my experience, it’s difficult to tell.

One thing was clear, though — if you’re thinking about joining Love Voodoo as a single man in the hopes of getting some genuine action, stick to AFF instead.

AFF is going to be a much better option

Like I said, Love Voodoo doesn’t seem like a bad site per se; it’s just not made for single men looking for single women. Even couples who seemed open to meeting single men were unresponsive. Maybe if you’re in a relationship and you’re looking for single women or other couples, your experience will be different.

As far as searching for a straightforward hookup, I’d say stick to AFF. It has a much larger userbase, so you have better odds of meeting people. You also won’t feel like the odd man out when you try to search for potential hookups.

So if you want to meet lots of single women looking for single men like you, give the AFF free trial a shot. What have you got to lose?

Positives and negatives of LoveVoodoo.com

Love Voodoo might not be very successful as a dating site, but it does have some things going for it.

  • Decent social features
  • Able to read messages before paying for a subscription
  • Free users can access most site features
  • Very low message response rate
  • Most users aren't looking for single men
  • Definitely NSFW

The profiles and pictures seem legit

For the most part, the profiles on Love Voodoo seemed legit. The majority of users were exactly what you’d expect — a lot of middle-aged and younger couples looking for the same to spice up their sex lives, with a balance of lifestyle vets and newbies.

Legit profile with explicit photos

Profile bio

While not as bad as on some other sites I’ve reviewed, there were also a fair share of obviously fake profiles — profiles with ridiculous biographical information, like women who claim to weigh 40 pounds or profiles claiming to belong to All-American sweethearts that were clearly written by non-native English speakers. Unfortunately, I expect these to come standard with most new dating sites I try. At least there weren’t many obvious fakes here, which made them pretty easy to skip over.

Profile that's not legit

Outdated, “edgy” design

The design of Love Voodoo makes me think it hasn’t been updated since the website launched. It isn’t bad, necessarily, but it is somewhat dated. The home page is functional, if a bit cluttered, but that’s par for the course on most dating sites.

Site upon login

Also standard were the drop-down menus at the top of every page helping members navigate around the site. Some of these — like “who is on,” “members” and “search” — had the same links in several different categories, which made things a little confusing.

One aspect of the site design I did appreciate was the FAQs. The search pages use a lot of icons as shorthand for actions like messaging other users, adding them to your favorites or sending a wink, as well as profile information like gender and sexuality. I would have been completely lost without the FAQ spelling out exactly what each icon was and what it meant — though I did have to check back a few times to remind myself, since there were a lot of them!

Icons that show users' sexuality and what they're looking for

Minimal spam but also minimal responses

Unlike so many hookup sites I’ve used recently, I wasn’t immediately barraged with spam messages when I created an account on Love Voodoo. I did get a couple of messages from site moderators encouraging me to add a bio and photos to my profile. This was also somewhat encouraging, since it indicated that they want their members to be real people with real information.

Message from admin

Another good sign was that I didn’t have to pay for a subscription to access those messages. Way too many other sites make their users pay before they can even read any messages they’ve been sent, which is a tactic often combined with spam messages to entice users to pay good money under false pretenses. With Love Voodoo, I could at least see the messages I was getting — or in this case, not getting — before I decided to pay.

The message interface wasn’t bad. Instead of the more modern chat-based messaging system that a lot of websites have — and which I tend to prefer — Love Voodoo has a popup messaging system. It’s less clunky than being redirected to a new page every time I wanted to send a message, but not great if you aren’t a fan of popup windows.

Ultimately, though, the messaging system doesn’t matter much if you aren’t getting any messages and that’s exactly what happened here. Even after paying for a subscription to allow me to message freely, I didn’t receive a single message in return. That’s a first for me and the main reason I can’t recommend Love Voodoo as an effective hookup site.

What can you do with a free LoveVoodoo membership?

You can access almost all features of Love Voodoo with a free membership — except messaging other members. As a free user, you can search for other members and add them to your friends list or favorites, but can only send one message a day. Most notably, free users are able to read any messages they’ve received, which is a step up from a lot of similar sites. Not that it helped a lot in my case — the only messages I got were from site moderators.

If you’re just there for the social aspect, you can access the site’s other features — including joining groups, posting singles ads, creating blog posts and reading erotic stories — as a free member.

No ads on the site

One thing I always look for on hookup websites is paid advertisements. Like too many spam messages, these are almost always a sign of a low-quality site and you’ll notice that the best websites don’t have any. Love Voodoo is the first site I’ve been to lately that had none, so that’s a definite plus.


Love Voodoo offers the standard one-month, three-month and one-year membership options. It also offers a three-day trial membership if you’re curious and a three year membership for long-term users.


Love Voodoo Review: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Love Voodoo?

Love Voodoo is a hookup site primarily aimed at couples who are into swinging and partner swapping.

How do you log into LoveVoodoo.com?

To log into Love Voodoo, click the “login” button at the top of the screen and enter your username and password. If you don’t already have an account, you can create one by clicking the “sign up” button.

What are LoveVoodoo alternatives?

For some alternatives to Love Voodoo, check out our review of the best hookup apps and websites.

How do you use LoveVoodoo.com for free?

You can do quite a bit on Love Voodoo for free, including searching for members, posting a singles ad, joining a group and viewing or creating an event. Free users can only send one message a day.

How do you cancel your LoveVoodoo membership?

To cancel your Love Voodoo membership, go to the “account” tab at the top of the page and choose “membership.” From there, click on the button that says “discontinue your subscription.”

How to cancel your membership

How do you delete your LoveVoodoo.com account?

As a Love Voodoo member, you can choose to delete or suspend your account. Navigate to the membership page under the “account” tab, then select “suspend my Love Voodoo account.”

How to delete your account

From there, you will be given the option to suspend or delete your account. Deleting your account will permanently remove your account from the site, while suspending your account will hide your profile but still allow you to login to automatically reactivate your account.

How to delete your account 2

How much does LoveVoodoo.com cost?

Love Voodoo offers long-term, short-term and trial membership options.

3 days $3.99

1 month $16.95

3 months $44.95

1 year $139.00

3 years $279.00

Is Love Voodoo legit?

As a swingers’ social media website, Love Voodoo seems legit. As a traditional dating site, not so much. I failed to get so much as a single message my entire time on the site.

Love Voodoo a scam or real?

Love Voodoo doesn’t appear to be a scam, but I hesitate to call it a “real” dating site — at least, it’s not a very effective one.

How do you send messages on LoveVoodoo.com?

You can send a message directly from a user’s profile, message or search results by clicking the “send email” icon. The message will pop up in a new window without navigating you away from the page you were on. Free users can only send one message per day.

How do you search on Love Voodoo?

Love Voodoo allows you to search by status, interests, location and preferences. You also have the option of browsing all available members. To search for other users, click on either the “members” or “search” tabs at the top of any page.

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