12 Spots and Bars To Find Single Cougars In Colorado Springs For 2018

The type of cougars in Colorado Springs you can findIf you are looking to find Cougars in Colorado Springs you will be pleased to know that this beautiful city has plenty of places and bars where you can meet them.

However, if you have tried on your own you know it can be a bit overwhelming with so many places to try. To make it as easy as possible we have put a list together of our favorite spots. So where do you go if you are hoping to meet Cougars in Colorado Springs?

You Can Find Cougars In Colorado Springs Here

Below you can find a list of the top ten destinations where you are most likely to meet Cougars in Colorado Springs:

The Thirsty Parrot for smooth jazz and smoother conversation 

This cozy jazz bar is a popular venue for Cougars in Colorado Springs. If you are looking for a relaxed but classy evening, and a mature older lady to match, this is definitely worth  try.

There are two floors playing two different types of music to give some variation and appeal to a wider crowd. This drinks are reasonably priced and the food isn’t too bad either.

Cougar Life makes finding cougars as easier as possible (click to try for free)

You may have noticed that there don’t seem to be as many cougars out on the town as usual.

A huge reason for this is many of them are only dating online, especially for younger guys.

Cougar Life is best online dating site for younger men interested in older women that we have found.

We should know since we ranked and reviewed all of the best sites for dating older women.

Here fun, open, attractive older women come together with energetic and thoughtful younger men to chat and date and see where it takes them.

It is easy to sign up for and best of all you can try them for free with this special offer.

So if you are hoping to meet Cougars in Colorado Springs the very first thing you should do is sign up to Cougar Life.

Whether you simply want to get a gauge on what’s out there or if you want to get straight in there and chat, exchange details and meet the Cougars it is up to you, but this is definitely the best place to start.

Whole Foods for for picking up women with the groceries

Who would have thought Whole Foods would be in our top ten destinations for picking up Cougars in Colorado Springs?

Well it is and let us tell you why…Cougar hunting can be done at any time of night or day and if you are up for the challenge there is no reason to wait until it is time to head out to bars and clubs to start looking.

Upmarket shops such as Whole Foods are great places to get out  there and start working your charms.

Keep your approach fun and relaxed and you could be surprised with how many you can meet, and you never know you may end up dancing the night away with them later that evening!

Parks for flirting in the open air

Another great way to practice your flirting and pick up techniques with Cougars during the day time is to head to a local park. If you are looking for Cougars in Colorado Springs try Palmer Park or Cheyenne Mountain State Park.

Arm yourself with a cute puppy or if you have a super sweet niece or nephew why not take them for a nice day out? Cougars love to keep fit and get out and about in the fresh air, so take a good walk and see how many you can spot.

Shopping centers to splash some cash 

It is a well-known fact that all Cougars love to do a bit of shopping, whether it is to spoil their cubs or themselves.

Head to local shopping centers, particularly those with high end, designer shops and boutiques. Here you can find Cougars in their hordes, doing what they do best.

Compliments on purchases are a great ice breaker here, and soon who knows, she could be out there shopping for you!

Southside Johnny’s for drinks and dancing  

Southside Johnny’s is a great little venue for picking up Cougars in Colorado Springs. With a distinctly laid-back vibe this is a great place to start your night.

The focus here is on having fun, and getting into the live music which takes place here. There is a great menu, friendly staff, and of course a wealth of Cougars to choose from too!

15C club and Martini Bar for cocktails and cozy conversations

Everyone knows that is there is one thing that Cougars love it’s a martini, so expect to find Cougars in their hordes at the 15C club and Martini Bar.

This venue is very much reminiscent of a cool speakeasy in the cozy back room which is perfect for intimate conversations, so make sure you dress sharp and bring your charm to this one!

The Famous Steak House for classic food and classy ladies

This elegant steakhouse environment is home to Colorado Springs’ best upscale steakhouse and lounge which can be found right in the center of downtown.

Here you can enjoy some of the finest and freshest food in the city, and after a great meal then relax in the sophisticated piano bar where good wine stimulates intelligent conversation with bright older ladies who are on the lookout for handsome younger men.

Elway’s Cherry Creek for a great meal and a great night 

Here you can expect to enjoy a delicious meal and a fun and friendly atmosphere. The staff are welcoming, the menu is great and Cougars love to come to this happy little establishment to unwind after a long week at the office.

Cowboys nightclub for a party night and lots of fun 

This great club is the perfect venue if you are hoping to meet a Cougar in Colorado Springs. This venue hosts dance lessons and nights where two step and line dancing is all the rage.

After you have impressed the mature older ladies on the dance floor, who not kick back and enjoy some great food in the cowboy’s cafe?

So grab your cowboy boots and hat and get ready to have an awesome night out!

These venues are some of the best places to meet Cougars in Colorado Springs, so now that you are in the know, why not go and check them out?

Cougar Bars in Colorado Springs

Best Choices For Cougar Bars in Colorado SpringsThere are a few more Colorado Springs cougar bars worth your time below:


Gee Cues Sports Bar mixes cougar bars in Colorado Springs with pool tables

If you’re a young dude who loves dive bars and cougars, you have to visit Gee Cues Sports Bar.

Gee Cues is definitely popular for its pool tables for 50 cents and fairly older female clientele to play a few rounds with.

While the beer on tap selection is limited, patrons love the friendly atmosphere.

Try to impress that attractive older woman over a game of pool, or while clinking your beer cans.

The Rocks is your cougar hotel bar in Colorado Springs with a view 

This bar will first draw you in with the beauty of the red rocks of the Colorado Mountains!

Next up after that, you’ll love the view of cougars who populate this lovely spot.

Older women enjoy socializing and watching the sunset on the Kissing Camels while nursing a fresh cocktail or local spirit.

Attract the attention of that special older woman while sharing truffle fries or sweet water bison sliders.

If you’re both feeling adventurous, try a pre-prohibition classic paired with blistered shishito peppers or scallop fra diavolo.

And be sure to visit on Thursdays between 4:30 and 6 pm during happy hour for drink and food specials.


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