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The Easiest Places for Meeting Girls In Pittsburgh in 2024 (Our Favorites)

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Are you looking to get lucky tonight but have no idea where to start your search? Well, that’s why we’ve created this guide. Meeting Pittsburgh girls who are interested in a date or a quick fling can be trickier than most assume. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to test out the spots that are known for being hotspots for the girls in our city.

So whether you’re living in the South Side Flats or are looking to find out about more places in Downtown Pittsburgh, we’ve got the places for you. We’ve even partied with the hotties at the University of Pittsburgh, so we know exactly which spots are trendy right now.  So if you’ve been looking for the best place to pick up girls in Pittsburgh, you’ll find a ton of great suggestions here.

Keep reading if you’re interested in eleven amazing options for scoring with the cuties around here. As always, let us know in the comments below if you’ve found success at any spots we didn’t mention.

These Are The Best Places to Pick Up Girls in Pittsburgh

Our list starts with some of our favorite bars and nightclubs. Below, you’ll find the places where we’ve met tons of cuties interested in no-strings-attached fun! Make sure you don’t miss out on these amazing spots.

Bars are a great way to introduce yourself to someone new

If you’re interested in meeting single girls, then the local bars are a great place to start. Here are some fantastic suggestions for your next night out.

Sexy Pittsburgh girls love grabbing drinks & having fun at Gene's Place

The happy hour crowd at Gene's Place


If you thought you were stepping into your typical dive bar when you head into Gene’s, you’d be very mistaken. Gene’s Place is one of the most popular hangouts in the area and for good reason. This is the one place you can grab a drink that’s reasonably priced while hanging out with cool and laidback Pittsburgh girls.

Along with fantastic drinks, Gene’s is also incredibly community-based. The bar often hosts weekly events that bring in crowds. You can also take part in Wednesday trivia nights, which happen to be one of the best ways to break the ice with someone cute. You definitely don’t want to miss out on the fun times at Gene’s.

Strange Roots Experimental Ales is a great place to test out interesting types of beers

A live performance in the outdoor area of Strange Roots Experimental Ales


Strange Roots is a creative artisanal brewery where you can enjoy some of the most unique beers. The brewery uses local ingredients and varying fermentation methods to create flavors that you’ve never tried before in your life. The pub-style taproom serves up a different batch of beers on taps that are perfect for testing out.

The layout of the brewery also makes it ideal for introducing yourself to someone new. We’ve met lots of cute single girls in Pittsburgh while grabbing a beer here. So grab a seat at one of the communal tables and introduce yourself to someone new. There’s no reason to feel shy as everyone here is super friendly and looking for a good time.

Honorable Mention Bars

Here are a few other bars that were super fun and also worth heading out to:

Adult FriendFinder is the best place to pick up girls in Pittsburgh for casual flings (try it for free here)

AdultFriendFinder homepage

If you’re not in the mood to kick it at a bar or nightclub, then you need an alternative to an in-person meeting. Luckily, we live in a day and age where technology is available for online dating. If you’re interested in a fling with someone who’s clearly into you, then you need to try Adult FriendFinder. This is the best place to pick up girls in Pittsburgh without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

This site is specifically for people who are looking to have casual flings with no strings attached. So if you’re tired of having the awkward next morning conversation, then it’s time to meet your fling on here. The site happens to have a huge userbase filled with hotties looking for a good time. You won’t meet anyone here who’s looking for commitment. In fact, most of the girls we’ve met here focus on sexual compatibility, not just looks.

In case you’re very specific about what type of girl to meet up with, you can search for potential partners by age, location and even kinks or cup size. You can be sure to get lucky with the exact type of girls you’re interested in.

There’s a reason why Adult FriendFinder is always at the top of our list of the best apps for casual relationships. So try out Adult FriendFinder today if you’re ready to meet hot girls looking for casual flings only.

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If you haven't had much luck meeting girls who are just looking to hook up you really need to check out Adult FriendFinder's free trial ASAP. When it comes to a site that actually delivers and helps guys meet girls just looking to fool around, we haven't found anything else better (even after trying out 100+ of them). Check them out for free!


Meet hot Pittsburgh girls at the nightclubs that they love to frequent

If you’re looking for the best place to pick up girls in Pittsburgh, then you need to check out the nightclub scene. Check out these nightclubs if you’re ready to mingle with the naughtiest girls in our city.

Gorgeous single girls in Pittsburgh love to bust a move at Club Cafe

Exterior of Club Cafe at night


Club Cafe is one of the most well-known live music spots in the city and for good reason. It’s one of those spots that you need to stop by if you happen to be in the historic South Side district. Unlike lots of other clubs that are overly mainstream, this place happens to have a certain charm that keeps the locals coming.

While grabbing a drink here you can catch some of the best live music acts in the city. The overall vibe of the nightclub is cozy and chic. Lots of Pittsburgh girls love coming here on the weekends to unwind and find someone cute to have fun with. So quit being shy and make your way onto the dancefloor. You won’t have to feel weird because you won’t be the only one dancing.

Belvedere’s Ultra-Dive is an awesome nightclub for dance parties and cheap drinks

The crowded dance floor of Belvedere's Ultra-Dive


Belvedere's Ultra Dive is the best place to go to for both a bar and nightclub scene. The place is both a dive bar and a nightclub. When you come to Belvedere’s you can expect that everyone will be having fun. The music that they play here is always fantastic as they often host both live music acts and DJs.

This is also one of the only places in the city where they’ll take your music requests seriously. So if you happen to have a song that you know is your jam, then this is the place to request it. We’ve met a variety of different types of single girls in Pittsburgh while partying here. So if you’re ready to meet your next naughty encounter, then head to Belvedere’s Ultra-Dive.

Honorable Mention Clubs

These are a few other nightclubs for meeting cute single girls that didn’t quite make the top of our list for one reason or another:

Fuel and Fuddle is one of the best places to grab food near the University of Pittsburgh

Beer taps from Fuel and Fuddle


Fuel and Fuddle is one of our favorite places to grab delicious food while being surrounded by lots of Pittsburgh girls. This place is always lively as everyone is enjoying good food, great drinks and a fun atmosphere. The restaurant serves up amazing food along with chilled beer on tap.

So if you’re looking for a place where you can enjoy good food and meet cute girls, then this is your place. The outdoor seating is a great plus as well! So grab a beer and ask the girl sitting at the table next to you what her favorite thing on the menu is. So come here whenever you’re hungry and looking for something fun to do!

Big Dog Coffee is a quaint coffee shop where you can enjoy a great cup of coffee in a cozy atmosphere

A latte and muffin from Big Dog Coffee Shop


If you’ve grown tired of the Pittsburgh nightlife, then you might want to give Big Dog Coffee a try. This is the best place to pick up girls in Pittsburgh if you’re not into the night scene. This coffee shop is super cozy and attracts lots of cute girls. The coffee here is well worth it and better than any chain coffee shop you’ll try.

So come here ready to strike up a conversation while sitting in the comfortable seating. You’ll immediately notice how much more friendly and open girls tend to be outside of the nightlife scene. Grab a coffee and one of their delicious desserts and you won’t regret stopping by Big Dog Coffee.

eHarmony is a great site to find girls for a long term relationship (try it for free)

eHarmony landing page

If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, eHarmony is one of your best options. While flings can be fun, sometimes the timing feels right to settle down with someone. If you happen to be in that stage of your life, then we highly recommend trying out eHarmony. After all, 75% of marriages that start online began here!

On eHarmony, 69% of guys and 71% of girls meet their future spouse within a year. The odds of meeting someone that you’re truly compatible with are high on this site. That’s because eHarmony has an extensive sign-up process that helps match you up with girls you’ll actually have things in common with. That means when you match with a girl, she’ll be far more likely to respond to any messages you send her way. You might even get one from her first!

So if you’re looking to find love and end your string of one-night flings, then eHarmony is definitely our best suggestion.

Here Are Some More Fantastic Places to Meet Pittsburgh Girls

If you’ve already tried out the bars and clubs we’ve listed above, then here are a few more places where you come across gorgeous Pittsburgh girls:

Deutschtown Music Festival is a fun way to meet girls who love music

A pretty girl waiting for a band performance at the Deutschtown Music Festival


Deutschtown Music Festival is an annual community music festival that takes place in Pittsburgh. The festival features over 35 stages and 400 bands performing across Deutschtown. If you happen to be a serious music lover then you’re going to want to check out this event. The best part is that the event is completely free of charge!

You won’t have to drop a dime to have a good time here. We’ve met some of the hottest single girls here who are looking for a guy to have fun with. There’s really no easier way to break the ice with hot girls than by attending a music festival. So we highly recommend you check this one out.

There are lots of sexy girls looking for fun on Tinder

The most popular of all dating apps is Tinder, and for good reason. This app has one of the biggest userbases and most of the users happen to be young and attractive. If you play your cards right, you could walk away very happy.

Still, despite being so user-friendly the app has a pretty big downside that needs to be acknowledged. Since there are so many guys on the app, most of the girls are judging guys based on their photos. So unless your pictures are outstanding, they won’t do a double-take before swiping left. With all of the competition, you need to upload some fantastic photos of yourself or come up with an incredibly witty Tinder bio. It’s all about grabbing attention and getting that right swipe!

Fitness Factory is where all the fit single girls work out

Fit Pittsburgh girls posing at Fitness Factory

Fitness Factory happens to be one of the most popular gyms in Pittsburgh. As such, it also happens to be frequented by cute fit girls all the time. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to someone new if you’re not in a partying mood. All of the endorphins from working out will really work in your favor.

There’s no reason why you can’t introduce yourself to a girl that’s caught your eye. So be brave and get yourself a gym membership at Fitness Factory.


If Pittsburgh is only a pitstop (get it?) as you travel across the country, worry not! You can find our guides on finding single girls in other cities right here!

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