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Making Out at the Movies: The Tricks To Pulling It Off

A couple making out at the movies

Do you want to become a master at making out at the movies? It’s dark, no one can see what you and she are doing, and you’re kissing and fondling like there’s no tomorrow.

It sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Well, as it turns out, there are lots of things to consider before you can successfully make out with a girl at the movies. And not only during the movie, either. What you do before it and after it will also dictate how well the make-out session—and the rest of the date—will go.

So, this article will give you the A-to-Z of making out at the movies. You’re about to learn how to make her hot, eager, and totally ready to make out with you in the dark.

How to Kiss Her at the Movies: Getting Started

For starters, you’ll need to cover a few bases before you even step out of your pad to meet her. They are...

#1: Pick the genre of the movie

Some movie genres are more conducive to makeout sessions than others. Generally, you’ll want to go for:

  • Lame horror movies that are more comical than disturbing, or equal parts funny and scary.
  • Rom-coms, or the typical “chick flicks”—lighthearted romantic stories with happy endings.
  • Comedies, or movies with one mission: To make you laugh.

And you’ll want to avoid:

  • Heavy horror movies, or ones that might give her nightmares and associate creepy feelings with you.
  • Serious romances, which can make things awkward if she’s not into you just yet.
  • Any movie she’s really looking forward to see because she’ll be too focused on the movie to even think about kissing you.

So first off, pick a movie that’ll help your chances, not hurt them.

New course

#2: Pick the seat

The best cinema seats are the ones with no armrests between them (or with armrests that can be tucked away). If you can find those, great—it’ll be much easier to cuddle later during the movie.

If all the seats at the cinema have fixed armrests, that’s fine. When she puts her arm on it, you can “accidentally” knock it off with your arm. You then say “Oops,” put it back, then loop your arm around her elbow to place your hand on hers

Oldest trick in the book.

#3: Pick the venue

Watching movies in the cinema in hopes of starting a make-out session is okay. It’s dark, other people can’t see you and will be too absorbed in the movie, and you can start kissing without anyone noticing. People do it all the time, and so can you.

That said, the cinema does have certain disadvantages:

  • It costs money
  • It’s hard to talk once the movie starts
  • The lights can come on as soon as the credits roll, so if you haven’t started making out with her then, you’ve missed your chance

That’s why, if you can manage it, you should set up the movie date at your place or hers. It’s the classic "Netflix and chill" date. No armrests on the sofa, no other people to worry about, and the make-out session can quickly lead to much more.

Otherwise, just pick a good cinema and make do with what you have.

#4 Plan your logistics

Lastly, plan the rest of the date. What’s your ultimate goal for it? Do you just want to make out with her at the movies, and then nothing more? Or do you want the kissing and fondling to lead to sex later on?

Whatever your plan is, your logistics are super important. The best plan is to have the movie as just one activity of many. You can, for instance:

  1. Start the date with coffee or ice cream somewhere
  2. Then you go to the park, mall, or vista to sit, chat, and watch people go by (SIDE NOTE: If you struggle with keeping a conversation going with a girl, we have just the guide.)
  3. Do some light shopping for fun and giggles
  4. Optionally make a quick pit stop at your place to change into something warmer (and maybe lend her a coat)
  5. Have a meal or snack before the movie
  6. Buy the tickets, get into the cinema, and make out
  7. Swiftly go back to your place for sex and drinks

This is, of course, a simple and generic plan that’s only meant to give you an idea. The lesson is this: Plan the date ahead of time and make sure you take as little time as possible moving from one step to the next. This is all to build her interest throughout the date and keep her from getting bored.

Now, with the preparations out of the way, let’s talk about the main event.

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Making Out at the Movies: What to Do

What exactly should you do to make the movie make-out happen? Here are a few tips to maximize your chances of success:

Tip #1: Just tickets, no popcorn

Popcorn, snacks, and drinks tend to get in the way of kissing and fondling, so just buy the tickets and go straight in. This is why it’s a smart idea to have a meal or snack right before the movie.

Tip #2: Talk during trailers

Ideally, you’ve been bantering with her for the whole date. When you sit down and the ads and trailers start to roll, continue the chat. Strengthen the bond you’ve been building with her all day so far.

Tip #3: Whisper during the movie

When the movie starts, though, be a good person and just whisper. This is not only to avoid getting shushed, but it’s also to build a real connection with her. When you spot a silly moment or a movie or think of a different, better punchline for a joke in it, lean over and whisper it in her ear, sharing a few giggles as you go.

I can’t stress enough the importance of building a connection with her. You need to create a genuine connection with her. Otherwise, she’ll just be going through the motions with you. She’ll never get the urge to kiss you, and if you suddenly try making out in a movie theater, she’ll just leave and never see you again. Oops.

Meanwhile, if you do know what you’re doing, then she’ll be 100% comfortable with you during the movie. If it’s a horror flick, let her hide her face in your chest if she needs to. If you’re watching a rom-com, she might want to cuddle. This is all good—it’ll make the make-out session more natural.

Tip #4: Take note of her signals

Trust me—she’ll let you know when she wants to kiss. She’ll hug you tighter, she’ll nibble your ear after whispering, she’ll slip her hand under your shirt, she’ll ignore the movie and look you straight in the eye.

These are clear signals she wants to kiss, so pull her in and make it a good one! No light pecks—your kiss must be deep and passionate, like they kissed in the great romantic movies of yore.

Once she gets into it, then the make-out session is on. Kiss her more, hold her tight, touch her and fondle her. Congratulations—mission accomplished!

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Or Is It?

To wrap this article up, here’s a fair warning: Your mileage may vary. This is especially true if the movie make-out isn’t your end goal—e.g. you want sex or a relationship (or both) to come after it.

Here’s why: The mere act of making out involves the release of sexual tension.

Assuming she’s attracted to you, she’ll be feeling more and more sexual tension as the date goes on. The idea of kissing, fondling, and having sex is always at the back of her mind, and the more she spends time with you, the more she wants it.

Making out releases that sexual tension, satisfying her craving. And that’s the danger. If you want your movie make-out session to lead to sex at your place, it may simply not happen—simply because she got her fix with you in the cinema.

So consider yourself warned, my friend. Depending on your goals for your relationship, making out at the movies may or may not be a good idea. My advice? Try it out a few times with a few different girls and see what happens.

You might, for instance, ultimately learn that it’s best to just kiss her a few times, then whisper: “Let’s bounce,” and leave the cinema straight for your place—which is hopefully 10 minutes or less away.

Oh, and by the way—it’s entirely possible she likes you so much that she’ll want to kiss you even before you get to the cinema. As long as you know the signs that she wants to kiss you, you’re in for a fun date.

So go ahead—take her to the movies, follow the tips in this article, and see how it goes. Good luck and have fun!


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