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The 7 Types of Breakups that Get Back Together

Is this a type of breakup where they'll get back together

Are there any types of breakups that get back together? You might wonder because you've just had a breakup but still love your ex. And you might be hoping for a chance to get her back again.

Well, there's some good news. Seven types of breakups hold a good chance of being only temporary. While not all exes get back together, many do, so you can get her back—if you play your cards right.

This article will cover the seven types of breakups that often don't last, so you can see if yours fit any of the descriptions. Also, we'll discuss the seven signs a breakup is only temporary. With all this information, you'll have a better idea of whether to keep working on getting your ex-girlfriend back or if it's better to let her go.

The 7 Types of Breakups that Get Back Together

The following are the seven types of breakups that often don't last. If any of them sounds like yours, there's a good chance she won't be gone forever. Let's start with the first type:

The Astronaut Breakup

The first type of breakup is the "astronaut" breakup, so named for when one of the partners "needs space." It's often a temporary breakup, usually done so the partner can spend time away from their ex, do other things, go places, and meet other people.

If you're in an astronaut breakup, and your relationship with her was decent, there's a good chance you'll get back together. Often, the astronaut partner realizes all the goodness and value they're leaving behind. They'll conclude they've made a mistake, apologize to their exes, and ask to return.

So, if she asks for space, don't be too worried about it. Give your little astronaut the space she needs the correct way, and she'll come back. Meanwhile, focus on your life and making you happy, and minimize (if not eliminate) contact with your ex while she's on her journey.

The First Breakup

She's also likely to come back if this breakup is your first one. The first time is usually the hardest and most painful, and it's when she finds the most reasons to get back with you. For instance, she might miss the familiarity of your relationship, or she might feel a tinge of regret for leaving you.

So, if this is your first breakup, relax—you just might get back together. Just focus on not making any mistakes that drive your ex away, such as exhibiting needy or toxic behavior. This is easiest to do by simply not contacting your ex after the breakup.

The FOMO Breakup

"FOMO" is an acronym for "fear of missing out"—but you already know that, right? It became a buzzword in the social media era, where everyone and their uncle were hooked to their phones. The classic sign of social media addiction was (and still is) the fear of missing out on important updates and breaking news—hence the irresistible urge to check Facebook 80 times daily.

Apparently, the FOMO syndrome affects romantic relationships as well. More and more people in relationships get the fear of missing out on better partners and better relationships, and therefore hesitate to commit. At the height of their anxiety, a partner says, "Maybe we should see other people," and the relationship is over.

If you've gone through a FOMO breakup, there's a chance it's also temporary. She might soon miss the familiarity of your old relationship and—in true addict fashion—come back to you to get her "fix."

The Professional Breakup

A sad but amicable breakup

I call it the "professional" breakup because it's amicable, with both partners agreeing to the terms of the breakup. It's when you and your girlfriend agree that breaking up is a smart choice considering your current circumstances.

Why does an amicable breakup count as a temporary one? Simple—because even in professional breakups, one or both partners soon realize it's not easy.

As it turns out, people are emotional creatures, and we're ten times more likely to follow our hearts than the terms of a formal breakup. And being a good ex is a great way to get her back—she'll miss your level-headedness and the stability you offer.

The Yo-yo Breakup

This one's called the "yo-yo" breakup after the toy you spin up and down a string, over and over. This relationship goes through one breakup after another, on and off all the time, with the partners going back and forth.

If you're in a yo-yo relationship with your girlfriend and are currently on one of your breakups, you shouldn't worry too much. She'll likely return to you after she's got her fix of… whatever she needs to yo-yo on you for.

As it turns out, yo-yo relationships are more common than one may think. There are many reasons for partners to break up and get back together over and over, including feelings of uncertainty, the failure to find new partners, and the normalization of yo-yo culture.

The Time Out Breakup

The "time out" breakup isn't necessarily a breakup. It's more like a break that both partners take from each other, with the mutual understanding they'll still get back together after it's over.

If you're currently on a break with your girlfriend and not a breakup, then she'll probably get back with you eventually. However, note that any insecurity, neediness, or toxic behavior you show at this point may make her change her mind. So, while she's out having a break, try to relax and get some exercise.

The "No Choice" Breakup

Lastly, there's what I call the "no choice" breakup. This kind of breakup happens because of circumstances beyond your control, and you can do nothing about it. It might be because of the distance between you, one of you having to move away for a work assignment, relatives vehemently disagreeing with the relationship, etc.

The most common kind of "no choice" breakup is the one that long-distance relationships go through. Sometimes one partner can't wait any longer, and moving to either partner's location is out of the question. If you're in a long-distance relationship and it's getting complicated, check this article to see if it's time to let go.

All that being said, the "no choice" breakup is temporary, as couples still tend to get back together after a while. After all, we're emotional beings, and the pull of "you and me against the world" is too much to resist. They're likely to give the relationship at least one more try.

And there you have it – the seven types of breakups that get back together. The best way to guarantee her return to you is to have a good, nurturing relationship with no toxicity—something she'd love to return to after realizing how lonely the single life is.

Signs Your Breakup Will Be Temporary

Okay, so you broke up with your girlfriend recently. How can you tell if the breakup is only temporary? The more of the following signs you see, the better your chances of getting her back after a while:

#1: You still stay in touch

Hearing frequently from her ex

If you just broke up with your girlfriend, but you still stay in touch with each other, that's a good sign. If you're still texting, calling, and communicating with each other over social media, those are signs she's still open for another shot at a good relationship.

Staying in touch with an ex is often a sign of attachment anxiety, which is the fear of rejection, commitment, and other feelings associated with relationships. If your ex sounds like someone with attachment anxiety, there's a good chance she'll stay in touch after your breakup—and it means she's open to possibly getting back together.

#2: You still hang out

Even better than staying in touch is actually hanging out with your ex, even after breaking up. Spending time together after ending the relationship means your ex is comfortable with you, and that comfort might be what she needs to change her mind and return.

On the flip side, hanging out with you—her ex-boyfriend—may also mean she's more comfortable with you as just a friend. If you still want her back, you might want to avoid being friend-zoned by decreasing your contact with her. Give her a chance to miss you and her comfort with you; she might ask to try again.

#3: There's jealousy when you see other people

To most people, breaking up with their partners means they now have the freedom to see other people. Despite this expectation, if you still feel jealous when the other starts meeting other people, it might be a sign that breakup won't last.

This is especially true if she's jealous of you. To find out how she feels, keep meeting new women, even if it's just at an event at school, work, or in town. Take a photo of you with other women in the shot (even if it's a mixed group shot) and post it on social media. If your ex asks you about it, she feels at least a tinge of jealousy—and that's good for your prospects of getting her back.

#4: She still asks for advice

If your ex still contacts you to ask for advice, that's yet another big sign your breakup is temporary. What's important is not the problem she needs advice on—it's the fact she still trusts you. And that presents both a risk and an opportunity for you.

Giving advice to your ex is risky because it might lock you in her friend zone. After all, we turn to our friends for much more guidance than our partners. So it may be best to avoid giving too much to your ex.

On the other hand, it's an opportunity to rekindle the romantic tension between you and your ex. If she asks for advice that requires you to do research or engage her in hours-long conversation, you can playfully ask her: "Isn't that something you should ask your boyfriend?"

True, it may annoy her. Still, it makes her see you as her ex-boyfriend instead of just a friend—and if you want her back, that's more important.

#5: It's not the first time

If this breakup isn't the first one, then you might be in a Yo-yo relationship, and that means she'll probably be back again. That's good and bad news—while you'll probably get back together, chances are it won't be the last breakup.

Unless you're happy with a Yo-yo setup with your girlfriend, you should find ways to create a more stable relationship with her. Sit down with her, ask for her goals and expectations for the relationship, tell her yours, and work together to find a compromise.

#6: Your mutual friends are asking about you for her

If you've had a long relationship with your ex, you still have a few mutual friends. And if these friends have been asking how you're doing and what you've been up to, there's a good chance they're asking for her. And that means she misses you—she's too shy or proud to contact you so soon after the breakup.

If you want her back, you can also help by asking your mutual friends about her. Your buddies might help bridge the gap. If she misses you enough, she'll contact you.

#7: She's finding reasons to meet up

Meeting up despite breaking up recently

Lastly, if your ex still asks you to help her in school, meet up for coffee after work to "show you something," or drop by your place to "pick up her stuff," she probably misses you.

If she keeps finding reasons to meet up with you, and the vibe is friendly and warm, these are all good signs. She's waiting for you to discuss the relationship and possibly get back together. And if you do, there's a good chance she'll take you up on the offer.

The more signs you see in your own relationship with her, the better the chances your breakup is only temporary. Just make her see that getting back together is better for her than staying apart, and she'll gladly give things a second chance.

Final Word: Should You Get Her Back?

You've just learned the seven types of breakups that get back together. If your breakup shows at least a few signs, there's a good chance she misses you—and you'll get her back if you play your cards right.

That said, the big question remains: Should you get her back? After all, the new relationship may be worse than before, and the breakup might have been a good idea after all.

So, how do you know for sure? We recently wrote an article about red flags in women—the signs that you probably shouldn't get her back and instead move on to better women and relationships.

Hopefully, you'll see none of the red flags in your ex, but check anyway—it's better to be safe than sorry. Good luck!

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