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The 8 Best Spiritual Dating Sites to Download in 2024

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For spiritual singles, dating is a big deal. Choosing a life partner to connect and grow with is a significant part of their spiritual development. And while there are plenty of dating apps out there, wading through tons of incompatible users to find a harmonious match is much more difficult than you might think. After all, wading through profile after profile on non-spiritual dating apps (like Tinder or Bumble) is often tedious and fruitless.

Luckily, there are a number of great spiritual dating apps and spiritual dating sites to make the process of finding that special someone an act of divine kismet! 

BeyondAges created this guide to help you find spiritual love, covering everything from what spiritual singles dating actually is, top apps/sites to explore, and what you should be mindful of when it comes to time to meet up:

What Are the Best Spiritual Dating Apps?

Not all spiritual dating apps are created equal. Below you can find a list of 7 dating apps that help spiritual people connect:

Spiritual dating is a way for singles to connect with each other on a more spiritual and empathetic level. It leaves out common questions like “What’s your favorite movie” and the sort while focusing on more meaningful things. 

Before we dive into which spiritual dating sites and apps will help you in your quest for love and connection, we’ll take a look at what spiritual dating actually is in the next section.

What Is Spiritual Dating?

Simply put, spiritual dating is a unique approach to finding love and connection. Instead of taking advantage of online hookup culture or short-term relationships, spiritual dating looks beyond the superficial factors that dominate most modern ways of dating. 

In spiritual dating, the emphasis is on nurturing a soulful connection rather than solely pursuing physical or material desires is the main focus. Spiritual dating involves mostly focusing on deeper topics to deepen one's spiritual journey, as most spiritual people tend to focus on personal development and more elevated ways of being in their day-to-day lives. This conscious and mindful way of seeking a romantic partner who shares similar spiritual beliefs, values, and practices means that people are looking for better connections and those with a similar vibe.

At its core, spiritual dating recognizes that individuals are more than just their external appearances and worldly achievements. Spiritual daters seek a deeper understanding of themselves and their partners, aiming to create a bond that transcends the superficial aspects of traditional dating. For example, a person who is into spiritual dating will be more open to choosing a partner that provides a fulfilling life rather than a lucrative one. 

Spiritual dating often involves practices such as meditation, yoga, energy healing, or exploring metaphysical concepts together. This means that dating might involve taking yoga classes together, relaxing trips through nature, multi-day retreats for development, and even mindful drug use in controlled settings. 

That being said, these connections are often based on various belief systems, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, New Age spirituality, or any other spiritual path that resonates with the individuals involved. While some of these spiritual disciplines advocate for strict values (such as vegetarianism), others are more in line with social groups with common values.

Who’s Attracted to Spiritual Dating?

Due to the broad nature of spiritual dating, it’s not uncommon to find people from all walks of life. From those who choose a more ascetic lifestyle to highly-successful individuals, spiritual dating can be found in an artist as well as a venture capitalist.

Another common aspect of people who prefer spiritual dating is that they know how to build emotional connection. You’ll find that many people are fed up with how “normal” ways of being are not enough for what they expect their love life to be. Instead, finding a partner and nurturing a relationship take precedence, often in contrast to “normal” dating. 

Overall, there is a shared understanding that personal growth and spiritual development are important aspects of the relationship. Both partners support and inspire each other's spiritual journeys, encouraging self-discovery, and exploring the depths of consciousness together.

Aren’t Spiritual Dating Apps the Same as Religious Dating Apps?

Not exactly. While spirituality and religion may seem synonymous, let’s cover some basics of why apps differ:

  • Religion refers to an organized system of beliefs, rituals, and practices focused on a higher power, typically shared among a community. It has set doctrines and often involves communal worship. Religious dating apps screen or filter users based on their chosen religion.
  • Spirituality, in contrast, is more individual and flexible, focusing on a personal connection to something larger than oneself and a quest for life's meaning. Unlike religion, spirituality isn't always linked to specific practices or doctrines and can exist outside traditional religious structures. You’ll find many spiritual sites and apps that are inclusive of nearly anyone. 

However, religion and spirituality aren’t mutually exclusive. Plenty of religions offer spiritual development groups. Vice versa, many spiritual groups and disciplines are secular, focusing more on consciousness and the nature of life which may or may not be compatible with religious values. This is mirrored in the reality of dating apps. 

For example, is Christian Mingle a spiritual dating app? Could setting a filter on Bumble for preferred beliefs help you find better matches? As you’ll see in our life of the top 7 dating apps for spiritual dating, there are plenty of better apps and websites to find what you’re looking for. 

Is Hooking Up a Part of Spiritual Dating?

In truth, the answer is both yes and no.

Many religious practices and spiritual disciplines take sexuality seriously. While physical intimacy can be a part of any romantic relationship, the emphasis in spiritual dating tends to be on emotional, intellectual, and spiritual connections rather than casual encounters. 

This point of view comes as a contrast to modern hook-up culture, where dating is very pragmatic and even at times disposable. In other words, low vibrations… However, some spiritual practices view short-term and casual sexual encounters as a way of deepening their own personal journey – even if these relationships aren’t necessarily healthy.

On the other hand, some people who engage in spiritual dating may prioritize deeper connections, personal growth, and shared values. Considering some of the damaging effects of non-conscious sexual behavior, many spiritual people carefully choose their partners for more than a short-term rendezvous. 

It's important to note that perspectives on this can differ among individuals. For example, some spiritual paths advocate for celibacy, which can be disappointing for a partner that is looking to become more intimate. Obviously, not having someone compatible would lead to conflict. 

Above all, communication and understanding between partners are key to establishing mutual expectations and boundaries in any relationship— and spiritual ones are no exception. 

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A Closer Look at the Top 7 Best Spiritual Dating Sites

Okay, now that you understand what spiritual dating is and is not, let’s cover seven reputable spiritual dating platforms for you to try out:

Spiritual Singles

Known as one of the oldest and largest spiritual dating sites, Spiritual Singles caters to individuals interested in spirituality, mindfulness, and holistic living. It offers a high level of match compatibility and provides free users with a range of features to explore. With its focus on fostering relationships based on shared values and beliefs, Spiritual Singles is a recommended choice for those seeking a dating platform that aligns with their spiritual side.

In the past, the site suffered from an outdated design. Thankfully, the site has undergone updates to make it more modern and user-friendly, so you can expect a large user base to chat with. And just to be clear, Spiritual Singles welcomes individuals of all ages and sexual orientations, creating an inclusive environment for diverse spiritual communities.

Best features of Spiritual Singles:

  • Custom Matches: Users receive personalized matches based on their answers to an extensive personality questionnaire, helping them find compatible partners.
  • 5 Daily Hellos: Free users can show interest in up to five people daily, prompting paid members to initiate conversations and allowing free users to respond without limitations.


While eHarmony falls into the category of general dating sites, it’s actually one of the most effective dating apps for finding a long-term relationship. So where does spirituality factor into this?

The unique thing about eHarmony is its signup questionnaire and its advanced algorithm. When you sign up, you’re required to answer a questionnaire about who you are, what you’re looking for, and what your relationship goals are. This includes asking about your spiritual beliefs and that of your ideal partner. Using this, eHarmony employs a near-perfect algorithm that matches you up with singles you will likely be compatible with.

Naturally, no computer in the world can possibly calculate your relationship success when using eHarmony, but they do come close! In fact, 70% of users who have been on the app for a year end up finding their future spouse.

If that’s not reason enough to at least try eHarmony, we don’t know what is!

Best features of eHarmony:

  • Curated matches: You only match with a few people you are compatible with each day. This allows you to focus on getting to know each match before deciding whether or not you would consider dating them
  • Fun icebreakers: eHarmony uses some fun icebreakers to get the conversation rolling with your matches.

Conscious Singles

Conscious Singles is a well-established spiritual dating website that caters to individuals interested in conscious living and personal growth. In addition to putting you in touch with other spiritually-minded people through its live chat feature, Conscious Singles offers forums to expand your social network in real life - a great way to meet someone who doesn’t use any dating apps. 

However, it should be noted that Conscious Singles does not currently have a mobile app, which may be a drawback for users who prefer accessing dating platforms on their mobile devices. Additionally, the site does feature an emphasis on unvaccinated individuals, which may exclude people from the user base. 

Best features of Conscious Singles:

  • Advanced search filters: Users can narrow down their search for potential matches based on specific criteria such as spiritual practices, lifestyle choices, and interests.
  • Compatibility reports: ConsciousSingles provides compatibility reports that offer insights into the potential long-term compatibility between two individuals, aiding in making informed decisions.


MeetMindful sets itself apart from other spiritually-oriented websites and dating apps through its targeted matching algorithms and its highly-specific filters. You’re more likely to meet someone with esoteric interests and unique backgrounds on MeetMindful than on other dating apps. Plus, the site regularly features daily reminders to be present and engage in self-reflection–something we all need in today’s chaotic world. 

However, there’s a catch: MeetMindful works best in cities. Honestly, has a fairly limited user base in smaller localities. If you’re looking for rural or remote hookups, this may not be the best app for you. For city dwellers, this site can help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

Best features of MeetMindful:

  • Mindful Moments: MeetMindful provides a feature called Mindful Moments, where users can share their thoughts, inspirations, and experiences to foster meaningful connections and engage with others. This a great opportunity to reach active users!
  • Daily Matches: MeetMindful sends daily match suggestions based on users' preferences, ensuring that members have a regular stream of potential matches to explore.


Do you plan to take your love internationally? If so, LoveAwake is a spiritual dating site that aims to put spiritual people in touch with one another. With a fairly large user base of nearly 2 million users across all major countries, LoveAwake is your ticket for love anywhere in the world. 

One of the greatest features of the website is something that changed from dating sites of the 2010s to now: Messaging who you want when you want. 

A spiritual journey starts with one step–and that step is slipping into someone’s DMs. Unlike other dating sites, LoveAwake charges a small fee to message another person–but the flipside is that your profile isn’t lost in a sea of SuperLikes, spam messages, and just too many matches. Internationally, this helps you reach out to someone in another area, which works perfectly for crossing paths with a new love interest on a religious retreat or a spiritual vacation! 

Best features of LoveAwake:

  • Virtual gifts: Love Awake allows users to send virtual gifts to express interest and make connections more interactive and engaging.
  • Personality tests: The site provides personality tests and compatibility assessments to help users gain insights into their own personality traits and find compatible matches based on shared values and interests.

Natural Awakenings Singles

NaturalAwakeningsSingles has been around since 2013 and is part of a network of dating sites that have been around since 2000. With that business longevity as part of successful spiritual dating, they must be doing something right!

You’ll find all of the great features here that you’ve come to expect on other spiritual dating apps. With community-based interaction and being able to send up to 50 messages a day on an affordable membership, NaturalAwakenings is for those who take their spiritual dating lives seriously. 

For those who don’t know what they want, NaturalAwakenings Singles has "Matchmaker Preferences”, an automated feature that recommends members based on the following categories and questions:

  • Dating
  • Eco-Consciousness
  • Spirituality
  • Lifestyle and Personality
  • Sexuality
  • Diet & Exercise
  • Ethics
  • Just for Fun

You’ll not only show other users what you value, but you’ll be able to screen others who might just not be the right match and find your next spiritual love.

Best features of Natural Awakenings Singles:

  • Astrological compatibility: Natural Awakenings Singles offers an astrological compatibility feature, allowing users to explore potential matches based on astrological signs and compatibility.
  • Profile verification: The site verifies profiles to ensure authenticity and create a secure and trustworthy environment for its members.

New Age Connections

New Age Connections is a spiritual dating site that brings together individuals interested in spirituality, metaphysics, holistic health, and personal growth. As with many spiritual dating sites, you can find private messaging, chat rooms, and forums to find a connection and a sense of community. 

What’s cool about New Age Connections is its tarot card readings. Guide your love life with the stars with tarot card readings geared to you. These valuable insights into your love life and the users you interact with mean you’ll find love when everything’s in alignment. Plus, the site's robust matching algorithm can help you find love that’s on the dark side of the moon…

Best features of Natural Awakenings Singles:

  • Astrological compatibility: New Awakenings Singles offers an astrological compatibility feature, allowing users to explore potential matches based on astrological signs and compatibility.
  • Profile verification: The site verifies profiles to ensure authenticity and create a secure and trustworthy environment for its members.


BE GOOD, MEET GOOD, DO GOOD. That’s the main mission of Dharmamatch, a dating site that focuses on connecting individuals interested in Buddhism and mindful living. 

The site caters to Buddhists of all traditions and those interested in Buddhist philosophy and practices, aiming to foster meaningful connections and relationships based on shared spiritual paths. 

Obviously, not everyone on the platform is a devout Buddhist, but it certainly helps to keep how devoted someone is when browsing profiles. 

Best features for Dharmamatch:

  • Spiritual path preferences: Dharmamatch allows users to specify their spiritual path preferences, enabling them to connect with individuals who share similar beliefs and practices.
  • Mindful messaging: Less bad users is something we can all agree on. The site takes mindful messaging seriously, promoting respectful and meaningful conversations between users while discouraging spam or inappropriate behavior. 

Some Tips for Using Spiritual Dating Sites

Got some apps in mind? Great, now it’s time to look at some valuable tips to keep in mind when using spiritual dating sites:

  • Clearly Define Your Intentions (or Let the Universe Decide)
  • Be Authentic and Transparent
  • Take Time to Communicate and Connect
  • Trust Your Intuition
  • Practice Mindful Discernment
  • Embrace Synchronicities and Divine Timing

Clearly Define Your Intentions (or Let the Universe Decide)

Before diving into the world of spiritual dating sites, take some time to reflect on your intentions. 

What are you actually seeking in a partner? Are you looking for a long-term relationship, a spiritual mentor, or someone to share spiritual practices with? Being clear about your intentions will help you attract like-minded individuals and avoid wasting time on incompatible matches.

That being said, you can also let the universe decide if you’re not entirely sure who you should meet next. With so many features and filtering options from the apps/sites above, you can rely on their time-tested algorithm to hook you up with some divine intervention!

Be Authentic and Transparent

Authenticity is key when using spiritual dating sites. Be genuine in your profile description and conversations, and share your spiritual beliefs and practices openly. Honesty and transparency will help you connect with people who resonate with your true self and who are genuinely interested in getting to know you on a deeper level. 

Furthermore, unelevated messages and poor behavior are policed by all spiritual apps. Misrepresenting yourself can have you blocked or shadowbanned if you’re not careful.

Take Time to Communicate and Connect

It can’t be said enough: Spiritual dating is more than just superficial attraction. Take the time to engage in meaningful conversations and get to know potential partners beyond their profiles. 

Ask questions about their spiritual beliefs, practices, and experiences. Share your own stories and listen attentively to theirs. This will help you assess compatibility and establish a genuine connection based on shared values and interests.

Remember, patience is essential when using dating sites—and especially spiritual ones. Finding a meaningful spiritual connection may take time, so be open-minded and trust the process. If your intentions are in alignment, you will find the right match.

Trust Your Intuition

When browsing profiles or engaging in conversations on spiritual dating sites, pay attention to your gut feelings or inner guidance. More often than not, you’ll be right—for better or worse.

Trust your intuition to guide you toward individuals who align with your energy and values. Sometimes, a strong intuitive feeling can help you make meaningful connections that may not be apparent at first glance. And if you’re not feeling it, there’s no shame to move on respectfully if the chemistry just isn’t there…

Practice Mindful Discernment

While it's essential to be open-minded on spiritual dating sites, it's equally important to not be afraid to practice some discernment. In other words, it’s okay to be judgmental.

To do so, first, take the time to evaluate potential matches holistically. Look beyond their spiritual beliefs and practices and consider their overall character, values, and compatibility. 

Do they match up to the person they’re trying to portray — or are they just using spirituality to prey on people?

Practice mindfulness in discerning whether someone's words, actions, and intentions align with what they claim. Those on the spiritual path always look for the good in others, but that doesn't mean you should disregard the red flags that come with any online interaction.

Embrace Synchronicities and Divine Timing

Be open to unexpected connections or coincidences that may unfold on the dating site. Pay attention to signs and subtle messages that may guide you towards meaningful encounters—or at least give you insight into your unconscious mind. 

Trust that the universe has a way of lining up the perfect timing for you to meet the right person. A particular picture or a detail in their profile can catch your eye, and the next thing you know, they’re waiting for you to meet up for a walk in nature…

For spiritual singles seeking meaningful connections, there are plenty of excellent spiritual dating apps and sites available in 2024. These platforms are a great choice for the spiritually minded seeking deeper connections, personal growth, and shared values, allowing users to connect on a more spiritual and empathetic level. 

Take the time to think over what you’ve learned in this guide. Remember: By being authentic, practicing mindful discernment, and embracing synchronicities along the way, you’ll find a profound and transformative connection for a higher loveTo explore more articles on spiritual dating and discover the best apps and sites, visit BeyondAges for valuable insights and tips on finding spiritual love. Discover the best apps and sites, gain valuable insights, and find tips to enhance your spiritual journey in the realm of dating. Embark on your path to spiritual love today!

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