2019 PassionDesire Review – A Legit Dating Site or Scam?

Homepage for Passion DesireMore people than ever before are using dating apps and websites to find their next partner, and it’s working out pretty well. You can chat with the girl down the street from the comfort of your couch or meet a woman who lives in the next city over without having ever visited. The promise of a site like PassionDesire.com is love (or passion) with a click.

As with any great innovation, though, there are people who want to abuse its power. Many people out there have realized they can lure guys into scam dating websites that seem to be full of women, but really aren’t. These sites take your money, your personal information and your precious time, and they give nothing back. It’s not something you want to get caught up in.

Around these parts, we consider ourselves experts on dating sites. We put together an annual list of the hookup apps that are actually working these days. We do this because we want you to log in to a site that you know is safe, secure, and worthwhile. Before you head out looking for love, passion, or anything in between, check out our PassionDesire review.

PassionDesire Review – A Legit Dating Site or Scam?

The internet takes up more and more of our lives with each passing year, whether we like it or not. We order food online, make social plans online, watch movies online. So, why wouldn’t we meet new people to date online? Tens of millions of people already are. It’s got to be worth it, right?

The site looks like a teen vampire movie poster

One of the first things I noticed about PassionDesire was its strange looking design. The website uses a violet and black color scheme, a pink and white logo, and the front page has a picture of a man standing behind a woman breathing down her neck. It looks like he is about to bite her neck, actually, as if one of those terrible teen vampire movies is about to start playing on my screen. It makes me think more about Dracula or bad romance novels, neither Passion nor Desire.

Fair enough, though, I have seen worse. At least they have a sleek layout on their main page and don’t have a ton of explicit photos right from the get go, like some other sites. I decided it was worth investigating deeper.

Adult FriendFinder is going to be a way better option for you

If you are still reading our review and have not clicked away you must not be getting the message yet. This site is not worth your time. If you want a legitimate site that will actually deliver on its promise to help you find a hookup you need to be using Adult FriendFinder.

There are tons of scammy sites out there but Adult FriendFinder and Tinder stand apart as the only two legitimate options these days. This site has been around since 2006 and has a giant number of users (over 90,000,000 worldwide). No other site really compares and we would know since we test, rate, and review them all in our annual hookup app review.

It’s true that Tinder is also a great option but if you are not a super good looking guy it can be really tough. The best looking guys get almost all of the attention leaving even decent looking guys out of luck. Adult FriendFinder does a much better job of helping more typical guys and girls find someone to have a little fun with.

Check out their free trial and save yourself a lot of time and frustration!

A ton of generic messages

As soon as I logged into the site, I started getting a ton of messages. Within an hour, I had four messages. Any guy who has been on a legit dating site knows four messages is a ton to get in a day, let alone an hour. The messages were mostly very simple and short, but one of the women was a little more thorough. She said, “LOL I wanted to contact you because I notice you live near me in _______. Get back to me when you’re not busy . . . but the sooner the better ; )”. Okay, not so bad. But then I tried to message back.

After hitting send, the website redirected me to an upgrade page. Apparently, I wasn’t even allowed to message with a woman who already messaged me until I upgraded to a paid account. This is pretty standard for the scam sites out there. They make sure you get a bunch of messages right away (more about that below), and then they hit you with a paywall.

Gotta pay for passion

PassionDesire doesn’t just make you pay for sending messages. The site also doesn’t allow users to see all of a person’s photos without upgrading first. In fact, if you don’t pay, the site is essentially just a big gallery of profile pictures and occasional, unanswerable messages.

Scam sites want to make their site just enticing enough to lure people in. Attractive photos, messages, and promises of hooking up. But they never actually let you have enough interaction to meet up with someone, or even develop an online relationship. This is because, often times, they don’t actually have any real women on the site for you to meet.

Fake pictures all over Passion Desire

As I read through the brief personal descriptions of the women on PassionDesire, I started to notice some trends. Like, why do all of these women have “oral fixations”? I know it’s a euphemism, but seriously, I don’t think there are many women in my area who are going to use that term to describe themselves. Also, there were a ton of women with explicit profile pictures. I know there are some women out there willing to show it all to a bunch of strangers, but I was seeing hundreds of supposedly local women who were in their birthday suits. It was all starting to seem unreal.

So, I did some reverse Google searches of the profile pictures I was looking at. I started getting hits. One of the pictures was also on several “adult” sites. This means these photos are not authentic photos of actual, local members. That was a huge red flag.

Passion Desire uses fake profiles

Scam “dating” sites often make fake profiles with images stolen from elsewhere and then they write up brief, highly seductive bios (that’s where the whole “oral fixation” thing came in). Then they have their own employees or computer programs send messages from these accounts. These messages can be pretty sophisticated (like the one I received where they even matched up my location and said they were local, too).

PassionDesire says they do this in their own user agreement:

“You may encounter profiles that are total fakes and you may receive communications from total fakes through our services. By ‘total fakes’ we mean to include profiles that are total fiction, pure and simple, posted by people who bear no resemblance whatsoever to the identity described.”

It doesn’t get more plain than “total fakes.”

Later in their user agreement (I read through the whole thing for this PassionDesire review; you’re welcome) they admit:

“We may post fictitious profiles, generate or respond to communications by means of automated programs or scripts that simulate or attempt to simulate your intercommunication with another real human being (though none really exists and any dialog is generated by programming).”

So, unless you like chatting with computer programs, maybe you should skip out on this site.

For entertainment purposes only

This site is so clearly not a dating site, they had to say so in their own user agreement. Right at the very beginning of the document they write the site is “intended and operated only for purposes of entertainment and fun and for no other purpose or purposes.” I don’t know what their definition of fun is, but I can tell you that I wasn’t having much fun on their website.

Cam sites!

Another red flag that I found while I was writing this PassionDesire review was their promotion of Cam Sites and Videos. In fact, at one point, I was automatically redirected to a “Live Cam” site. These adult services are not the type of things real dating sites use. Why would they want to show you explicit content? It’s just a distraction from meeting women in the real world. But, of course, some sites aren’t actually trying to help you meet people.

Weird social media presence

Legit dating sites love to use social media. They can interact with their members, remind people to use the site, and recruit new people to their service. They can post interesting dating tips. Most sketchy dating sites don’t have social media accounts because they don’t want to attract attention to their false service.

It turns out, PassionDesire actually has a Facebook account and it is weird. They have all kinds of strange ads for their service on the site, including ones that have stock images of people working at computers with text overlays that boast about “no strings attached” fun. Frankly, when I am thinking about casual relationships, I don’t usually picture myself sitting at a computer in an office. It’s just strange.

Conclusion: Don’t bother with Passion Desire

A lot of scam dating sites will try to recruit skeptical members by saying they have a “hookup guarantee.” They know people will not trust them, but they assume some people will be curious enough to at least sign up for a short, trial period. They rely on people thinking, “What could possibly go wrong?”

In fact, plenty can go wrong. They can take your personal information, link you to sketchy third parties, or overcharge your credit card. After thoroughly investigating this site for our PassionDesire review, I can say that all of these are real possibilities with this site. Finding love and passion online is possible, but not with PassionDesire.com. You’ll just have to keep searching.

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