12 Quality Hangouts to Run Across Single Italian MILFs Without Fail

Italian MILF putting on lipstickItalian milfs are among the world’s most attractive, elusive, and sophisticated women. They are multilingual, globe-trotting, passionate, and down-to-earth. To connect with Italian milfs, you need to be open to enjoying the finer things in life – like food, travel, and a good movie – and have an appreciation for history and culture.

Where the Single Italian MILFs Are

Find an Italian milf at an Italian cooking class

Do you know manicotti from ravioli? Can you prepare a marinara, alfredo, or pesto sauce? Do you know polenta from pasta? If not, you better start learning because nothing draws Italian milfs out of thin air than delectable Italian cooking. Everyone loves to learn how to cook Italian food. It is easy to feed a lot of people with a single dish and the spices and flavors are simple to replicate, as long as you have fresh produce and time.

Why a cooking class? Cooking classes are interactive and engaging. Students cook together and taste each other’s food. Cooking classes are attended mainly by older women who are interested in expanding what they can make at home or perfecting already awesome culinary skills. When a younger guy participates in a cooking class, older women, according to many studies, have a tendency to see the guy as mature, self-possessed, confident, and interesting – all because he is chopping garlic in a room full of women!

That said, a lot of guys are intimidated by cooking classes. Just remember, when trying anything new, have a sense of humor and some fun with it. Don’t be afraid to let an older woman you are flirting with to take the lead as you master risotto or whip up a batch of tiramisu. Getting a few solid recipes under your belt is also great for future dates with a milf.

There are quite a few MILFs on Cougar Life

More and more older women are skipping the usual bars and clubs and only looking online. It makes a lot of sense from their perspective. They don’t have a lot of free time and want to be able meet other single people any time of the day or night.

You need to be as smart about your search as they are. Give Cougar Life’s free trial a shot and see the type of women available in your area. We are such big fans of meeting women online that we rank and compare all the most popular sites to meet a MILF in our annual review.

There really isn’t a quicker or easier way to meet a lot of single women, Italian or otherwise, in a short amount of time. Give it a shot.

Find Italian milfs at an Olive Oil Tasting

Olive oil is one of the most delicious vegetable oils and it features prominently in Mediterranean cuisine. Like wine, it comes in thousands of varieties and its flavor is determined by factors like soil, water, type of olive, amount of sun, and the type of ingredients used to infuse the oil.

Italian restaurants typically serve olive oil and bread as an appetizer, presenting different olive oils during Happy Hour for tastings. Olive farms throughout the world have tastings that are paired with bread. You can even do olive oil tours in some parts of the US and the Mediterranean.

No one loves olive oil more than Mediterranean milfs, of which Italian milfs are a key demographic. If you love olive oil, food, or enjoying social events like tastings, you will be happy to discover the shocking number of Italian milfs at these events.

For most guys Adult FriendFinder (which has a free trial) is what you should try for a short-term fling

When a long-term relationship is the last thing on your mind but you still want to have some short-term fun Adult FriendFinder should be your first option. Tinder is great if you are looking for girls under 30 but there are very few attractive MILF’s that are using it these days.

Adult FriendFinder has been around since 2006 and have an enormous number of users (over 50 million members). Unless you are an amazing looking dude who is looking to pick up millennials you need to give them a shot. They have a free trial so you really have nothing to lose (and a lot to gain).

Cougar Life is best for MILF’s for everything aside from quick flings and that is where Adult FriendFinder really shines. They are all about getting down to business. Try them out.

Find Italian milfs in Wine Country

One of the first things people think of when they think of Italians is wine. Wine, like olive oil, pizza, and breathtaking milfs, are among Italy’s finest exports. If you are a regular guy like me, you may not know a lot about wine so don’t pretend. That will just make you look foolish. But don’t be deterred from wine tastings or wine culture.

In fact, not knowing anything about wine is one of the best ways to experience it. Wine is a living thing; it changes every minute and evolves. It tastes different to different palettes and it is an easy thing to enjoy with another person. Italian milfs are deeply passionate about wine. Go to a tasting and meet some. If you are worried about how to open a conversation, just start with, “What did you think about that flavor profile?” Then listen.

Find an Italian milf at an Italian Film Screening

Have you seen La Dolce Vita? Do you know the Italian Neo-realist movement? Italian cinema had a groundbreaking impact on the history of world cinema and is one of Italy’s most famous art forms.

Film festivals, retrospectives at cinematheques, screenings at art theaters, and university film screenings that celebrate Italian cinema are superb places to meet Italian milfs.

Find an Italian milf on a Language Exchange

Learning another language can open doors and new experiences. Italian, a romance language with commonalities with Spanish, French, and Portuguese, is universally known as a language of love and poetry. While taking a class can be daunting, conversational classes, language exchanges with home stays, and short courses are often the best for meeting Italian milfs.

If you need extra tutoring or just want a conversation partner, this is a smart way to incorporate some one-on-one time with milfs into your study.

Find an Italian milf at a Fashion Show

Have you ever heard of Prada, Gucci, or Fendi? Italian fashion designers dominate the industry and draw models, artists, thought leaders, and actresses to their shows. Fashion Week brings thousands of designers from all over the world to numerous metropolitan capitals and, with them, come a ton of Italian milfs.

If you haven’t been to a fashion show before, it can be an exciting experience. A meld of performance art, culture, design, theatrics, and lots of drinking, you will at least leave with a few stories and, most likely, a few phone numbers.

Find an Italian milf at a Pizzeria

This initially might sound like a cliche. Do Italians love pizza? Yes. Did they invent pizza? Yes. But we are not talking about any old pizzeria. Go to a pizzeria with an old world feel that serves calzones, tiramisu, and is run by an old grandmother. That’s the kind of pizzeria we are talking about.

True traditional Italian pizzerias are important community spaces for Italians living outside of Italy. Sunday nights are popular times for family convenings, too. If you are serious about meeting the Italian milf of your dreams, going to the best pizzeria in your neighborhood is the best first step you can make.

Find an Italian milf in a Leather Shop

Italians are known for their leather shows and clothes. In fact, the finest leather in the world comes from Italy. Many of these stores are family-run and packed with Italian milfs trying on jackets, skirts, shoes, and belts. So bring a friend and head to a leather shop to find fashion-forward Italian milfs.


Find Italian milfs at an Art Opening

Food, culture, fashion, clothes. Are you noticing a theme yet? To be on the safe side, we thought we would include art openings. Italians are among the biggest art collectors in the entire world. Art fairs, such as Art Basel, Sharjah, documenta, and, of course, the Venice Biennale attract hundreds of thousands of people each year.

Italian milfs can be found at private viewings, after parties, and cocktail hours, too. If you go to one art opening, it becomes easier to get introduced to others. Soon, you will find Italian milfs taking you around the world to see art with them. Fingers crossed.

Find Italian milfs at the Opera

Opera isn’t for everyone, but it is one of Italy’s premiere art forms. If you have never attended an opera, it can be a surprisingly moving experience. Here is an insider tip we discovered in our quest to find Italian milfs. Find an opera at your nearest performing arts center and try to go to an matinee show.

Why? The majority of opera-loving Italian milfs attend matinees because the tickets are less expensive and the singers are not fatigued from a previous performance.

Find Italian milfs at a Soccer Game

Italy has some of the best soccer teams on the planet – and some of the most enthusiastic fans. Games between rival city teams can break out into riots in Italy and fans will spend thousands to see the World Cup games. That said, watching a soccer match with a crowd of screaming, cursing Italian milfs is oddly one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have. Just make sure you, too, are cheering for the right team.

Find Italian milf in Italy

Have you ever traveled to Italy? If you enjoy incredible food, beautiful scenery, and visiting ancient ruins, a trip to Italy is a must. Rome is an ancient city with esoteric alleyways and a bustling fashion scene. Traditional restaurants and bars are found at every corner. Milan is the most cosmopolitan and affluent; you will find fashionista milfs here. The rural parts of Italy feature numerous bike tours that involve stops at remote villages and towns. This is one of

Milan is the most cosmopolitan and affluent; you will find fashionista milfs here. The rural parts of Italy feature numerous bike tours that involve stops at remote villages and towns. This is one of the most perfect ways to come in contact with Italian milfs, who prepare food, lead tours, and offer conversational Italian lessons along the way. What makes Italy so unique is that each experience – whether in the country or city – is infused with a feeling of warmth and history. It is easy to make friends and become close to others. For guys seeking deeper relationships, going to Italy to meet Italian milfs can be a life-changing choice.

What makes Italy so unique is that each experience – whether in the country or city – is infused with a feeling of warmth and history. It is easy to make friends and become close to others. For guys seeking deeper relationships, going to Italy to meet Italian milfs can be a life-changing choice.

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