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The Scrambler Technique: Is it For Real?

Have you heard of the Scrambler Technique? It’s the brainchild of dating coaches Bobby Rio and Rob Judge, and it has made waves in dating and seduction circles in recent years. The Scrambler is the focal point of their information product, “Unlock the Scrambler.”

So, what’s it all about? Originally, the product was formerly called “Unlock Her Legs.” Despite the fortunate and timely name change, it gives a good idea of what you’ll get with it—tools and strategies that make women feel so attracted to you they’ll willingly date you and sleep with you.

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How does it work, though? This article will cover our analysis of the Scrambler system, its science, and how to apply its principles to improve with the ladies.

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What is the Scrambler Technique?

As its name implies, the Scrambler Technique is all about “scrambling” women’s minds. It’s meant to create mental conflicts, confusion, and cognitive dissonance to make her feel attracted to you. It also purports to make women so emotionally hooked on you that they can’t help but want you all to themselves.

Does it work, though? We’ve carefully analyzed the psychology behind the Scrambler, which seems to be on the level. Without giving away too much about the actual product’s contents, here’s the science behind the technique:

It’s a variation of fractionation seduction

Using fractionation to seduce a woman at a bar

In our estimation, the Scrambler seems to be a variation and expansion of a dating strategy called Fractionation Seduction. That, in turn, is a method of putting the female mind on wild swings of emotion, which triggers an addicting attachment to the source of the mental turmoil—you.

Now, Fractionation isn’t a new thing—it has been around for a while. Psychologists have known about it for decades. Then, persuasion circles started capitalizing on it. Now, dating and relationship coaches use it to help men control their love lives better.

Fractionation exploits a natural phenomenon of the human brain, so it’s a legitimate psychological technique. The Scrambler offers a new spin on it, and as long as the practitioner doesn’t deviate from its core principles, he’ll see some surprising results.

It capitalizes on the relationship rollercoaster

Another reason behind  Scrambler’s popularity is its use of the relationship rollercoaster. The technique injects wild emotions into your relationship with women, which spikes their attraction for you.

This isn’t made up, by the way. Studies have proven that strong emotions like fear, uncertainty, and excitement increase our likelihood of feeling attracted to people. This 2003 study about the “excitation transfer theory” particularly comes to mind.

Researchers approached 300 people at amusement parks who were either entering a rollercoaster ride or exiting it. They asked participants to rate the attractiveness of an average-looking, opposite-gendered individual in a photo.

As expected, the attractiveness ratings were much higher for participants exiting the ride than entering it. So, the Scrambler’s strategy of putting women on “emotional rollercoasters” has a scientific basis. Fancy that?

It teaches you to be more aggressive

A notable thrust in the Scrambler is toward higher aggressiveness in general. One of its goals is to turn its practitioners into more dominant, assertive alphas. That’s quite the opposite of today’s well-groomed, mild-mannered, modern “ideal man” who would never do anything to offend women.

Similarly, this push towards aggressiveness pulls on another established weakness of the female mind—its liability for aggressive alphas. This 2013 study, among many, shows women’s apparent preference for men who are more assertive and even prone to violence.

The study asked 1,212 women to rate the desirability of four descriptions of soldiers returning from the war:

  • A soldier suffering from trauma and was prone to violence
  • A soldier suffering from trauma who was not prone to violence
  • A soldier not suffering from trauma, and yet was prone to violence
  • A soldier not suffering from trauma who was not prone to violence

The study found that women preferred the two soldiers prone to violence but only as short-term partners. That suits the Scrambler just fine, as it’s geared towards single men who want to become more successful with women.

In our estimation, this thrust toward aggressiveness is another ingredient that makes the Scrambler one of the more talked-about dating programs in recent years.

It kills the nice guy in you

The stereotypical nice guy

Bobby Rio and Rob Judge are dating coaches firmly in the camp of “nice guys finish last.” It’s no wonder that the Scrambler program also helps its practitioners eliminate classic “nice guy” traits like vulnerability, confessing feelings, and buying flowers.

Why would you want to kill the nice guy in you? As you might expect, it’s another attraction spike. Studies like this show that women rate nice guys quite lowly in attractiveness.

Researchers studied the preferences of over 1,000 men and women and found stark differences. While men found happy-looking women the most attractive, the ladies found happy-looking men the least attractive.

What did the women like the most? Prideful-looking men, followed closely by ashamed-looking men. Not even kidding.

This is why the Scrambler had a sizeable following of men who realized they’d been nice guys all their lives and now wanted to change things for themselves.

Again, without giving too much of the original product away, that’s how the Scrambler works in a nutshell. Now, how do you apply its principles in more practical terms?

Let’s see how it fares in one of the most common “first steps” in attraction and seduction: text messaging.

How to Use the Scrambler Technique for Text Messages 

If you’re a single guy who wants to get better with the ladies, having savvy text messaging skills is vital. Here are some of the Scrambler’s principles applied to the texting game:

The assertive, non-nice texting mindset

It’s best to get started even before sending the first text. Adopt a texting mindset that’s pleasant and relatable yet assertive and non-nice. Here’s what that means and how you can cultivate it:

  • Assume she likes you until you prove otherwise. Don’t worry about saying the wrong thing.
  • Assume you’re good enough for her (or any woman, for that matter) as long as you’re constantly improving yourself.
  • Don’t be so quick to qualify women just because they’re pretty. Your mantra should be: “Girl, you’re cute, but I’m not sold yet.”

Once you internalize these shifts in your texting mindset, you’ll start sending the right texts more naturally. As a result, you’ll get more replies and score more dates with intrigued women who want to know you better.

The unique conversation opener

Putting the Scrambler’s tenet of being non-nice into play, you’ll want to be slightly less polite and significantly more assertive in your texts. First impressions last, even in the texting sphere, so you’ll want to put some extra thought into your first message.

Here are some good ways to text a girl for the first time:

  • Ask questions. People generally like to talk about themselves, and this goes double for women.
  • If you met her on a dating app/site, mention something interesting about her profile.
  • Recognize topics in her reply you can use for your next response. This keeps the conversation going.

Now, making a good conversation with a woman over text is one thing. Making her interested enough to see you in person—that’s another thing. And here’s how to boost your chances of scoring that date:

Be unpredictable

Being unpredictable on a first date

Remember that women get lots of texts from different guys regularly. You’ll need to stand out; the best way to do that is by using the rollercoaster principle. Don’t just get her to read—get her to feel.

Here are some ways to stand out in text:

  • Be unpredictable—tell jokes and stories she won’t see coming.
  • Don’t be needy, and instead, have a life. Texting should make your already-good daily life even better.
  • Build trust by asking personal questions and sharing crazy (true) stories.

Naturally, the goal is to schedule a face-to-face date with her, so as interesting as you might make your text conversation, you don’t want to chat for too long.

And speaking of scheduling the date:

Never need her validation

One of the Scrambler’s thrusts is to be an alpha—your own man, who can stand on your own two feet, never needing anyone’s validation. And when texting women, that alpha-ness is best shown by never taking it personally if she declines your invitation to meet up.

And that’s the reality of being a man playing the dating game. If you text women to meet up, most will say “no.” The ability to not take it personally, be cool with it, and move on to the next is the key to success.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Stop worrying about what women think of you. If they don’t meet you, none of their opinions matter, right?
  • Know your worth and value as a man, and don’t depend on anyone to confirm it—especially women.
  • Don’t waste time wondering “why” and “what if.” Learn from the experience if you can, then move on to the next one.

And what if a woman insults you? I’d say to not stoop to their level and play their game. If you’re the type of guy who takes things personally and would like to fix that problem, here’s a good article on the topic.

Avoid making the common mistakes

Lastly—and this is more general advice than Scrambler-specific—avoid making the common texting mistakes that kill attraction. These include:

And there you have it—the Scrambler Technique revealed. Keep these tips in mind—as well as the mindset of emotion, unpredictability, and assertiveness—and you’ll raise your texting game to the next level. You’ll meet more women, receive more replies, and score more dates.

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