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Why You Should Consider Having a Chubby Girlfriend

Do you have a thing for plus-size women or have you ever thought about dating one? More and more men are discovering the pleasure of dating curvy women in recent years. If that’s you, I'm here to tell you all that you need to know about dating and possibly meeting your future chubby girlfriend.

I’m assuming that most of you reading this are already aware of the upsides of dating voluptuous women, right? You know that you can hear all the sweet compliments, see all the big boobies, and have a good time with them. In the following two sections, I will first cover the benefits of dating a plus-size girl over a skinny one then I will show you where to find those girls both online and offline.

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The Benefits of Dating a Plus-Size Girl

You can't always control who you fall in love with. You might meet a woman and feel an immediate connection, and before you know it, she's moving into your apartment and planning your wedding.

But sometimes, you want to be a little more selective about who you date. Maybe you're looking for someone who shares similar interests or has the same sense of humor as you. Or perhaps you'd like to date someone who is physically attractive.

Whatever your reasons, there are benefits to dating a plus-size woman that might make her more appealing than other women you could date.

Here are several reasons why dating a plus-size woman might be worth considering:

Plus-size women are more comfortable with themselves

It's impossible to be confident if other people constantly tell you that your body isn't good enough or that you're not attractive enough.

A plus-size woman has likely dealt with criticism from society over her weight at some point in her life, so she knows how to deal with negative comments about her body or appearance without letting them get under her skin. She'll be able to handle any rude comments made by strangers or friends without taking them personally or letting them impact her self-esteem negatively in any way whatsoever.

Plus-size women know how to take care of you

One a dinner date with a curvy woman

Many plus-size women are enthusiastic foodies who want to share their love for good food with the ones they love. Something I noticed in the few BBW girls that I’ve been with is that they’re great caregivers. They’re always busy taking care of others — their family, their friends, their partners — and part of that is to be able to put some tasty food on the table at the end of the day.

They're creative, innovative, and resourceful, and they always look for ways to make food more fun and delicious. This may cause you to put on some extra pounds, yet it feels less guilty when your partner doesn’t fat-shame you.

Plus-size women appreciate the value of a good guy

A plump girl will appreciate your attention if she thinks you’re honest about approaching her. If you make her feel special and appreciated, it will make her want to be with you even more.

She knows she deserves better than being treated like crap by men who don't care about her feelings and emotions.

Many chubby girls believe guys want a relationship with them just because they think they can sleep with them easily! They even have guys telling them that they want to go out with them because they know they'll get laid at the end of the night (or because they think they can have sex on the first date).

But, if a guy treats her with respect – yet, in a masculine way – she will go above and beyond to please him. She knows how hard it is to find someone who wants to date her, so any attention she gets from a man makes her happy.

She's also not going to flake out on you or give up on the relationship easily if things get tough which is something rare to find these days.

Plus-size women are kind and affectionate

The common stereotype that overweight girls are kind is true. Chubby and evil rarely come together.  Plus-size women are normally kinder and more affectionate than thin women. They are also more nurturing, sensitive, and emotionally expressive than their thinner counterparts.

This is the conclusion of an exhaustive study conducted by researchers at the University of Bristol who set out to determine why larger women are so much happier than their slimmer peers.

Another study by the University of California, Davis was conducted over a period of several months and involved hundreds of volunteers from all over the world. Each participant was asked to fill out a questionnaire about their personal characteristics and then given a lie detector test to ensure their answers were truthful.

The findings have been published in a series of papers in scientific journals such as the International Journal of Epidemiology and The Journal of Women's Health & Gender-Based Medicine which show that bigger women are not only happier but better communicators than those who are thinner.

The researchers also found that larger women were much more likely than their thinner counterparts to express love for others through words or actions. For example, they were far more likely to hug friends and family members when they met them while walking down the street or around town.

Plus-size women have great curves

Appreciating her curves

Men are visual and they get attracted to looks before personality.

It's true that men love big butts and big boobs, this goes back thousands of years ago when food was rare and obesity was often equated with wealth. This fact is still evident today even with Thin being the “new wealthy.” Men love great curves, and many curvacious women have their fats distributed in the right parts you can’t stop yourself from wanting them.

Some also claim that plus-size women are hornier than thin ones. Some people attribute this to overindulgence. When you eat a lot, you’ll often indulge yourself in several behaviors like masturbating or having sex just to release that energy. I, personally believe this is true from what I’ve witnessed yet there are no studies (yet) to back up these claims.

Plus-size women have vibrant personalities & a killer sense of humor

It's easy to fall in love with someone who can make you laugh, and overweight girls are so good at that. Many chubby girls have a great sense of humor and make jokes about themselves too – some of them are famous comedians like Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson. They’ve probably been through a lot of bullying over the years which has taught them not to take themselves too seriously (like some thin girls do) and laugh their way out of bad situations.

How to Find a Chubby Girlfriend

It can be a challenge to meet and date a chubby girl if you have no past experience with them. The good news? Finding a chubby girlfriend is attainable for any man willing to put in time and effort.

You've dated thinner women and you've heard your fair share of puts downs. It's time for some change, and that's why I've created my top six tips on how to meet and date a chubby woman.

Look in the right places

The first step to meeting a BBW is to know where to go. Here are some of the best places to find plenty of hot plus-size women:

  •     Lingerie stores
  •     Fat-acceptance and body positivity meetups & volunteer groups
  •     Plus-size dating websites and apps like BBW Cupid and BBW Match Mate
  •     Plus-size modeling agencies
  •     Plus-size clothing stores
  •     Internet forums for plus-size people and their admirers.
  •     BBW events
  •     BBW pageants
  •     Fashion shows for plus-size clothing brands and designers

Realize that it's okay to want a BBW

On a date with his beautiful chubby girlfriend

If you’ll worry about what your friends will say if you have a chubby girlfriend then you’re better off finding someone else to date or learn to be more nonchalant about it. Some people will think that you dating a big woman is a fetish. You’ll need to separate yourself from that crowd.

Also be prepared to deal with people’s depiction of plus-size women as lazy, or incompetent because of their weight. She may be larger than other people in the past but who cares? She's beautiful, sexy, adorable, and amazing, just like anyone else you could date!

Don't make comments about her weight

Actually, don’t make comments about anyone’s weight. It’s rude. Overweight people are very sensitive about the “weight” topic. She already knows she’s on the fat side of the spectrum and doesn’t need you to remind her of it.

In general, don’t bring up the topic on the first few dates unless she does. Don’t also tell her how much you love chubby chicks or anything that’ll make her feel like you’re already sold on her. ALL girls enjoy the thrill of the chase so don’t deny her that.

Take extremely good care of yourself

As I said earlier, many BBWs have the impression that guys approach just because they seem like an easy target or a “quick lay.” Many BBWs know that they have demand and they’re pickier than before about the men they date, so if you give her the impression that you’re some lame dude who’s talking to her just because he can’t get better girls, she’ll probably ditch you. Girls don’t want to look “easy”, especially around the wrong guy. However, if you look and talk like a well-spoken hot dude who can get girls but chose to be with her, she’ll probably take you seriously.

Get ready for some serious “shit test”

If she – like many BBWs – is fun and witty, then she’ll probably tease you from time to time to see if you can hold your ground. Be cool with that, take her lightly and tease back.

It helps if you’re physically strong

Women are hardwired to want a man who can hunt, and they still have this subconscious belief that men should protect them. It helps them feel like they could have children who might inherit the man's physical strength, too. Women also, no matter how big they are, want a dominant man who can boss them around in bed without feeling tired.

And, BBWs aren’t the exception.

In fact, they know they can be intimidating to many men, and want their future to be able to handle them physically and mentally by being strong on both sides. By being this type of guy, you’ll give her the chance to be more feminine and delicate around you.

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