The Best Places to Meet Cougars in Dallas for 2021

Cougars in Dallas Texas enjoy the occasional coffee break at the city's many cafes

Everything is bigger in Texas, as the phrase goes, and Dallas expresses this the best. Although it’s still growing fast each year, Dallas remains as sophisticated as ever, with people spending on restaurants, bars, and shops. If you’re looking to date cougars in Dallas, there’s an unspoken rule that you have to know: you need to dress to impress.

The crowd in the Big D is dressier than usual, even if it’s for a casual night out at the bar. To increase your chances of scoring an older lady, spend some extra time on your look.

On the plus side, you’ll find Dallas cougars aplenty. We’ve seen them walking out of We Yogis after a sweaty class and shopping at Highland Park Village. Many of them even get together in groups, and they’re easy to spot from a distance if you’re particularly sharp.

So where do you start? Downtown is where the nightlife thrives. But we’ll get more specific than that by pointing you to the best cougar bars in Dallas, plus restaurants and other nifty places. When you know where to go, you won’t have to run around town aimlessly anymore. We’ll direct you to where the cougars are.

Read on for the full list. We’re always happy to hear how it went for you in the comments section!

Best cougar bar in Dallas for guys

Don't feel like hopping from one bar to the next? We know where you can find lots of cougars in one place!

Foundation Room attracts glamorous, party-loving older ladies

Friends unwinding at the Foundation Room


Enjoy a high-end yet wild experience at Foundation Room. Here, you can take a step back from the regular world and dance away to awesome live music.  This bar is located on the second floor of House of Blues. The décor has an exotic look, complete with plush sofas, heavily patterned carpets and multi-colored lights.

Performances are top-notch and well-curated. But even with everyone grooving to the beat, the vibe is intimate. You’ll want to be in the middle of the action because of all the older women here! Break out your best moves or calmly move to the music while next to a lovely cougar. She’s bound to notice you.

As a bonus, service is fast, and you can munch on casual eats like Korean fried chicken and pork buns. The food costs more than your typical Dallas cougar bar fare, and at around $10, drinks are also pricier than usual. But hey, it’s a small price to pay to meet classy cougars!

Take advantage of the glam ambiance by bringing her to the outdoor patio. You’ll be looking out over the city lights, and the view will be so romantic that she’ll swoon over you.

Where to meet cougars in Dallas online

If you haven't check out these two apps you need to. It's gonna be hard to beat how easy they make actually meeting older single women:

Adult FriendFinder has proven to be #1 Dallas cougar dating site for women who just want to jump in bed (try it free)

Homepage for Adult Friend Finder

If you are trying to meet a cougar for a little casual fun, you have probably noticed it isn't easy--especially in a big city like Dallas. The older women you meet at the usual bars might be up for some naughty fun but only after a couple of dates. If you want some wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am right away, only one site can fulfill your needs.

Adult FriendFinder is the internet’s answer to people who just want to get laid. Literally every single person on here is looking for some casual fun. And we’re not exaggerating when we say that we’ve found more one-night stands here than on any other site or bar.

This is our top option to meet cougars to take home around the city with ease!

Okay, so what are the real odds that you’ll meet an older woman here? Well, it’s better than most sites. A huge percentage of Adult FriendFinder users are in their 30s or older. That means you’ve got great odds of meeting a sexy older woman who’s both single and looking for a good time.

Find yourself a naughty Dallas cougar on Adult FriendFinder!

Try Adult FriendFinder For Free!
If you actually want to meet single cougars who are more interested in fun in the bedroom than a long-term relationship you need to check out Adult FriendFinder's free trial with this link. We've spent many months testing out 100+ different sites and apps to meet older women and AFF has consistently been the easiest way for most men.

Cougar Life is the easiest way to meet cougars who want a relationship (try it free)

Homepage for Cougar LifeWhen it comes to meeting a lot of cougars quickly, especially those interested in dating younger guys, there isn't a better option than Cougar Life (which just so happens to have a free trial). Older women are often just too busy to spend a lot of time in bars and clubs so many of them have been looking online to meet guys. In fact, a lot of them are ONLY looking online these days.

If you're not spending at least a little time on Cougar Life you're going to miss out on a lot of opportunities!

There are a lot of dating sites and apps out there (and we've tried just about all of them in our cougar dating site review) but none of them really deliver as well as Cougar Life does. There are a few reasons why we think it works so well:

There are a lot of cougars using it

There are more popular apps and sites out there but they just don't have the cougars. Cougar Life has over 7 million active members and EVERY SINGLE WOMAN on this site is a cougar. There is no reason for a younger woman to even consider signing up!

Instead of scrolling through hundreds of profiles hoping to find an attractive single woman, especially one interested in dating both younger and older guys, they are all right here. It saves so much time and frustration!

These cougars actually want to meet up

If you've spent any time on other apps you know that a lot of the women that use them are really just looking for attention. They don't want to really meet a guy in person but they're happy to collect compliments and stroke their ego.

When you use a more specific option like Cougar Life you avoid a LOT of those time-wasting women. You only use a site like this if you're serious about meeting guys and not just leading people one.

It makes a huge difference in the response rate from your messages and the number of dates you can actually setup.

A really good mix Dallas cougars who want short and long-term

Cougar Life does a great job of attracting women interested in both short-term fun and a real relationship. The other top sites out there can be great but tend to attract a very specific type of woman.

If you haven't tried it out yet give Cougar Life's free trial a shot. You have nothing to lose and you can't expect to get new results without changing up your approach. Guys who really want to find a woman aren't going to be able to do better elsewhere (in our experience).


Top Dallas cougar bars you have to try

These are the best bars for meeting older women that you have to try out. We've categorized them into two: bars in the middle of the city and bars along the fringes.

The best cougar bars in downtown Dallas

Downtown is full of amazing places where you can meet and mingle with mature women. Here are some of our favorites.

Cougars in Dallas go to Dragonfly Posh for the cocktails

Sexy ladies chilling at Dragonfly


Dragonfly Posh is a contemporary restaurant, and it’s also one of the best cougar bars. Here, you can savor New American cuisine and partake in a few drinks at the lively bar. Come early, and you are sure to find an older woman or two knocking back a drink after work. The later it gets, the livelier Dragonfly Posh becomes. Be prepared for noise and laughter as well as a great night out!

Rattlesnake Bar is a sophisticated choice among cougar bars in Dallas

Top view of cocktails from Rattlesnake Bar


Rattlesnake Bar is a fantastic place to meet older women. Located inside the Ritz-Carlton, it attracts an elegant and sophisticated crowd. The vibe here is classy but still fun and enthusiastic. While you’ll spot plenty of secluded corners for intimate conversation, there’s also music from early on until late into the evening.

Make sure you dress sharp and wear your dancing shoes if you intend to come here. Being a wallflower won’t get you noticed by those hot older women. So when you approach the bar, you might notice groups of two or three older women right away. Invite a gal over for a dance or buy her a drink. How can she resist?

Jaxon creates a social environment where everyone feels at home

A man and woman on a date at Jaxon


If you want a drinking environment that’s more casual than your average lounge or club, try a beer garden. The outdoor drinking space of a beer garden is great for meeting new people and mingling with attractive ladies. We personally favor Jaxon Beer Garden. It’s one bar where you’ll definitely meet single women seeking men in Dallas.

With a 10,000 square-foot patio, there’s all kinds of space to spread out at Jaxon. It’s that open, sunny environment that creates a perfect backdrop for chatting up a woman you’ve just met. With dozens of beers on draft and some great southern BBQ, it’s exactly where a fun-loving lass wants to be. Why aren’t you there right now?

Games, drinks and karaoke galore at Dallasite Billiards

The bar at Dallasite Billiards


Dallasite is one of the best dive bars in town, and it’s a common hangout for some cougars looking to have fun. The crowd at Dallasite is friendly and interesting, with plenty of regulars who have been coming to the bar for ages. After all, it’s been open for more than 35 years.

There’s a spacious patio out front, but you can also score an easy seat at the large central bar. Several women linger here in the hopes of meeting a dashing young man. When you hit it off with one of them, break the ice by inviting her for some games. Dallasite offers shuffleboard games, pool tables and darts. Depending on the day of the week, you might be right in time for Karaoke Night, where everyone sings and cheers.

Dallasite serves standard bar food, but their burgers are a signature special. Drinks are strong and cheap. It’s open daily until 2 a.m., and you’ll feel at home right away.

The best cougar bars in Dallas' suburbs

If you don't live downtown check these spots out:

The Nines brings counterculture cool to your night out

The crowded dance floor of The Nines Bar


There are a slew of Dallas cougar bars if you’re looking to get up close and personal with lovely ladies. With this city’s dedicated dance culture, you can always guarantee there’s a raucous party going on somewhere. Unfortunately, if you’ve been out of the game for a while, it’s easy to lose track of the best spots. We’ll clue you in.

The Nines in Deep Ellum is one of our city’s highlights, a dance club that hits all the right notes. Their array of DJs play the freshest dance music with an emphasis on counterculture hits. This Zagat-rated club also has multiple bars and a beautiful rooftop patio with unbeatable views. Currently, no other dance club even compares.

Botanist is one of Dallas’s hippest locations for meeting women

A gorgeous, well-dressed woman in Botanist


When you’re looking to meet single women in Dallas, the first thing you need to consider is the environment. Women don’t want to spend nights in grimy bars or shouting over TVs. They’d much rather spend their free time in a chic, cool cocktail lounge. Think, for instance, the Botanist, a hip, stylish cocktail lounge in the Bishop Arts District.

If you’re looking for a first date spot, you’d be wise to try the Botanist. Their cocktails are made with precision, and they offer a range of classy bar bites for a relaxed dining experience. Even if you’re on your own or with friends, you can enjoy live music and play games with new friends. Botanist is one of the best social scenes in the city for meeting attractive, cool women.

Where to pick up Dallas cougars at night

Once things get dark it starts getting good in these places:

Candleroom provides a night out few other establishments can offer

Beautiful single women seeking men in Dallas on a night out at Candleroom


If you’re looking to impress, there’s really only one place you need to consider: Candleroom. Located in the Henderson Ave entertainment district, Candleroom is easily one of the city's most impressive clubs. With a style few other venues can touch, it offers one of our favorite drinking experiences. And one, we know from experience, dates also love.

With a DJ spinning great music and exquisitely crafted cocktails, Candleroom is sexy, cool, and sophisticated. It’s not just a name, by the way. The space is genuinely lit by candles, giving it a romantic, intimate aura. This is by far one of the sexiest places to bring a date. Or you can also come solo and hang with some of Dallas’s most gorgeous women.

Drop by Dallas cougar bars like Inwood Tavern before you head to the nightclubs

Gorgeous cougars in Dallas at Inwood Tavern


Get your pre-game going at Inwood Tavern, which we are a fan of after spending a lot of time figuring out where to find a cougar to date and what NOT to do. It’s the go-to place for guys and older women who want a few drinks before heading out to dance. This is one of the top cougar bars thanks to the flowing drinks and chill crowd. Inwood Tavern also has attentive bar staff and plenty of cheap, strong drinks.

If you’re really looking to impress the mature ladies who frequent this bar, why not go all out and dress smart? Inwood Tavern is known among bars for its relaxed atmosphere. But if you stand out from the crowd, the women are sure to sit up and pay attention.

Where to meet older women in Dallas during the day

When the bars and clubs are closed these are some of your better options:

Studio 22 lets you find your rhythm with beautiful single women

Learning new dance moves at Studio 22


Do you find that the typical ways of meeting single women in Dallas don’t work out for you? Not everyone excels at chatting up ladies at the bar, and that’s fine. Sometimes you need to try an original method in an environment that’s a little different. We’re talking about meeting women at a dance class.

The dance classes at Studio 22 are honestly one of the best places to meet women in the entire city. That’s because they tend to be heavily weighted towards more female participants – a sausage party they are not. Plus, dance classes are great for showing your adventurous and fun side, even if you’re not a great dancer. What more do we need to say? Get off your butt and onto your feet.

East Side Athletic Club will get you fit and fix your social life

Lifting weights at Dallas East Side Athletic Club


We really can’t overstate the importance of staying active if you’re single and looking to meet someone. It’s not only that being out in the world will help you meet new people, which it obviously will. It’s also important to stay active because being fit – mentally and physically – will help you attract women.

We highly suggest you consider a gym membership. There are tons all over the city, so pick whichever one is most convenient so you’ll actually go. If you’re near South Dallas, you’d be wise to try out East Side Athletic Club. They have a great facility with lots of equipment and helpful trainers. Plus, there are always beautiful single women working out there. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

The Shops at Legacy is a major hangout for older women

The Shops at Legacy before dusk


The Shops at Legacy is also a very well-known spot to meet cougars. With even a simple Google search, you’ll find a slew of forums and informative sites that will back this up.

Located on Legacy Drive, this mall has places to eat and shop. It also has a film center and several spas and fitness spots. As you’ll find out, the spa is a great place to mingle with older women. Dubbed the place where “retired uptown gals go to be cougars,” you’ll probably have a ton of luck at this shopping mall.

Dallas cougars are on the prowl at Central Market

Central Market on Royal/Greenville is yet another confirmed gathering spot. This makes sense as single men looking for easy meals can easily be approached.

Picture it: an older woman offering you great cooking tips or even inviting you over for a home-cooked meal. Central Market has been described as having loads of “soccer/yoga moms.” We have it on record that these gorgeous older women enjoy sitting in the cafe having a meal and hunting for prey.

Other great options for meeting older women in Dallas

Here are a few more places you can check out if you want to meet older women in our city.

Dine on fantastic food at Kenny’s Woodfired Grill

A woman having a cocktail at Kenny's


Kenny’s Woodfired Grill is another extremely well-known bar. Young men and mature ladies flock to this bar to mingle, drink and generally have a good time. You can enjoy some of the best steaks in town here. But it’s their Grey Goose martinis that keep the ladies coming back for more.

The ambience here is casual. No need to dress up, but it does help to don a nice shirt. If you’re looking for women, head straight to the bar. Chances are you’ll find a cougar nursing a martini as she surveys the area for her prey.

eHarmony is the top Dallas cougar dating app for finding relationships (try it now)

Homepage for EH

Dallas is a pretty sprawling city and getting around from place to place can be really time-consuming. Especially if you have a job, family obligations, hobbies, etc. Cougars have the same issues and it has become extremely common for them to skip going out to meet guys in favor of only looking online. To get the best results you need to be where they're looking and that means eHarmony!

In our experience, eHarmony attracts the most single women over 30 as well as those who are most motivated to actually meet up for a date (or more). It makes a lot of sense when you think about. eHarmony is one of the largest (over 30 million members) and most trusted sites out there. Older women tend to avoid the latest and greatest and go with what is proven to work.

What we really like about eHarmony is how their process makes connecting really simple. They have a bit of a long signup process for their proven trial but it really is well worth your time. The process eliminates all the flakes and attention seeks most other sites have in the millions. That means that you're left with a lot of women who are very committed to actually meeting guys and they're VERY responsive to messages and dates compared to all the other sites we have tried.

eHarmony is so good at matching people up that they are responsible for 75% of all marriages that start online!

This is a site that absolutely works for those willing to put in a little effort. If you're tired of striking out around town or haven't had success on other sites check out their proven trial and see what dating is supposed to be like online.

Try eHarmony Free


Highland Park Village for posh, elegant cougars

Highland Park Village at night


Highland Park Village is where you should head if you’re searching for high-class cougars in Dallas. Spotted: a classy older woman confidently walking the area with an expensive handbag, purchasing items from Tom Ford.

When you’re at Highland, visit Cafe Pacific followed by Bistro’s 31’s patio. All of these are exquisite locations, so be sure to bring your A-game. Keep your eyes peeled, as older women are definitely around.

Exhale Spa for fit and health-conscious cougars in Dallas

Mature women after a workout at Exhale Spa


Exhale Spa is a swanky yoga studio and a hotspot for older women. It’s located in the Highland Hotel. You can’t go wrong here! You’ll specifically catch cougars at a Core Fusion Barre class because they love this workout.

Exhale Spa is a cougar goldmine for a number of reasons. First, women won’t be competing with each other to bag a good-looking guy. The Dallas cougars here will find you a lot more attractive simply because you’re working to improve your body. And since you already have something in common (working out), you instantly have something to talk about.

Revel in fine dining at Hillstone

Outside Hillstone before the crowds come in


Hillstone at the Plaza at Preston Center draws in swanky Dallas cougars. It’s decorated fashionably with leather booths and an intimate patio. The impressive interiors and high-class vibe cater to classy ladies who prefer conversations over drinks instead of grinding on the dance floor.

Grab a seat at the patio and take in the fresh air as you check the crowd for cougars. She’s probably enjoying a glass of wine with her friends. Catch her eye from across the area and she might just give you a knowing smirk. That’s your cue to approach her and get to know her a little better.

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