The Only 10 Washington D.C. Dating Sites Worth Your Time In 2019

You too can find love using one of these great Washington D.C. dating sites.

Online dating is by far one of the greatest advancements made in dating history. What another period in time could you research and scroll through a selection of possible mates before even meeting them? You can actually choose redeeming characteristics and delete those who have hobbies you find boring!

You’ll want to be selective about what sites you choose to use. If you are living in the country’s capital city, you’ll want to primarily utilize the dating sites most fit for the Washington D.C. area. Traveling far for a first date, or continued dates thereafter will be an inconvenience you might want to avoid.

Washington D.C. dating sites worth visiting

Here’s a list of our top 10 choices for the best dating sites in Washington, D.C.:

Elite Singles is the best online dating sites for young professionals

And boy, are the Washington D.C. Dating sites full of young professionals! The city’s crawling with fresh blood in the professional, political and legal world. If that’s your forte, then this is the site for you. This site attracts a particular type of person: the educated. The more educated you are, the better you’ll fair here.

As one of the only dating sites in Washington D.C. to be dominated by women, Elite Singles is a great place for men to be. With stats coming in at 56 percent women and 44 percent men, this beats almost all other high quality dating sites.

Are you interested in the cougar life? Then is for you!

If you’re a young man looking through Washington D.C. dating sites for older women, or an older woman looking for a younger man Cougar Life is the only real option. If you know what you like, and what you’re looking for, your mission to find a compatible mate will be much easier. Just log on and set your parameters; body type, education, hobbies, and yes . . . age range.

There are only a few cougar dating websites that exist and Cougar Life has been voted the best site around for people interested in this type of demographic. It’s a great way to find, meet and date cougars without spending a lot of time and effort searching.

Best of all? is one of the only high-end free dating sites in Washington D.C.. Use it to your advantage little cub.

If your faith is important to you, then visit Christian Cafe

For some people sharing the same faith is the most important part of a relationship, yet often the hardest trait to track down. Unless you’d want to visit a variety of churches every Sunday, your best bet in finding a Christian partner is to visit a Washington D.C. dating site that is Christian based such as

If you’re a religious person and live in Washington, District of Columbia, you’re in luck!  56.87 percent of the people in this community are religious, meaning they affiliate with some type of religion. That’s over half! But not only that, 15.4 percent of that number are Catholic; 0.1 percent are LDS; 7.7 percent are another Christian faith.

As far as Christian dating, the Washington D.C. dating sites are full of opportunities to find your soulmate.

Focus your search for big, beautiful women with BBW Cupid

Check out the angels at, a free dating site in Washington D.C. dedicated exclusively to matching up big, beautiful women and their admirers. BBWCupid has become the leading dating site for plus-sized singles with hundreds of active members in the Washington D.C. area alone.

The United States capital city isn’t just a place where laws are created and debated or where Congress and Senate meet on the congressional floor, it is also a great spot for singles. Behind the scenes, the city is crawling with bars, restaurants pubs, and clubs full of BBW singles.

For the over 50 community, eHarmony is definitely the place to meet up

Let’s face it, at 50, you are most likely done clubbing and bar hopping. This is by far the age group that benefits most from the Washington D.C. dating sites, as its an exclusive and private way to find compatible partners that do not include going out and scouting the scenes.

With its patented Compatibility Matching System® has quickly become the top choice in the “over 50” dating scene in the Washington D.C. neighborhoods. It’s known for matching people up with a high level of accuracy in the compatibility department and is super successful as being the starting point for many quality relationships.

Gay and dating in Washington D.C. is easier on

The diversity of D.C.’s gay population is steadily growing day by day, resulting in dynamic and exciting Washington D.C. dating sites with plenty of options to choose from. Washington’s huge gay nightlife is an indication of the energetic and enthusiastic people that have populated the D.C. site. Match has become the area’s top online dating service for the gay community and rightfully so.

Exclusive to are its “Stir Events” where Match members can meet and mingle face–to–face in a local, pre-booked venue. You’ll never have to wonder who’s single and gay in Washington D.C. again! Each event is specially customized through Match’s algorithms in terms of age, gender and interests. Just when you thought online dating couldn’t get any better!

Interested in wining and dining one of Washington D.C.’s college women?

With it’s 6:1 women ratio is the #1 dating site for men and women interested in the sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship. Want the facts straight up?

According to a 5-year analysis on dating, about 2.24 of every 1,000 adult men living in the Washington metro area are sugar daddies! The average sugar daddy in the area is 39 years old with a net worth of about $4.33 million. The best part? On average, they spend $4,000 a month on their sugar babies.

If you prefer a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship, online dating sites such as Established Men are the way to go. Everyone on the site is there for exactly the same reason, and they’re all looking for the same type of thing. You don’t need to go scoping the clubs or scouting the college dorms. Just click and scroll.

Seeking a real and discreet connection? Ashley Madison is for you

If you’re attached and seeking an affair partner, or attached and seeking something polyamorous in the Washington, D.C. area,, with their free trial, is the site for you.

The city is crawling with students, professionals, tradespeople, entrepreneurs and everything in between, who are looking for some online flirtation and discreet relationships to spice up their monotonous lives.

At Ashley Madison, your sexual orientation, relationship status, age, wealth and religion are of the least importance. It’s all about fulfilling a desire for some much-needed excitement and passion.

We really don’t want to emphasize the popularity of this arrangement in the D.C. area. Let’s just keep those facts as discreet as possible, just like the website.

Working too hard to create your own online dating profile?

If you’re the average Washingtonian, you are way too busy to respond to online personal ads, you’re not into visiting the bars. And ethically, you definitely shouldn’t date anyone at work. Because of this, D.C. area professionals looking for relationships know it can be time-consuming and extremely frustrating but they crave and want that personal connection.

In response to the local area demands, a local Washington resident opened DC Matchmaking. A place where high-caliber commitment-minded singles can hire a personal matchmaker to take care of all the daunting dating details. All they have to do is show up for the date!

Maybe you enjoy going on casual face to face dates

Despite the popularity of online dating and all the charting of the algorithms, there are still those people who cherish the chemistry of a face to face interaction. Washington matchmaker, Ann Wood considers herself a personal consultant in the dating industry. Her goal is to personally match up Washington professionals with similar educational interests using her skills and knowledge. Her clients are all local to the area and get to benefit from the personal meetups they desire for testing their compatibility in real time. Ann has brought back and revolutionized the concept of the blind date.

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