The 3 Best Electric Razors for Black Men with Sensitive Skin in 2020

Your shaving equipment needs to cater to your specific needs and requirements. For example, the best electric razor for black men with sensitive skin handles very curly hair with ease. While black men's hair has the tendency to curl back into the skin if the razor applies too much pressure close to the skin, the right razor won’t give you ingrown hair and bumps, which isn't just uncomfortable, but can also look bad when you go out on dates.

In addition to that, if you have sensitive skin, the situation can get much worse! For this reason, many black men with sensitive skin opt for electric razors to fulfill their shaving needs. Not only are electric razors capable of giving you a clean shave, they're much gentler on the skin in the process.

If you aren’t taking care of your facial hair because you don’t trust your razor, it’s time to switch over to an electric razor that has proven to be effective on your skin type and is in-line with your needs. This can turn your outlook on life around, and bring about a positive change in your dating life. If you’re wondering how that works, and what the best electric razor for black men with sensitive skin is, then this guide will be helpful in walking you through it!

How The Right Electric Razor Affects Your Dating Life

What are the few things that you do to impress your date? Some people may talk about all the personality-driven factors at this point, but it is important to reach that stage. A number of men never get there, because the first thing that you’re judged on — quite sadly — is your physical appearance. This doesn’t necessarily mean the face that you were born with, but how you’ve maintained the physical appearance over the years. In order to look like you made an effort for that date, getting your hands on the right kind of shaving equipment is crucial.

A good quality razor is what you need to add to your shaving routine if you want to take your dating game to the next level. If you have sensitive skin, it can’t just be any kind of razor as some multi-blade cartridge razors can be unnecessarily harsh on the skin. Instead, electric razors are much more gentle on the skin, which makes them the best electric razor for black men with sensitive skin. This will give you that close shave that you are waiting for, without compromising on comfort.

The Best Electric Razor for Black Men with Sensitive Skin

As there are tons of options available when it comes to electric razors, it can be confusing to choose one that meets your needs. There are a number of factors that need to be considered when making the decision. For example, does the price sit well with your budget? Does it come with enough features to allow for a softer shave when you need it? Is it safe? All of these questions — and more — are pertinent when it comes to choosing the one for you. To make the process easier for you, here are three of the best electric razors for black men with sensitive skin.

Take a look through the information we compiled here from our reviewers and research. We bring you the best electric razor for your budget, the top of the market (budget be damned!) and your top choice from the value options.

Best Bang for the Buck: Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Men's Electric Razor | $103.93 | Buy Now

If you’re looking for a highly sophisticated electric razor that is designed to take on thick and curly hair without causing damage to the skin, the Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 may be one of the best options out there. Not only is this electric razor extremely effective on tough hair, it’s also available at a relatively reasonable price point, which makes it the “Best Bang for the Buck” product on this list.

The Arc4 utilizes four of the company’s micro fit blades, which are progressively aligned at a 30 degree angle. This positioning helps the blades to lift the hair from the surface of your skin before it cuts it. These blades have been designed for precision cutting, and both the blades and foils are hypoallergenic and meant for the gentlest shaves.

The flexible head of the electric razor pivots enough to be able to access those complicated areas like your nose and lips, while the trimmer can help you on days when you feel too lazy to shave. This electric razor is suitable for wet and dry shaving. Keep in mind that not all wet shaving electric razors allow for the usage of shaving gels and creams, but that isn’t something that you need to worry about with the Arc4.

Finally, there are a couple of things that could have been better. For example, the shave isn’t the closest possible shave. The emphasis is on sensitive skin, so the razor doesn’t go in full power mode, which could cause irritation. However, our next feature has no holdbacks!

Best of the Best: Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver | $289.99 | Buy Now

Braun has held onto the market for the best electric shavers for a while now, so it comes as no surprise that our pick for the “Best of the Best” category is the Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver from this German company. While this product may be a little more expensive than many of the other electric shavers that are available in the market, it’s surely worth all the money that you will be spending. It’s able to capture and cut your facial hair without causing any distress to the skin, which makes it the best electric razor for black men with sensitive skin.

The Series 7 shavers have four shaving elements that help you get that clean shave each time. While the first three are meant for cutting the hair, there is an extra Skin Guard element to protect against any unnecessary harshness. The electric razor is equipped with 8D contour adaptation, which means that the razor head moves in eight different directions to hit even the hard-to-reach areas of your face. A specialized feature that caters to people with sensitive skin is the option to choose between five different turbo and sensitive modes. If your skin isn’t ready to take on more vigorous forms of shaving, these sensitive modes will be ideal for you.

The waterproof nature of the razor, as well as the highly sophisticated Clean & Charge station make this one of the best products in the market when it comes to electric razors. However, there are people who might find this product out of their budget and look for some more reasonably-priced electric shavers.

Best Value: Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Electric Shaver and Trimmer | $64.99 | Buy Now

If you are a part of the category of people who don’t want to spend too much on their electric shaver but still want decent results, the Arc3 razors by Panasonic are worth a try. Our pick for the “Best Value” products, the Arc3 uses three highly sharp blades — aligned at 30 degrees like the other Panasonic electric razors — to give you a comfortable shave without causing distress to already sensitive skin.

This is a wet/dry electric shaver, which uses a flexible head to move along the contours of the user’s skin. There is a trimmer for areas like the mustache, beard or sideburns. Overall, this trimmer has all the basic features that you need at a decent price point, but you can’t expect the same level of closeness that the more sophisticated electric razors can give you in terms of the shave.

So what is the best electric razor for black men with sensitive skin?

After going through the list of the best electric razors for black men with sensitive skin, you may find yourself better equipped to choose one that meets your needs and requirements. This part is especially important as an expensive or better-reviewed electric razor doesn’t always have to be the best one for you.

The razor should be able to deal with your personal shaving needs effectively. For example, the “Best of the Best” product on this list is the Series 7 electric razor by Braun, because of the number of features that you will gain access to, and the ease of use associated with it. If you are looking for a good quality product but don’t want to spend as much money, the Arc5 is a great alternative. Finally, if good value is what you are after, Panasonic’s Arc3 could work better for you.

Here is a quick recap of all the electric razors discussed above, which could help you when you are making the decision:

Award Product Price Buy Now
Best Bang for the Buck Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Men's Electric Razor $103.93 Buy Now
Best of the Best Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver $289.99 Buy Now
Best Value Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Electric Shaver and Trimmer $64.99 Buy Now

Your electric razor has the capability of taking your dating game to the next level, so it is time to whip out the right shaving equipment and get yourself ready to snag that date you’ve been hoping to get for a while!

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